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on June 1, 2014
Excellent historical facts, but too many names and acrynoms to remember when reading.
It did not address the rumor that Lyndon Johnson wanted the Liberty sank so he could blame Egypt.
Overall - contents 5 star; ease of reading - 3 star..
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I read this book because I've always had an interest in the sea and in ships, because a high school buddy of mine once worked on this ship after it was repaired, and because I was under the vague impression that the Israeli attack on our intelligence ship WAS intentional.

But Cristol, with a long history of Naval aviation and law, has written a truly excellent and convincing description of the incident, in which he concludes the attack was a simple accident, due to stupid mistakes by both Israelis and American officials, and made worse by needlessly classifying the results of many inverstigations for many years.

I highly recommend this book who has any interests similar to my own. It's marvelously well written, too.
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on April 14, 2016
Great book Got here When You Said it Would.
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on February 14, 2016
good book
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on February 14, 2014
In 1967 the Israeli Air force and the Israeli Navy attacked a U.S. Navy vessel killing more than thirty American sailors. The Israeli government claimed it was an innocent mistake and that they confused the American ship with an Egyptian Navy vessel. One of the officers who was on the ship write a book about the attack which was highly critical of the Israeli government.

This writer attempts to explain away the attack and exonerate the Israelis. Here is the problem: The USS Liberty was flying a large American flag...the good old red white and blue. The American flag looks nothing like the Egyptian flag. Egyptian ships are marked in arabic. U.S. ships are clearly marked with numbers. These numbers were clearly visible to attacking aircraft and to the Israeli Patrol Torpedo boats that fired multiple torpedoes into the U.S. ship in two separate attacks.

The USS Liberty did not carry Naval canons, or deck mounted torpedo tubes...all of which is plainly visible at a considerable distance. It did not carry a deck mounted missle battery, also plainly visible at a distance. In other words, the U.S. ship posed no threats to Israeli aircraft or navy vessels. If the Israeli's thought there was something suspicious, they could safely approach without attacking.

Although the author correctly debunks a number of myths surrounding the attack, he fails in exonerating the Israelis. Had it happened anywhere else in the world, we would have retaliated promptly. American politics being what it is, we did nothing.
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on February 23, 2014
I actually knew a marine who was killed on the Liberty and have read several of the books on the incident. This is by far the best. The author combines experience as a naval aviator with a subsequent legal career and extensive contacts with members of the Israeli military. He has examined Israeli sources, such as tapes of the transmissions of the Israeli pilots, along with US Navy records and government investigations.
His conclusion is that the attack on the Liberty was the result of miscommunication within the US military sending the Liberty into harm's way coupled with confusion about the identity of the Liberty under the pressures and time constrains of a desperate war for survival on the part of the Israelis. The attack was a tragic case of misidentification. I have always thought that the conspiracy theories never provided a convincing explanation for either the Israelli's deliberately attacking a US ship, nor for the US government going along with a cover up. This book pretty much shreds the various conspiracy theories.
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on August 13, 2002
judge cristol has compiled impeccable research on the events which led up to the infamous liberty incident in the war of 1967.
friendly fire harming our own troops or those of our allies is always a deadly risk in any war. the tragedy of the liberty incident unfolds with a spine tingling inevitability. given the rumors that were circulated in 1967 at the time of the liberty incident-- that israelis had deliberately bombed a us intelligence ship-- it is a relief to find those rumors definitively laid to rest at last. a great read-- which should become a major motion picture!
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on March 8, 2010
The 40+ year argument regarding the USS Liberty "incident" is anchored to the fact that a thorough and objective investigation was never undertaken. Evidence and testimonies were ignored, facts redacted, and many of the actual investigators have made it known that they were under orders to sanitize the report of any information that might have been inflammatory against Israel.

The survivors of the Liberty have been staunch in their position that the official reports where white-washed. What Mr. Cristol has achieved is nothing less that further white-washing the facts.

Basing his arguments on information that is neutralized by both evidence and the testimony of the actual survivors, the author perpetuates an evident hoax under the guise of "intensive research". With all due respect to Mr. Cristol, once a Navy pilot and a federal judge, his illustrious achievements do not qualify him to present his opinions as conclusive finding. They are simply that - opinions - and smack of a bias and prejudicial lean towards Israel.

If the book serves any purpose whatsoever, it is as evidence of the mind-set that continues the attempt to bury the actual facts surrounding the USS Liberty.
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on July 16, 2007
Judge Cristal's book is and has become just the continuing written resource of the "official version". He was a bankruptcy judge, a naval reserve officer who never saw combat, was never there, avoided the survivor's versions of events if it doesn't mesh with the "accident" thesis. He is held in deep disregard by the Liberty Veterans Organization, they are all wrong yet his version is correct. They were there, he was not.
What it doesn't say and what it avoids is as important as what he does says. He has avoided any debate whatsoever with any member of the Liberty Veterans Organization but now spends his time answering op-ed pieces proclaiming the "case is closed". His book is a part of the Liberty canon and it does demostrate the extremes that the Liberty opponents have taken over the last 40 years. The question still remains "why?". If it was a "friendly fire" so-called accident. Why oppose the Liberty crew the first open honest day in an open manner? Like Ennes say, if they are lying, they go to jail but they are willing to take the chance.

But a bankruptcy judge who was never there, never a part of the investigation and and who has been condemned by the very limited number of Liberty crew he sought information and who deny "his version" of he claims does not make this a reliable resource. You want the truth, read Jim Ennnes' book, "Assault on the Liberty". He was there and no one has ever called his book disingenuous or fabricated.

There are two sides to every story and the good Judge has no monopoly on the truth. Certainly not the "Liberty Incident". BTW an "Attack" is hardly an "Incident" when 34 crew members were killed and 174 wounded. What's next "The 9-11 Incident"? Decide for yourself. Buy it used .
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on December 17, 2003
A sad incident - not a conspiracy, December 17, 2003

As a USNA graduate I left active duty in 1965. The attack on the Liberty took place two years later. Over the years I have read many articles on the incident and have been well aware that though inquiry after inquiry has concluded that the attack was a true friendly fire incident the conspiracy theorists still abound. The tragedy of the attack is only exceeded by the viciousness of the theorists. Judge Cristol does a singularly thorough job of tracing the affair from start to finish. While the account is somewhat repetitious I can see why this could not be avoided as Judge Cristol presents the chilling narrative as a seasoned lawyer presenting evidence, tying all pieces back to the whole.
To discredit Judge Cristols's effort one has also to believe that not only was the nations political leaders dishonest and in collusion with Israel but that many senior Navy leaders, all with unblemished records in peace and war, joined in the criminal collusion.
Perhaps even more telling is that Judge Cristol fully explores possible motives and in no way can any reasonable motive be attached to the multiple Israeli mistakes or to the U. S. Navy's absolute inability to effectively communicate with one of it's ships that had been sent into harms way.
Far more than the book being a uniquely detailed account of the event it places a harsh light on the conspiracy theory folks whether they are enamored with the "Grassy knoll" theory of the Kennedy assignation or the nonsense that Israel knew about 911 before it occurred and then worked with the Bush administration to cause the loss of the shuttle Columbia to mask activity concerning Iraq.
Judge Cristol can not cure irrational paranoia but his excellent effort exposes it for what it is.
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