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on June 26, 2016
I bought this book because it was on one of those $.99 lists and I thought, "What the heck." This book took me back 50 years to some of my first pre-teen adventure books, e.g. the Mars series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The book is written from the standpoint of the protagonist who is pretty much a current pre-teen (I have 2 and one teen) with a wry irreverent sense of humor, as have many of the characters, "We don't say the "c" word." It's not the "c" word you think. The book is fun and fast moving and if you have teen/pre-teens you will recognize a fair amount of their behavior while chuckling at them. The adults are also somewhat caricatures of the typical adult, but probably as many pre-teens see us.
It's fun. If you are an adult read it with your pre-teen, early teen as something to do together or in the car on a trip. You may surprise yourself that you have really enjoyed it.
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on August 22, 2016
I knew of the series because of the movies being released and being a big Harry Potter fan, similar genres. When my son and I finished the HP series we went looking for something else. The Percy series really hit the spot. No spoilers for the story, but the book also made my son curious about mythology.
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on June 4, 2017
My 10 year old son has read everything by Rick Riordan and absolutely LOVES the series. These books are good enough to tear him away from his iPod and keep him waiting by the mailbox for the next book to arrive! Now I'm reading them too, and we have dinner conversation about Greek mythology and American history. Recommended for any young person learning the joy of books!
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on October 2, 2017
A flash of lighting shatters the night sky, almost angry. Maybe Zeus is still mad. If you didn’t know about that, then you should really check out the Percy Jackson books. When you read about Percy Jackson’s adventures, like all other awesome books, you feel like you are the main character. You feel like you’ve beheaded a hydra, blown up the Gateway arch, and held a lightning bolt in your hand.

The story starts with Percy warning us about reading it. Like something about if you find something familiar, then close the book immediately. Um, I read it on a Kindle, how can you close a Kindle?

Then it goes on about his life. When his mom takes him on a vacation to the beach away from his abusive stepfather, she tries to get him to a camp to stop a minotaur from killing him. Yeah, a minotaur. On the way there, he finds his best friend has goat legs. Like a lot of other stories, Percy loses consciousness.

When he wakes up, he finds himself in a camp full of half-gods, satyrs, a centaur, and a god of wine that always says peoples’ names wrong. Then he finds that the minotaur has sent his mother to the underworld and he has killed the minotaur. When he finds out he is the son of the sea god, Zeus gives him a death threat because he thinks that Percy took his most powerful lightning bolt.

Then Percy has to go on a quest along America, fighting monsters, metal spiders, and medusa. And then into the underworld. When he does, he finds a terrible mistake…and a traitor. But enough about that! I don’t want to give you too many spoilers.

I actually watched the (TERRIBLE!) movie about Percy Jackson before I read the book. After I read the book and watched the movie again, I decided that I would never watch the movie again. (Seriously, make a note: Never watch the Percy Jackson movie). The book is infinite times better, and in my opinion they ruined everything when they made the movie.

Yes, I own all of the Percy Jackson books, and all of the Heroes of Olympus, the next series. Rumor has it that there is another series about norse gods and heroes. As Dionysus would say, “You’ve heard of Peter Johnson. Now, get ready for Magno Cheese.” (Magnus Chase)
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on June 24, 2017
This was a book that my son was eager to read. This was a required reading for 5th grade and he finished it pretty quickly.

This is the beginning of the series and Percy Jackson is a very interesting book. I love that it's good for all ages, I enjoyed it as well.

Twelve-year-old Percy Jackson is on the most dangerous quest of his life. With the help of a satyr and a daughter of Athena, Percy must journey across the United States to catch a thief who has stolen the original weapon of mass destruction — Zeus’ master bolt. Along the way, he must face a host of mythological enemies determined to stop him. Most of all, he must come to terms with a father he has never known, and an Oracle that has warned him of betrayal by a friend.
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on August 15, 2017
The Lightning Thief is the first book in the Percy Jackson series. It is fast paced, well-written, and full of loveable, believable characters -- even if they are children of gods. This whole series is an excellent read for anyone, and a choice pick for parents who are looking for exciting, fun, clean books for both boys and girls to read.

As a school librarian, I could rarely keep this book on the shelf more than half a day. As a grandparent, I've gifted it to the grandkids, and even given copies to adult friends. It is one of those rare finds these days: a truly well-written, good book with a universal theme that still manages to be fresh.
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on April 14, 2016
Don't judge this book by the movie. This book is fantastic. When I was younger I loved Greek Mythology. I read all the myths I could and owned several books on the subject. The crazy thing about this book is I can totally see Percy Jackson taking place in one of my old books. It is essentially a modern day Greek Myth.

Its full of God's and Monsters and Heroes all wrapped up in an awesome and fun story filled with great characters. The best part is that this is just the first book. There are five books in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Five more in the sequel series The Heroes of Olympus, three more in the Kane Chronicles which are the Egyptian counterparts, three short stories that combine the Percy Jackson characters with the Kane Chronicles characters, one book so far in the Magnus Chase series which in the Norse Counterpart with another one coming out later this year. And coming soon a new series that's another sequel to The Heroes of Olympus. All of his stories build on each other and they all start here.

Definitely worth reading.
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on March 7, 2015
I totally found myself enjoying this book. This was so much of a blast of a book to read. As I was reading this book, I remember what it was like to be a kid again. This book really made me feel like I was reading for fun again. Percy Jackson and his friends really were just like any other kids, but have all these weird and crazy things happen to them because being kids of Gods, nothing is ever simple.

Percy Jackson doesn’t seem to be having a good day or even a good week when we first meet him. He seems like a kid who has been hallucinating. Only problem is that Percy is not imagining or hallucinating the things he sees. Percy doesn’t realize that what he is seeing is real. This was really well done and well played. He thinks that he is going crazy. I would too if I saw the things that he saw in the book.

Plus he has to deal with his mother, and Grover telling him some pretty crazy things about him being the child of a god. He also finds that Grover is a satyr and has to bring him to a place that houses half-bloods like himself. Nothing is ever easy because every mythological creature is after him and he doesn’t understand why. I thought that the first few chapters were very action packed. Percy and Grover definitely seem to have an adventure with a minotaur and all the craziness indeed. Percy doesn’t really know what to do, but he manages to defeat him. Him and Grover somehow manage to make it to Camp Half Blood.

At Camp Half-Blood, Percy discovers a whole lot of things about who he is related to and not in a good way through a lot of different actions. Plus there a lot of children who are like him, Half-Bloods, Half-God, half-humans. I thought that the other children were interesting and our great. I totally find that Annabeth was a lot of fun (plus she is a NY Yankees fan, so I like her immediately). He finds out through an accident that he is the son of Poseidon. So of course things get more interesting.

Percy gets accused of doing something that he didn’t know. This leads to a crazy quest of course for him. I totally find how fun the quest was for Percy and his friends. The other Gods seem determined not to help him or setting him up for their own nefarious purposes. Some of the Gods want Percy to fail or die. He has decided to take on a hero’s journey which is never easy. I totally love the quest and all the crazy things that he has to experience along with his friends. The aspect of the mythology was great. Plus the use of the God’s themselves was something that I didn’t expect.

Also everyone learns a little bit more about themselves in the process of the quest. I really enjoyed the friendship and the action packed nature of the book. Also the mythology and the mythological monsters were great. I thought that this was so much fun. Plus Percy is a character that I really found to be interesting, real, plus he is thrust into a world where he has to be brave, despite his fears. Plus he meets his challenges in a way that you never expect.

I really enjoyed this book immensely.
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on August 12, 2017
While this book is intended for a younger set, I, an older set, still enjoyed the adventures of the accused lightning thief, Percy Jackson. This tale was interesting, convoluted and moved along at an enjoyable pace. One learns quite a bit about the Greek and Roman Gods as the pages are perused and you try to puzzle out how he is going to get out of the predicament he currently was in only to end up in one after another. It was a nice read.
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on August 16, 2014
Author Rick Riordan found a way to make 6th grade Social Studies interesting by giving Greek mythology a modern update and employing a likeable adolescent hero in this first installment of his Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series, The Lightning Thief.

Percy is a dyslexic, ADHD kid who has been kicked out of six schools in the past six years. He’s also a demigod — a half-human, half-God hybrid. Percy’s Mom is a nice lady named Sally Jackson, and his father is one of Olympus’ Big Three — Zeus, Poseidon or Hades. Learning his father’s identity is the first of many quests for Percy.

Riordan taught English and Social Studies and is the father of an ADHD child, all of which he incorporates into the fictional world of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Riordan also uses Neil Gaiman’s American Gods formula of putting mythological gods in modern day America, breathing new life into the stuffy, dusty world of centaurs, satyrs, and sea nymphs. The Lightning Thief plays out like an action adventure flick rather than a retelling of Bulfinch’s Mythology.

As Percy travels the country trying to solve the mystery of Zeus’ missing lightning bolt, he battles some major monsters, including Medusa, Echidna, and Chimera (as well as avoiding the allure of Kronos’ hypnotic whisper from the dark depths of a Tartaran pit). Things get a little heavy along the way and some parts of The Lightning Thief might be scary for kids — but isn't that the mark of all great children's literature?

There are enough backstabbings and betrayals to make The Lightning Thief read more like junior high crime noir than Greek mythology. Riordan keeps the plot twisting and turning right up until the very end — which, of course, leaves the door open for the other four books in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

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