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on April 28, 2018
The disk was perfect quality, the product included the manual and the extra soundtrack disk all in better condition than described.

As for the game:

Fantastic. It controls wonderfully, is challenging for an adult but not so challenging a child couldn't play it. It's bright and colorful, pleasing to the eye, pretty much open world with all sorts of little secrets and fun things to discover. The game provides a minimum of 35ish hours worth of gameplay. Far as Zelda games go it's just very fun, one of the lighter titles and sure to be a pick-me-up after a long day. The soundtrack is also great too, really nice to fall asleep to.
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on October 29, 2014
As a player of the series since the first Legend of Zelda, the game series has come a long way. The graphics are great, gameplay is well thought out, and there are plenty of quests from beginning to end. You'll be searching every nook and cranny for items, talking to everyone for clues, etc. The storyline is its usual theme that Zelda has been captured & needs rescuing, recapture the triforce, and to punish bad guys along the way. The swordsmanship mimics genuine fighting techniques for the large part (strikes, stabs, sideswipes, etc). The sword skills are both a pro and a con, because you have to target enemies and tilt your blade and strike with precision. This can be annoying to someone with little patience.

compared to Twilight Princess, I felt this was a step-down:
1) Flying all over the sky gets old fast, even though you're perfectly safe and never lose life for falling off.
2) there are more cheesy, cute moments at hand, almost too much storyline really.
3) the monsters and bosses are hardly intimidating.
4) "Fi" who is your guide in the game is helpful only in the first few stages of the game. After this, she's just re-affirming what you just learned a few seconds ago. Her most valuable information comes after defeating bosses or other landmark moments.
5) There are LOTS of puzzles, most of them are pretty easy.

Overall, I'd rate the game 4 of 5 stars. It's fun, but too easy for someone who likes a good challenge. I'd recommend this game for ages 8+. If you're kid is gravitating towards being a patient, perfectionist, and loves fine detail (as in searching for all the tools needed for any quest at hand) this game is good.

Because of how impressionable kids can be, I recommend acquiring this Zelda game before handing them LoZ: Twilight Princess, which is darker, edgier, and has quite a few elements that are more suitable for ages 12+.
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on November 8, 2012
I've played thru this game twice already 100%. Everything about it is fantastic--almost. There's only two downfalls that I can think of in this game and they aren't very big.

-The first one being the Motion Plus. 99% of the time, these controls worked great for me! But sometimes, like bits when I had to play my harp, the controls were just so bad it would skip all over the place. It felt impossible to pass that bit and it took forever to accomplish (there were times when the harp worked beautifully as well!). This isn't the games fault, it's Nintendo's for poor construction of the remote and the way it all works (I have the Limited edition Zelda wii remote).
-Secondly, some of the mini games were TOO hard. So hard it made just about anyone who finally beat them absolutely HATE them. Especially Fledge's pumpkin toss... Uggggh *shivers*

Now onto the positives!

-Graphics: Anybody who complains about graphics in this game... why!? They're perfect. Excellent. This is the Wii, not Wii U or PS3. The graphics have to be a bit lower than some of you are used to by now because of how old the system is. It just wasn't designed for anything better. The colors are vibrant and it just makes everything look better.
-Music: The best aspect of this entire game, I think. The music was all done by a live orchestra so it sounds phenomenal. I can't think of anybody who didn't like the music in this game. It's a true masterpiece and the sound quality was excellent.
-Gameplay: when the motion plus was not acting up while I was playing my harp, the controls were great! Honestly, a little hard to get the hang of up until about half way thru the game. But by the time you're half way thru Hero Mode, you're a pro! It's very simple once you get the hang of it and swinging your sword has never felt better! Link mimics exactly what you do with your hand so it could be fun to play around with. There are also only three main areas you can explore; Woods, Volcano and the Desert. Now before you say "Awe, that sucks!", do some research. You will not be forced to revisit the same exact spot over and over again. The adventure fields are so HUGE that you have to unlock it one bit at a time. I definitely had a lot more fun revisiting the same three regions than visiting ten different places once. In a way, it made the game more unique and original.
-Bosses: Nothing about any of the bosses was disappointing. They're big (in exception to Ghirahim), scary and tough! The first boss of the entire game was probably the toughest next to the final boss and the Imprisoned. If you like a challenge, you won't be disappointed. (Even the mini bosses are a huge challenge!)
-Dungeons: During your first play through, the dungeons are quite big and challenging to figure out. With a lot of hidden puzzles, it forces you to really explore every corner of the temple to look for hints and solutions. It's a lot like other dungeons we've seen in previous Zelda games, so there really isn't too much I can say about them.
-Story: This story is so much different from the others in so many different ways. It makes it very clear that this is the first Zelda game in the series to date. It shows Link & Zelda's (childhood friends) relationship grow as they go thru so many hardships together and even make new friends. They save the world and all those who inhabit it's fate and learn what their destiny is. This story honestly had me in tears many times and I'm not an easy crier. It's very heart-warming at times, sad, and at the end very bittersweet.

That's all I can think to cover right now... but once you pick up this game, you'll never want to put it down. Hopefully you decide to purchase and give this game a shot, especially if you're a Zelda fan. It's pretty amazing stuff!

101/100 (it broke my scale!)
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on August 2, 2013
Skyward Sword is a still a fairly new Zelda game, and I just recently finished it, but I can definitely say that it is one of the very best of the Zelda games so far, and I have played all of them. The story is engaging, imaginative, humorous, and very fun. This installment clearly borrows some elements from previous Zelda games, but it's undeniably original. The motionplus is occasionally difficult to control, and not quite as comfortable as a traditional controller, but it actually adds to the gameplay experience overall, as it's more interactive. Previously, enemies in Zelda games were very predictable and repetitive; they're more challenging and fun in this game. Link is also more acrobatic in this game, allowing for much faster running and climbing.

Many reviewers have pointed out that this game doesn't offer enough exploration or interesting side quests. It's true that there's not much of an emphasis on sidequests. It seems there hasn't been since Majora's Mask, but I can do without those if the game offers a well-developed main quest, and this game delivered on that. As for exploration, there was enough for me, but what there could have been more of is variation. Skyward Sword has only three regions underneath the clouds and each of them has two dungeons apiece. The respective dungeons are kind of similar too. I don't consider this a huge drawback, but it still would have been cool to see some more diverse areas.

The dungeons were created in a very meticulous and logical way. There are many shortcuts that make navigation a breeze. There were some that were so convenient that they were just really surprising. I did get completely stuck a few times in this game and had to consult a walkthrough several times, something that I don't really like to have to do. This game is fairly easy apart from that. There are the silent realms though. There are four of them and they can be very frustrating. The game would have been significantly better without them. There's also the infamous tadtones quest at the end. Both of these inhibit the game's overall quality.

The characterization in this game is excellent. Zelda is endearing and full of personality. The antagonist, Ghirahim, is volatile, amusing, and is actually a presence in the whole game. He appears many more times than most villains do in these games. Link is much more expressive as well. He doesn't really speak in this game and there's no need for him to because his expressions convey everything.

I can't truly review a Zelda game without mentioning the music. Zelda has always been renowned for its complex, melodic, and unforgettable music. It's a huge part of what makes the games so great. The music suits the games perfectly. Skyward Sword's soundtrack consists of some iconic and gorgeous melodies, two or three of which are just as beautiful as those of the classics, but, overall, it's a little inconsistent. Some of the themes were not all that enjoyable to listen to. But then again, I don't think any of the Zelda soundtracks since the N64 games have been nearly as consistent. Skyward Sword does wisely employ classics like Zelda's Lullaby and the very first game's overworld theme.

Zelda games have always entertained me, but this is the first game since Ocarina of Time that has really moved me. The beginning of Skyward Sword is so magical in its depiction of young love that it makes most of the previous Zelda games seem kind of lacking. Skyward Sword resulted in the first time I can remember ever tearing up in any videogame. It might sound a little silly to shed tears over a game, but the ending is really that emotional. I commend Skyward Sword's writers and developers for this game; it is not without its flaws, but it is a great success all the same. The romantic aspects really breathe life into the game, making the characters seem very human. I recommend Skyward Sword to anyone who has ever enjoyed or wanted to play a Zelda game. It's a enthralling adventure that is well worth your time.
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on March 6, 2014
I love this game. I was really put off by the anime art style, and the controls were very frustrating at times. But after awhile, I got used to the art style and learned to live with the inconsistent motion controls. I became engulfed with its storytelling, the characters, and sense of adventure. The puzzles were great too. I really felt like this was one of the better Zelda games out there. It got repetitive and tiresome at times, but the experiences were different enough that it wasn't a chore.

What greatly improved my experience with the controls was discovering the game *really* wants you to articulate the motions. You can't half-@$$, wrist flick it while slouching on the couch, which I kind of longed to do after the longer days at the office. Even still, I found myself cursing at the screen when it didn't do what I wanted it to. The positive side is it creates a challenge that increases the sense of accomplishment when defeating a boss or a tough enemy.
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on September 30, 2012
WOW!!! :D Until the one for Wii U comes out in 2014 this IMO is the best of all the Zelda games released to date. And that's saying a lot! I played Twilight Princess & this pretty much back-to-back with a few short weeks in between to catch a breather. I found Twilight Princess more annoying & frustrating than anything & SEVERELY lacking in the graphics department. I was constantly under the impression that they hurried in the creation of that game & that in turn led to quite the sloppy game. I felt the complete opposite the ENTIRE time I played Skyward Sword. The graphics are very good & I recall seeing many scenes in the game & remembering back to Windwaker in terms of how smoothed out certain graphical elements are & just pleasing visual aesthetics. The music & sound effects found in Skyward Sword are amazing. The Lanayru Desert music & the Faron Woods Silent Realm music are now Zelda classics in my book. So much so that I posted YouTube links on my Facebook to such videos to share with my friends, family, & colleagues. How many YouTube links did I share to Twilight Princess content? ZERO! Because Twilight Princess sucks! Now let's get into "getting stuck" in a Zelda game. That happened ZERO times in Skyward Sword. Sequences of what you're supposed to do in the game are pretty straight forward. Yes, there were more than a few situations in Skyward Sword where I did have to spend a little time exploring & back tracking in temples & in the Overworld but the degree to which that occurred & what I was overlooking/ what had to be done to progress was always pretty logical. I did not, once, have to consult any online information to complete SkyWard Sword from beginning to end. During Twilight Princess it was a MESS! After the first 2 temples in that game I got ridiculously stuck in probably every temple after that point. I recall wasting hours in the Water Temple in that game at 1 point where you're supposed to hookshoot onto some hard to see vines. Give me a break! I haven't played a Zelda game in a few years & I was only looking for actual hookshot targets. Plus maybe the game does inform you that vines are doable with the hookshot when you get it but I definitely had overlooked that. So it wasn't clear to me. & then in the Temple after that, same thing. Extremely illogical hookshot access point ruined the whole temple & wasted another hour or two on pointlessly looking around & exploring. Skyward Sword has a built in "Hint" feature which will sometimes point you in the right direction without giving it away. Like I said before, though, everything is pretty much straight forward. I recall a few reviewers of Twilight Princess commenting that that game sucks due to the frequent parts of the game that are just plain illogical & very obscure. That's EXACTLY how I felt time & time again while playing & getting frequently frustrated. That game left a very bad taste in my mouth. Skyward Sword was a breath of fresh air & such an awesome, classic Zelda game for the ages. Save statues are found EVERYWHERE in the game which is very convenient. I mean each temple will have multiple ones through it at strategic points so it's a very modern life friendly game. People are frequently busy & on the go so don't worry, you don't have to finish the entire temples at a time. Very smart idea. The amount of content in Skyward sword is ridiculous but in a good way. So much stuff to do & see. I ended up finishing with 18.25 hearts. So there were only 7 heart piece containers I didn't get. In Skyward Sword it's like in Ocarina of Time: each Piece of a Heart represents a quarter. Makes sense. Twilight Princess: it takes 5 to complete a heart. 5? What the hell? That's such a pain in the ass to have to get 5 to make each heart. And obviously they're not easy to find. 5?... Pssh. Zelda games from the beginning of time are all about hearts & heart containers. On the original 1987 Legend of Zelda box art there's a shield/ coat of arms & 1 or 2 of the 4 symbols is (or are) a heart. So it becomes VERY important that the little side quests to get heart pieces are properly thought out & enjoyable. Again... to get heart pieces in Skyward Sword: fun & for the most part, logical & not super difficult to find. Twilight Princess: Well first of all you need 5, not 4. Okay. So already the whole thing sucks. Then they're in stupid locations & some of the things you have to do to get them are retarded & repetitive (not the task itself but I recall for at least one or two of them you have to almost identically redo an exact task you just did but you get a heart piece the 2nd time around). Okay?... Wow. The best Zelda Temple boss IMO is in Skyward Sword. I'm not gonna ruin anything but it was nuts! A lot of fun! That YouTube vid is also shared on my Facebook. It was out of control. & the music during the fight was classic. The music dramatically peaks in a certain, purposeful way when the boss goes from Stage 1 to Stage 2 of the fight :D It's REALLY cool. In terms of the other bosses, not too shabby. The bosses you fight towards the end of the game are pretty cool & challenging. I have a problem with Zelda bosses of the past at the end of games or in various temples just being WAAAY to easy to defeat. Skyward Sword I think got it just right. Kind of reminds me of at least 1 classic boss from Metroid Prime where there are "stages" to fighting a boss & you have to make adjustments in your fight strategy & constantly investigate & feel around for weaknesses then adapt. Good stuff :) There is NO WAY that this game does not deserve a perfect score on a 5 grading system. The Wii Motion Plus business is pretty cool. People have commented that Skyward Sword's fight controls in terms of how the system responds to your movements is flawless. I agree but I actually prefer the specifics of the sword strikes, motions, etc. of Twilight Princess more. One of my favorite sword techniques, the jumping overhead slice was not as easy to do in Skyward Sword. Honestly I can't remember if it was in the game at all or not. I may have done it a few times but you'll rely more on spin strikes, a stationary overhead slice, etc. I recall some super intense swordplay in Twilight Princess' "Cave of Ordeals." A 50 room enemy packed extravaganza :D That same scenario would fail miserably in Skyward Sword. The controls are just not the same. That combined with a few other things were the only good things about Twilight Princess. & believe me, there were not many things good about that game. Nonetheless, Skyward Sword still rocks & I LOVED everything about it. For anyone that's EVER played a major console Zelda game this game is an absolute must. It takes a few hours (5-10) to get really into it but you still have a LONG! way to go at that point. Most pros state that they can finish this game in 40 hours. It took me about 60 but that was with almost all of the sidequests & a lot of looking around in temples, looking around & enjoying myself in Overworld, & several times of rounding up coins in various games, stocking up on gear, potions, looking for "Goddess Cubes," etc. Expect at least 45 hours of gameplay. This is NOT a light, short game. & you're gonna need as many heart containers & potions as you can get your hands on. Unless you wanna die multiple times on each boss & keep continuing but that's no fun. Be properly equipped & ready & take your time. 5/5 by every stretch of the imagination! Definitely on my list of Top Ten video games ever played. & I've played a LOT of video games. Whatever it ends up costing you to get a hold of this game, SPEND IT! In terms of "value" if you wanna put it that way... :D!!! I will have amazing memories of this game for years to come. Awesome job, Nintendo!
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on March 28, 2013
So finally completed the entire game and just some impressions. Even though I prefer a more realistic "griddy" Zelda experience (think Twilight Princess, Ocarina, etc) I did overall like the art style. The story is also decent (notably towards the end). And the fact that it is Zelda is always a plus.

That being said, game did had some problems. Although the motion controls are definitely a central (and admittedly fun) element of the game, they are just too inconsistent. One thing that was incredibly frustrating for me was using the wiimote to swim or pilot the loftwing. Just seemed forced and poorly implemented.Other notable issues for me was the inclusion of the stamina meter (never really cared for it) and all the fetch quest items. There were alot of times in the game where I would have to backtrack and it really took me out of the impression of moving forward in the story.

Even with some of these grips, I would still highly recommend Skyward Sword. It's not a perfect Zelda game, but it is still a great addition to anyone who enjoys the series.
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on August 17, 2016
FANTASTIC GAME, Let me just say I LOVE The Legend Of Zelda games, but this goes above and beyond the others I've played. It's nice to add the so to speak "Origins Storyline" to my collection. This game has an amazing story (SPOILER ALERT)!!! My favorite parts of this game deal directly with Link pretty much Creating The Master Sword!!! The history lesson in this is amazing too considering the last words of Demise foretell the future after Skyward Sword. The evil will always remain along with the good through the ages. To sum it up in short "This game was created by The Gods"!!!
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on August 29, 2014
Perhaps I shouldn't actually say 'instant'. It did take me a little while to get into this new Zelda world.

The game, I thought, had a pretty solid story. As an OOT fan, I was tickled by some of the foreshadowing gradually revealed throughout the game. As a whole, I thought the game utilized the wii controls far better than any other wii game I've played. I felt like I was fairly evenly using all of the buttons and all parts of the controller without things being too cumbersome. It felt awesome to actively have to pay attention to my sword slashes and shield bashes as I played. In intense battles, I even felt myself getting tired, which could be annoying, but more so added to the immersive environment that the game/control combination offered.

I thought the basic storyline was both simplistic and a little deeper. More often than not I did still find myself surprised at some of the plot twists, and often pleased by different things I discovered. I was also satisfied with the ending.

One thing people may dislike is the rigidity of the surface world. As a player, you have an entire sky to explore, but you have very little to explore on the actual ground. Those more of a fan of size of the world in Wind Waker or Twilight Princess may find it to be a little bit of a step back from how much you can explore the world.

Overall, I was pleased with the game and find it a valuable addition to the series. I'd highly recommend a play through at least once, if not multiple times.
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on November 5, 2012
I don't think that I can't say anything more than what's been said already by the the people here on amazon who gave this outstanding game 5 stars. It really is that great. Even though I questioned the visual direction that they went for in this game, I eventually got over that due to the game play. I guess I'll get into my personal likes an dislikes about the game, since a full review has been done over and over.

As I've said, I didn't like the visual style when I first saw the trailer for this game. It was a mix of Wind Waker (which the look of it to me was very distasteful) and the Twilight Princess (A Zelda game I'd consider the best game ever). When I picture a Zelda game I picture it very moody with a dark atmosphere, 'Zelda: Link to the Past' set the tone for me.

Link didn't look as cool as he did in TP, because of the art style, there wasn't as much detail on the character models as they were on TP. It just seemed more simplistic, but the graphics, I'll admit, was the best I've seen on the Wii. And, yes, better than Twilight Princess. The colors came out my television and gave me a swift kick in the face. I can definitely see why they choose to this art style. Considering the limitation of the Wii, this was a smart move. Even though I complained, it really looked fantastic.

Game play:
This is a hit and miss with people it seems (mostly hit). In my case, this is the best game that fully uses the Wii motion plus to the max! Wii could have rose above it's competition if most of its games were like this! The game play was OUTSTANDING!!! Friggin' superb! I felt like I was holding Link's sword. It moved in every direction I wanted and even when I twisted my wrist, Link did just that.

Anyway, each enemy has a specific way of being defeated. So, mindlessly swinging isn't a smart way to go about this game. Fighting bosses were tons of fun. The only thing I would complain about that stamina meter, especially in Hero mode since it drains faster. You can run in this game, but only for a short time before you tire out. I guess if you had unlimited stamina then the game would be more easy than it should be. But oh well. Overall, game play was better than the other Zelda titles.

Finally! The music here is an actual Orchestra! TP sounded so weird and cheesy with its artificial music, bro. Hand played music sounds so much better, and it's something that towers over TP here. The music in TP was like an HD version of the music played in 'Link to the Past'. It wasn't as good.

The music in Skyward Sword really tugged at my heart strings. I songs played really set the mood and almost forced me to care about what's going in the game. Amazing how music does that, huh? I guess that's why the first Mortal Kombat film did well because of it's main theme song.

Okay, I'll be honest. The story formula is the same as the Mario franchise. Save the princess and then save the world. I hear some complain about the story and how it's not original or whatever. The NES Zelda game had the same premise and not much has changed since. Should it change? I don't know. I wouldn't. Does the story work in this game? Believe it! The premise may be generic, but the way the story was told is done so well that I was drawn into this world.

Other than TP, I care about the other characters in the game, other than Link and Zelda. (SPOLIERS) A handful of them I find memorable, like that one chick, Peatrice, who develops feelings for Link and that one demon guy, Batreaux. (SPOILERS OVER) The character's are great which makes doing side quests for them much more rewarding and interesting.

Buy! Must Buy! It's worth your money. I clocked more than 85 hours on this game! It's that fantastic! Do yourself a favor and buy this game. If your still on the fence, then rent it! It needs to be played!
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