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on April 14, 2007
There's no way to put a good spin on this bad plot. Little meek Ariel gives up her VOICE to get the man. Not too subtle, is it? The interesting woman in the movie - that wicked old wet witch - is the smart, intelligent, proactive and powerful woman. Why can't Disney offer women role models who are powerful, smart and GOOD?

Powerful women are scary so they must be EVIL and seek to harm and diminish and denigrate other women. So much for sisterhood. It's very disappointing that in the 21st Century, we're still peddling this extremely negative message to little girls.

And what must Ariel give up in order to have her man? Let's see...her voice, her talent, her home, her dreams, but alas, it's all worth it. Or so we're led to believe. Yuck.

I am profoundly disappointed that these type of movies are still popular amongst parents and children alike.
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on August 11, 2013
BEWARE of digital copy!!!!!!!!!! I just purchased Robin Hood and Sword in the Stone with the digital copies. However when I opened Robin Hood to down load it there are only two versions. Amazon streaming and VUDU. NO ITUNES!!!!!!!!! One of the main reasons of buying was because of the digital so i could download onto my Ipad and take anywhere etc.. Don't get me wrong I love both these movies but what Disney has done with digital is SOOOO WRONG! If you want an ITunes version you have to pay again for it again.
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VINE VOICEon October 16, 2006
In a wonderful kingdom under the sea lives the beautiful mermaid princess, Ariel, seventh and youngest daughter of King Triton, ruler of Atlantica. Ariel's feisty spirit and gorgeous red hair make her a bit of a favorite among Triton's daughters, and her passion for learning human ways and collecting of their artifacts causes much stress to her family and friends. After spying a handsome, young, human prince aboard a ship one evening and saving his life, Ariel is instantly love-struck, and this is completely unacceptable to her overbearing, human-hating father. In a desperate and rebellious action, Ariel turns to a seductive sea witch for help, who takes possession of Ariel's beautiful voice in exchange for a magical spell. The spell changes Ariel's fish-like tail into a lovely pair of human legs, but there is a condition attached. If Ariel can't get the young prince to fall in love with her in three days and seal it with a kiss, the spell will be broken and Ariel will join the witch Ursula's collection of hideously transformed victims. Luckily, the prince is in love with her already, though he doesn't know it. Prince Eric is obsessed with finding the young lady who saved him from drowning that night and whom he caught a glimpse of as she sang to him just before disappearing. When he takes in the now human Ariel after she appears seemingly washed up from a shipwreck, her inability to speak makes him sure she is not the one. Voiceless and only left with her beauty and exuberant charm, Ariel and her animal friends must try their best to make the prince see that she is the lost love he has been searching for, but the Sea Witch will do all she can to stop them before time runs out! If Ursula holds power over Princess Ariel, the king himself will have to bow down before her!

Like "Cinderella" and "Snow White" before it, "The Little Mermaid," released in 1989, single-handedly saved Walt Disney Animation from total vaporization. Following a bit too modestly performing releases and the underrated but still not up to par flop, "The Black Cauldron," this was a last chance for Disney animators to prove animation could still draw and please the film going public; and, boy, did they ever prove it! With just the right combination of story, music, voice talent, and visuals, "The Little Mermaid" turned out to be one of the Disney Studios' most perfect achievements! The Oscar winning music is particularly noteworthy, as one of the film's most groundbreaking moves was bringing a Broadway style to its musical storytelling. This was thanks to the amazing team of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, who would return to do more brilliant Disney music during the so-called "Renaissance" kicked-off by "The Little Mermaid." Voice talents that must be mentioned are Disney legend Buddy Hackett as the voice of Scuttle, Ariel's dizzy Seagull friend, Samuel E. Wright as Sebastian, the little Caribbean crab that often steals the show, and, of course, Ariel the little mermaid herself, graced with the heavenly voice of Broadway actress Jodi Benson. Pat Carroll does a phenomenal job as the loathsome Ursula, and Christopher Daniel Barnes manages to be a vast improvement on past, rather bland Disney princes. The film, of course, is based on the famous fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson. The original story is actually a bit of a downer, something Anderson had a flair for, and the one, rare complaint that viewers sometimes make about the movie is how much it strays for its Disneyfied rewrite of the story, particularly with its happy ending. But, this complaint doesn't come up that often, and Disney's take successfully carries on the original theme of a mermaid wanting more than her under-sea life will allow. It also beautifully and convincingly handles the father/daughter relationship and the difficult issue of letting go when the time is right. "The Little Mermaid" continues to be one of Disney's most beloved animated classics, and with good reason. It is no less than a masterpiece.

Now, this is easily one of my favorite Disney animated features. I suppose it is for most Disney fans, but with me there's an added incentive: I am absolutely in love with Ariel! Have been since she first splashed onto the big screen! I mean, she's pretty much perfection, with that voice, that bubbly personality, that hair, those eyes, that nose, those lips (notice, I'm not commenting on those seashells, because I'm not a pig, but they're great too), ... and when she gets legs, whoa! I'm so in love with her that I bought one of those overpriced, framed Jodi Benson autographs at Disney World once, along with one of the collectible reproduction animation cels. And this was when I was a student! I mean, I really had to save up for stuff like that! Anyways, point is, I was naturally very psyched about this new, 2-disc, Platinum Edition release of the film. And, in general, I'm very happy with it. There are a few items I don't know why were left out. However, I thankfully found one of them later as one of the two Easter Eggs on disc Two. But, without further ado, here are some details on the DVDs:

Disc One contains the flick itself (in anamorphic widescreen), beautifully restored (though some have complained that it has been overly restored and isn't EXACTLY how the film was meant to look, but it still looks great) but with some slight editing. Yes, editing. It appears that the old Urban Legend about the minister in the wedding scene being aroused has been addressed, and that knee of his that some people imagined to be a different body part has been redrawn. Moving on, Disc One also has a wonderfully informative and at times touching commentary with writer/directors Ron Clements and John Musker, and composer Alan Menken. The late Howard Ashman, lyricist, is included too at times via audio recordings. One music video is included, and this is where I voice one of my complaints of something else that should have been included too. The last VHS release of "The Little Mermaid" included a Jodi Benson video where she sings "Part of Your World" on a beach. This video is NOT the one included. What we get is a cute, Disney Channel star promoting video of Ashley Tisdale singing "Kiss the Girl," and it's fine. I like it. I just think it's pretty bad that the Jodi Benson video wasn't included as well! Another Disc One extra is the Sing Along option for key musical moments in the film, though not all are included. We also are given a sneak peek of the extras on Disc Two, and the more interesting sneak peek at the upcoming sequel, "The Little Mermaid 3." It's a clip of a scene that seems to vaguely remind me of an episode of the animated series where Ariel discovers Sebastian moonlighting as a performer at an undersea nightclub. Speaking of, let's hope the success of this Platinum DVD inspires the DVD release of the wonderful animated series as well.

Disc Two is where the majority of extra features can be found, and while I'm not blown away by the sheer amount of stuff (as I have been in some past Platinum releases), there's still lots of really neat stuff here. The main attraction here should be "Treasures Untold: The Making of the Little Mermaid," which can be found in the Backstage Disney section, and it's certainly a great behind the scenes featurette on the making off the film, full of great interviews and insight into those difficult days at Disney Animation. However, one also wishes the old Disney Channel "Making Of" program was included too, hosted by Alyssa Milano (one of several supposed inspirations for Ariel), which would have had that wonderful "real-time" feeling that you don't get from "after-the-fact" interviews. Yes, that definitely should have been included in the "Platinum Edition." Anyway, as I said, the main attraction here SHOULD be the behind the scenes featurette, but there's something else very special on Disc Two of "The Little Mermaid." Two somethings, in fact. One is an unrelated Disney animated short film, "The Little Match Girl." It's a beautifully done piece with a true to the story ending (believe it or not) that was originally intended for the canceled "Fantasia 2006." No Disney fan should miss owning this amazing piece of Disney filmmaking! The other fantastically special something on Disc Two is filed under, believe it or not, Games and Activities. Yes, something GOOD under Games and Activities! It's an actual virtual ride on a Disney theme park attraction that was never created: an actual Little Mermaid ride! You can "ride" the ride by yourself, or with audio commentary, and there is even a featurette about the ride that "Never Was." Disc Two also features some great deleted scenes selections, an improved DisneyPedia that plays all in one chunk, the original theatrical trailer, the very cool early presentation reel, a retrospective featurette on the effects unit, a charming featurette that looks at Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid in comparison with Disney's take, and, of course, the art galleries. I always enjoy seeing the character development galleries, particularly of Disney's loveliest females. These galleries could be more thorough though, as I love to see promotional/advertising art and merchandising images too. Speaking of, there are two Easter Eggs on the Treasures Untold Menu, as I think I mentioned earlier. Why the McDonald's ornament commercial was not included as a third, I have no idea. I mean, they got permission to show it and yet only showed a couple of seconds of it during the making of featurette. This commercial, with it's wonderful, exclusive animation of Ariel and her fish friend, Flounder, would have been a perfect Easter Egg. Anyway, what we do get is one Easter Egg of the writer/directors drawing caricatures of each other, which is cute, but I'd rather have the commercial, and another Easter Egg about the live-action referencing. Now, this second one is the Easter Egg I was so happy to find! As I mentioned, I was soooo in love with Ariel from the moment the film came out, and this extended to a love for her voice (Jodi Benson) and her live action reference model, Sherri Stoner, who was basically a brunette Ariel. I adored Sherri in that behind the scenes special from when the film first came out and was so disappointed that footage of her performing as Ariel for the animators was not included in "Treasures Untold." It wasn't even mentioned. She wasn't even mentioned! Well, while I do not feel it should have been relegated to an Easter Egg, I was so happy to find it after thinking none of it was included. It's not enough footage, we should have been given more, but it was still nice to see again along with the brief, recent interview moments with Sherri! And while I'm still sad that Jodi's video wasn't included as a Bonus Feature, that particular Easter Egg, plus "The Little Matchgirl," plus the virtual theme park ride, and most importantly, the film itself, one of the best things ever to come from the Disney Studios, make this Platinum Edition DVD a MUST OWN!
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on July 6, 2006
One of the most beloved Disney films, "The Little Mermaid" returns on dvd, fully restored and remastered in an all new 2 disc set this October! Rather than talking about the film (c'mon we all know what it is all about and most of are quite familiar with its charm and beauty! Though the first "The Little mermaid" dvd released years ago was just a barebone disc with non-anamorphic transfer, this one will have everything to fulfill every mermaid fan's desire!

Here's what to look forward to in this special 2 disc set:

Fully restored with an all-new Disney Home Theatre 5.1 mix.

Backstage Disney, including an all new commentary.

Treasures Untold: The Making of The Little Mermaid.

The Story Behind The Story.

Deleted Scenes, including Backstage With Sebastian, Sebastian Lost In The Castle, Advice From Sebastian and Fight With Ursula.

Music Video "Kiss The Girl"

Games and Activities inclue The Little Mermaid Under The Sea Adventure: The Virtual Ride, Behind The Ride That Almost Was With Disney Imagineers and DisneyPedia: Life Under The Sea....

....And much more!!

"The Little Mermaid" is surely one of the finest films Disney ever produced and this long awaited platinum edition of this classic would surely be a welcome addition in any dvd collector's shelf!
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on October 30, 2013
My daughter loves the Little Mermaid and we bought the new blu ray/digital copy immediately. I don't understand why in this era a digital copy isn't standard on any blu ray purchase. Honestly I have zero use for the standard DVD version and if people still want a standard version, fine sell that as stand alone but please include a digital version so I can load it on my ipad for use when traveling.

I can't speak to the quality of this movie, only just the frustration of seeing no digital copy included.
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on July 25, 2013
1. Hoard found treasures, do not attempt to restore them to their owners.
2. Maintain a secret stash of gold, hidden even from your family. Revel in it. Let the gold be where your heart is.
3. Disobey every parental instruction possible. Show no remorse, quickly dismiss repentance.
4. Do not respect your father (of course you have no mother, this is Disney). And show no respect for any other creature either. You have all the answers after all, and a happy ending will prove that to everyone, esp yourself.
5. View your family (sisters in this case) as evil and entirely against you. Do anything you can to make it on your own, get away from them, and achieve something better, while excluding them from your life.
6. Focus strongly, even exclusively, on your youth and beauty, not your character or values. As beauty is what lands a rich and handsome man (again, the qualities which matter most). What will happen when you age?
7. Do indeed work with Satanic Black Magicians, as the results will be positive, in the end. Remember, never forget, the ends ALWAYS justify the means!
8. Self-serving rules! Look out for number one. Be sure to shun those that stand in your way! Trick them if you can. Tell lies if possible to deceive them. Always use the back door. You know what's right. "They" do not.
9. Do not bother with your commitments or obligations, these are tiresome! And they do not serve you personally, at this time! Show irritation if some naysayer attempts to remind you of your obligations.
10. All and all an excellent film for young girls to watch over and over and over. Highly recommended.
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on September 16, 2013
Alright we have watched the Little Mermaid and were treated to an event in the Little Mermaid 2 Return to the Sea to meet Ariel's daughter Melody , and than we are taken to the past to see a glimps of Ariel's childhood and even see her mother for a few brief minutes before tragedy falls .

The films do an alright job fitting along side of their crowning jewel .

The only downer in this franchise is that there are many deleted scenes and bonus features that could make these editions worth while but the damn company wont give a good fully loaded copy of the prequel and sequel . With BluRay you would think they would unload a whole grotto of features onto the disc....

Take as an example, The Lion King 2 has a nice bit of deleted scenes, however there has never been a release of the deleted scenes in the USA .

It is a shame when a great edition could make for better sales

The films are nothing much when compared to the masterpiece / classic film The Little Mermaid
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on October 22, 2013
Disney has disgracefully released the 2013 The Little Mermaid Blu-Ray discs and DVDs with faulty prints. The edit has been altered when you first see Scuttle, this isn't such a big deal, however, during Part of Your World two shots have been reversed and cause a lip-sync problem. The fact that Disney have released this film, one that is so important to the history of the company and is such a favourite among fans is completely unacceptable.
Disney have now started dealing with the issue, I contacted them about the problem and they got back to me, here is part of the email;
Thank you for your e-mail regarding The Little Mermaid.
We are aware of the issue and are able to resolve it with a different copy of the disc. In order to receive a replacement disc, please respond to our e-mail answering the following questions... (I have omitted the next section, the email continues)
A replacement is not available for your 3D disc. (completely unacceptable!)
Once we receive this information, we will send out a postage paid return mail label. Please use this label to send us your Blu-ray and DVD discs, and keep all original packaging. Upon receiving your discs we will send out replacement discs.
If you have any other questions, please reply to this e-mail.
Thank you for your patience.
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Technical Support
The email address to write to is: disneyinfo@disneyhelp.com
I hope everyone who is as angry at Disney releasing this classic film with no quality control as I am gets their discs replaced asap. Hopefully the replacements won't also be faulty.
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on October 6, 2006
However, I bought this for my 3-year old. We played a Little Mermaid game trial on the Disney Website and my daughter loved doing anything that involved Ariel or Sebastian. I already own the movie on VHS and thought it would be a good idea to get the DVD, especially since it also supposedly contains extras. The extras are totally for adults who are interested in trivia. There is NO game--not anything that even closely resembles a game. Though there is a section that says "Games and Activities", there are also NO activities. This is a LIE. What's in the area labeled games and activities is a video feature, a "virtual ride" on the Little Mermaid amusement park ride that was apparently planned but never created. There is "virtually no control" over this supposed feature. It is in no way a game or activity.

The movie is the movie. We like the movie. I've now purchased two recent Disney releases which are supposed to be restored. I don't see a difference. I admit, I am not trying hard either. I'm not a video elitist when it comes to equipment. I'm an average buyer.

I got free lithographs ordering this early from the Disney site, but they had signs of having been handled. The delivery package had no marks, but the lithographs do. There is a small crease in the same spot on all of them.

What a disappointment! I had thoughts that I might have put these in my daughter's bedroom somewhere, but with this flaw, I don't know.

I don't think I'll be fooled by the next Disney package. I have all the Disney full length animations on videotape from "Snow White" to "Beauty and the Beast". I have several on DVD. Of these more recent "restored" releases, I have two, this and "Lady and the Tramp". I've been fooled twice. Shame on me.
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on August 3, 2009
When I first saw this movie a decade ago I found it enchanting. The music is wonderful, the voices perfect, and the movie is full of beautiful scenes and choreography. Once I started to ponder the message it sends however, I became far less enthralled with the movie.

When you get right down to it, this is the message:

Young girl sees good-looking guy one time at drunken party and on sight alone develops a crush on him.
Same young girl subsequently defies her father and risks everything--life, family, future--on a chance to hook up with the object of her crush.

Now don't get me wrong, I am very pleased that it all worked out for our beautiful and charming cartoon heroine. I'm glad she didn't get killed, didn't end up homeless on the streets prostituting herself for survival, didn't contract an STD, and that against the odds she got her man, that they actually ended up loving one another, and the man turned out to be of good character and not a mentally or physically abusive sociopath.

I am sorry to have to bring up the grim realities of life and human relationships, but in any thorough analysis, we must all look on the product as a whole. In senior English, we were expected to find the underlying theme of the book, as well as aspects of the book's tone, any symbolism, or other literary techniques. The fact is that the underlying theme or message in this Disney movie is grossly irresponsible. I like the movie for a number of its aspects, but it is NOT appropriate for children. The fact that it is a Disney cartoon and is G-rated and thus PURPORTS to be appropriate for all ages makes that message even more disturbing.

As a parent I will not allow this movie to be in my house. With the whole world full of options for enriching experiences to have, books to read, and far better shows to watch, this will not be missed.
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