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on April 9, 2016
Well produced ancient Korea story. Scenery, costumes, acting, martial choreography are all first rate, in league with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. If it weren’t for some of the fights going too far over the top—approaching silliness at times—I would give this movie five stars.

The two leading women were inspiring. Yun So-i is brilliant as Soha, the beautiful ninja-like warrior where the bad guys cringe at hearing she’s involved. Ki-yong Lee as bad-guy-Mae had me feeling her pain. Their martial skills were profound. Lee Seo-jin as the prince in hiding did a wonderful job evolving the character from meh to wow. Well done.

Definitely a must see.
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on May 29, 2013
Like most Korean films based on Korea's five thousand year history, this one is highly romanticised. It deals with the, enven for most Koreans, obscure Kingdom of Parhae, (Balhae). While Parhae has been some what forgotten until Lately, it played a critical role in East Asian history and at its zenith controlled most of what became Manchuria, along with territory east and north to the sea. Parhae was pivotal in the formation of Korea's national identity. As it happens my wife's sir name, Pyo traces the origin of her family to the Parhae aristocracy. There is, even today, a sizable population of ethnic Koreans living in Chinese territory originally part of Parhae. these people have managed to maintain there language and their cultural purity over the ensuing many centuries sparking an argument currently, between China and South Korea over Parhae's nation origin which has more that just historic consequences for ethnic Koreans living in China.
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on May 4, 2013
Legend of the Shadowless Sword starts with an assassination of a Prince of the historical Kingdom of Balhae by its rival, Goryeo. The generals of Balhae, fearing the country will lose hope, send their best soldier to recover the exiled prince who is now the last of the royal line. Her search soon finds her in a back alley, surrounded by a dozen or so disreputable thugs, and all you can think is, man, those guys are *so* screwed!

Despite plenty of nicely ludicrous wire-fu action set-pieces, Shadowless takes itself pretty seriously. This can create some moments of cultural dissonance, like whenever Sosam tries to soulfully emote something from underneath what to western eyes looks like 80s-style action hero mullet. I got the feeling the movie was really looking for a domestic audience, so you may need to meet it half-way to appreciate it. If you can manage that, there is a pretty good story here between all the fisticuffs and sword duels. Soha's unflagging faith in a man who initially seems entirely unworthy of it is what gives the tale its emotional weight, and serves as a foil for her counterpart in the Goryeo army, Mae (who believes completely in somebody who actually *is* unworthy of it).

Despite its absurd and often awesome fight scenes, Shadowless is best enjoyed unironically. Recommended.
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on November 30, 2012
I've watched hundreds, multiples of hundreds of martial arts movies, and I was giddily enchanted with this one. I kid you not, the Koreans have succeeded in creating a movie that will stand the test of time with their take on the martial arts genre. The Korean 'Jesus' character (Shin Hyun-jun) is sooooo bad ass, it's unreal. Love, love, loooove him! The movie starts out slow but give it time. Look for the Korean Jack Sparrow character too, he's a bloody hoot! You will also see how the pros absorb 'inner shock' through the ancient art of Dim Mak. This technique is off the chain! As for the underwater fight scene, the incredible moves and effects deserve an Academy award. I did warn you I was giddy, right? Mehn! I'm not saying anything else except, you will NOT be disappointed. Rent it NOW!!!!!!!!
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on July 28, 2017
This was recommended by Xplay. This movie has a great script, and even better action. If you you enjoy great Martial films, you need to see this one. A must watch.
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VINE VOICEon July 27, 2008
Shadowless Sword is another great entry from Korea, a country that has spent the new millennium really carving out their place in the asian film world. The story is basically just like King Ralph, except Peter O' Toole has to protect John Goodman from assassins before he can get back to Buckingham Palace and install a bowling alley in the royal bedchamber. Ok, so it's a little different than that. But it is an 'escort the VIP' movie.

SS is from the same director that gave us Bichunoo, another fantastic film. It has a great cast from films like "Guns and Talks" and "Arahan". SS is a swordplay epic. For the laymen, it would be in the same vein of a Crouching Tiger or a Hero or House of Flying Daggers. Period piece, acrobatic wire-fu, lots of swordplay. And while it may not have the budget, star power, and exposure of the previously mentioned films, it can absolutely hold its own against them.

The acting is spot on. The story, while not anything new, is still very engaging. And the action is certainly well worth the watch. Although not quite as graceful as some of it's HK counterparts, the wire work is creative and integrated well into the sequences. The visual approach is stylish without being over-the-top. And it does have a great score, too.

Fans of asian swordplay movies would be wise to give this one a look. It doesn't have the depth of story and character that those looking for something more in the drama category are looking for. And while the action is great, it's not wild and insane like a Kitamura movie or a Hark film, and certainly not as blood-filled. The action sequences would be considered reserved compared to how those guys work. So if you're looking for a good, solid swordplay epic that is subtle and understated while being quite entertaining and action-oriented, this would be a fine choice.
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on April 29, 2016
For a martial arts film, the fights could've been way better--kind of a let down in that aspect. But it still has a nice story with a strong, interesting heroine. Watching the chemistry and revelations progress between her and the male lead over the course of their adventure is what entertains me most with this tale. Good characterization. Memorable, bitter-sweet ending too...
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on March 7, 2017
Love the movie
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on May 8, 2012
The story line for this movie was tight.Don't you just love when these Asian ladies just get down to business with their shaolin moves!!!! (I know right? awesomeee!!!) The Prince-in-hiding apart from being totally cute was also a very good act. The dialogue is fitting... the fight scenes are ... yessssss!!!! sooo "complete".... it was romantic too without being too----- (you get). Very nice WuXia movie. It was a nice follow-up for me from "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon". That too was nice. You should totally watch "The Legend of The Shadowless Sword". I loved the themes of honor and duty also present.... the ending was very nice {and Hyeon-Jun Shin's battle-King attire looked great on him as oh, he also made his previously peasant clothes look great too (sic)} though I really wanted So-Yi Yoon to be Hyeon-Jun Shin's queen at the end.... didn't happen though.... awwwwww
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on May 19, 2017
good movie
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