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on November 1, 2015
This is one of the more difficult programs for anxiety I have ever seen. There were some pros: It was comforting to see others dealing with anxiety- to see that recovery is possible. Second, I liked that he encourages you to face the fears and use diversion/distraction as coping skills . Distraction in particular is a powerful skill that is part of DBT and can be of great help once it is learned and practiced regularly. He also does a good job of describing how diet/exercise/meditation can be invaluable in helping to overcome anxiety.

Now for the bad parts... What he is charging for this book is downright criminal. Most of this information about anxiety is available online for free- or from inexpensive books. This nine pillars are not as helpful as the method touts. Not talking about anxiety with your therapist is counterproductive- as diversion is only going to get you so far. Anyone that has a problem with anxiety needs to learn emotion regulation, mindfulness, and skills to deal with negative or intrusive thoughts (this is especially true for OCD). The crux of the nine pillars is just to not use any other methods to try and help yourself- which just makes no sense. Different things are going to work better for different people. For example, exercise can be a cure in itself for some anxiety sufferers- while for others it can be part of the solution but has to be combined with other things such as diet, meditation, medication, etc. Finally, his chapter about medication is just not medically accurate. HE may have had a problem with benzodiazepine medications and addiction- but millions of people use these medications responsibly for anxiety relief and do not have the same outcome. Scaring people away from taking their prescriptions is not exactly sound advice. While I do agree that people are over medicated when it comes to anxiety- and studies show that CBT works as well as if not better than most SSRI and TCA medications- every person is different and some need the help that medication can give in the short term.

Overall- there are way better programs out there. The book 'At Last A life' by Paul David is one of the best personal stories of recovery. Also, any CBT workbook such as by Bourne or Burns will give you the basic skills that can be used with a trained CBT therapist or stand alone for those with less severe problems. Save your money- this is just not worth it because of the high cost.
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on April 14, 2014
i bought this on 1/9/14 and sent out the enclosed amazon questionnaire on 1/24/14 so that my registration would be complete and i would have access to the linden center. i never received a response and am disappointed as that is a promise made along with the purchase. please get back to me.
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on October 11, 2015
Cannot play the DVD in my player. Are you kidding me? I paid hard-earned money for this?
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on August 18, 2014
This is a complete SCAM. He gives you 9 pillars that are more about how his method id the ONLY method. One is to not talk to your doctor or therapist. You cant talk about your anxiety or panic to anyone. If you feel you need help then you are to call his support line. I NEVER got as hold of someone on his support line. I called different times of the day thinking it was a time issue as i'm from the US and still no one answers. I left a message on the machine and no response. I have tried to email Charles Linden and again I get no answer back. I am unhappy and want to return this package that I paid $197. I am told that I have to ship it priority to the UK even though it was shipped to me from Texas. Shipping it will cost me another $137. Since I wasn't getting any response if there is anything else cheaper I can do I resorted to asking Charles Linden on his facebook page. He deleted my comment then blocked me completely. I guess he doesn't want potential customers knowing the truth. The only chapter about actually downgrading the panic says to breathe, yoga, and splash water on your face. I paid $197 for advice that I already know about and do. Again this is a SCAM don't fall for it. Save your money.
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on August 26, 2013
This Is no different than any other information you can find online. Way overrated. It needs to have a better format of steps to follow. He just gives you information and throws you out to face it alone. I wouldn't waste my money on this and I was very hopeful and followed all the directions!
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on October 19, 2013
There are hundreds of books about anxiety. This personal account and conceptualization is okay. There are many better, like When Panic Attacks.
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on January 22, 2015
I am writing this review after in regards to actually doing the Linden Method program itself. I purchased it back in April 2014, and it is now January 2015. Do I think the method works like Linden says it does? No. But do I think it works? Yes.

Linden was the only person who ever gave me an actual medical explanation of my anxiety that no doctor or psychatrist ever did. I spent July 2013-April 2014 in an imense amount of pain, pain that would make me panic. Not full blown panic attacks, but prolonged, horrible times where adrenalyne was just coursing through my blood stream. At the time, due to my circumstances, there was always a high level of cortisol in my bloodstream, which was painful enough. But because it was so new to me, my mind took it as a threat and also released the adrenalyne. What it ended up as was a chronically painfull life. The pain screwed with my ability to function, it clouded my thinking, I had a very negative opinion of myself, and I pretty much resented everyone who could go home and relax after a long day at the office. Because I couldn't do that, I couldn't relax.
Before Linden, I desperatley went to the doctos in search of anti depressants. I just wanted the pain to end. What it did was intensify my fear by 100%, making everything far worse than it was in the first place. I think I stumbled across the Method a few days after I went off of the drugs.
I was relieved to find the answers I had been looking for, and immediatley put the pillars in place. I stopped seeing my therapist, I stopped talking about my anxiety to people, and I tried very desperatley to fill my days with activities. However, I put so much pressure on myself to "divert" that it alot of times it made my anxiety worse.

I actually started feeling better, more like myself around October of 2014. Some really horrific things had happened to me in September (mom died, partner left, best friend raped by cousin, etc) and it got to the point where I could no longer see two steps ahead of me. Which has been an absolute blessing, it's helped me live in the moment a bit and not worry about tommorow. I also changed jobs in October (my old job was a huge trigger) and went on vacation. I was convinced that I had cured myself and that Linden was just a big old waste of money, judging by the fact that it took me six months to start feeling better. I went as far to email them for my money back. And a few days before I was about to send my refund request in the mail, I started to feel some old anxiety sensations creep back in. I coached myself out of it, using nothing other than methods I learned from Linden. I decided right then and there that Linden, in some way, had worked for me.

To anyone that suffers from severe anxiety and depression like I did, hold on to your hope. You might not be able to feel hope at all, but there are answers for you outside of therapy and drugs. Patience with the program comes in handy, as it doesn't work over night like Linden says it does. It took me several months just to get the fight or flight mechanism in my brain permanantly off. Don't get discouraged if it goes off for a little while and comes back on, it's only natural for your brain to revert back to old habits. Keep trying, keep pushing yourself even though it hurts. And one day you're going to feel like yourself again, I promise!
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on April 7, 2012
Purchased TLM pack in 2008, ran though the course twice step by step, and can honestly say it is a very useful method. It may be applied both as an addition to your regular therapy, and as a self-help book if you don't visit a therapist, depending on the intensity of your anxiety problem. It's a very logical, structured method, easy to read and comprehend. Takes no effort to use, except for your own will and powers. You can use it step by step, just follow TLM on a regular basis. If you suffer insomnia, the audio visualizations are very much helpful ! You just listen and fall asleep in 10-12 minutes, fact. There are many problems covered, and you'll find your own, but in general bit of this and bit of that are always 'your case'. You'll get a handy assistant that's for sure. I would also recommend to buy TLM apps for iPhone & iPad available in iTunes. Basically the same stuff, but a great plus that you don't have to carry the heavy printed book with you or alternatively wait till evening when you get home. With the apps on your iPhone you can read and do the method any time during the day, when you have a 10-minutes break for example. Overall I give 5 stars, because it works, it has credentials from therapists (mine as well). Don't wait for a miracle, but just believe that it works. And if you suffer long time, investment of only $150+/- will not ruin your budget :) good luck !
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on February 12, 2017
The is a total sham/pseudoscience by a guy who claims he had every condition under the sun since he was pretty much born. The guy is a lieing narcissist who targets vulnerable people and if they write bad reviews or say NHS therapy is better, he bullies them. Just do a good Google search, you'll find plenty. Most of the goid reviews are written by Charles himself, so easy to spot his style, he's not the brightest.

Charles knows nothing about anxiety and talks absolute nonsense about curing people in a day, exploititive stuff. He is being investigated by trading standards for a bunch of 'misleading claims' on his websites as ruled by the ASA.

Seriously, STAY WELL AWAY. Don't line his pockets. And do not believe the endorsements from people, they're not proper psychologists, just fanciful marketing.
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on April 21, 2017
I ordered this directly from the Linden Center and got the package from a U S address. The DVD that came with the packet was in European format and would not play on any player that I had. Attempted to contact the Linden Center to get this corrected and was basically ignored. Contacted the customer service for a refund got a lot of voice mail with no recontact. Worked through my credit card and was finally able to get a hold of customer service. They authorized a refund but only if it was mailed back to the UK. It must be sent back with tracking they said. Took it to the post office and this cost me $52 to return. Once they authorized the refund they kept an additional $22 for shipping. There are a few good points in the Linden Center information but mostly it is about him talking about himself and his experiences and how he did not believe any doctors and found his own way of healing his own anxiety issues. Basically the whole program is get yourself a calendar and schedule your day so full that you don't have time to think about the things that are making you anxious. Now I just told you basically everything you will learn for the Linden Center material and you won't have to spend $199 to get the information. If you really want to help yourself get the book called "Dare" by Barry McDonagh. Much better information and much cheaper than $199.
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