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In The Lonely Hour [Deluxe Edition]
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:$10.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on June 17, 2014
"In The Lonely Hour” is the debut album by English singer-songwriter Sam Smith, and follows after the release of his EP “Nirvana” late last year. On this showcase for his talent for soaring balladry, Smith draws mainly from American-style soul-pop while he displays an impressive vocal range. Although this record is not completely ballad heavy, it does feature mainly ballads, filled with powerful hooks and gospel choirs.

The catchy “Money On My Mind” was earlier released as a very successful single, and not only served as a great harbinger for this debut album, but it is also a perfect album opener and lead-up to the other songs, like the drenched in ‘60s strings and acoustic flutters “Good Thing.” The gospel-tinged “Stay With Me” shows some classic soul piano balladry, as Smith tugs at your heartstrings while he sings over sweeping strings and reverberant piano chords: “This ain’t love it’s clear to see, But darling stay with me.” This is followed by the acoustic ballad “Leave Your Lover,” a strings and light guitar plucks-infused track about being unlucky in love.

Then we segue into the country-soul of “I'm Not The Only One.” a Tom Waits-like piano track, before moving on to “I've Told You Now,” another ballad about an unrequited love situation. The anthemic pop track “Like I Can” is a more modern sounding song, as is the strings and piano-laced ballad “Life Support,” with its lolloping dubstep beats and indie-rock guitars. Then we come to another country-soul ditty, “Not in That Way,” before we move on to the gospel-ish “Lay Me Down,” a piano-led ballad that starts slowly as Smith pours out his heart to the person he loves, but builds up to an explosive, string-drenched finale.

The up-tempo, very '80s disco-ish “Restart” is followed by an acoustic version of “Latch,” better known in the club/EDM Disclosure-version that was their breakthrough hit in 2013 and on which Sam was guest-vocalist, but I must say, I like this ballad version much better. Then we close the album with the Naughty Boy’s number one infectious summer hit “La La La” on which Sam was also a collaborative vocalist and “Make It To Me,” a powerful piano-ballad about looking for a soul-mate: “You’re the one designed for me, A distant stranger that I will complete.”

The record includes production and co-songwriting from Fraser T Smith (Plan B, CeeLo Green), Two Inch Punch (Lianne La Havas), Simon Aldred and Eg White (Adele, Will Young). Artistically Sam Smith, who co-wrote all the songs, shows similarities with British colleagues like Emeli Sandé, Adele and Michael Kiwanuka. This debut-album is filled with the kind of pop that is likely to dominate the charts for a while, as these tracks will appeal to a wide range of music lovers. Fully recommended!
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on June 19, 2014
I never heard of Sam Smith like probally everyone until that night in March when he blew the roof off the dump on SNL. I couldn`t believe the voice coming from this kid, Usually when you watch a performer on SNL it`s the boy band of the second or the flavor of the month artist, well whoever booked this kid deserves a raise because he made this kid a STAR that night. As soon as he sang "Lay me Down" before wiping tears from my eyes i was searching the web looking for everything about this kid, i haven`t seen a artist that really moved me to tears since i saw Michael Jackson perform on "Motown 25" that night he did the Moonwalk for the first time and lipsync to "Billie Jean" which if you watch now still gives me chills like 33 years later, Well that`s how i felt watching this kid sing that night, His cd is just plain AWESOME, i`m telling all my friends to spend 11 bucks and buy it, i bought it at 1201am the night it was released. Sam if your not up for Grammys especially Best new Artist and especially song and record of the year for "Lay me Down" {listen to the acoustic version} it will be a crime...BUY THIS CD!!! NOW..TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!
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on March 19, 2018
In the Lonely Hour—Sam Smith
The cover of the album is photo of a squat man, Sam Smith, with hands clenched and eyes closed. It looks like Sam was experiencing an emotional setback, and he seems such a lonely man. The photo is black and white which enhanced the loneliness to a higher level. After I listened to the samples of this recording I decided to purchase and download this album “In the Lonely Hour”, but not the whole album. The whole album basically describes a lonely man who desires to be loved. This album was nominated for Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. Among in the Lonely Hour, the hit singles “Money on My Mind” and “Stay with Me” were ranked number one in UK, and then ranched number 2 in US. The whole album creates sad but touching feeling to audiences. Also, Smith used different instruments and styles to simply express his real feeling in each song.
Stay with Me is the first song I want to discuss. Smith simply used piano, drums, and tambourines to creates a heavy and sad keynote in this song. The single applied all the elements of a stunning ballad. The lyrics “Won’t you stay with me, ‘cause you’re all I need” is such a plea for a lover to stay over after a one-night stand just for some human contact. Smith also added resounding gospel chorus which makes his plea more powerful, and that resounding voice makes me feel goosebumps.
The second song I want to mention is Leave Your Lover. The song is asking for one night to keep going, begging the one he's in love with to leave his lover. In Smith’s singing, I can feel that he was never been in a relationship with someone, but he actually knows the one would never get back to him, and the mistake would eventually go to an end. The most touching lyrics in this song is that “How it feels to fall behind and watch you call his name,” which makes audiences to imagine the scene, and feel his hopeless mood.
The following one is I’m Not the Only One. This song is kind of a turning point of this album. “I can’t believe you let me down” and You say I’m crazy 'cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done” bring out the main point of the song, and that sounds terrible, but catches lots of sympathy from audiences. Unlike the other songs in this album, Smith’s voice turns to angry and strong in this song.
Similarly, Not in That Way, from this song's opening guitar notes, it's not hard to mistake it for a lost B-side to Otis Redding's "I've Been Loving You Too Long." It took Smith two-thirds of the record to arrive at this final conversation, where he admits the truth to himself and the one he loves. With just the simple melody and Smith's reluctant honesty "I hate to say I want you when you make it so clear you don't want me", Not In That Way is one of the record's finest moments.
Lay Me Down has more of a theatrical flair than other songs, segueing from a Broadway musical's storytelling speak-sing, to Whitney Houston's vocal acrobatics, to classy Frank Sinatra strings, to a sudden militaristic drum beat. Within a single song, Smith runs the gamut of emotions he's been exploring throughout "In the Lonely Hour," and seems to undo all the emotional work he had been doing to get over his heartbreak.
In this album, audiences can clearly hear and feel every emotional fluctuation from Smith’s voice, which would be a amazing musical experience.
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"This repackage is a present from me to you, to say thank you. This will be the last lonely album I will make. It's time for me to start searching for requited love. But I hope this album is always and forever the warm hug you all need for your lonely hours", Sam Smith writes on a thank-you note on this new edition of his highly successful debut record.

Featuring his collaborations with Disclosure ["Latch" (2012), "Omen" (2015)], and Naughty Boy ["La la la" (2012)], and of course his solo singles ("Lay me down", "Money on my mind", "Stay with me", "I'm not the only one", "Like I can"), this new edition of one of 2014-15's best-selling albums is a mini greatest-hits album. Adding an extra disc of bonus tracks previously available only on the Japanese CD of the album, brand new cuts, acoustic versions, and new collaborations, plus a magnificent cover of Amy Winehouse's "Love is a losing game", "In the lonely hour (Drowning shadows edition)" is perfect for first-time buyers (I had not purchased the original album, as I suspected that a future repackage would come out eventually, and here it is). Those who have bought the original set are likely - and rightly so - to feel cheated, like usually is the case with albums that are rereleased. Nevertheless, this is a worthy repackage of a fine pop-soul record that was crafted as if it was destined to become a classic, and became a million-seller. Sam Smith may be the most plain name, but this offering is anything but. Heartbreakingly melancholic, it is admirable how the soulfulness of a 23 year-old's vocals can be so compulsive. The artwork of this edition is more fitting to the songs, compared to that of the original release. If only the package included Sam's 2014 "Have yourself a Merry little Christmas" cover, and the new Bond theme, then it could have been a comprehensive and essential package.
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on June 17, 2014
Sam Smith is a 22 year old British vocalist best known for providing the vocals to two UK smash Dance hits; "Latch" by Disclosure, and "La La La" by Naughty Boy. The latter song in particular made me sit up and take note of his beautiful soulful voice and I knew he would go far.

His debut album "In The Lonely Hour", inspired he says by loneliness and heartbreak, has already topped the UK charts and big things are also expected of him in the States. His lead-off Stateside single is the soulful Gospel-tinged ballad "Stay With Me" which is currently a US top 10 hit. There's more where that came from, the gently thumping "Good Thing", the retro Soul ballad "I'm Not The Only One", "I've Told You Now", the spare piano ballad "Not In That Way", and the spectacular "Make It To Me" (which is too brief). There is also an acoustic version of "Latch".

He's selected songs that display his soulful expressive vocals. However the polished piano/guitar ballad style gets rather same-sounding after a while, so upping the tempo are opening cut the groovy "Money On My Mind" (with his vocals flirting from lower register to falsetto in the blink of an eye), "Restart" (reminiscent of eighties Luther Vandross), and the incredible earworm that is "La La La". Loneliness and heartbreak never sounded so good.
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on June 24, 2014
this album sucks and plus this hack ripped off and stole melodies from a ton of other songs.. THIS GUY IS A BUM! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...."Stay With Me" was stolen from Tom Petty's "Won't Back Down" listen to the melody sung by tom petty "i will stand my ground...won't be turned around" ....the same as "won't you stay with me ...cause you're all I need."
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VINE VOICEon June 20, 2014
One of the nicer aspects of the Internet is that we often come into contact with someone from the other side of the world, and we get to know them, without sometimes knowing them. Such was the case of one of Sam Smith's band members, whom I have exchanged correspondence with via an iPhone app for almost two years. After a while, I got this note from him last year asking me, "Did you see me on the "Grams" the other night?' At first I was puzzled, and after a exchange or two, I found-out he was in the band that played with Adele when she was on the Grammy Awards. A month or so later, I saw him, again, with her when she sang on the Oscars, and was awarded the Oscar for "Skyfall," the theme from the latest James Bond movie.

Last fall, or so, he started telling me about Sam Smith, and how Sam was such an exceptional singer. In December 2013, I received a video link to the album trailer for "In the Lonely Hour," (Sam Smith - In The Lonely Hour (Album Trailer)) which sent me to YouTube where I saw an exceptional, though short, two minute video of Sam singing and recording the songs. This fellow is an exceptional talent, with a voice that is as clear and resonate as any you have ever heard. Since then, I've been aware of his playing in venues all over Europe, but I was truly surprised when his USA tour sold-out in days, and he was mostly playing large venues of more than 2,000!

Given that I had seen him perform on videos songs such as "Nirvana" at Abbey Road, and "Lay Me Down" (Live) at Mercury Lounge, I halfway knew what to expect when I received the CD on the day it was released; however, I wondered if his strong stage presence would translate over to strictly audio. After listening several times to each track, I can see where this debut album is going to be one that everyone will be remembering for many years to come.

What is so nice about it is that Sam's voice isn't one of those "one trick ponies" that you get tired on hearing after a couple of plays There is enough variety between the soulful tunes like "Stay with Me" and "Make it to Me," to the dance-like rhythms of "Money on my Mind" and "La La La," to almost demand repeated replays just to hear him hit a certain note or two.

If there is one major theme of "In the Lonely Hour," it is the lover's angst and pain heard in the words and voice as he sings "Leave Your Lover," "I'm Not the Only One," "Like I Can," and "Life Support." Before hearing this album, for me, there was only one genuine sad moment in a movie or record that could always tug at my heartstrings, and that was the scene at the end of the movie "Casablanca," where Rick is saying good-bye to Ilsa. For me, this record has become the one to listen to when I think of a love I lost, or one that never quite got going, or one, well, that just hurt. Sam Smith has somehow, without knowing me, captured the pains I have felt. And while not all of the feelings, at the time they occurred, were good feelings, I've learned over time that they are to be cherished as much as the pleasant one, because they show you not only the depths you sometime have reached in your life; they, also, show you how you've rebounded and are actually stronger for having gone through them.
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on September 15, 2014
With a hit like "Stay With Me" I had extremely high expectations for the CD. I,m sorry to say that with the exception of that one song, I hated the entire CD. I guess I was expecting to hear the same smooth, bluesy sound attributed to "Stay With Me" and that wasn't the case. I guess you could say my opinion of the CD "In The Lonely Hour" was poor and that Sam Smith at this point is only a one hit wonder. Sorry but you asked.
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on May 27, 2016
Such an amazing talent Sam Smith is! I really did not know what to expect with this album, I thought it on a whim just because everybody told me if I love Adele then I will love Sam Smith! My friends told me he was really worth checking out but I had to be open-minded with his music, because I am not what you would classify as the average fan or him. I am more of a MarilynManson, green day , evanescence . I do like Britney I do like Adele I do like a lot of stuff like this genre I'm very diverse with my music, I love everything in the Beatles to MarilynManson as I said , to the sexpistols to a little bit of country pretty much everything. But I was blown away with this CD :-) Thursday at one bad song on it . What I really admire about him is also the fact that he is so young end forthcoming with what and who his songs are about . Not a lot of people when I grow up in the music industry or even television /film were gay. So , I find it very awesome I guess you could use that as a word I'm trying to look for, that he's so open about what this album is about who was about and doesn't give two craps what people think about the fact this album is not about it woman it's about a man. Not that that has anything to do with why I like this album. I actually found that out like almost a year after I bought it. I just recently purchased the deluxe edition which is why I'm writing the review. About the Standard Edition from a little bookstore next to the town I live in. So when the Deluxe Edition became available I purchased it immediately . The fact is... That "In The Lonely Hour" (Deluxe Edition) for Standard Edition is amazing five stars
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on January 25, 2018
I didn't receive the deluxe version. The label affixed days deluxe version but it is not!
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