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on January 24, 2017
My husband and I enjoyed this book and the entire Lincoln Lawyer series, we love that at times, Harry Bosch makes appearances in Mickey's stories. Was surprised to find out that Harry and Mickey are half brothers, hence the appearances. It was good to find out some of the details of Harry's past along with Mickey's. What can I say, Michael wrote it so we enjoyed it. Will continue to read his books as long as he continues to write. Thanks again Michael.
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on November 2, 2016
Michael Connelly is one of my favorite authors. I've read all his "Harry Bosch" books so while waiting for his new one to come out I decided to read The Lincoln Lawyer, which was his first in his "Mickey Haller" series. I must admit that I really enjoyed reading it too, as Connelly's writing style is much the same, and very enjoyable, as with his Harry Bosch books. While I wait for Connelly's new Harry Bosch book to come out I'll be happy reading more of Connelly's books in the Mickey Haller series.
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on June 21, 2013
I read this book and the other 3 in the series this week, June 2013.
Haller is a great character, well-developed and human. He's a great defense attorney and the book takes more twists and turns and provides a good insight into the world of lawyers as adversaries when on the side of the defense and the side of the prosecution.

There are several great characters, plenty of action and all-around good writing. Because we can only give 4 or 5 stars... I gave 4 stars... but think very highly of this series and would rate it a bit higher, though not quite 5 stars.

All 4 books were a very good read. They were gripping and held my attention until I finished each book. The entire series rates a 4 and 1/2 star rating.
Try them... if you like books that make you think and show how people and humans work for and against each other, you'll like these.
Haller is a good man, trying to pull his family back together as he works hard on his legal work with his legal team. I was very satisfied at the conclusion of the 4th book. Truly enjoyed all the plots in the books.

The Lincoln Lawyer: A Novel (A Lincoln Lawyer Novel)
The Brass Verdict: A Novel (A Lincoln Lawyer Novel)
The Reversal (A Lincoln Lawyer Novel)
The Fifth Witness (A Lincoln Lawyer Novel)
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on May 12, 2014
On the surface, Mickey Haller is just another "do whatever you have to do" defense lawyer with the job to free his clients from whatever messes they have fallen into. The real Haller is a very smart and caring person who goes out of his way for people who he cares about and for achieving justice in the courts. The Haller mysteries are very well written with lots of twists, Haller is continually encountering obstacles that challenge his defense strategies as well as him personally.

Aside from his profession, one finds that Haller has a very conflicted life: he lovers his two ex-wives and his daughter but often just doesn't know what to do about these personal relationships. He uses his career to hide from the real emotions he feels, which make him a troubled man outside of the courtroom.

The Haller books are very well written and very hard to put down. I find myself moving from one to the next and, month later, returning to read them again. Connelly had created an intoxicating world that makes me want to read each of the Lincoln Lawyer stories that he publishes. Also, if you are a Harry Bosch fan, you also get to see him in action in some of the Haller stories.
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on December 21, 2014
I was generally aware The Lincoln Lawyer and related novels have been in circulation for some time. When I did get around to it I learned Connelly had written quite a few others as well. First of all I wish I had started reading his novels much,much sooner. I didn't sit up all night to read it but I did make it my first priority every time I had a free period over the next three days.
The first thing I picked up on was that Connelly writes great dialogue. Maybe not as good as the late George V. Higgins, but right up there. Better than Grisham. Secondly,great plots with imaginative twists
As a former Federal law enforcement official I think his plots slow down a bit as he explains the ins and outs of Federal and State procedure, but I recognize that this is enlightening to many readers.
For fans of the lawyer/ detective/mystery genre, this is a great author. I am now working my way through his substantial output.
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on August 22, 2015
The Lincoln Lawyer is a fast paced, well written mystery by the author of the beloved Harry Bosch series. This time the hero is not an impeccable police investigator, but a sleazy defense attorney, whose clients are generally guilty until proven innocent...or gotten off by some courtroom gimmick. Mickey Haller is a fascinating character, intelligent, ethically challenged, connected with the worst elements of society and forthright only when it serves him. He is surrounded by a cast of characters who are nearly as unusual and certainly as colorful. I love this book, and the later books in this series. If you enjoy mysteries with a dash of courtroom drama, then slide your mouse, click on "add to cart" and prepare to be thoroughly entertained.
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on February 15, 2014
Mickey Haller is a sleazebag who's only interested in chasing clients and chasing the dollar. He doesn't care about guilt or innocence and doesn't even ask any of his clients whether or not they've done it: it's their ability to pay that counts. That's the premise we start with in the 'Lincoln Lawyer' and it's a testament to Connelly's talent that we are drawn into the story and into Haller's character. We get to like him because he eventually reveals that he's ashamed of what he does for a living (Connelly's prejudices showing themselves here) and this book, and the sequels, all end with him deciding to quit the life. In a way he's like a prostitute who wants to leave the life but can't, and the 'Lincoln Lawyer' has just such a woman, whom Haller does indeed help to quit the life. Connelly is a good writer and his court-room scenes are second to none, and this is a very enjoyable book. Still, this intimate look at the justice system leaves a slightly sour taste in the mouth and leaves the lingering doubt whether anyone ever gets justice, or if they simply get what lawyers can make of the law. We're also left, like Haller, with a distaste for lawyers and the question of what sort of person would do such a job. Recommended.
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on August 8, 2012
I read this novel when it first came out and totally enjoyed reading a new Connelly book that wasn't about Harry Bosch -- not that I don't like Bosch (I do), but that the change was really good. The pacing in this book is so different from the pacing in a Bosch novel, which is a crime procedural. And Mickey is so very different from Harry. In most ways. I liked Mickey's cocky attitude, his high intelligence, his quickness, and his ability to see who might be lying to him and why. I also enjoyed his relationship with his daughter and his ex-wife: it's obvious that he loves both of them.

Balanced against all of this is Mickey's belief -- or at least he says he believes it -- that he doesn't care whether or not his client is innocent or guilty, he just cares about getting his client off.

As it turns out, this is not true -- and the difference between what Mickey says he believes and what he really believes creates an interesting tension in the novel and helps drive the plot forward. Definitely recommended.
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on June 11, 2011
I know not all protagonists are likable but I think Connelly almost went too far on Haller. From the very beginning money rules the roost, keeps taking over Haller and his ethics, if he has any. The author has written an intriguing tale about a despicable man yet has aroused my hopes for a change in behavior. I don't get it, Haller remains true to his greed but the story is fascinating anyway. To start with I did not tumble to the title, the car, not the man. it was the title that drew me to the book, then I went I guess half way through it before the connection occurred, Haller had no office, just his car and it was a Lincoln. When the light dawned I started reading the book for its content, not to answer my mind's question. I did not restart, I did not change my opinion of Haller but I did try to review what I knew about Jesus Menendez and Roulet to see if it made any difference. I was hoping Haller would jump to the defense of Jesus, but he did not jump, he fell onto it. I am not a lawyer but I did question Haller's inability to give the police information about Roulet's previous murders and I am glad to see some of the other reviews answered my questions. Also the ending seemed to me to be horrible, it all fell out quickly and in such a fashion to cleat Haller of any murder charge but I found it hard to believe. Even after the ending I had many questions unanswered and Louis's involvement in how many murders, who committed the others, but did it matter? Individual opinion, it mattered to me as well as how they were killed.
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on September 20, 2014
I enjoyed the book; very entertaining! The story is a little far-fetched and not likely to occur in your typical criminal-defense cases, and there are a few other legal technicalities mentioned in the book that don't necessarily ring true. But that's why it's fiction; you read novels to be entertained (not to be bored with reality)! What does ring true is the trial and court procedures -- that was done very well! You can tell that Connelly has watched a few criminal trials in his day. But also the novel accurately illustrates that sometimes your clients are not always honest with you and that they even can be out to get you if they are not pleased with your legal work. This is why you need to practice defensive law, and do your due diligence before taking a case. The book and movie complement each other very well; I would recommend both!
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