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on September 23, 2016
I certainly helped me understand why some people just can't lose weight. The book really ties in with the Atkins diet. It disproves the myth that fat is really bad for you. It's carbohydrates that are bad. Trans fats are also bad. Nutrition recommendations have completely filp-flopped. There was a lot of information on hormones which got a little technical for me. . .
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on March 14, 2014
Good general information, no specific information that is helpful to find a local DR that is knowledgeable about this info.

No info as to what to do or where to go for treatments.

I think this is a very important subject for our society today.
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on February 18, 2016
Teaches the reader alot about why our bodies react to food the way it does!
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on February 17, 2014
As someone who has dieted since the age of 10 and royally screwed up my metabolism, this book explained a great deal about why diets have never worked in the long run and what damage I may have done. Plus, it provides clear direction on what medical tests to take to assess whether metabolic hormones are so out of whack that the body thinks it's literally starving (obese can have the same blood results as people starving with anorexia nervosa!) I'll be seeing an endocrinal specialist and asking them to do these tests and work with me to get my body back to normal functioning.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who sincerely diets and exercises regularly, loses weight by eating less and less and exercising more and more, only to find the weight back again in a year or two or three because their metabolism has ratcheted down to survival levels.
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on March 31, 2014
This book spells out exactly why and how a person who diets can end up more overweight than when they started and shows the medical pathway to weight loss that, for most, does not involve surgery. It explains how the appetite and metabolism are actually regulated by the brain and body (as apposed to popular diet folklore) and where breakdowns in these signals can occur. Most importantly, the book gives answers and hope for those in need of healing of their malfunctioning metabolic system.

I am a patient of Dr Coopers' and am so glad to have this book to give to family, friends, and anyone else on the diet treadmill. After having damaged my body dieting for over 40 years I am now on the road to recovery. This process of recovering has included stopping dieting and starting including all real (not fake processed) foods in my life, forgiving myself for becoming obese when it was a lifelong metabolic hormonal malfunction and not due to a weak will, and exercising for the pleasure of moving my body - not to "pay for" having eaten something I actually enjoyed eating. In addition, my treatment has included taking specific medications tailored to correct my metabolic dysfunction

I heartily recommend this book to anyone, particularly anyone living in the United States, the center of dieting culture. TAKE IT TO YOUR DOCTOR!!!
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on March 15, 2014
Finally someone actually explains the real science when it comes to metabolism, and why your body does certain things and doesn't do others. This isn't a diet book, it is much better. It really gives me hope.
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on March 9, 2014
Amazing. This book makes so much sense. It's based entirely on published scientific studies and explains in easy-to-understand language the complexities of the hormones that control metabolism, how to maintain the healthiest metabolism possible, and the various metabolic breakdowns that can cause obesity over a life time or with weight changes. This is NOT wu-wu science!

Dr. Cooper shows patient histories (without using patients' real names) that demonstrate that with proper medical treatment weight gain can be reversed FOR THE LONG TERM, while she debunks the use of low-calorie diets which may help in the long term but can interfere with the metabolism over time. From the case studies she shows, it appears that it can take a long time for treatments to take effect, but when they do the successes are remarkable.

I plan to take this book to my doctor and begin a serious conversation about how I can be tested for the issues Dr. Cooper explains in this book and begin a treatment plan to address any of them that I have.

My recommendation to anyone who worries about or struggles with weight is to read this book (it's a pretty quick and easy read), do NOT diet, and talk to your doctor.
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on March 26, 2014
Want to know why you lose weight to just a certain point? Why do you gain it back plus more? Have you ever wondered why your siblings have no weight problem yet you do? Are you athletic and just can't seem to shed pounds no matter how little you eat? Dr. Cooper explains why this happens in plain English. This book is well written, and with documentation from when obesity first became noticed by metabolic physicians. Dr. Cooper's 25 years studying and documents the areas of metabolism being linked to diabetes, sleep apnea and obesity. This gives those of us who are troubled hope that someone is looking out for us rather than those who treat us, telling us to eat less and exercise more. Dr. Coopers work has influenced me to contact her practice and even set up appointments for myself even though it is a two hour drive to her office. Hooray for Dr. Cooper for writing this fine book and telling the world obesity is a metabolic problem and not just a disease of our minds.
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on February 1, 2014
A great book to truely understand the most current research on how our brains bypass our attempts to starve ourselves...
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on September 15, 2015
Just what I expected from Dr. Cooper. I wait for her to be on TV, and I couldn't wait to read her Books.
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