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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$38.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 29, 2014
I guess I am not your average gamer. I am 62 and retired. My daughter recommended Zelda a Link Between Worlds. I inadvertently got this one. She feared I would be frustrated. I dove into this game with a Wiki Guide. I have completed the game, and found it Brilliant. It was designed very well and the visual effects were awesome. It was tough for me, but I beat the final boss. I loved the challenges and the skills to complete the game.
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on February 17, 2016
I have never played with (on?) a Nintendo-- I was born too many years ago. I have a grandson, however, that not only loves the Nintendo, but particularly loves The Legend of Zelda games, and when The Ocarina of Time came out, it was all he wanted for Christmas. [Harrumph-- when I was a kid, we got an orange and a pair of socks-- to share between six kids. These kids these days don't know how easy they've got it!]

Pretending ignorance (which was admittedly easy), I bought him... A 'Legend of Zelda' plastic ocarina. He unwrapped his gift, hoping for the best, while I looked forward to watching his face while he tried to look happy so I wouldn't feel bad. Instead, he grinned, and said "Okay, Papa, where's my real present?" He's known me too long, and knows me too well.

He was thrilled with the game. It lived completely up to his (high) expectations. He disappeared into his room, and we wouldn't have seen him for the rest of the Christmas vacation if his mother hadn't insisted on his rejoining the family from time to time.

I admit that I don't understand the appeal, but he loves it, and I love him-- and the Ocarina in Time helped give him a happy Christmas.

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on February 26, 2015
"Ocarina of Time 3D," a remake of the great N64 game, feels timeless in its approach. There are no politics, no heavy plots, just the basic eternal struggle of good vs evil - the light trying to endure against the darkness. Link, the young hero, is virtuous; bright-eyed, he's of very few words and wears an iconic green tunic and hood. In one hand is a sword and in the other a trusty shield. His enemy is Ganondorf, who could plainly be described as pure evil since his sole purpose is to acquire power and use it to destroy or enslave everything within the kingdom of Hyrule. Princess Zelda knows Ganondorf's true motives, even if the king does not, and entrusts Link to journey far and wide in hopes of stopping him. As I played, I was taken in by so many of the unique places this game creates. There's Kokiri Forest, a small lush little village with fairies flying all around, and which leads to The Great Deku Tree, a giant tree with its bark shaped like a face, and to the Lost Woods, which first seems like a confusing maze until you learn its pattern. Death Mountain is a fiery volcano housing the Gorgons, a race of very distinct pear-shaped rock-eating creatures. The most unique is Zora's Domain, a series of winding rivers leading to a large cavern of underground lakes and waterfalls. At its core, this is a game about completing dungeons through puzzle solving. They're very well-designed here, if a bit obscure at times. There's a great sense of accomplishment as your heart containers increase and your inventory fills up with useful items (bow, slingshot, hookshot, etc.). It's also a long game with plenty of secrets and side activities (find all 100 Gold Skulltulas, I dare you). This game has a simple story, told plainly, with the simple premise of obtaining that which is necessary to vanquish evil, and finding the courage to do so. This is a masterful classic.

--- 5 STARS ---
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on October 5, 2015
I made a promise that if Majora's Mask ever hit the 3DS I'd get this game as well and give Ocarina of Time a try, then came the Nintendo Direct that announced Majora's Mask 3D, I was so excited, and I was ready to fulfill my promise. I am most definitely glad I did, I've been missing out on a great title for so long. This game is regarded by Zelda fans the same way Final Fantasy VII is regarded by Final fantasy fans, whereas FFVII brought 3D models and cinematics to RPGs, Ocarina of Time brought full 3D open world environments to videogames, not only that but brought alot of beloved elements to the Zelda series such as Epona, Link's loyal horse companion. It wasn't easy to get, for some reason this game was given a limited release, despite the TV advertising it received when it first released. Though it is also available digitally, I personally prefer to get physical copies of games, so it was quite a search, and the prices were all quite hefty, but it was well worth it. All in all, this game is a solid 9.5/10, I highly recommend it.
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on March 19, 2017
Received the Nintendo Select English/French version which is not what is pictured here, worth less than this item's price, and not what I wanted. If you're looking to get the original box art for collection purposes, as I was, be sure to inquire before purchasing.

That being said I have to rate it a 5 for the game itself. A portable remake of the game I loved as a child, and the addition of the Master Quest made it a no-brainer to buy. Though I appreciate the quality of life features and texture improvements, my qualm is that the updated colours make the game look a lot brighter, leaving me missing the grunge-y, "darker" feeling N64 version.
review image
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on October 23, 2015
Do not believe the picture they have up on the product that is for sale. It shows you the original English one and it says it's from Nintendo but you're getting the French /English version. Now that's not too much of a big deal but it completely ruins the box art for me and other collectors. I guess I'll just have to print out a usable cover for it. The game itself is fine. But I recommend that they advertise it as the French and English version instead to avoid future mix disappointme
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on August 26, 2014
A blast from the past but not for me.

I purchased this for my wife and she was hooked on it the second it arrived at the door step. I was never a big zelda fan when the games came out but had played this one a little. I also purchased an Ocarina for her as this was a birthday present. She was very excited upon opening the game and was glued to it for days whenever she had free time.

My only concern when I purchased it was the water temple. I knew about the issues with the keys and accidentally using all of them before you reached certain doors. I can safely say that issue has been fixed. She was able to complete the game with no trouble at all and was actually quite sad when it was over.

I am sure she will pick it up again soon. She also said it was more fun to play on the 3DS than it was on the N64, so I assume the controls are better and I have already looked at videos and know the graphics have been updated as well.

Great present, I hope they remake more of these games for the DS.
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on June 30, 2015
Bought this new as a birthday present for a best friend of mine who loves Zelda just as much as I do. He never had the chance to play OOt when he was a kid, and I beat it hundreds of times during my childhood. I wanted to make his birthday extra special by ordering this and sharing some of the experiences I had playing OOt when I was a kid. As soon as he got his present, he ripped up the wrapping paper and popped the game right into his console. His birthday was really s***ty this year, and I think that my gift of OOt made him at least smile and appreciate the day. He was surprised I had gotten the game new, as he expected the game to be used. I always try and buy video game cartridges new, unless they are expensive and collector's items, mainly because of battery failures with old cartridges, older save files from being used, and also because it surprises people who see my collection. The packaging was very shiny and plastic, and the game cart and box were in mint condition. For 50 bucks, this buy was perfect for his birthday present. My gratitude to the seller. I would buy from them again, and I highly recommend them to anyone.
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on June 26, 2013
This is without a doubt one of the most excellent versions of this classic game that there is-period. I remember many things about this game-hunting for golden skulltulas, finding heart pieces, fishing (which is frustrating, but not a major part of the game), horseback riding, the bombchu bowling, the clever use of various tools such as a slingshot, bow, bombs, megaton hammer, the magic songs of the ocarina, and the list goes on, the great fairies, the fearsome monsters (including the super powerful Iron Knuckle! But I manage to beat them every time without ever getting hit even once!!!) and, of course, the dungeons-there is the inside of a tree where an evil monster is that put a curse upon the Deku Tree, and there is also the temple where you raise and lower the water level to proceed, and even the Spirit Temple, which you have to visit as a child and an adult-oh, yes, there is time travel in this game-and defeat Twinrova, the fire and ice witch-which was very fun. And this time, you get a boss rush mode, where you can fight the bosses of the past over and over (one reviewer complained that Ganondorf and Ganon weren't included in it-but you can fight them any time you like once you beat the game, so I don't understand that complaint) and what can I say about environments? There is the Zora's Domain, a watery world full of fish like people called the Zoras, and there is Death Mountain, where the Gorons live, and there is Kokori Forest, which is an awesome place!!! And what can I say about the story? It is easily one of the best Zelda games ever made because of the story! It revolves around the Triforce, which the bad guy, Ganondorf, schemes to claim in order to become the god of the world (and who doesn't love pwning a villain that would make themselves god and enslave the peasants to their will?) and you, as Link, must stop him!!! I highly recommend that you pick this game up today, if you haven't already! If anyone has any questions about this game, let me know, and I shall answer every single one to the best of my ability!
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on February 5, 2016
Growing up as a kid, I was originally, NOT a Zelda fan… Safe, of course, A Link to the Past. I was more of (and still am to this day), a Mario fan. But now being all grown up, I have nothing but great respect and love for the Zelda franchise and games.

In a nutshell (or rather Deku Shell), that this is easily the best of all the Zelda games. The graphics, gameplay and the like are magnificent, every time I pull out this game, I always have a great time. The seller was especially very sincere on selling their copy, so I'd like to thank them.

Is Ocarina overrated? Sure, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the best Zelda and Nintendo games ever created. If you have not yet played it, give it a shot and see what I mean.
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