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on February 2, 2014
Basically it tell you that renting things out and creating transparency is the new way of doing things. Good points. Most people don't want to do the things that create true wealth, so may as well make some money off them. The audio book was read by the author, but should not of been. Hours on end of the most monotone reading I've ever heard. It was so monotone, it was distracting from otherwise decent content.
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VINE VOICEon April 28, 2011
The book discusses the increasingly recurring themes of openness and platform that have been discussed in other books like Open Leadership by Charlene Li and Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson.

The core premise of Mesh businesses is: "When information about goods is shared, the value of those goods increases, for the business, for individuals, and for the community."

The author says that, "fundamentally, the Mesh is based on network-enabled sharing--on access rather than ownership. The central strategy is, in effect, to "sell" the same product multiple times. Multiple sales multiply profits, and customer contact. Multiple contact multiply opportunity--for additional sales, for strengthening a brand, for improving a competitive service, and for deepening and extending the relation with customers."

The book also references a recent study, which concluded that, "a recommendation from a "trusted source" like a friend or family members was fifty times more likely to persuade someone to buy a product or try a new brand. The same study reported that word of mouth is the "primary factor" behind between 20 and 50 percent of purchases, and emphasized the expanded role of information networks in driving this development."



The 4 Characteristics of a Mesh Business as listed in the book are:

Sharing a high code, frequently used goods
Advanced Web and Mobile Information Networks
Focus on Physical Goods and Materials
Engage with Customers Through Social Networks
"The Mesh model is based on a series of transactions, on sharing something over and over. Creating a share platform is the first, necessary-but-not-sufficient building block of the Mesh. The second is to create information infrastructure that takes advantage of mobile, Web, and social networks. Then each interaction, and transaction, becomes an opportunity to gather and exchange information with a customer."

The 7 Keys to Building Trust in the Mesh:

Say What You do
Use Trials
Do What You Say
Perpetually Delight Customers
Embrace Social Networks and Go Deep
Value transparency, but protect privacy
Deal with negative publicity and feedback promptly and skillfully

Tomorrow's business leaders recognize that trust in a business's environmental and social practices increasingly drives informed consumers' decisions. Successful Mesh businesses harness information from customers, combine it with data from physical products and social networks, and then use that information to satisfy customers, and their friends, in ways never before dreamed of. Good Mesh businesses are smart about combining more frequent customer contact with enhanced information sources to create and refine superior experiences, partnerships, products, and offers.


Zipcar is one of the companies profiled in the book. The author says that, "The robust information platform and focus on building the brand distinguished Zipcar from early car-sharing companies that were merely long on good intentions, many of which failed. In fact, Zipcar is primarily an information business that happens to share cars."

So if you're in the information business, you are a Mesh business whether you realize it or not.

TCHO, a chocolate company in SF, produces "beta editions" of its dark chocolate. "Based on customer feedback and continuous flavor development, new versions of the chocolate emerge as often as every thirty-six hours. Version 1.0 went through 1,026 iterations in a year."

Why did Netflix slaughter Blockbuster? Blockbuster was late in acknowledging customer resentments, and late in understanding the spreading power of social networks to shape brand perception. They created a share platform, but neglected other elements that make Mesh businesses so competitive.

This is an excellent book that could help realign the business perspective on how to succeed in the future. Embracing openness, sharing and focusing on customer satisfaction are some of the key practices that could catapult your business from mediocre to stellar now and in the future.
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on June 6, 2011
This book was an eye-opener to the movement of business leveraging sharing as a commodity. Much of the book discusses the different ways business have been utilizing this concept and there are a bunch of mini case studies that provide insight to actual situations where sharing has helped to create or improve a company.

For anyone interested in business and its evolution, this is a must-read. I have read Collaborative Consumption by Rachel Botsman and Boo Rogers which discusses the same implications. Both are great reads and in this book, Gansky takes a much more business approach to the movement of sharing in business in contrast to Collaborative Consumption that focuses more on the social, environmental, and economical implications. You can tell Gansky really knows what she is talking about and has a good deal of personal experience in the matter herself.

For any aspiring entrepreneur, I believe this book can only act as a tremendous resource to accelerate the success of your future endeavors.

The book also hosts a website:
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on October 3, 2010
This is the book that makes you look around at the world we're now living in and go, "ahhh - so that's what is happening."

It's the ah-ha moment and Gansky has nailed it. This was a fun book to read and I'm tempted to give it another go around.

The beauty of this book is that not only does Gansky explain to you, in easy to understand language, what's going on. But she also explains what you and your business can do about it. Better yet...If you're not in business for yourself, Gansky shows you how the Mesh is waiting, ready, and willing for you to get connected.

This was a great book and fun to read on my kindle.

In the spirit of "The Mesh," I wish Amazon would give me a way to "gift" the book from my Amazon account to someone else. This is an idea I'd like to help spread.
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on August 2, 2015
As a conscious capitalist, I enjoyed reading a book by a practitioner with an entrepreneur's perspective. Lisa's insights, just like Robin Chase's insights in her recent book "Peer's Inc." and Alex Stephany's "the business of Sharing", bring an insider's view into this emerging economy. It was part of my bucket list of books to read. It gave me a framework into one of the most impact-full shifts occurring around us.
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on October 26, 2015
Lisa is a forerunner to uncovering, predicting, and defining how business must change. The Mesh is a seminal book in outlining how P2P models, new business models are required for all companies. This book has become a mainstay for my learnings, and also for my customers. We purchased dozens of these books to distribute to our key customers, and had Lisa present at our events.
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on October 26, 2015
Lisa Gansky's The Mesh is essential reading for those seeking to understand the most important shifts in the economy, and why sharing is at the center of the action. It's not only insightful, but showcases the author's keen wit. It's a fun and educational read from a successful entrepreneur, thought leader, and angel investor.
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on October 7, 2013
Lots of great ideas in this book, and it really meshes the concept of business, data, connectivity, community and marketing together. Accurate title and subtitle by a well known lady in her field.
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on October 9, 2010
Excellent book that captures the zeitgeist of the coming business revolution. The combination of a push for more sustainable products that take into account TCO, a focus on experiences not stuff, the idea of the long tail, social networks, the data revolution and tech innovations that commidify large tech backends (Cloud Services, SaaS, Amazon Web Services, GetSatisfaction, etc) make it easier that ever to create a new "mesh" business focused on satisfying the consumer. Lisa Gansky deftly and succinctly explains how and why the future of business is sharing for both start ups and old standard businesses.
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on October 8, 2010
The brilliance of this book is that it ties things that are right in front of your nose together in ways that you may not have understood before. It is clear and cogent and inspiring to see how "doing well and doing good" may become the strategy of successful business rather than its anomaly. It is all the more brilliant because of how natural, easy to read, and even funny the tone is. It makes me want to have a beer with her just because she would probably be a really great person to hang out with.
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