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on June 1, 2014
I loved seasons 1-4... outstanding in every way. But I just bought season 5 and I am just not sure what all is wrong here. The chemistry of the team is just gone. Patrick Jane who was so charming and endearing, is well, just more obnoxious than anything else. The writing seems to have changed or is it the editing? Something is "off"... there is no spark, no mystery, just seems to drag in places, then jump to somewhere else w/ no proper leading into the next scene. I have watched 9 episodes already and I keep waiting for it to take off and be like the previous seasons... hoping someone on the production team woke up and got this show back on track... but, so far, has not happened. I see the ratings for season 5 were not great either. What the hell happened? Heartbroken, because this show for the first 4 seasons, had to be one of the best ever. What happened?
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on January 19, 2013
First, you have to sort of turn off your ears everytime you hear them rant about "red john".

And a lot of those episodes, would likely make more sense if you were on some hallucinogens of
some sort.

Still in all, the plots are decent, the acting is good, only 2 dimensional in extremely short bursts.

I continue to enjoy this series a lot.

If you want a feel for where the series is, check out the first one in this season for the "flavor',

Patrick Jane, used to make a living as a psychic, torqued off a serial killer who killed his wife and
daughter, uses his skills to further torque off most of whomever he deals with and solve murders.

He's been at this thing for years (nabbing Red John), and RJ is basically portrayed as a boogey
man capable of all sorts of insidious insanity, with a depth of cohorts and money that never seems
to end.

Thing of it is, to date, no clue as to why RJ is out there killing all these people nor why everyone
is so anxious to help him do his dastardly deeds? (But maybe I've missed a couple of episodes)

Murders for the most part arent' rocket surgery, but still entertaining.
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on August 7, 2017
I enjoyed this series a lot. Simon Baker is brilliant in it and their was a great supporting cast as well. I would have liked less of the whole Red John thing but that's fine, still one of the better cop/FBI/rebel with a cause things on TV.
I'll take a break from it and watch it all again.
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on May 5, 2013
My husband and I just started watching The Mentalist this year. We started with Season 1 and watched via Amazon instant video on our TV via ROKU!!. We love this show. Each episode is so engaging. Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon, along with the entire CBI team feel like friends. We are dealing with a health issue and it is so nice to be able to veg out and totally forget about troubles. It didn't take long to get through all of the first 4 seasons and now that we are caught up we find ourselves missing the characters. I have to say that sometimes the Red John episodes are heart wrenching and it's a relief when there are a few episodes without RJ. This show for the most part deals with solving murders and Patrick Jane is so good at observation. He confronts people when they are lying and says things to people that I know I would love to say, so I find myself living vicariously through him. Actually, I have found myself probably being too blunt with people now, expressing exactly what I am thinking rather than hedging and trying to be subtle. If you watch this show you know what I mean!! There is no foul language and no explicit sex, both of which I appreciate. Sexual activity is implied and sometimes discussed but not played out graphically on the screen. Yay!!!
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on April 5, 2014
Once again, I chose a 5 rating, strictly subjective. The show keeps getting better. In general, there is more concentration on facts, more action, gathering pace toward getting the main villain in the series. By the end of Season 5, I have a strong idea of just who that is -- a strong idea but perhaps not a good one. The writers are wicked clever.
Jane begins to really bring his crew into the quest as true believers, particularly Lisbon, and we see more individual action from team members, each one becomes more complex, inscrutable, and a major player. Jane goes to great lengths to insist he is just a carnie trickster, while in reality he does more DTE sleuthing, with thrilling close calls and concrete results.
Let's just say that real sleuthing and interrogations are nowhere near as thrilling and instantly fruitful as portrayed here. And that is a good thing, otherwise who would watch it? It's gratifying to see Jane or another team member do something radically un-nice to break the ice with a perp, a lot more entertaining than a four hour interrogation where voices are never raised, until the suspect quietly folds, which is fast for reality. In its own way, reality is thrilling, but that's not why you're getting Season 5, right?
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on November 22, 2012
I recomemnd this programme to anyone who likes Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It is a police procedural elevated to a highly enjoyable level by the game of wits between Patrick Jane/Sherlock Holmes and Red John/Moriarty. It is my sincere hope that the final clash between Jane and Red John is a confrontation comparable to the final confrontation between Holmes and Moriarty. There are so many parallels between Patrick Jane and Sherlock Holmes that my review would be over long. However, The Mentalist is the best of the Sherlock Holmes inspired take-offs for either movies, TV or literature. So, let it suffice to say that if you like the quirky, brilliant and driven Sherlock Holmes you are going to love quirky, brilliant and driven Patrick Jane of The Mentalist. Long live Sherlock Holmes. Long live The Mentalist.
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on May 19, 2015
I ordered a used copy of this and I am not disipointed so far, it was delivered very fast and when it came I checked all the discs for blemishes of any kind and all the discs look as if they're brand new, the packaging/case and episode guide/booklet is also in perfect condition. And all the discs work perfectly so far. đź‘Ś

As for the show, I'm only on disc two and it's a great season so far and I love it, there isn't really much else I can say about until I've watche the whole season, but I'll be disipointed when I'm finished the series, it's a shame it's ended.
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on January 15, 2013
I think this is the best show out there at the moment. Simon Baker plays Patrick Jane, a former fraudulent psychic,while being interviewed on TV, taunted and belittled a notorious serial killer called "Red John". He returned home to find his wife and daughter violently murdered, along with a note from Red John telling Jane that he caused their deaths. After a stint in an insane asylum, Jane returns and begins working with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI). His uncanny powers of observation and mental acuity brings to mind "Sherlock Holmes", complete with his own "Moriarty", Red John. Jane has little regard for the law and will sacrifice nearly anything to take down the killer of his family. He has made it plain that he intends to kill Red John, not arrest him. He has a dark side and will use his powers to kill those that he finds need punishment sometimes lacking in the law. I highly recommend this show. Simon Baker and the rest of the cast really bring this one home.
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on April 2, 2013
I'm about half way through this season, and it's been pretty darned good so far. I think the best part about being able to watch this on Amazon is that I can't get my ***** Cable box to record with any kind of consistency. I have Comcast and half of the time the show doesn't get recorded clean enough to watch (all choppy and pixel-ey) and the other half of the time there's a sport event (I do not watch ANY sports) and the show gets recorded half way. I find that watching shows on Amazon is WAY less frustrating, and there's no commercials!

This season is just about as good as all the others so far, so I think that if you like The Mentalist, you'll like season 5.
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on March 4, 2013
Although this is basically "Monk" with a main character who is a suave con man obsessed with revenge instead of a neurotic man obsessed with cleanliness (both of which are ultimately Sherlock Holmes in modern America--as is Psych), I really enjoy it. The main character is borders on sociopathy, but it's a learned condition and not an innate one, so he can be sympathetic and is capable of empathy and genuine concern for others, even if that doesn't happen often within his obsessive pursuit of vengeance. Watch this if you enjoy watching a brilliant person solve crimes, and if you like tv with some drama, some humor, and some dark passion for vengeance for a wife and daughter murdered by a brilliant, wealthy, and well-connected archenemy.
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