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on June 14, 2016
So far this has been a wonderful game! For being a fairly avid Zelda fan, my life hasn't allowed me to be able to play this game until This week in June. Very worth the purchase ... just try to be sure the disk is pretty much like new (atleast that's how I feel about purchasing games which are discs). I don't want to get halfway through and discover that one scratch that was mentioned about before purchase ruins all the rest of the game. ; p Iff ya have WiiU, get the HD version. Might as well, right? This one will still work on the WiiU though.

Anyway, great fun, loving all the movement I get in this game. It's beautiful, and the story is grand! The only Zelda game I never really had an affinity for really though was Majora's mask... although that's my own opinion and believe that there are many folks out there who actually loved that game. It's still fun though. This game though brings memories back for me of OOT in the way it really provides a story to get in to, some easy great gameplay, and pretty amazin' friggin' graphics. It's a game ya can really feel, just like other Zelda games. If ya can play this, do it, and I'm sure most of you have already gone and done it.
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on December 21, 2016
The disc was in near perfect condition, along with the box and the original instruction booklet. It plays fine. Well done.

4.10.17. I made my way to 16 (2/4) last night trying to enter the Sacred Grove. There is a terminal defect in the disc that prevents the platform from spinning just before getting to the howling stone. There are similar complaints in Google search. Reloading/cleaning (otherwise immaculate) disc is no help. Even though Z targeting will highlight yellow, throwing the boomerang will NOT spin the vanes. I have tried innumerable times in all sorts of combinations and followed the online "Y: Zelda faron woods platfrom feed." Nothing. Will need to buy another disc.
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on August 13, 2011
I know my review will probably be voted not helpful, but you really should buy this zelda game. If your a fan of puzzel games (AKA zelda, FFCC (GC), Metroid, Okami, Super Monkey Balls, Pikmin, etch) This game lets you control link in both human & wolf form. Neither of which are that cool. What makes this zelda game is the puzzels & exploration. Like all zelda games there is a wonderful soundtrack that accompanies this game. (not a CD). Grapics are decent & game play is to dye for. So what are you waiting for go buy it. Or at least watch the trailer.
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on June 2, 2015
I purchased this game in hopes of getting the version shown in the picture, but was severely disappointed when it arrived in the mail as the Nintendo Selects version with the red packaging. Please understand that I am not giving it this low rating for the game itself; I already own the Nintendo Selects version and can definitely say that Twilight Princess is a wonderful game deserving of five stars; however, this particular seller is not. They have falsely advertised this product as being the original, non-"Nintendo Selects" version produced back in 2006 when the game first came out. This may seem trivial to most, but there are many reasons why a person may be looking for this old version. My particular reason for wanting this is because the original has some features that the Nintendo Selects version does not, and by this, I mean glitches that allow you to play in areas that you normally could not reach, get to some places early, etc; however, it is also important to collectors to have it simply because it is an original rather than a re-release.
If you are a collector, or like me, are simply looking to enjoy the extra features that the original has to offer, I suggest you look elsewhere. I now regret not reading the reviews because apparently this was mentioned by a few others, but I already knew it was a great game, and up until now have never had a problem with false advertisement on Amazon. I am now returning this item, and will definitely be more cautious in the future when seeking out a particular version like this.
That said, if you are simply looking for any version of the Twilight Princess game, go right ahead and buy it. The game is fun; I have already spent around 200 hours total on just one save file in the Nintendo Selects version, and am still playing it on occasion, even though I finished the game long ago. I have already played the game through at least ten times now, simply because the puzzles are interesting and challenging, and most of all, because I love the story. I know some people have complained that the darker tone does not work or belong in Zelda games, but I tend to disagree; the games have always hinted at a darker world that even most of the residents of Hyrule remain oblivious to, darker times that have long since been forgotten. After all, what could possibly be darker than the Shadow Temple in Ocarina of Time? Furthermore, Twilight Princess handles this style in a very elegant and beautiful way; it is not over-the-top dark in the ridiculous way that some games try to be, but at the same time, does not take its story too lightly. The characters are also quite interesting, and in true Zelda fashion, each unique and full of life and emotion. Midna in particular is a very intriguing character, with a deep and troubled past that is slowly revealed, bit by bit, as you progress through the story and Link earns her trust. Believe me when I say that the serious undertone will be a joy to Zelda fans, rather than a burden. It will not disappoint.
The Wii remote controls actually work quite well with the game, and swinging them to slash with your sword is still quite fun, even if the method is a bit more primitive than Skyward Sword, as it requires button combinations to use specific attacks. It's true that it would have been far more fun and immersive with the Wii MotionPlus' added sensitivity, but I also realize that this was the Wii's first game, and that type of additive content was not yet made available; furthermore, this game was being released for both the GameCube and Wii at the same time -- to make such controls as functional for the Wii as they are in Skyward Sword would require a lot more time, thus postponing the release, and preventing it from becoming both the GameCube's swan song and the Wii's first game, unless they were to postpone the release of the Wii, which would be, of course, a ridiculous thing to do for the sake of one game. The only complaint I have here is that the shield deflecting technique for projectiles is fairly difficult to perform, although I have no trouble bashing enemies with the shield attack. Still, I'll chalk this one little problem up to my own lack of skill in this technique, and not the fault of the controllers themselves.
In short, this game is amazing, and well deserving of five stars. Any Zelda fan would do well to buy it and immerse themselves in this beautiful journey. Trust me, I wouldn't buy two different copies of the game if I didn't completely love it.
As far as the shipping of the product, it was very fast, as expected, and I got it within a day of placing the order.
Nevertheless, I implore the seller that they update the photo to reflect the true product they are selling, so that hopefully this will not happen to any more people in the future. None of the above mentioned happiness with the game nor the quality of shipping excuses the fact that they falsely advertised their product and disappointed a potential customer.
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on March 4, 2017
Part of the ongoing Nintendo Zelda saga. Beautiful graphics and surround sound, along with some great puzzles to solve throughout the game. If you're a Zelda fan, you need this one.
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on April 27, 2015
Already a classic. Beautiful worlds to explore with lovable characters. One of the best games ever produced.
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on March 28, 2017
Sold us a game that didnt work
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on August 4, 2009
Sorry it took so long to review the video game noted above.
My kids had Zelda on a different system, but decided to buy it for the WII. Enjoyed it immensely. Thank you.
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on October 22, 2009
Okay so I bought a Wii, and Zelda was the must-have launch title, right? Wrong! To those who are crazy in love with this game, they are welcome to it. To all others, I say "Don't Believe the Hype."

First, there's the Wii control scheme. In the product description, it says:

"This new control scheme allows for much faster and more accurate control than on previous Nintendo hardware. For example, waving the remote in the air will result in Link performing the same move with the sword. To fire off on arrow, players "pull back" on a virtual controller string as the Wii remote's speaker lets players know that the projectile is ready for release."

Okay, waving the sword does NOT make Link do the same move. That's not even possible without the Wii Motion Plus. And "pulling back" an arrow? Since when? I never had to pull back on anything.

This is obviously a Gamecube port. The Wii controls are tacked on. That's okay though, because I love the Gamecube! But forget the controls. What about the actual gameplay?

This game is very linear. And it holds your hand for far too long. I found that 10 hours into the game, I was still being tutored - for no reason. You'll feel like one of the goats you get to herd in the game. Oh yes, the goat herding... You are Link, the awesome chosen hero. Who fights evil by herding goats.

And that brings me to something else that drives me nuts about these newer Zelda games. Why is it that you have to spend HOURS doing stupid menial tasks at the beginning of the game? It's a definite turnoff to any new player. I persevered, hoping it would get better. But after chasing monkeys and running from bees and finding a lost cat and reading dumb cut scenes involving a bunch of whiny kids, I kept thinking, "For God's sake, just give me a dang sword and let me get on with it already!" It's like Nintendo punishes you for wanting to fight by making you do a bunch of stupid stuff beforehand.

PLEASE Nintendo, learn something here. Give people a sword AT THE BEGINNING. Throw them in the action, and let them figure it out as they go. I mean let's face it, the story always boils down to collect all pieces of whatever in the dungeons and killing Gannon. Why make this complicated? What else is there to understand?

But it's not all bad. The graphics were wonderful. More along the lines of Ocarina of Time, and definitely an improvement over the Windwaker. But too bad Twilight Princess's realistic landscape was completely populated by ridiculous, annoying, cartoony characters.

I also liked the music, particularly during some of god scenes. Very well done.

The use of the portals was very good. Definitely an improvement over Windwaker, where you used to set your sail then leave the room for an hour while you waited to finally get there. I was thankful for that!

And I've got to say, the wolf concept was awesome. Playing as the wolf is one of the coolest things you get to do in the game. I really enjoyed that part. It's too bad it is tainted somewhat by that stupid midget riding on your back.

Which brings me to one of the worst things in the game: Midna. Never has a sidekick ever been so annoying. Do you like to be mocked and told what to do all the time? And her pseudo-Japanese baby-talk voice was awful. That got really obnoxious after a while. Why does Link need a sidekick, anyway? Can't he just figure stuff out on his own like in the original NES Legend of Zelda?

The dungeons were fun. Well designed, but a little too linear. You don't really have any choice in how you beat them. There's pretty much one path to take and once you've figured it out, that's it.

The gameplay was a major step back. Or a step down, if you will. The enemies were the worst. They were complete pushovers! In other games like Windwaker or Metroid: Prime, you get a sense of dread when a giant enemy fills the whole room and towers over you. Not in this game! Here, you can just laugh at them because you already know that you are going to beat them without dying once. I couldn't believe how easy it was. At first I thought it was annoying that it took 5 pieces of heart to make a heart container instead of 4. Seemed like a lot of work. But in retrospect, why bother anyway? You'll never need more than about 6 hearts to beat the toughest boss.

Last night I finally realized that I've had it with this game. I had spent over an hour - AN HOUR! - literally searching for an ant. At that point I realized that I did not want to waste any more time on stupid side-quests and mini-games. I'm already over 40 hours into the game, and I'm wondering if it is ever going to end. I think I've got 3 dungeons left to go. But right now I'm not so sure that I can summon the will to continue. This game has a way of sucking the life out of you. But I am a POWER PLAYER, so I shall endure!


Playing as a Wolf


Most obnoxious, annoying sidekick ever
Goat herding
Sumo wrestling (has our hero really been reduced to this?)
Menial tasks
BORING cutscenes
Small world to explore, compared to other games
Enemies are a total pushover

I wish I could recommend it, but I just can't. Sorry, all you Twilight Princess lovers! I hope the big N does better on the next offering.
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on October 5, 2009
Twilight Princess is the most recent installment in the Legend of Zelda franchise. It came out in 2006 for the Wii and the Game Cube.

It follows the story of Link as he ventures in and out of the Twilight realms to save Hyrule. He has been chosen by the Gods; the sign of the Triforce on his hand proves that. He is the only human that can travel between the Light world and the Twilight. When his friends are captured by the Twilight fiends of darkness, he goes after them to save them-- and turns in Wolf-Link, his Twilight form. After escaping the dungeons he was trapped in, Wolf-Link meets Zelda and she tells him what has happened to his world. From there, he is set on a quest to gain power equal to the Master of Twilight, so that he may restore light to Hyrule, and thus save the world.

I got it for my birthday a week ago and my opinion is that I am loving every second of it. Here's a quick overview:

Graphics: The graphics aren't bad, however due to what other game systems have, you may notice that they could be better. Just remember that the game is a few years old and that technology usually improves every three years. And guys, lets face it: if we cared about graphics we would have gotten a PS3.

The images are pretty smooth and there is a lot of detail put in to the background and characters. Like how Link's hand glows with the Triforce and his hair will blow in the wind. Of course, every now and then, you'll get the blocky straight lines that were meant to be a rounded edge, but I actually stopped really noticing after a few minutes of play.

I'd have to say that the worst thing about the game graphics is that Link's eyes and the eyes of the other characters seem very much 2D. Look at the below picture and tell me they don't look drawn in.

But honestly, from the pic, can you say that the graphics are unbearable? I got so caught up in the game, they no longer mattered to me. Yes, they could have been better, but they are good enough.

Game Controls:

One thing I hate in a game is when you have to go through very complex button combos to get certain attacks. In Twilight Princess, the attacks are easy to do and very fun. Swinging the Wiimote to the side will draw your sword and thrusting and swiping it will give you different attacks. You can lock onto a target with Z and as you go through the game, you learn simple combos to give you special moves, like the Finishing Move. Combat is fun and it's easy and it's also interesting to watch because some of Link's moves are just plain cool. For example, shaking the nunchuck will make Link spin a circle and attack all enemies that are near.

Also, the moves are taught to you by characters in the game and for once they are good teachers. They make sure you master the move before you can go on, which is helpful, though potentially frustrating. Something that made me smile was how cleverly Nintendo managed to disguise teachers. When you get your slingshot, the kids beg you to show off, which allows you to practice. And once you get your sword they ask you to do a demonstration, and say things like, "You can do a stab, right? Just hold down A and thrust forward! I bet you can do it!" which tells you how to do a move, but makes it seem like you aren't learning. I liked that.

Combat is fun and easy, and so is just moving around and doing stuff. If you walk up to something, A, your action button, will put a little message on the bottom of the screen that will tell you what you can do with the object/ person. So, say, if you walked up to speak to someone, it might say "Speak" and then you press and voila! Speech! Well, Link never talks, but... You get the idea.

The control pad on the Wiimote allows you to set specific items, which is super helpful, as opposed to scrolling through a long list to find what you need.

Gameplay: This game is great to play. It's full of quests and puzzles, but what makes it so fun is that everything is logical, so if you think for a second, you can solve anything the game puts forth. There lots of fun items and weapons that you can gather throughout the game that make a huge difference-- my advice:

Break every pot and jar, talk to everyone, use your wolf senses often, dig where ever you see shiny spots, and if something doesn't open/ won't come down, come back and try it later.

Anyways, the storyline is fun to follow. Sure, in the beginning, there are some mini quests you have to do, but they're really simple and exploring the town really comes in handy later on. Plus, if you just think for a moment and let the answers come to you, then those parts will be done in no time. If you don't like to think and logic and brains just aren't your deal, then this game definitely isn't for you.

One really nice part of the game are the maps, which are so easy to use and much better than I've had in some other games. They tell you where you came from and what direction you are going in. When you find the compass, the map you get by pressing 1 tells you where the bosses and treasure chests are. Quite nice.

Hearts are easy to get, they're all over the place. Which makes it kind of hard to die, but then, I'd rather it be easy to stay alive than die all the time and have the hassle of Game Over starting points and all that.

There is a guide you will meet in the game called Midna. She'll tell you thing along the way, so never forget to talk to her. She's really is a big help when you forget what your supposed to do. It's nice to be reminded once in a while.

One of the best parts of this game is that it has a great plot. Much better than shoot the zombies or steal that car. It's very easy to lose yourself and in Hyrule, and frankly, quite enjoyable to do so. Everything, from meeting Zelda for the first time to the cut scenes are exciting and I'm having so much fun playing.


-The game is fun with a great plot

-Lots of thinking puzzles which make you feel smart when you get it

-Easy gameplay and combat moves

-Good teachers to tell you how to do complex stuff

-Graphics aren't too bad

-Huge map! So many places to go!

-Good music

-Monsters aren't always attacking you and you don't get whirled away into battle scenes (like Pokemon, or Kingdom Hearts)


-Rumor has it, once you finish the game, you can't go back and explore

-Graphics could be better

-Players need to adjust screen brightness. This isn't really a con, but the dungeons will be way darker than they're supposed to, so try messing with your TV's brightness so you can see everything well.

-Dungeons and quests can be annoying if you don't like thinking.

Overall, I'd say this is a great game, totally worth the money and time. So far, I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

P.S: Make sure, if you buy online, that you get it for the correct system; I almost bought the Gamecube version. I think it's more fun on the Wii so that's my preference.

Ri's Rating:


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