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Format: Video Game|Change
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on August 9, 2016
I got the digital version of this game originally, with the Wii U package. However, I noticed that the digital has some issues with framerate and tends to slow down whenever you enter a high-weather effects zone (e.g. a massive thunderstorm). So, I bought the physical copy, which does not have any framerate issues.

Now, onto the review, I bought Wind Waker when it was released for the GameCube and I loved it. I remember seeing screenshots of the graphic style when it was first announced and I was disgusted. However, one day, I saw a kid playing the demo at a video game store back in 2002 or 2003. Screenshots never did The Wind Waker much justice, you must see in motion to see the beauty of the game.

The HD version takes the graphics to a whole new level of beauty with better rendering, lighting, and effects that create a breath-taking experience.

However, as much as I loved the original and never had any frustrations with its mechanics, I know there were many who did. Particularly, with sailing. Rejoice, because in Wind Waker HD, the gameplay has been improved tenfold, if not more! First off, you do not need to equip the Wind Waker, or the Sail. The Sail, once bought can be automatically opened while at sea by pressing A. The Wind Waker has been assigned to the Up button on the d-pad, freeing up more buttons for your items!

And then there is the Swift Sail, which is mentioned on the box, thus, it is not a spoiler. The Swift Sail can be acquired after the first dungeon and for those who hated constantly changing the wind at sea to get around and hated how slow the boat went, the Swift Sail is your new friend.

When activated, the Swift Sail doubles your speed on the sea, and the wind is always at the back of your sail. If you need to slow down and use the other sail, don't worry, you still can. By pressing A, you can swap between the Swift and regular sails.

These are the best improvements in the game that I can think of off the top of my head and those that aren't spoilers. Find the others for yourself! In any case, I loved the original, and the HD version is just miles better! I don't think I could ever play the GameCube version ever again after playing the HD version. I highly recommend this game to any Zelda fan, and I recommend giving it a shot for those who were frustrated with the original controls. Happy sailing and may the wind be forever at your back!
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on February 7, 2017
This game is fun. The controls feel fluid and natural, which I really like. The game's story I enjoyed too, so that is a plus. It takes quite a while to complete the game, which some might see as a good thing, and some, bad. I found it for the most part good. The only things I had problems with were these. First, puzzles sometimes take a while to complete. I don't play a lot of video games a day, so I would usually just end up looking up the puzzle if it took to long to continue to the next part. The second problem I had was trying to figure out where to go next. Once you are done on an island, I don't know how you are supposed to know where to continue, unless the game told you directly. And it didn't for a lot of them, unless I somehow missed it. But I found the gameplay enjoyable with a good story line to go along with it, so I am happy with what I got. :)
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on March 9, 2016
The Wind Waker was one of my all time favorite games when it was released on the Gamecube, and this version improves on the game in many ways.

The graphical update is stunning. I know there was a lot of controversy when the game originally came out over the cartoony art style, but I have always loved the look of this game. Seeing it remastered in HD is wonderful and I believe it is one of the best looking games ever thanks to the art style. The addition of the fast sail is a great quality of life change and the streamlining of the final section of the game leads to an improved experience over the original. The use of the Wii U gamepad is smart and adds to the game rather than distracts from it.

If you have never had the chance to experience this masterpiece, drop whatever you're doing and buy this game right now, it is one of the best Zelda games ever and the most beautiful one by far.
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on December 30, 2016
After playing through Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, Link Between Worlds (another favorite), Wind Waker, and The Minish Cap, I can easily say that Wind Waker HD is my favorite experience so far.

The art style is playful, and unlike some more realistic Zelda's, the graphics held up extremely well over time. There aren't any silly gimmicks in the controls, and the game controls well unlike Twilight Princess's Epona. Exploring the world is a joy, and while the sea gives you a sense of exploration, it doesn't space things out too much. The addition of the faster sail in this HD remake makes the game a joy. You can really spend some time exploring the world, and it strikes a good balance between letting you explore and giving you something to do.

In this particular game, all of the puzzles are well laid out, and the personality of this game is fantastic from start to finish. The characters are expressive, and aren't moody the whole way through like in Twilight Princess. It's one of the only games that got me to quickly rush home to play it every day during my lunch break.
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on August 30, 2016
The game is a ton of fun. Lots of exploration to do within dungeons and in the larger overworld by boat. Puzzles and combat, sometimes tricky, but never too difficult. The game is just satisfying to play. It feels great to beat bosses and figure out puzzle solutions as little "toon" Link.

Graphics are great. I never played this back on the GameCube, but here on the Wii U in high definition, the cel-shaded graphics absolutely POP off the screen. A pleasure to look at.

Worth it. I think the game is now a Player's Choice, so it should be even cheaper. It's a real shame that the Wii U still has not got an original Zelda game to itself. And it never will, as Breath of the Wild will be on NX too. Nintendo dropped the ball on the Wii U, big time. But the few games they did release, including this one, are top-notch. It's just too bad there were not more of them.
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on August 26, 2015
I was roughly 8 years old when the GameCube version of this game came out, and I recall hating it as a child while I loved the N64 versions of Ocarina and Majora's Mask. I couldn't really remember why I disliked this game so much as a kid, so when I bought my Wii U, I decided to give this game a shot.

I love it.

I absolutely love it. The graphics are beautiful and the story is great and I am so sad that I spent so many years disliking this game because, man, was I missing out. I've played every 3D Zelda game to date, and a few others including LBW, ALTTP, and Minish Cap, but Wind Waker ranks in my top 3 of all time (along with Majora and Skyward Sword) now that I've played it through.

If you're considering purchasing this game, then I think you should go for it, especially if you're a Zelda fan. It's so worth it. This is such a gorgeous game, and it is so much fun!
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on July 19, 2016
Sail away from your home village on a quest to save your younger sister who was kidnapped the very day of your birthday!

Wind Waker is a simple tale. Many young players probably started it, but it takes the patience of an adult to finish it. It has aged well since the days on Game Cube. The waters of the great ocean flow strongly between the many islands in the game. The detractors of the game's art style called it "Celda" because it was heavily cell shaded and a Zelda game. Link controls the winds, time, and it even allows him to posses inanimate objects as he stands in a trance.

The dungeons are a rollicking good time. They climb to great heights and Link flies about on a leaf. The length of the quest may lead some to not favorite it but it is more stable than the mess of Skyward Sword.
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on July 30, 2016
I'll confess, the extra gold background looks so pretty.
The remake is well done, but there were a lot of tiny changes I was not expecting.
1. It's easier to get the Deluxe Pictograph, as you no longer need to get a firefly from the Forest Haven (although I had to get one to unlock Legendary Pictographs)
2. There are now "Tingle Bottles" that take advantage of the Miiverse. You can send public messages or Pictographs through these bottles, and I found them strangely enjoyable and quite helpful at times (some people would send rare Pictographs).
3. It is MUCH easier to get Rupees, and a certain trial that used to cause me a lot of trouble and heartache was not as difficult in the remake.
There are a bunch more small changes, but none of them are negative per se. If you want to walk down nostalgia lane this is the game to get.
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on October 23, 2013
Nintendo has once again innovated. I've always loved the concept of HD re-makes and have been quite content purchasing games I played years ago in order to experience them in a higher resolution for today's televisions. It prolongs the life and legacy of great games.

Well, rather than just bumping up the resolution for an undoubted GameCube classic, Nintendo has re-visited the flooded version of Hyrule and made some very minor but very smart tweaks to a great game. It's funny, as I played this title for the first time in 2010 (it was in my backlog since 2003, yikes....) I thought that an HD remake would be quite a feat for such a wonderful and vibrant looking game. Obviously Nintendo thought the same. While I won't go into the particulars of the game itself, as reviews have existed for it since 2003, I'll take a brief look at what is new:

RESOLUTION: Wind Waker now runs at 1080p, 60 frames per second, and has never looked better. The game is absolutely gorgeous and its once controversial art style has really worked to its benefit to keep it timeless looking. The lighting system has been redone and its better than ever, in my opinion. The sun cascades down on characters in a way that looks quite realistic, even for a cartoon-like game, and dungeons are appropriately gloomy. Beautiful.

SAILING: The bane of the original Wind Waker was the constant need to reposition the wind in order to sail the vast ocean world of Hyrule. It was a pain and could become quite annoying. Nintendo has fixed that with the introduction of the swift sail, which can be obtained at the auction house. Once equipped, sailing is smooth and it should have been all along. Sure, it defies logic but it great enhances the gameplay. Plus, this is Zelda! Nothing wrong with a magical sail....

FETCH QUEST: Another gripe of the original Wind Waker was a nasty fetch quest involving maps, tons of rupees, and the Triforce. This has been greatly streamlined allowing one to go after all the Triforce shards immediately circumventing the procurement of about 3000 rupees and the associated maps plus Tingle's involvement.

One feature I am not crazy about in this new iteration of the Wind Waker is the Tingle Bottle, which replaces the Tingle Tuner feature of the GCN original which needed a Game Boy Advance linked to the system. To be frank, the Tingle Bottle is just in-game Miiverse functionality. And rather than tips and hints, ala ZombiU or Demon's Souls, players are free to type or write at their leisure. As a result, the majority of Tingle Bottles are merely spam and self portraits of Link. Useless. I wish that either Nintendo would have copied the ZombiU and Demon's Souls in-game tip system or reintroduced the Tingle Tuner using the gamepad sans GBA. Oh well, it really doesn't detract from the experience, it's just...there.

All in all, fantastic re-release. This is the way it SHOULD be done and I am looking forward to other HD re-releases from the Big N. (Please, please, please Super Mario Sunshine! Please!)
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on May 15, 2016
Wind Waker is a good Zelda game. It does something that it hadn't delved into before (keep in mind I've only played OOT, TP, SS since my playtime of Wind Waker) that it hadn't done. The game allows for there to be a two player mode. I don't mean that there are actual two different gamers playing one character each , close though, but rather one gamer playing as two characters Link + *insert random character here*. There are some plot twists that I hadn't expected and it gave the chance for some characters to shine with the limited screen time they had. Some old weapons have been reinvented to give them it's own style to the game, and even a new item of transportation is fun to use-no not the boat! The graphics and design of the game is beautiful and mesmerizing.

The way enemies are placed and utilized is done well. You'll find yourself encountering real life threats while Link journeys through the sea. Character development and interaction really makes you care for what Link has to do in order to fulfill his destiny. Each island is very different from each other and holds a diverse amount of on island civilians.

The game is short on dungeons ( though they can be quite big at points- at least for me) unfortunately, but they all have a great look to them that made me enjoy it nevertheless. Although they make up for this by having Link face an onslaught of enemies testing his abilities as a newly found swordsman!

It can be a bit confusing when it comes to particular item findings. There's times when it seems impossible for Link to enter a dungeon or cave without a specific item or weapon. Sometimes it's not mentioned at all that you must travel the sea to find this item in order to enter a dungeon. So be aware of that. (I have no shame is saying I checked a tutorial cuz I had absolutely no idea how to enter a special cave sometimes.)

You won't be bored with this game. Whether it be for the plot, characters, setting, mini games, or relaxing by trying to take a brilliant picture or selfie! (Seriously I use the camera so much-it's fun trying to take a pic in the middle of a boss battle) there's always something there to keep you entertained and glued.
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