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on November 20, 2016
I am by no means a big gamer. I use to play more when I was younger but now only play occasionally. I suck at all the new 1st person games! anyway the family was leaving for the weekend and I decided to dust off the PS3 and geek out for the weekend. I just needed to find a game. Looked around & saw all the good reviews for this game and think it was only around 20 bucks it was about 2 years old. I was glued to the couch Friday night late into Saturday morning woke up and decided I had to finish the game before the family got back, I didn't want any annoying distractions! This game may be the best game I have ever played? This game definitely has the best story line and cut scenes I have ever scene! better than the majority of crap coming out of Hollywood! I would of just happily watched this if it was just an animated movie! The gameplay was a lot of fun & I truly felt a connection to the characters I mean i felt bad when let them die, I know its only a game but thats how good the story line is!
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on January 6, 2015
Like the majority of people who have reviewed this, I was absolutely blown away by this game from the moment I started it up. The story was immediately engaging and there was no doubt that this was going to be a dark tale (of course a zombie apocalypse isn't going to be a sunny story). There are so many reviews I'm just going to point out what I really liked in case there are game developers out there who actually read these reviews and listen.

I loved:

-the graphics. Beautiful, gross, occasionally stunning. Rooms and homes were decorated in various ways which went a long way in making the game more realistic, and some of the city scenes were incredible. And the giraffes made the long journey worth the agony.

-the voices. If there is a better man's voice out there than Joel's, I have yet to find it. Ellie, Tess, Tommy and Sarah were also superbly done. I love the fact that I didn't keep hearing the same voices over and over for multiple people (even Skyrim blew it on that).

-the dialog. It was realistic and emotional.

-the criminals. Bad to the bone from years of fighting to survive, except these people have lost their humanity in the process. They are tough, deadly and without an ounce of pity.

-the music and sound effects. Beautifully done.

-the storyline! There were hard choices, iffy decisions, times when they were helpless to intervene on behalf of others because it would have just thrown their lives away, and the all consuming need to see this thing through. One of the best storylines of any game I've ever played.

-Ellie. One of the best portrayals of a teenager ever. Scared sh!*less most of the time but unwilling to show it. She was determined to find a way to get Joel to care for her as much as she had come to care for him. He was who she trusted.

-Joel. An honorable but flawed man who lost his way after Sarah but found his way back through his ordeal with Ellie. An amazing job of making his character believable, and seeing him struggle with his increasing affection for Ellie was completely understandable, believable and ultimately fulfilling. I also loved that he was an older man. He had nothing to prove and was just doing what needed to be done. I loved him. No really. Loved him.

I have always gravitated towards games like this. Adventures, quests, vanquishing evil and rooting for the underdog. Perhaps because I'm such a prolific reader, who knows. But stories like this are enjoyable on an entirely different level than non story games are (although I enjoy those too). Games with storylines that make you come to care for the characters are few and far between- Red Dead, Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas are some that come to mind at the moment, and I truly appreciate all of the people who work to make them happen. So thank you to all of the people who worked hard to bring this wonderful work of art to life.
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on August 3, 2013
Let me state that I am not a big console gamer and I am picky about what I play. I have perhaps a dozen or so PS3 games and enjoyed a few of them but I have only played one of them all the way through as they just did not sustain my interest. In case you are wondering, the one game that I did play all the way through was Red Dead Redemption. That is not to insult anyone's favorite games or anything; they just aren't for me. I guess I get bored easily. Or maybe I just don't relate to the characters.

I do enjoy many of the zombie movies and books, which are popular right now. I am a big Walking Dead fan; both of the graphic novels and the TV show. So when I heard about this game I per-ordered it; and was not disappointed.

Maybe it was that the main character and I are roughly the same age, or that I have daughters the same age as his. Maybe it is just the amazing portrayal of a post-apocalyptic world. And of course the zombies (or "infected"). This game pulls all of this together into a can't-miss story that would be compelling even without the game play.

The environments in this game are top notch; amazing. I identified a few flaws along the way, but for the most part the environment really puts you in this world. You feel like you are there living in a post-apocalyptic world. Everything is familiar; but at the same time it is war-torn, decayed and eerie. The few people that remain are survivors and therefore tough, and often brutal.

The beginning of the story is a horrifying for any father to watch; the absolute worst possible thing occurs and this one event has an impact on the main character (Joel) for the rest of the game. After this occurs you are suddenly 20 years into the future and Joel is much older. You start off living in a blocked-off part of the city where there has been on-going martial law and civil war. Going outside the city walls is prohibited because it is occupied by several types of deadly infected which rule the largely bombed out remains of the city. People are barely scraping by on the rations provided by the military. Joel makes extra on the side by smuggling with his tougher-than-nails female partner. Although never shown, there are hints that this relationship is not entirely platonic. They rely on each other for business, for survival, and for what passes as a love.

They are hardened killers. That is, they take no pleasure in it, but don't hesitate when it comes to self defense or just getting the job done. It's a strange world that takes a bit to get used to. But that is the world they live in.

I won't offer any more spoilers but to say that they go on a journey that takes them across the country in a sad, devastated, brutal world. The environment in each leg of the journey is unique and interesting. You alternate between fighting the infected and fighting with other human beings who are out to kill you to take the shoes on your feet, and sometimes the flesh of your body.

Unlike a lot of games, you won't rely as much on shooting your way out of situations. There are limited weapons, and ammo is very hard to come by. Instead you rely more on your wits, stealth and hand-to-hand combat. Whenever possible, you avoid fighting entirely. Unlike most games where you HAVE to kill everything in sight, this game gives you a choice of expending all of your limited resources (ammo), avoiding at least some of the fight, or using stealth and hand-to-hand. At some point you will have to rely on your wits as you will simply run out of weapons and the tools to heal yourself.

Get it; you won't be disappointed.
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on July 23, 2013
This game is well designed, good story, amazing character developement. It also runs well on the PS3 I did not have a single freeze and I had one texture issue breifly. So technically well engineered too.

My biggest complaint about the game and one that for me unfortunately did affect the fun factor for me was that while they tried to be realistic in forcing the player to manage resources by limiting the ammo and components which I did not mind at all (reminded me of resident evil 2). I found them to be too stingy with the durability of all melee weapons in the game except maybe the piece of wood.

In what reality does a heavy pipe break after hitting someone 6 times or a machette break after 3 slashes or a baseball bat break after 3 hits unless your Babe Ruth. Even the shiv only lasts for one stab, unless it is carved out of soap it should last longer than that, maybe 3-4 uses. Now in most games I would not ding for poorly developed melee weapons but this game relies heavily on the use of them so it seems like their durability should have been more realistic. Afterall sneaking up on someone for a stealth kill is one of the great joys in this game, and the only time you really get to just go nuts with that is when you play as the girl because her dagger never breaks. Meanwhile the grown man can only use his lousy shivs once maybe twice if you have the upgrade this seems like an inconsistency that one character gets unlimited use of melee weapons while everything else is glass in the other character's hands. This was by far and large my biggest complaint about the game.

Dont let my long paragraph about the melee weaknesses fool you though, this is still one of the better games I have played if you love game that is fun and beautiful to explore and the story and characters are well done. Now if you want a game where you can run out and go all rambo on people this may not be the game for you, it requires stealth and finesse to play, however there are outright brawl moments whent he finesse and stealth fail so even the rambo types may enjoy it as well.

I final assesment is: Do not hesitate buying this game, it is Excellent I just removed a star because they limited the fun melee in the game more than necessary.
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on August 25, 2013
I have been playing video games for over 30 years and this ranks among my top 5 favorites. As many others have stated, the graphics are excellent, voice acting is spot on, and the story line is outstanding. It's one of the few games that make you care about the characters.

From a constructive criticism perspective here is what I would like to see addressed for a sequel:

- a save anywhere vs checkpoint save. It's aggravating to have to restart a checkpoint and go back and regather the same supplies and collectibles.that you have gathered previously.
- ability to deconstruct a weapon's upgrade so you can re-use for another build.
- it feels like the characters you control are running in quicksand and takes quite awhile to get anywhere. I can see slowing run down a bit during fights but when not in a fight it would be great to move faster to get from point to point.
- ability to replay a specific chapter/ checkpoint to pick up collectibles you may have missed.

Overall, it's a great game and I highly recommend if you like in-depth story lines and character development.
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on December 14, 2014
I would have to say this is probably overall the best game I have ever played, and I have been playing games going back to the original Atari. This game really sets a new standard for gaming.

The graphics and cut-scene animations are the best I have seen. I played this on PS3, and no other game I have played had the detail and graphics this one did. The characters are truly life like. This game is a lot more than just good graphics. The voice acting is by far the best I have ever come across in any game-ever. The actors were very convincing and really fit the characters perfectly. The idea of a post apocalyptic zombie type world is nothing new, yet this game blows away any others I have played, and I have played more than a few. The idea behind the zombies/monsters are different than what you typically see in other games. Not only did I feel for the main characters trying to survive, but the game actually made me feel for those who were infected. There were times when you got the feeling the real person was still alive somewhere inside that monster and that is something I have never come across in any other game.

The characters are complex. You can't simply say your the good guy and the other guys are the bad guys. Most characters are just trying to survive in an insane world (although there are some people who are just plain bad). This is the only game I have ever played (out of hundreds), where I went to bed really thinking about the whole game, the ending, the moral/ethical choices made by the main character, and so on. Additionally, I really felt for Ellie; trying to grow up and survive in a crazy world and having lost everyone she has known. This may sound crazy but I found myself caring for her, and when she was in trouble, I had to keep playing to find her and keep her safe. I guess in that respect it is similar to a good movie where you feel you really know and come to care about the characters, and have to remind yourself it's just a game/movie.

I loved the ending of this game. In fact towards the last 20% or so of the game I could not stop playing. Time flew by and I thought I had only been playing an hour and a half or so when it was really closer to 6. That's never happened to me before, but that is how engaging this game is.

Gameplay is smooth, functional, and flows well. The scenery at different points is really great...everything from broken down cities to towns and mountainous landscapes. This game is as much about navigating different terrains from cities to buildings, and even at one point a snowy mountainous environment.

I really can't say enough good things about this game. The only downside is that I know virtually all games after this are going to be somewhat of a let-down because it was just so good. I hope it sets a new standard for gaming. Prior to this, the last 3 or 4 games I got I did not even finish because they just were not engaging. It seems some video game makers are starting to get a bit lazy and just take the same game, repackage it a bit, and then put it out. This game was a great change from that.

This game does deal with adult themes, a lot of violence and blood, and very bad language, so consider that.
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on November 14, 2014
I haven't had the time to beat this game but I'd like to think I'm about halfway to three quarters through and I'm definitely hooked. If I didn't have a full time job it'd be really hard to put this game down. Am hour of playing can go by real fast while playing so expect to have enough time to allocate for this.

The story and voice acting is done very well and almost feels like a movie which i guess most game company's are doing nowadays but this one for me anyways draws you in more and makes you able to relate and get immersed in it.

Control mechanics are new when selecting items and are done so in real time which puts more urgency but in a good way but are pretty easy to get used to after a few tries.

I'd definitely start off on the easiest difficulty to get used to the mechanics. Even the easiest is challenging at times.

Ammo is not military quality and you do have to be sparing at times but there's enough to go around and you can upgrade to acquire more bullets per clip as the game goes on.

It's not always action packed and there are lulls where you search for equipment and take in the scenery and puzzles at times to get around. So there are interactive elements in the environments which makes the game seem very realistic in a post apocalyptic premise where things aren't always just there to get across. From dilapidated buildings or cargo containers finding your way across requires some thought but you're never left in a real lurch like some puzzle based games.

I would say if you're a fan of either silent hill, older resident evil or uncharted you should like this game a lot.
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on June 18, 2013
This review is a work in progress, but I felt like I had to say something about this game as soon as I could. It's a shame that exclusives on the ps3 hardly ever receive the attention they deserve.

Let me just say this: you have to buy this game if you have a ps3 and you are a past fan of survival horror or tactical espionage action. If you don't have one already, this's a pretty good reason not to wait for the ps4. Just buy the ps3 and delay the ps4 purchase. Or whatever.

I simply could not put this game down all weekend after its release this past Friday (June 14th). I forgoed sleep and all other obligations b/c it was that addictive to play. I feel good about considering a replay after I'm done (I'm about 85% through according to my save data).

You've probably already read a bunch of other reviews. They are mostly correct. I am only going to highlight the negatives. Personally I would give this game a 9/10. The issues are not game-breaking but they serve to highlight that nothing is ever completely perfect.

1) Having Ellie around isn't as immersive as reviews make it out to be.

For some reason, it seemed as though I was missing a bunch of optional conversations with Ellie, so the emotional bond between her and Joel doesn't seem as well developed as it should be. It's almost like she didn't talk to Joel for the first half of the entire game! This probably has to do with the fact that I was always running around and it seemed that she wasn't around for some reason or another.

She becomes really helpful in the later half of the game.

Regarding those optional conversations, sometimes I was a bit slow to get over to her to talk, and the option disappeared. Those sorts of things shouldn't have a time limit! But oh well...I guess that's what the trophy is for, to keep me coming back to replay.

2) Yes, you can tell when some gunfights are going to happen due to map layout.

Some reviewers complained about this, but this is par for the course (Uncharted games were like this too).

3) There are some clipping issue in the graphics occasionally, along with some portions where the game stutters during fmv movie sequences.

4) The "L3" tips, as usual for Naughty Dog games, either don't come soon enough or don't come at all.

This is my biggest complaint. There were at least 3 occasions where I wandered around the map, looking for the trigger that would get me to the next part of the game. This can tend to kill the momentum if I'm getting frustrated looking for the exit for over 30 minutes during a title. To be fair as well, I was a little bit dumb about it too. Like for instance, the obvious exit was a door, but I wasn't standing close enough to it to show the "green triangle" interaction symbol.

This is a good thing in a sense since there's no obvious glowing beacon that tells you where to go, but at the same time, the ability to access to get a tip as to where to go (e.g. the L3 tip I mentioned) should become available sooner or better yet, simply whenever the player wants to see the tip.

At some places, this isn't even an option.

5) At times, enemies will be able to see you even if you haven't moved, at all.

Sometimes I would be crouching motionless about 15 ft away from a clicker, and they'd still make my location and I would proceed to get killed instantly, clickers being very hard to kill without a melee weapon or a shiv. You can shoot them as well but it can be hard to aim plus I was esp. stingy about not wasting bullets, so I died a bunch more times while attempting to be frugal. Luckily the load times are done upfront so getting back into the game is very fast.

6) speaking of load times, when you boot up your saved game, it takes about 3-4 minutes for it to load up but it's nearly seamless after that.

Go take a bathroom break or a snack.

7) Sometimes, the bad guys or the infected will run right next to Ellie or some other NPC and nothing happens.

Again, reviewers have mentioned this but it's kind of like an amusing bug to me.

Sometimes NPC's will get in the way though, either blocking you from running or in the middle of a gunfight. Really NPC, you just had to standing in my line of sight while I am shooting at somebody downtown? =P

=======Edit: June 22, 2013=====================================================================

Ok, so I wanted to work on a small pile of deadlines so that I can go on July 4th vacation in peace, but that all went by the wayside so far this weekend. I've dropped about 6 hrs on MP since Friday and it's been a blast.

I finally jumped in Friday to try out the multiplayer (MP), after some excitement by one particular youtuber (BroKenGaMezHD...they're fun to watch/listen if you have time).

Anyhow, the MP offers two modes: Supply Raid, and Survivor.

Supply Raid is Last of Us' version of team deathmatch. Survivor is like hardcore team deathmatch, where you only have 1 single life and you spend the rest of the round spectating if you are taken out.

The goal of the MP is for you to grab supplies that will help your "clan" to survive. It's a bit of a meta-game going at the menu screen of the multiplayer. You start off with 5 people in your clan and the meta-game is a way of expressing your progress in the MP.
You get more supplies during the game by taking them off the bodies of your enemies or also as a conversion of parts that you collect and are awarded during and after the multiplayer matches. One little fun thing you can do (and this isn't too bad of a privacy violation), is that you can tie your facebook account to this meta-game. So the people in your clan can be your direct friends and friends of friends and it's kind of amusing...while you're waiting for multiplayer matches to load up, it'll comment and show facebook profile photos mentioning who is doing well, who is doing what, or...who has passed away. -_-

Anyhow, onwards to the actual MP comments and reiteration of tips:

1) The game is not a run-and-gun. In fact it's been mentioned that it is very bare-bones and tactical, like Socom or perhaps Counterstrike. It helps to stay in close proximity to your teammates. It helps very much if you are wearing a mic, AND also playing with friends so that you can talk to each other on the fly and coordinate movements, as well as calling out enemy positions. The most successful teams I've seen this weekend are the people who play together as online PSN friends.

2) The MP so far is fairly balanced. It's best to start with Supply Raid as it helps one become accustomed with the pacing. The bow is a little bit cheap, as I've had it used against me as a close quarters weapons (which is garbage), the draw speed is much shorter on the MP so it can be fired fairly quickly.

3) I can't emphasize this enough, but try not to stray too far away from other teammates. The better teams roll around together or at least in pairs, so if you're far away from the other teammates, they can't save you if you run into trouble. This is easier said than done when trying to collect supplies.

4) The semiautomatic has been more or less the default for most people in terms of what long gun to start with. Your mileage may vary.

5) Try to collect as many supplies as you can. Nail bombs are great, just position them out of sight and you're good, don't leave them out in the open. Molotov's are great for 1-hit kills but it takes a bit of practice of course to aim them properly (esp. when people are sprinting at you). Very satisfying when one is landed properly though. Smoke bombs + shivs are great as a combo. The shiv isn't particularly useful on its own unless you have smoke bombs; I've only gotten the drop on somebody from the back once so far in MP, and naturally I did not even have a shiv. Having a smoke bomb puts them into a stunned state where the shiv can be used for an insta-kill.

6) Try and level up any melee weapons to the reinforced version. Those are also 1-hit kills and will save you in a bind.

7) Instead of firing immediately, take a moment to press R3 in order to mark your opponents so your teammates know where they are. Some high level opponents using the covert training 3 cannot be marked.

8) Like Call of Duty and other games, there are perks and upgraded perks that can be equipped. You have 10 points to spend. The better ones take awhile to earn (like the one you can use to heal teammates or gift them items), but none of them are game-breaking save for maybe the listening perk that can give improved ability to show enemies through walls when they are moving. The effective distance isn't as crazy as the single player campaign so while some people complain that it's bs, it so far is not game-breaking.

9) It's ok not to crouch walk everywhere. Don't do it b/c you move really slowly and you do need to keep up with your team, and besides, your location is still shown while crouch-walking until you get Covert Training level 2. The better option is to jog (moving while standing up, but without pressing in the L3), and crouching when in open areas and trying to make use of cover Try not to sprint b/c it marks you very visibly on the radar, unless you're in trouble and need to sprint. And it's ok to sprint to that nearest supply point at the beginning of the round of course.

10) Try not to agonize over kill/death ratio. It's much harder in this game to get the 1:1 ratio or better esp. when starting out. Also note that if you're lone-wolfing it without friends, you'll be at the whim of whichever randoms you're paired up with.

11) The people so far playing haven't been too douchey. They're occasionally obnoxious but I haven't gotten panned too hard for being "that guy who is taking down the entire team."

12) If you're finding yourself getting stomped, you can ragequit, by quitting out of "the last of us" to the playstation XMB. Re-booting the game is fairly quick compared to say, Uncharted 2.
IF you care about the metagame and/or you want to get that multiplayer trophy (40 survivors in your clan), it's important to quit out of LOU instead of using the "leave game" menu option. Leaving early, like all of Naughty Dog's games since UC2, inflicts severe casualties on your clan in terms of being ill, hungry, or dying. There is no shame in quitting out since the game is inherently biased towards people who are playing together as friends in real life, so anybody else playing the game with strangers will typically be at a distinct advantage. Some people will actually want you to leave for playing badly (I had at least 1-2 people make some snide remarks but I was able to later break even), but screw 'em, the bottom line is that alot of us don't have endless amounts of free time to play, so if you're not having fun and getting destroyed, it's better to make optimal use of that free time and find a more balanced round to go play in.

13) Just to be forewarned, every couple of rounds, there are special events that occur that can help you either recruit more clan members or events where you have to minimize losses. Getting the 40 survivors isn't entirely an easy task b/c of that and again, if you're pursuing trophies, than can get frustrating. I was at 39 survivors right up until this one tough match, and afterwards since I failed my challenges, I lost 16 people. ='( Like Sisyphus, I have to go try again.

14) The game is 4x4 and I can kind of see why they made that design decision. It makes it easier to get a group of friends together to play the game, and not alot of people outside of people in school are going to be able to gather that many together.

Your best bet is to watch some of the youtube videos, and then just play the MP and see if you like it. It's definitely not going to be everyone's cup of tea esp. if you are not playing with the mindset of working together and enjoying the experience. But otherwise, in my 6 hrs+ without a mic, it's been an intense, exhilarating MP experience. It could've used a bit more development times, and there aren't a top of weapon choices, and it didn't ship with a ton of maps, but those'll probably come in the form of DLC. The ones that are included are solid except for this one underground subway one that people always vote to skip, so I've not yet played it.
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on February 19, 2014
This game was recommended online as being the best game of 2013, over such notables as GTAV and Assassin's Creed 4 - high praise. I trusted the source, so I ordered the game without knowing much about it. All I can say after three solid days of play is "wow, amazing." The Last of Us is about 50% game, 50% interactive movie, and 100% tension filled, nail biting, exciting. The puzzles in the game are challenging, but not overly frustrating in their difficulty. The "enemies" are challenging, to say the least - surviving encounters is sometimes extremely difficult. In a few encounters, my character probably died fifty times, before I could find the solution to get past the adversaries. Sometimes it was just prudent to RUN or sneak past, since the enemies are nearly indestructible! If you like "finding stuff," this game is awesome, because there are things to gather everywhere. There are several weapons, which can be upgraded as the game progresses. If you get stuck for what to do next or where to go, after a while, the game will give pertinent hints - which I found really helpful. This game is extremely VIOLENT, and not for little kids or those with weak constitutions. This game is probably in my top five of all time - money well spent.
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on June 29, 2013
I purchased this game, because of the raving reviews I read and viewed (utube). When I started playing it, I would agree that the grafics are stunning, the sound and voice acting is very good and the music is awesome. But as far as the game play, during the first few hours I kinda thought: Okay, the game is good, but it's not super.
But now that I have finished it, I stand corrected. The story grows on you, the characters grow on you. The game has very unexpected twists. The story is engaging and the characters are truly awesome. This actually is the first adventure game I ever played that brought a tear to my eye, that I just couldn't stop playing because I was so immensely caught in the story.
Not only is this a graphic jewel, this is more than just a game: It's a great movie, game, adventure... Though its not open world, you have a lot of freedom as in how to approach the quests you engage in; stealth, shooting, avoiding a fight altogether, use firearms, bow & arrow or just your knuckles. Either way, this is the first game I ever played where you really need to worry about your supplies and your ammo, your materials for upgrades, which upgrades work for you. Naughty Dog, I congratulate you on making one fine piece of art and a great game.
This is gonna be hard to beat and sets a new standard in gaming. I thought when I heard others say that, it was just cliche. Its not. This game is a must have.
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