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My granddaughter is such a 'Frozen' fan, and now that she is watching The Little Mermaid, I think Under The Sea may be her new theme song. I had not seen this 1989 Disney film until now, and we enjoyed it immensely.

Hans Christen Anderson's tale of the mermaid was the impetus for this Disney film, and they certainly got it right. What a glorious fun film. Filled with music that will have you dancing. The movie opens beneath the sea, where the god Triton rules over his kingdom. Everyone must obey his commands - except for his daughter, Ariel, who dreams of Other things. One day Ariel makes a visit to the surface of the sea, and a handsome, young prince. He hears her singing, and falls in love with her voice. Ariel's father is angry with her for going above the sea and forbids her to do this again. Ariel can only think of this handsome man. When you watch this film you will discover what occurs. I line Ariel because she is thinking for herself, a little willful but isn't this what we expect? The film is clever, and involves some suspense, butvwebknow that all will end well.

Recommended. prisrob 04-18-15
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on December 6, 2013
After being slightly disappointed with the effects on the Blu-ray release of Beauty and the Beast, I was skeptical on how this movie would look in 3D. I was happy to be proven wrong. The movie has always been a personal favorite and the effects really brought a fresh take to the film that made me feel like I was experiencing it for the first time. The underwater setting really benefits from the jump to 3D, reminding me most of Finding Nemo (one of my favorite 3D releases). The extra dimension really helped to show detail in the drawings that I had never noticed before, in the 20+ years of regular viewing and I applaud the effort that it must have taken to make the effect as seamless as it is.

The HD transfer of the movie is gorgeous, and the only complaint I have is that there are several scenes that seem to be altered or changed, most notably during "Part of Your World". Disney released a statement, claiming that there was an oversight during the remastering process that caused Ariel to be out of sync with the music. If you own the 2D blu-ray or DVD release, you can contact Disney for a replacment but, at present time, it doesn't appear that they are able to replace the 3D version. In all fairness, the error in question only lasts for a few seconds and shouldn't deter you from purchasing the movie; it just might be a little jarring for a moment. Aside from that minor gripe, this is still the classic movie you remember and love and it honestly has never looked better than it has on this release.
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on June 17, 2012
The Little Mermaid is one hour and twenty-five minutes and was released in theaters on November 14, 1989. This was the 28th animated film to be released by Disney Studios and the first of ten movies of the Disney Renaissance era (1989 to 1999). The Little Mermaid tells the story of Ariel who is bored with life under the sea and wants to know more about the human world. One evening Ariel rescues Prince Eric from drowning and brings him to shore. Before she leaves Prince Eric sees her face and hear hers voice for a brief moment. When her father, King Triton, hears about this, he goes into a hissy fit and destroys Ariel collection of human artifacts. Ariel is in tears and a pair of eels named Flotsam and Jetsam convinces her to see Ursula. Ursula strikes a deal with Ariel. She gives Ariel three day for the Prince to fall in love with her and it must be love true kiss and she has to do this without her voice. Prince Eric and Ariel come close but are foiled by Flotsam and Jetsam. Ursula sees this and turns herself human and uses Ariel singing voice to trick Prince Eric. Prince Eric and Ursula are about to tie the knot when the cavalry comes to the rescue. The shell that is holds Ariel voice in broken and she gets her voice back but it is too late. Ariel changes back into a mermaid and Ursula takes her back to sea. Prince Eric not wanted to loose her again goes after and a good old Disney fight\rescue breaks out and you know the rest of the story.

Some trivia about this movie; this was the first fairy tale movie since Sleeping Beauty and the last movie to use hand-painted cels and analog camera. This was the first Disney movie to receive an Academy Award since Bedknobs and Broomsticks. The two Academy Awards the movie won were for Best Music, Original Score and Best Music, Original Song (Under The Sea). Kiss the Girl was also nominated for Original Song. The Little Mermaid also won two Grammy and Golden Globe awards. The Little Mermaid is a wonderful movie and gets an AAAAA+++++.


Chapter Selection
Set Up
A. Spoken Languages
a. English
b. French
c. Spanish
B. Captions
Film Recommendations
A. Pinocchio
B. Mulan
C. The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
D. 101 Dalmatians
E. Peter Pan
F. The Jungle Book
G. Lady and the Tramp
H. Hercules


A. Mulan
B. A Bug's Life
C. Melody Time
D. The Spirit of Mickey
E. Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World
F. Lady and the Tramp
Music Video
* Part of Your World
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on February 2, 2010
I forgot how much I really like this movie until I got it and watched it. I had woken up in the wee hours one night and for some reason came across the Disney channel who was advertising The Little Mermaid on I stayed awake to watch it only to realize they turned it into a TV show. It drove me crazy suddenly I had to see the movie! Tried all my local video stores and all said the same thing...they stopped stocking it because people would rent it (and any other big Disney classic) and then never return them. So I am now the proud owner of the Little Mermaid and am a happy camper. I haven't checked out the bonus dvd stuff but if you like the movie it is a good deal.
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on October 7, 2016
I purchased this movie for my kids.

I love all these "old" Disney movies that are almost hard to find now.
I find these better to watch and more appropriate for the kids over the movies I see made for kids now days.

My two year old and I watched it and she loved it. Of course when they sing we had to jump and dance.
My daughter was so into the movie, Ariel and all the fish. We were even naming what the the sea animals were when they would come on the screen.

Very cute movie. Wish children movies were still made like this one!
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on July 14, 2016
This tape features the first 2 episodes from the 1992-1994 tv series of Ariel's undersea adventures. Who knows what would happen when the complete series box set is available to celebrate 30 years of the little mermaid?
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on March 21, 2017
I bought this movie for my girlfriend as it is one of her favorites since childhood. It is obnoxiously hard to find in department stores such as Target and WalMart and so to find this was a happy surprise. The diamond edition is great, providing both Blu-Ray and standard copies of the movie to watch on any system. Awesome!
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on January 20, 2017
Disney classic. Little Mermaid is one of my favorites. The diamond edition has lots of extras, including the making of the movie, music videos, the process of the animating, etc.
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on September 29, 2015
It's been one of my fav Disney movies for a long time and I realized we didn't own it, so I bought it but we were not in a hurry for it, it was delivered within 2-3 days even though I selected the non rush shopping option to get a credit through Amazon. It came as expected, we've watched it only once or twice so far in the month or so we've owned it but the New movie I bought along with it was Big Hero 6 and both boys and girls love that movie, Little mermaid is more for girls on my opinion.. so we've watched it way less but still is one of my fav princess movie and i've seen a lot of movies, love the songs in the movie, they are wonderful. On a side note, For anyone with kids, Big Hero 6 is a must have for your collection, even I have watched it many times and can't get enough! (And I'm 34) Awesome movie.
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on November 1, 2016
Who doesn't love the Little Mermaid? It is so much fun watching these older Disney movies with my little kids again after not having seen them for years!
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