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on January 4, 2015
So, my husband and I had bought my son (he's almost 6) a Nintendo 3DS XL for Christmas this year, since he had been SUCH a good boy (cough cough). After bring it home to wrap up, I began to get all nostalgic and my thoughts turned to all those fond memories I had of sitting in front of my old grey-bricked Gameboy, playing for extended periods of time and neglecting my chores and homework. I was remembering all those hours, days and weeks I burned up after Christmas one year, when I myself received the new Gameboy Color! Oh, how happy I was, and oh, how angry my parents were when they got their phone bill! I can't even begin to tell you how many times I called the Nintendo Hotline. I had it memorized and on speed dial. But when it came to wasting my life away on games, Zelda was the one that I was ready to drop out of school for. I was addicted and needed help, clearly. But alas, my love for the games faded when I got to high school, and I began to go more for the boys rather than the Gameboys. So, upon digging up all those old feelings, I decided that I would spoil myself a bit and buy The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for myself. I thought "Hey, he can't play while he's sleeping! So, I'll just sneak his DS into our bedroom and play for a few minutes before bed!". What a swell idea! Wrongo. This is beginning to turn into my elementary & middle school years all over again. I was up last night till 4am playing this game. And it's been like that pretty much every single night since Christmas. My husband said he's just gonna buy me my own Nintendo 3DS, since every morning when our son wakes up, he finds his battery drained and starts to blame it on his sister, whom is 8 years old and could care less about his 3DS. It's becoming an issue.

But oh my. How could I not love this game! My inner 10 year old just screams with joy every single time I power it on. It's JUST how I remembered it, but with even better features! I love the story line, the graphics make it a joy to play and the color just bursts out at you. It took me some time to get used to the two screens, but now, thanks to all those early morning play sessions, I have it down pretty good. I feel like after I finish this installment, I need to go buy The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time & The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, just to be sure that my addiction get's totally and completely out of control. I mean, go all out, right?

All-in-all, you can't go wrong with this game. It does require reading, so I do not recommend this game for the youngsters who have yet to cement their reading skills. But for those of us who can sit down and really get into a game, this one is the ticket. And again, I thank you Nintendo, for resurfacing an addiction that I thought I had controlled years ago. If in a few weeks I begin to stop showering, doing my hair and makeup, eating, grocery shopping, homeschooling our kids, using the restroom and if begin to grow a beard, I'll update this review.
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on October 23, 2014
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past has always been my favorite Zelda game for many reasons, but A Link Between Worlds takes it to a whole new level like never before. In this world of Hyrule we get to revisit an area we haven't seen in years and travel to another world similar to the Dark World yet very different. This game may be similar, but there are many things in it that are relative to other Zelda titles such as Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword. Anyways I just cleared my first play through of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and I must say it has the exact same appeal that A Link to the Past has. This game is new, lively, refreshing, and very nostalgic, but very much a breath of fresh air and a great homage to it's predecessor. I've collected everything in the game, viewed the amazing ending, and unlocked Hero Mode for a more challenging difficulty the next play around. For anyone who wants an amazing Legend of Zelda filled with lots of new and old enemies/ puzzles look no further. This game is very well made, graphically beautiful, and all of the music from A Link to the Past is back and better than ever. This is one of the best original titles on the Nintendo 3DS and hopefully we get more like it in the near future!
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on January 17, 2014
I am not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination. I cannot even remember the last time I committed to playing a video game from start to finish. When I was 12 I was given A Link to the Past as a gift and I dove in head first. I enjoyed everything about it and it solidified a genuine true love for the Zelda franchise. When I saw that a direct sequel to 'A Link to the Past' was coming out I was excited. I don't use my 3DS all that often but I've been addicted to this game since the day Amazon dropped it off on my front step. The game in itself is it's own adventure but retains so much of A Link to the Past DNA that the nostalgia factor alone made the game worth its weight in gold...err, rubies. I would recommend this adventure for anyone of any age. It's involved, committed and has moments of deep beauty. I didn't use the 3D often but I did for the videos and some of the dungeons because a few of them are just plain FUN and the 3D really enhances the gaming experience.

All in all I really loved this game. It stays true to the original but retains it's own epic identity. Hopefully Nintendo doesn't keep us waiting another 20 years for a sequel. But if they do, I'll be the first 53 year old in line.
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on January 22, 2016
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was one of my favorite games as a kid. So, when I found out that A Link Between Worlds was a sequel to A Link to the Past, I could't wait to play it.

I replayed A Link to the Past in preparation for my return to the same world in A Link Between Worlds. I wanted to refresh my memory of what was where and generally replay a great game. After playing both games back to back, though, I found out something. A Link Between Worlds is a good little game, but it isn't as good as A Link to the Past.

Is it fun? Yes.
Am I glad I played it? Yes.

The 2d mechanic lets you make yourself a painting that moves along a wall. It's neat, but it makes many boss fights too easy. Half the time, you can hit the boss and merge into the nearest wall to keep from getting hit...wash rinse and repeat.

The dungeons weren't as fun or as interesting as I had hoped they would be.

Many of the bosses and enemies in A Link to the Past either made a comeback or were replaced with a monster similar enough to violate copyright laws.

Overall, it's a fun trip down memory lane with enough similarity to A Link to the Past to cause nostalia and enough new stuff to make it fresh.

In the end, I guess it's everything a sequel is supposed to be. If only it could have been as great as its predecessor.
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on May 18, 2014
This was one of my favorite Zelda games in a long time. The gameplay was fun, the graphics were good, everything ran smooth and it was very hard to put down.

I am not going to get into the story line at all, but it is a Zelda game, so you kind of already know what you are getting into.

Some of the special features are cool, like fighting shadow Links that belong to other people you pass by with StreetPass on. I never took it out in public, however someone in a nearby apartment had the game apparently, so I was able to have a few shadow Link battles (just make sure the two items you want to use are equipped before you start the battle).

More use of the touch screen would be nice, but was not a let down in any way.

If you like Zelda games and you have a 3DS, then you have no excuse to not get this game. Plain and Simple.
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on February 26, 2017
This game made me love the The Legend of Zelda series.

I started playing Zelda games with the GBC entries--which I couldn't beat---and later the DS games. I didn't think much of them until I played this game. Although this game is a sequel it is very beginner friendly and introduces you to the general gist of the series in an elegant way through murals in Hyrule Castle. There's a wish granting triangle thingy, an evil man who kidnaps a princess and wants his wishes granted and You who rescue the princess and put away this evil man... Familiar enough with many people young and old and then you are thrown into this game's version of the story!!! The game is pretty easy to understand and the puzzles are a lot of fun. You have a lot of freedom in beating the game and if you buy all the items and upgrade them it's kinda like you get to play the game in easy mode. It is all very enjoyable. I've played this game 5 times since it's release and it is my favorite Zelda game for the 3ds. Thanks to it, I was motivated to try OoT and MM and loved them as well. I am playing Triforce Heroes in single player right now and out of those 4 Zelda games for the 3DS, I think A Link Between Worlds is the best. DOn't believe me? Check it out yourself and be the judge.
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on May 14, 2015
One of the loveliest Zelda games I've played yet. When I made my new file and began playing it, I already knew that this was gunna be a fun experience. It was just so new to me, given that it was my first handheld Zelda title that was just alil more different than all the others. But that is not bad at all. Bosses here are fun, and they do get harder as you progress (Hell, even Yuga was a challenge if you didn't know how to handle him: be sure not to use a walkthrough for the time of your life). As for the overworld: Hyrule sets things off in an upbeat tempo. Just seeing princess Zelda's appearance was humbling indeed. Lorule is a massive challenge: enemies there deal a great deal of damage, second only to the Lynels (man their powers scared the hell out of me: they can easily send you into a game over if you attempt to kill them, so only fight them once you get the Master Sword, as well as an upgraded Ice/Fire rod. Otherwise, avoid them).

Before closing, I want to say that getting the cute lil shell babies was fun (I enjoyed their uber cute cries and Luma like eyes) ^_^

As for my closing thoughts: Get this game. You won't be blitzing through it anytime soon because you'll find the challenge and fond experience in playing this title to be to your liking. Take your time, enjoy the show, and collect as much as you can. I haven't battled any of Lorule's bosses yet, but I'm already hooked.
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on February 4, 2015
A Link Between Worlds is a solid entry in the Zelda franchise, and a welcome return to the top-down roots of the series. Nintendo has done an excellent job translating the world of Link to the Past into 3D, and this new title offers plenty of welcome changes to the aging Zelda formula for a fresh new experience.

I originally wasn't excited about the star feature - the ability to merge into walls - but Nintendo nailed it, and puzzles that make excellent use of this new mechanic are found throughout the game. While progression in Zelda games has traditionally been a bit rigid, Nintendo has really opened things up in A Link Between Worlds. After completing the first few dungeons, players can play the remaining dungeons in any order.

Most of the classic items - bow, hookshot, fire rod, boomerang, etc - are not unlocked by beating dungeons, but rented or purchased (with rupees, no IAP!) from an eccentric shop-owner (who looks more than a little like a purple Rabbid...). The shop opens up very early in the game, also giving players a lot more freedom than they've had in previous Zelda games. I welcome this new mechanic - hasn't Link found the hookshot in a dungeon enough times by now? This also eliminates the rather silly aspect of previous games that bosses were inevitably hiding in the same dungeon as the one item necessary to defeat them. However, the new approach does make the bosses themselves a bit less memorable - several of them can be defeated with just the sword.

The overworld is packed with tons of content to keep players engaged outside of the central story. Puzzles and treasure are densely scattered everywhere. Link can collect little sea urchins to upgrade his weapons, and with 100 of them hidden around the world, you'll be challenged to find them all! There are also a large number of rupee-winning minigames, each of which awards the player with a piece of heart when he or she scores well enough.

A Link Between Worlds places a much greater emphasis on rupees than previous titles in the series. You can carry (at least) 9,999 rupees from the start, and you'll certainly be needing them. In addition to the usual, you've got weapons to rent or buy, potions to purchase, fortune tellers to pay, and of course the entry fees on the many games. Rupees are plentiful and you'll never run low, but you'll also need plenty of time to earn enough to purchase *everything*! Finally, a Zelda game where money doesn't become meaningless after the first act.

It doesn't quite have as much heart as Link's Awakening, and a few of the bosses and dungeons are less than memorable, but overall A Link Between Worlds is a fantastic and much-needed title in this long-running series. A must-have for any fan of classic Zelda.

Now, let's hope they make a 3D remake of Link's Awakening... HINT HINT
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on February 20, 2015
Played the game myself and loved it, think of it as a hybrid of being a sort of HD remake of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past combined with also being a sequel, this games biggest difference from the rest is going through the game and buying your equipment instead of dungeon crawling for them, which in turns means you can go through any dungeon in any order so replaying won't seem boring at all. I bought this as a gift for a friend and he agrees it's a great game as well.
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on June 8, 2014
I got worried about the Zelda series after playing Skyward Sword. That game had incredible graphics and music, but it had lousy controls, and many of the repeated activites (such as the hot/cold activity called "Dowsing") were annoying and overused.

None of those elements are present in this game, controls are tight and responsive, and there aren't any annoying repetitive activities. Music and graphics are still excellent, as well. My faith in the Zelda series has been restored, and I am eagerly looking forward to a new LoZ title for the Wii U!
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