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Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard|Change
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on October 31, 2015
This is one of the best games I've ever played on PS3. I've been playing video games for 30+ years now and so I have a lengthy memory of hits and or misses in the world of PC and Console gaming. This was a blast to go through. Every night for a week my wife would sit next to me and follow the story as I played through the game. It was a tremendous story (one of the best I've see) and the gameplay was fantastic. The price was great (I think I got it for under ten bones because of some mega discount or something) and it was shipped via Amazon Prime so on a Tuesday I made the order and it was here well before the weekend gaming began. I recently heard that a sequel may be in the making so I'll look to that in the future to see where the story continues. The only thing I would have liked to have seen added was a more open sandbox world but at the same time that may have hurt the game because there would likely have been huge gaps or pauses in the storyline which would have adversely impacted that dramatic experience...and there is definitely a dramatic experience to be had here but only if you have a soul. I recommend this game highly. more note. There is a multiplayer component to the game but it is only so-so but I think that is more because not as many people play it. Perhaps if all the matches were full the experience would be better. Play this game for the story and single player module.
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on January 2, 2017
Disc in excellent condition!!!!! Also, was able to download content ( single or bundle maps) easily to ps3 but have not purchased payable content ( weapons or bonus ). After inserting, loads quickly ( faster than GTA IV) then introductory screen appears followed by cut scene. A very lengthy cut scene till player is tagged to participate which I love. I was thoroughly enjoying myself! The graphics are awesome, for instance, when Ellie or Joel sleeps it seems the camera zooms in magnifying (enhancing) their defined facial expressions very realistic. Speaking of realistic, Joel ( my father name) throughout the game ages extremely well yet hardened by circumstances which shows in his face as well the other characters but more so with him possibly because reminds me of my father. Anyway, playing the main character, feels very stiff-like he does not have range of flexibility ( Nathan Drake or Lara Croft) in rolling, swimming, or continuous shoulder movement. It could just be, I'm not past first level, yes, I got stuck in the room with the Clicker and 4 swayers who seem to vibrate in waves. Yes, I call them swayers because of their movement's which sends me into an absolute uproarious laugh and the dialogue between characters are harmonious very fluid, no jerkiness. jt was very easy, for me to get immersed into the story due to graphic quality ( i wear glasses not with game) and plot. In conclusion, the artwork is exquisite, character development is great, landscape exceptional, graphics are blended very well no bleeding and storyline is superb.
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on June 16, 2013
I like Naughty Dog, a lot. They seem to be the only developers to understand that the gaming world does not only comprise of teenagers and hardcore gamers, and that the gaming audience is much broader - often people like me who take time out from our usual lives to get the best entertainment possible whether it be movies, concerts, sports or video games. It is unfortunate that the term 'gamers' has become associated with a minority of people who find time to comment/criticize each gaming thread, article and video out there and apparently have time to spend 50+ hours on each game and play it multiple times. Most people I know who play video games do not have time to play every game that comes out. Most of us don't even finish all games we start. So it is critical for Game Developers to keep in mind that they are not only competing against other games, but also other forms of entertainment. This also includes plethora of mobile and tablet games (although I'm not a big fan). Naughty Dog seems to get this. I stayed home for majority of this weekend (a very nice summer weekend) playing The Last of Us and I really think it was the best possible thing I could have done.

Having played Uncharted 2 & 3 (which I will refer to a few times), I had high expectations from Naughty Dog and was waiting to play The Last of Us for some time now. So I pre-ordered it here. When I started the game on Friday and couldn't put my controller down for next 3 hours, I knew that I was going to spend the weekend on the couch.

The Last of us is a mature gamer's dream come true. In my early teens I used to spend a lot more time playing video games than I do now but in few years I got tired of the typical 'formula games' - run, jump, duck, shoot, usually coupled with a very superficial story - you are the protagonist who some how saves the day or the future. And even though previousl Naughty Dog games, like Uncharted, did stick to the same formula, they just did everything so well that it didn't feel out of place at any point. The last of us takes it to the next level. I can definitely say that I haven't played any game in my life that will linger in my memory longer than The last of us. It's a lesson to other gaming developers out there; lesson that you don't have to stick to a formula to make a great game, that you can dare to be different and still be brilliant. This game may not appeal to trigger fingers or people who want to dwell inside a game forever, but to the rest of us this was the miracle that gaming industry was missing.

I will go over some aspects of the game now:

1. Graphics 10/10: The best you will find in PS3. Very similar to uncharted 3, perhaps a little better. As opposed to uncharted, there are a lot of dark areas in the game which reduce the visibility. I think it adds to the overall atmosphere of the game. Naughty Dog seems to have found their way when it comes to motion/performance capturing. The cut scenes are some of the best you will find in any video game.

2. Sound 10/10: Some of the best you will find in any game. Again, it goes along really nicely with the theme of the game. I would say overall the score in the game is minimalist which fits perfectly. The voice actings are superb just like with Uncharted.

3. Gameplay 10/10: The gameplay complements the plot extremely well. I know some people have complaints here but any other style of gameplay like platform puzzle style in uncharted or run and gun would have contradicted the theme of the game. Everything you do in the game feels realistic and never undermines the plot of the game. It doesn't let you forget that you are in a bleak world and that the future is uncertain. Very mature game design, kudos to Naughty Dog for daring to be original.

4. Plot 10/10: The plot is the heart and soul of The Last of Us. I won't get into details because there are countless reviews and discussions online which you can find easily and read through but nothing you read is going to prepare you for the experience. I will say this though. The Last of Us will touch you in a way that perhaps no game has before. It will have a lasting impression. There will be times when you put your controller down and take a moment to swallow what just happened. The game is very, very emotional. And after you finish it, you will be glad that you played it.

Overall 10/10. Some stories are best conveyed through books, some through songs, some through videos. The last of us is a story that's best conveyed through playing it and I don't think it could have been any better any other way. This is the kind of leap that I want to see other developers take - to convey their art, their imagination and ideas through gaming and not just make games based on previously established formulas. This game is a must play game for PS3 owners and perhaps the last great game on PS3. I would even go as far as saying that it's worth buying a PS3 for, even in its dying stages (used maybe or wait to see if they release this on ps4), just to play this game (in fact all Naughty Dog games). Is it for everyone? Perhaps not. But you probably know by now if this game is for you or not. You won't be disappointed!
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on March 26, 2017
This game has spoiled me! I am a fan of story, but I never thought I could get so immersed by one told through a video game. The development of both Joel and Ellie was captivating as they traversed the horrorscapes of a crumbling society.

The gameplay was fantastic and felt raw and realistic as you pummel people with a pipe or blast someone with a sawed off shotgun. The violence has such realism that it was actually disturbing. After many heated battles I had to pause and collect myself to continue.

The game was long too. It kept me entertained for a few weeks as I could only play a few hours at a time and I also took my time to explore every detail, read every note, etc.

Give it a try. It's super cheap now, so why not?
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on April 13, 2015
I'm not a big zombie game lover; I'm less appreciative of things jumping at me from the dark and loud noises intended to scare me.

This game is none of that. Ok, there *ARE* places where you are surprised, but most of the game is trying to AVOID the zombies (and other bad guys). There is a great underlying story between Ellie and Joel, and how they change through the course of being forced to travel together because of circumstances beyond their control.

You are definitely rewarded for attacking a problem stealthily rather than guns blazing. There is limited ammo, and loud noises can just bring the enemy swarming to you. You have to watch and evaluate how the enemy is moving, and see what tools you have available to either sneak past them, or eliminate them. The stealth aspect definitely had my heart racing at times, hoping that enemies would react as I needed them to so I could get past with a minimum of ammo lost.

You don't have a lot of "make this choice, and it affects you later" going on, most choices are pretty short-term (for example, guys walking not too close - wait for them to leave, or throw a Molotov cocktail at them? Your choice).

The game is pretty linear; you get forced into choke points regularly, and have to make your way through with your lives.

The game gives you several difficulty levels. I played first on Normal (I considered wimping out and playing on Easy, but decided to try it), and have started a game on Hard. It definitely takes it up a notch; not impossible, but not the barest step up, either.

Summary: An enjoyable game, with a good story, and a satisfying resolution at the end. I would have liked to be able to influence some things and make more choices, but I think I would have just played to see different endings. After thinking about it a while, the ending they chose was the right one.
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on June 20, 2013
Just finished the game today and I really enjoyed it I did find some glitches in the game but it was at a minimal. Overall the game is fannnnnnnntastic at certain points in the game you might get confused and not know what to do but soon the hint marker will come up and direct you. The single player is really amazing if I had the time I would of played the whole game in one sitting.

My only problem today was with the multiplayer I played 3 matches and It was a little too fast paced the enemy team kept walking through the map together and all firing at you at once which isn't fun. 4 on one your going to die pretty quick the maps itself were pretty cool I liked how they kept certain aspects of the single player in the online portion. But I am hoping in the future I will not encounter another online match where people are just running around together with there team. Hopefully online matches will be better in the coming days.
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on October 24, 2015
ORIGINAL REVIEW (with 1 star) I don't play games that often and buy maybe a couple a year. The ones I do own are all great games, with great reviews; ones I may play over a again several times. I've been sitting on buying this game for quite a while; finally ordered it and played it today with much anticipation! HUH??? Everything about this game is pretty much garbage. Not scary or original (you can tell it's trying to be original though); it's boring, repetitive, sluggish controls and characters, bumping into each other, pretty glitchy in general. Almost impossible to shoot zombies or humans if they see you, finding your way around is not easy...and all you pretty much end up doing is walking around, find some stuff, walk around some more, jump up, down, crouch, find stuff, walk around more, strangle a zombie, sneak past one, walk around some more. There doesn't seem to be any point to it at all. It's often very dark too which makes it even more clunky. Graphics are okay, but this game is NOT AT ALL fun or remotely what I expected. I have no desire to play this game anymore at all. For the first time, I'm actually trying to return this dumb game and get my $14 back (used). It's that bad I want to go through the hassle.

UPDATED REVIEW: After putting this game down for a little while and writing my original review above, I picked it up for a 3rd time yesterday as a last attempt and FINALLY got into it! Everything came together finally and I was able to have fun with it, understand the story line, controls, crafting items, decision making, items, combat (or stealth, melee, etc.). I agree with everyone else...all in all, great, well made and thought out fun game! I think maybe it takes a little more playing to get into it, get used it, understand it, etc. The graphics, art and images are truly amazing, and playing it on 140" HD projector helps a lot I'm sure too. In response to the comment below...I totally agree with your thoughts; again, just took me a little longer than usual to really get into it apparently. Now my problem today is how will I play it and still get my online courses done!!! Lol. This is a keeper and I'm certain I'll play it through at least a few times in the future.
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on September 21, 2015
I've played approximately 80 games on my PS3. This is arguably one of the best games ever created. This is the kind of game that stays with you for days, if not weeks. Very thought-provoking story with very interesting characters in a very well realized game world. Even non-gamers could enjoy just watching someone play this game. Other games in my top list would be Red Dead Redemption, GTA5, Skyrim, Dead Space series, Uncharted series, Mass Effect series.
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on December 10, 2013
This has got to be one of the funnest, most intense and emotional games I have ever played. It is just plain ridiculous how freaking intense this game is!
For this review I'm going to skip past the campaign review, because we already all know it's amazing by the other reviews given, and I'm going to tell you about the how amazing the multiplayer is.
The online game play is a blast! I was immediately hooked from the first time I played it, even when I only killed 2 guys my first 6 matches. It is extremely difficult but still holds the same intensity from the story mode.I go from moments of rage to jumping in the air celebrating from a win in a close match. When you play survivor mode and everyone else on your team is dead and watching your guy try to defeat the remaining enemies, it gets extremely fun.

I've spent many hours playing the multiplayer and I'm not getting bored of it at all. BUY THIS GAME!
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VINE VOICEon June 21, 2013
(EDIT 7/1/13: Finally beat the game last night and my review of 5 stars still stands. In short, this is a phenomenal game with a great story, splendid graphics, top tier voice acting and an all around work of art created by true industry professionals. This may very well be Naughty Dog's masterpiece.)

I'm going to be upfront with you and tell you that I have not finished this game yet. If your trust in my review absolutely depends on that little tidbit of info, I'll understand if you decide to dismiss my review altogether. I literally had to say something about this game because it's been at the forefront of my mind for the past few days. Even after only playing halfway through the game, I'd be kidding not only you but myself if I didn't give it a full five stars.

If you're reading this review, most likely you've already decided on whether or not you're going to pick this game up. What I can tell the few of you who are still on the fence about purchasing it is that from the very beginning of the game, you'll already know that you're going to get your money's worth. The beginning sequence alone is worth the cost of the game and I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that the intro may possibly be the single best opening to a game I have ever experienced. On one hand, you've seen it all before in similarly themed movies where a nationwide pandemic begins and there's that slow realization that things are going downhill and fast. The only difference is, this time you're involved in the scene yourself, controlling the characters and responding to things that are happening before you. It's incredibly intense and unsettling. To say anymore would be a shame, so that's all I'm going to say on that.

The world of the main characters is so defined that I can't even begin to describe it. It all just feels.... authentic. The graphics are amazing. The level of detail on display here is so impressive that as of right now it's easily one of the best looking games on the PS3, ever. The voice acting is top tier and the mannerisms of the characters give them all a sense of individuality. The animations on the main characters are so refined that it's unbelievable. If you really pay attention, you'll notice the tiny nuances in all of their actions that wind up making them feel so much more lifelike. And it's all seamless as they perform one action after another. The only other game that I can think of at this point that had animation this impressive was Max Payne 3.

The sound design is even better and if you have a decent surround sound set up, you are in for quite a treat. The only other games that I can think of that compares in terms of the sound are the Dead Space titles, which used sound to really put you into the game. The result you get with The Last of Us can only be described as lush. They really did a good job in that regard and created a sound scape that when coupled with the visuals, makes for an immersive experience that will surely impress you. When the various forms of zombies start to make their appearance, that's where the surround sound really shines. My wife was watching me play one sequence that had me avoiding a group of 'clickers' (zombies who search for their prey using echolocation) and she left the room because it was simply too intense as I bobbed and weaved behind cover and shadows, trying to exit the area undetected.

The controls are well balanced and the inventory system is well thought out. Combat is brutal and does a good job of reminding you that violence can be truly ugly when situations become desperate enough. Pickups, ammo and weapons are scarce adding to the overall air of desperation that you will be sure to feel. This is a game that really does a good job of selling the grimness of an end of the world scenario, more so than most other games I've played.

As I said before, at the time of this writing, I have yet to beat the game. What I've played so far is apparently only scratching the surface from what I've heard from friends and gathered from various reviews. I normally don't jump the gun on writing a review for a title but trust me when I tell you that the game is absolutely astounding and a sure contender for Game of the Year once December rolls around. Once you play that beginning portion, you'll know that you made the right choice in picking this up.
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