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on May 25, 2010
The author of "Blood on the Moom" has put together an incredibly well written and exhaustive detail on everyone and thing connected to the Booth conspiracy. Obviously written in encylopedic style listing people, places and things alphabetically, each as a definitive mini biography. 'Blood on the Moon; is a great book but this encyclopedia is an excellent companion piece to your Lioncoln/Booth library as it allows you to reserach each individual in more detail and the information does include everything from General Hancock, who was in charge of the prison and execution of the Lincoln conspirators, to the relative obscure such as the Green Mountain Cemetery where the Booth family had a plot. Anyone that a conspirator came in contact with or had something to do with, including those looking for him, is in this great book. What I found most interesting are the biographies of the various Confederate agents that helped Booth along the way that includes pictures of their homes, many still existing like the Huckleberry home of Confederate agent Thomas Jones who provided Booth and Herold the means to escape across the Potomac. Also, a wealth of photopgraphs, some of which I have never seen before such as the photograph of Confederate Willie Jett who befriended Booth and Herold and introduced them to the Garrett family where they both stayed until eventually caught. In addition, the book includes great maps particularly the escape route that took Booth and Herold many miles from Ford's Theater. The book is so well written that each subject is a delight to read in their compact yet informative style. A book I highly recommend.
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on June 9, 2013
While there are numerous inaccuracies and dubious "facts" in this reference book (inter alia, it is highly unlikely that liquor merchant and shipping magnate Patrick C. Martin died in late 1864 when his ship foundered in the St. Lawrence River--just had to get that out!) this needs to be applauded as a first-ever attempt to gather the Assassination suspects and intelligence agents into one place. Being a reference book, it is open to revision, and I heartily hope we shall see a new edition in the future. Did I say it was a joy to read? That's how you know a reference book or survey history is a goody. 'Tis a joy to read.
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on August 23, 2013
First encyclopedia I have ever read all the way through. It satisfies two purposes and is more than I hoped.
1) Can always be used to find, lookup, and reference easily. Smallest details to the most significant.
2) Reading it straight through with all the side associated details time travels you right there and feels like your trying to understand and solve along with them.

This is exactly what I wanted. I like the overlapping and repeating of information because it helps understand how everything is tied together. One article/title will mention names, places, etc. and those come up down the road in the book and expound on it further. I find myself anticipating that I will find more information further in the book related to these individual, places, and events.

It is packed full and has it all. Find myself comparing it to how we solve things today, the use of law then and now, the similar human side that does not change, and how we got here.

Like the Antique cover.
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on October 16, 2010
"The Lincoln Assassination Encyclopedia" is a must-have for anyone with a serious interest in one of the most fascinating episodes in U.S. history. Edward Steers, who has written and edited several excellent books on Lincoln's assassination, here draws on his impressive knowledge and familiarity with the sources to give us easy access to the facts surrounding the people, places, and organizations connected with the conspiracy, murder, investigation, trial, and aftermath.

The book includes an introductory chapter summarizing the chain of events, followed by a useful chronology. The entries themselves are well written and highly informative. Importantly, each entry concludes with a source note; many also have cross-references to related entries. Detailed graphics show Booth's probable route in and around the theater on the night of the assassination and the path he and Herold took until they were captured. I particularly appreciate the wealth of photos that Dr. Steers has unearthed, including numerous portraits of the otherwise ordinary people who played a role in this tragedy.

Highly recommended!
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on September 8, 2015
A really well done and comprehensive reference book on the Lincoln assassination. A great book to have on your bedside if you're reading Blood on the Moon: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln or Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase to Catch Lincoln's Killer (P.S.) which are the two best books I've read that cover Lincoln's assassination and Booth's escape. Even the most minor person involved in the events from the actors on the stage to the politicians get at least some sort of write up here. A must have for someone with more than just a passing interest in the event.
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on May 5, 2017
very good for quick reference
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on September 11, 2017
Interesting study of history
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on December 22, 2016
This is a superbly researched and organized reference book by Ed Steers, Jr., one of the leading scholars on the Lincoln assassination. It is an essential and very handy complement to any serious reading about the subject. I would give it the highest possible recommendation.
Phillip H. McMath
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Enjoyed going through this encyclopedia, learned a lot of new things about Lincoln's assassination. I would recommend this book to anyone to purchase.
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on December 10, 2010
Time after time Steers has shown that he probably knows more than anyone living concerning the assassination of President Lincoln. If your interested in the assassination, and need to quickly find someone involved this is a great book. It is also very good to read all by itself. However, I suggest reading Blood On the Moon or Manhunt (in my opinion both are very good books).
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