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on November 24, 2011
This is NOT the review of the movies. I am solely reviewing the facts that what EXTRA you get in this set than the previous editions. I will start with very basic facts for those who are baffled by so many editions being out there.
The basic facts-
LOTR series has basically two types of movies- a) Theatrical and b) Extended, each edition are available in both-DVD and Blu ray format.
Extended versions of the movies have humongous amount of extra film footage added to the theatrical editions (approx. 30, 40 and 50 additional minutes for movie 1, 2 and 3 respectively). So, go for the extended editions only if you are a die hard fan of the movies. If you are not, the review ends here. Buy whichever movie you like in your preferred format and enjoy. Thanks.

Let's get straight to-the-point. Now, many of you may as well own the DVD versions of LOTR (Either Theatrical or Extended ot both), and if you are trying to make a decision whether to spend more money on this blu ray extended, here is the comparison-

Extended DVD set-
For each movie they have 4 discs (2 movie discs and 2 extra features); So total 12 discs. Sound is DTS ES 6.1, which is significantly better than regular dolby digital. This set is probably the most gorgeous I have ever seen for any DVD. Colorful and feature packed, it stands out in your entire collection.

Extended Blu ray set-
For each movie they have 5 discs (2 movie blu ray discs, 2 extra feature DVDs and 1 behind the scene DVD). So, total 15 discs. Audio is spine chilling DTS HD 6.1 and it has the all the betterments of blu ray (HD pic, HD sound, BD live). Also, blu ray set includes the Digital copy of the Extended Versions of all three movies (Standard definition, not HD). The set itself is a delight, with a sturdy golden cardboard package that is durable and beautiful. The remastering of these movies have been handled excellently and with respect to both picture and sound, this one is SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER THAN THE DVD.

The GOOD (Blu ray set over DVD set):
1. Video and Audio significantly improved. Excellent blu ray transfer. I have not noticed any 'darker' colors as mentioned by some other viewers.
2. Blu ray set has THREE EXTRA DVDs (Behind the Scene for each movie) apart from the 2 extra feature DVDs.
3. Blu ray set has Digital copies of Extended versions of all three movies.
4. They did not waste a DVD for digital copy. You download them straight from the server.
5. Digital copies are great downloads and super easy. Together, it's almost 10 GB download, which was overwhelming for me.

1. Extra feature DVDs (2 for each movie) are the SAME as those of DVD editions. In fact, the DVDs are identical when I do head-to-head comparison. These DVDs are pulled straight from the older DVD editions, nothing new added there.
2. The overall appearence of the set is not as beautiful as the DVD sets. This one is excellently packed though, lacks the colours of the DVD set.
3. Extra feature discs are DVDs and not Blu rays.

If you own the extended DVD set, then buy this only if you want to have a great improvement in pictutre and sound quality. The only extra features you get is 'behind the scenes' DVDs. All other extra feature DVDs (total 6 of them) will be a duplication of what you already own in Extended DVD set. Actually, I noticed that all the extra feature DVDs here are from the various older DVD editions. The two DVDs are from the Extended DVD set, and the one 'behind the scene' is probably pulled from the limited editions of LOTR (the double sided DVDs that New Line Cinema released sometimes back).
However, if you do not own the DVD versions, then this is a must buy as this includes almost everything that you can think of (HD movies, extra features, behind the scenes, plus digital copies).

UPDATE 1: Also check the images I uploaded which may help make the comparison.
UPDATE 2: Thanks for all those who marked this review as helpful. As you are interested in LOTR, I guess at some point you'll consider purchasing "Hobbit" as well. I have recently written reviews for those, hope you find them useful too. Comments are welcome!
Thanks again!
UPDATE 3: DIGITAL COPIES: When I purchased the set back in 2011, the set came with complimentary digital copies. Nevertheless, the later editions do not seem to have digital copies with them (hence the lower price I guess). Please verify the product information closely before making a purchase. Thanks!
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on December 7, 2014
There is a great deal of confusion about the Lord of the Rings Trilogy sets caused by the reviews, so allow me to clarify. For whatever reason, these reviews are for two entirely different products. The single-star reviews consist of disgruntled fanboys complaining that the Theatrical Version of the trilogy (ASIN: B0086B89JO) was not the Extended Edition, as the Extended Edition was not yet released. The five-star reviews are by people who purchased the Extended Edition box set (ASIN: B007ZQAKHU) and were extremely satisfied. So if the description of the product you are viewing either says "Theatrical Trilogy" or "Extended Edition", then it is as the description states. Hopefully, Amazon will rectify the situation in due time. In the meantime, mark this review as helpful so that others will see it and be enlightened.
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on May 8, 2017
Quick warning: the set I got doesn't include the theatrical versions (I already own the two disc special editions with recycled material colored cases) or the digital downloads. If you wanted those you'll have to check out other versions that are available, or you'll have to buy them separately.

I noticed a lot of scathing reviews of a supposed "bootleg" or "knockoff" version they have bought of this Blu-ray extended edition with French script written on it. I can assure you it ISN'T a bootleg, but a legitimate copy . . . from Canada! It was released by a now-defunct DVD/Blu-ray distribution company named "Alliance Films" that later was assimilated by a larger distribution company, though I can't recall the name. The reason I know it's legitimate is because I've spoken with someone who is very technology savvy and he informed me that, although DVDs are easy to copy and paste to a disc, Blu-rays are harder to copy due to the fact that there will be significant quality loss (dodgy/spotty audio, heavy pixelation/dead pixels, bad motion blur, etc.) if done so. I watched the films completely over a weekend and spotted no quality loss.

Anyway, onto the review of the item.

This set includes Region A (Blu-ray) and Region 1 (DVD) discs. The set itself will work in American devices since Canada and the US both share Region A and Region 1 devices. However, if you live in Mexico, the Blu-rays in this set will work for you, but the DVDs will not.

The main contrast with this set and the American set is this: unlike the US set, this one doesn't have the reinforced carboard shell with magnetized foldout map but rather a flimsy cardboard sleeve and it doesn't have the removable back cover sleeve, but rather has a heavily modified back cover with French translations since the majority of Canada speaks English as their second language, with French being their main language. It's also rated 14A from the Canadian Home Video Ratings Board, which is the equivilent to MPAA's rating of PG-13.

Also a neat little thing I discovered upon opening the cases: a flipside of the French translated covers.

The movies are split onto two Blu-ray discs in each set. Now, I know the Hobbit Blu-ray extended editions have the films on a single disc, but all I can figure is that the encoders thought this was best due to how long the films are. Fellowship being 3 hours 48 minutes, Towers being 3 hours 56 minutes and King being 4 hours and 23 minutes. Personally, I like the idea of them being split onto two discs each. It gives you a break; an intermission, if you will. You can relax, take your bathroom break, refill your drinks and snacks all before you start up the second part of the film.

The discs themselves seem to be three different sets per case. The two Blu-ray discs seem to be from a standalone extended edition Blu-ray set, the two appendices DVD discs seem to be from the extended edition DVD boxset and the fifth disc seems to be from a limited edition release set that corresponds with it's set color. I'll refer to the colors as: Fellowship forest green, Towers crimson red and King royal blue.

Each movie features 4 different commentary tracks from the director and writers, the cast, the production team, and the design team. I haven't tested these to see if they do cancel out the film audio, however, since it'd mean I'd have to sit through all three films 4 more times each.

The set also includes the booklets for each film, but with French translations beside the English. However, when I opened the Fellowship booklet, the pages were printed incorrectly. All the pages were in it, just not in the correct order. At least the appendix menu tree pages and Extended Edition summary pages were correct. The other two booklets' pages, however, were in correct order (I have no idea if this is a common occurrence with this set or not). Just a small blemish on an otherwise dandy set.

The first film has the blue/green color cast, but it has been slightly corrected compared to the extended DVD version. I checked a side-by-side video for comparison and the Fellowship has been slightly color corrected, but not fully. Still a bit blue/green, but not as jarring.

I, honestly, would have wanted the foldout map version of the set, but I still love this set nonetheless. This set may not have the special box and/or removable back cover, but it's still a fantastic and inexpensive alternative. A solid collection. If you want just the extended films and bonus discs, then this set is for you. All the meat with none of the fluff.

Also be sure to click on "helpful", so others can see that this set is indeed a true set and not a knockoff. Thanks in advance and enjoy the films.
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Q - Is it worth it, especially if I already have the DVD edition?
A - To me it is because I like to watch movies at home on the biggest possible screen at the highest possible resolution. I still have the DVD editions - which I'm keeping because I like the artwork - and the quality gain on the Blu is significant.

Q - Could this edition be viewed as 'the gold standard'?
A - Yes. It has the extended cuts at the highest resolution with the best sound and the most extensive collection of special features.

Q - How many Blu-ray discs are in the box?
A - There are SIX Blu-ray discs. The additional 9 'extras' or 'bonus' discs are DVDs.

Q - Are the movies delivered on one disc each?
A - No. See above. Like the DVD extended edition, the movies are delivered on 2 discs each.

Q - Why aren't the movies delivered on one Blu-ray disc each?
A - Most Blu-ray players can only read single layer (25GB) and dual layer discs (50GB). Each of the Extended Edition movies require more than 50GB. Compressing them to 'under 50GB' would have degraded the quality of the picture and sound track.

Q - Is the audio superior to the DVD editions?
A - Yes, the movies sound track is DTS-HD 6.1 MA.

Q - Are there alternate soundtracks?
A - Yes. Each movie disc includes 4 additional commentary sound tracks: Director & Writers, the Design Team, the Production and Post Production Teams and Cast commentaries.

Q - Is BD-Live supported?
A - Yes, on the movie discs.

Q - Is the BD-Live content specific to LOTR?
A - No. It contains WB promotional material.

Q - Will the Extended Blu-ray edition allow us to play the Theatrical cut?
A - No.

Q - Is the Extended Blu-ray cut be in any way different from the Extended DVD cut?
A - No.

Q - Are the bonus discs in the Extended Blu-ray edition in any way different from the bonus discs found in the Extended DVD edition?
A - Yes. There is an additional 'Special Features' disc for each movie holding the Costa Botes documentaries from the Original Theatrical & Extended Limited Editions.

Q - Are the commentaries different from the Extended DVD Edition?
A - No.

Q - Are there subtitles?
A - Yes, subtitles are available in: English (for the hearing impaired), Spanish and Portuguese.

Q - What spoken languages are available?
A - English and Portuguese.

Q - Are the Digital Copies on disc?
A - No. The Extended Blu-ray Edition has access codes for downloadable Digital Copies.

Q - What are the Digital Copies for?
A - iTunes or Windows Media.

Q - Will the Digital Copies be available to download forever?
A - No. The Digital Copy offers expire on June 26, 2012.

Q - What is the resolution of the Digital Copy?
A - For iTunes, it's 853x352 (less than DVD).

Q - Will there be separate Extended Blu-ray editions for each of the three movies?
A - Yes.

Q - Why get the Extended Edition instead of the Theatrical Edition?
A - The Extended Edition adds about 2 hours to the Theatrical cut.
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on April 1, 2016
Once you watch these, you can't go back to the theatrical versions! Well made cases feel almost like you're holding a book. Each case includes 4 discs, 2 for the movie and 2 full of fascinating bonus features. Even if you aren't a die hard Lord of the Rings fan these are incredible, and if you are then why don't you have these yet?
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on March 31, 2016
Let's get straight to-the-point. Now, many of you may as well own the DVD versions of LOTR (Either Theatrical or Extended ot both), and if you are trying to make a decision whether to spend some extra for LOTR on this blu ray extended. As a fan having all types of formats,versions and also packages just make you feel good. Let's move on to it!

--Quick Run Down--
Ok so for each movie their are 4 discs (2 movie discs and 2 extra features disc); it might sound a bit too much when a movie could've been in one disc and one disc should've had both extra features. So total of this product contains 12 discs in DTS ES 6.1, which is significantly better than regular dolby digital. So for sound lovers prepare to be amazed. Colorful and feature packed, it stands out in your entire collection. and it also contains DVDs for each movie which I will highly never look at.

--The Pros--
+ Amazing visuals and sound for an awesome experience.
+ A lot of content
+ Blu ray set contains Digital copies of Extended versions of all three movies
+ they have behind the scenes for each movie so you can feel how the movie was behind the lens
+The packaging is beautiful (I am a BIG fan of packaging)

--The Cons--
- Has a lot of content but they were nothing new compared to other sets. In some cases the only difference was the packaging from the DVD Box Set.
- too many Discs where it gets a bit confusing.
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on April 2, 2017
I love these movies, in their original theatrical format (i.e. no added scenes or other bloat; good gravy, the original films are over nine hours long WITHOUT the bloat!). This Blu Ray release brings all three films to your home with amazing clarity in picture and sound. They're a delight to see again, and the special effects are still amazing today.

I haven't explored any bonus features or listened to the director's commentary, so I can't speak to those, but the films themselves are beautiful, and the price of this Blu Ray set was what I paid for just one of the movies when they were released on DVD over a decade ago. This is a tremendous upgrade from the DVDs and it looks like the studio gave it the white glove treatment, so that we can have the most visually and aurally stunning presentation possible.
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on April 10, 2015
The Lord of the Rings collection is something I wanted to purchase for a while. At just under $14, I snagged all 3 blurays in one nice package.

These are the theatrical editions of the movies--after watching the extended--I could care less since the movies are long enough as they stand. True fans may downgrade this to oblivion citing greed (as they are for the Hobbit trilogy), but that is unfair. I prefer the Theatricals Edition as do others.

The item itself is a single bluray case with an insert to accompany the 3 discs. The discs themselves are 50GB bluray discs with the movie accompanying approximately 35-40GB of the space. DTS-HD tracks and a 30MBPS bitrate help keep this transfer crisp and clear. Perhaps not as clear as some more recent films, but fantastic given the film is between 13 and 11 years old. Please note: No Digital copies or DVD's are included.

Overall, at its current price, you couldn't go wrong if you like this edition of the film.
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on June 7, 2017
I’m a late comer to the LOTR movies, so I found this inexpensive little set a great introduction. The movies are quite long enough for me without the extended stuff, which is not included. If you care about those, be aware this set does NOT have them, as it is the theatrical version. It is a very basic set, which is fine for me, and it does have nice detailed menus.

FOTR—Great action movie. It does sometimes sacrifice storytelling for quick action thrills and Moria was a little off my ideas of it from the book. Still, large parts of the movie are pretty spectacular and the fight with the cave troll—lol. The mirror scene just gives me goosebumps and the final scene overlooking Mordor is haunting and always makes me want to dive into the next movie.

TTT—Slow start, but really hits its stride in the second half. Solidly awesome if you like long, loud, fake-medieval war movies. Legolas is pretty amazing in this movie (yes, even the dumb skateboarding moment) and Frodo’s adventures in Ithilien provide a break from the monotony of “MASTER FRODO and Sam drift in real-time,” which is most of their journey. Gollum’s feelings of betrayal by Frodo also provided the only moment when his motives were not simply evil.

ROTK—A little long, but good. Minas Tirith was a fantastic scene even though Denethor’s actions, including his effort to burn himself and Faramir to death, make more sense if you know he went crazy through using a palantir. But it’s still a really interesting plot. Shelob was memorable in the books-- in the movie, she was too LONG and sadly not as scary. But Frodo’s development as he realizes his mistake in trusting Gollum over Sam makes it quite satisfying. And of course, Frodo got his finger bitten off later, in gory, bloody detail. Brr.
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on September 2, 2015
The whole extended trilogy in a boxed set? And Blu-ray? I bought this and it did not disappoint me in the least. Clean, crisp sound and crystal clear display that is so defined it is next level! My favorite set of movies just got tons better! I love this!
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