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on April 7, 2000
This book is both an engaging story of the development of a relationship, the spiritual journey of a modern soul, and a textbook on spiritual warfare. As a jaded, 20th century Christian who had almost despaired of seeing finely crafted fiction portraying authentic Christian themes, I was absolutely impressed by this book. The intrigue and sheer creativity of the plot, the well-developed characters, and the wisdom and depth of the spiritual aspects affecting the plot and characters are all outstanding. I can only hope for more books from Whitlow and a new breed of Christian writer to come from this good seed! A great read with lots to ponder.
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on April 12, 2001
Renny Jacobson is a young lawyer, expecting to receive a sizable estate after his father's death. Instead, he finds his father has given the estate to several charities and leaves Renny possession of "The List". After investigating, Renny finds out The List is a group of old Southern families who united during the Civil War to provide for their families. But this is only what shows on the surface... Renny meets Jo, a dashing woman who wants no part in the list. Through her, Renny begins to view his relationship with God as something special and personal. They discover The List has a powerful evil dark side, will they be able to overcome its grip? Will Renny succomb to the longing for big money? Renny risks everything to resolve the impact of The List. God guides him through every step. This is a powerful book, a good read, and a reminder of the impact of our daily lives on us and others. I'll read more books by Robert Whitlow.
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on August 24, 2000
This is my favorite book of all time, and I have been an "English major" since I learned how to read! Without preaching, this novel takes the reader to places many have never gone - to the realm of the supernatural. Whitlow combines humor, romance, mystery, and spiritual depth in a very enjoyable way. I recommend this book highly, and look forward to many more books by this author.
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on October 8, 2002
I had not imagined a fiction book so powerful that it could have the impact to change my life. I'm a huge non-fiction reader (and writer), but Robert Whitlow has abruptly converted me to fiction-ianity. Truth is, I only read "The List" because someone gave it to me. I've really appreciated this amazing style in the Christian fiction genre. I've since rushed to devour The Sacrifice.
For me, "The List" was a page-turner. I finished it in a few days' reading, and was so overwhelmed with some of the words, behavior, thoughts, and beliefs of the characters, I found myself mulling them over days and weeks later. I have made specific and hugely positive changes in my (already pretty darn good) life, influenced by fictional people-if you can imagine that!
Added to the captivating story line and life-changing energy of his writing, Whitlow's style was sweet and often titillating to the ear...he has a nice way about it. That often brought a smile to my face as I read this drama /thriller. As well, I appreciated the details that made his stories (there were several colorful veins wrapped tightly with and around the big theme) ring real. Read it, and you'll live a little (or perhaps a lot) differently.
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on April 1, 2000
This was an unusual plot set in today's complex world where spiritual life is not the norm among the young adults in corporate America. The two main story lines developed very quickly (more quickly than in real life perhaps) and yet it was realistic enough to make you feel good about the outcome. I found this book classified as Religious Fiction in the book store, but the suspense in it was more than mere "fiction." I hope the author writes more books and I look forward to his deveopment of ideas. For the first published work of this author, I think it is excellent. If was refreshing to read a whole book without any curse words!
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on January 20, 2004
It's ironic that in reading Robert Whitlow's novels to date, the last one I'd get to read would be his first novel. I have to say I've enjoyed all of his novels, each for both the same and different reasons. And while reading his books, you'd think I'd be able to say--oh yes, this was written first and this one written more recently, I honestly couldn't tell which was first, middle or last written except by the date on the copyright page. Whitlow is just that good--and the List is just a great novel.
The novel is like a combination of the legal chase thriller that was the Firm or the Pelican Brief with the spiritual warfare made real as done by Frank Peretti. And the good news is--Whitlow puts distills both into a form that is imminently readable and thoroughly enjoyable. The List is a book that once I started reading, I found it virtually impossible to put down. I cared about what happened to the characters of Renny and Jo, seeeing where the journey took them. I enjoyed their budding romance--seeing it in the wonders and pitfalls of an emerging relationship. I also liked hearing about the list and the lengths taken to keep it secret and how Renny learns to signing his name to something can have serious consequences. Hearing the spirtitual struggle of Renny and the battle waged for his soul is compelling and outstanding reading. The novel never lags and always keeps you intereted. Whitlow has done a superlative job with all of his books and the only thing that disappoints me is now I've read all of his books that are currently published and must wait for the wonder of discovering his worlds in a new novel.
If you're looking for strong, intelligent contemporary Christian fiction, look no farther. Even if you're just looking for a page-turning, moving and enjoyable novel, you can't go wrong here. The List is another great entry from great author. I can't recommend this book or any of Whitlow's other novels enough.
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on January 29, 2015
Josiah Jacobson, a young lawyer, known to everyone as Renny, is launched into a world of deceit and wickedness when he reads the terms of his father's will. He is disappointed and angry at his father, who he couldn't really get close to when he was older, until he hears about the money involved in being heir to his membership of The List.
This unholy inheritance is compared to our eternal inheritance in Jesus Christ, and the prophetic vision that his maternal grandfather passed down to him in a letter - he was to destroy the strongholds of idol worship like the godly King Josiah did in the Bible.
When a member of The List dies, his oldest son takes over the membership in this evil secret society , based on greed, lies and covetousness. In fact, we see clearly how the sins of the fathers are passed down through the generations! An example of this is the way Renny gets migraines like his father did as soon as he signs the oath of membership. Also the members have often died in suspicious circumstances.
Renny goes to his first meeting of The List with Jo Johnstone, whose father named her tuo make it seem as though she was male in order to not lose his family's membership. There is a great deal of money involved, which is what has lured Renny into joining, but Jo only wants to know more about her father. She is a strong Christian and is uneasy about the whole situation, and is uncomfortable with Renny's obvious love of money. The members of The List are afraid of Jo's Christianity.
Largely due to Jo's, Mama A's and his landlady, Daisy Stokes' prayers, Renny realizes his need for the Lord and makes a commitment to the God they serve. He is impressed by the way they talk to God so easily, like a friend.
When he realizes the evil in which he has become involved, he tries to destroy The List in his own strength and ends up bringing danger to the one he loves.
When he reaches rock bottom, he is led by his Christian lawyer to give over the control of his life to Jesus and to repent of his love of money, so that he can fight the battle in the Spirit against the satanic forces lined up against him.
We see the importance of prayer and fasting and even of laying down one's life for one's friends. We see also that the Lord is the God who answers prayers and is true to His Word. delivering and healing His children.
This novel is rich in Scripture reference, and is a wonderfully exciting story of the fight between good and evil. It leaves us in no doubt that we cannot fight evil in our own strength, and that nothing is impossible to the Lord.
This is a book that I cannot recommend highly enough, for the gripping plot, the very real characters and the spiritual insight of the author.

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on November 29, 2000
I bought this book when it first came out in Feb 2000. I will be the first to say I did not read it right away and I waited until now. I read 100 pages the first day I picked it up. It is that good. And you know I am not a fast reader. I found this in the Christian Fiction Section of my favorite bookstore. I read the back cover and I was sold. You should not be fool by the label of the book being christian fiction, because this story read like any Grisham book; maybe a better read than Grisham. The story is about Renny Jacbson expecting to recieve a fat inheritance, but becomes surprise that it does not happen. This sounds like The Testament from Grisham, but I assure it is not. In fact Jacobson recieves a special list of names holding an investment company which involves him. When Jacobson meet the members of the list and discovers the staggerring value of his father's mysterious bequest, he must decide to.... I can't give it away but the first 100 ask you to turn faster. Again I assure you this is a winner and the suspense is enough to keep you glued to your easy chair until you finished. Don't let Christian Fiction stop you on this one. Robert Whitlow's next book is "THE TRIAL" which is out around January 2001. I am already at the store for this one. Check out all my reviews herwe at Amazon, because you want be disappointed; check YES.
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on July 12, 2000
When young attorney Renny Jacobson meets with his father's attorney to discuss his deceased father's will, his hopes and dreams of finally being able to enjoy some of his father's wealth are crushed by the will's contents. His father has left him with a seat on secret committee that Renny has never heard of. Renny's quest to find out all he can about the secret "club" leads him into a spiritual battle unlike anything he has ever faced.
This book grabs you from the first page. Robert Whitlow combines the writing styles of John Grisham and Frank Peretti, two of my favorite authors. If you enjoy Christian fiction then this is a must-read. I can't wait to read Whitlow's next book!
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on June 30, 2016
This was an extraordinary religious criminal book. The character development and settings really brought the book to life. I've never seen the use of scripture so perfectly incorporated into a text. I felt as though I had retired into my own prayer chamber.
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