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on April 11, 2014
I normally don't list the storyline as it seems everyone else does. In this case I am not even sure what it was. I bought this movie because of the actors Lucy Liu, Batista and Russell Crow. The casting was excellent and the acting, score, and direction were actually much better than I expected. Sets & costumes were well done, too. Really, everything was well done but the action, which is kind of a big deal for this genre. The Action sequences in this movie were just not that good.

The Universal DVD contains both R-rated and Unrated versions, coming in at 96 & 108 minutes, respectively. The image is colorful and splendid with a nice 2.40:1 widescreen picture. Spoken languages are available in English, Spanish, and French, with subtitles in English or French. Special features include: deleted scenes, "A Look Inside...", "Path To The East", and "On The Set With RZA".
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on May 14, 2017
This was a gift for the movie lover in the family, he enjoyed it
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on July 3, 2017
old school style with good action, camp,violence
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on April 6, 2013
First: The actor narrating could barely pronounce the English language!
Second: The fight scenes didn't do the "Kung Fu" genre any justice!
Third: The acting was the best part even though it was so absurd due the influence of Mr. Moran Quentin Tarantino!.
Fourth: The locations and sets looked as though they were in a fifties western studio back lot If intentional another moronic move from Tarantino!
Never recommend this movie to even the dire hard Kung Fu fans!
A hour and half of my life that I will never get back! Complete waste of money.
What the hell happened to you Quentin Tarantino? You started off with such promise and originality!!!!!!
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on April 21, 2016
Why did I pay to see this movie. The actors (some of which i love in other things) were horrible in this movie. I didn't even finish it.
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on June 29, 2017
great flick
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on March 9, 2017
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on June 26, 2013
One man's opinion - Let me start by saying I watch movies... a LOT of movies. On a given week I can easily view 15-20 movies - being permanently disabled has given me a lot of time on my hands. Secondly, I LOVE BAD MOVIES... not all bad movies, but generally speaking the cheesier the better. I love it when a bad movie crosses that invisible line between simply terrible to a new paradigm - what I like to call "So bad, it's good". Need an example, "Battle Beyond the Stars" or as I like to call it John Boy in Space!!! It's terrible, it's wonderfully, joyfully, nay, tearfully terrible. Watch virtually ANY Christopher Lee horror film from the 60s or 70s. You probably get the picture so I'll move on. I bought this supposedly "Tarantino" film expecting bad - I wasn't disappointed (in that).

It really didn't take very long to realize the only thing Quentin Tarantino had to do with this film was to make money off his name. The filming of this movie had nothing of his quirkiness or well thought out scenes, none of his witty script-craft, and none of his skill in bringing a film to the silver screen. What does appear on screen is a movie, poorly shot, poorly acted, poorly scripted, poorly organized, poorly scored. The "short of it" in Texas parlance can be summed up thus - a hot mess, bless their hearts.

How could this huge mistake have happened you might ask yourself (I sure did). When a film goes this far off the ranch you have to start with the basics - who wrote the film - they are ultimately responsible for what's presented. The film was written by Robert Diggs (East Coast Rapper and Wu-Tang Clan leader) and Eli Roth (of 'Hostel' and 'Hostel:Part 2' fame (ya, I missed those two too)). The film was directed by Diggs... and stars Diggs as well (or as he self-styled RZA - a moniker which in this movie's case should stand for Razzle (Dazzle) since the film has so little substance and so much flash). Mr. Razzle Dazzle also was responsible for the soundtrack (I know, big surprise there too). RZA was clearly over his head in every way imaginable, the writing is sluggish and uninspired, the directing is amateurish, the soundtrack commits the ultimate sin - its so poorly married to what's happening on screen it pulls you out of the movie, and the acting was flat. I can almost forgive RZA for his performance and ever-present hip-hop / hood-inspired language (what direction is 'Norf' anyway? That's right, I'm 'axing' you), but the deplorable job done by both once A-List stars Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu leaves much to the imagination (and what you fill in for their apparent lack of enthusiasm wasn't good). Crowe would seem to be going the way of Marlon Brando (all the girth and half the talent) and Liu's performance is a text book example of how she has gone from Lucy Liu to Lucy Who? If I could give the film no stars I would. It's not worth the cardboard it came wrapped in. I hope Tarantino enjoyed the cash given to borrow his name and I sincerely hope he actually reads the next script before cashing the check - in this business we call show, reputation is everything and this was most certainly NOT a Tarantino film. One or two of these and his fan base will take a walk (I hope your listening Mr. Tarantino, I'm still a fan... for now). In summary - Hot Mess, RZA=Razzle Dazzle, Lucy Who? and DON'T BUY THIS FILM, DON'T EVEN RENT IT - just walk away... run if you're able.

Bad movie, BAD movie - BAD MOVIE. PS - Hollywood - DON'T GIVE RZA MONEY (unless you are looking for a tax write off, then it makes sense.)
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on June 7, 2017
The disc and service was great. This is not going on anyone's career highlight real for best actor! It is a terrific diversion from art.
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on June 18, 2016
Fun hip-hop, Kung-fu Western. Lots of Kill Bill-esque elements, not excluding Lucy Liu. Very cool soundtrack.
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