Customer Reviews: The MindBody Workbook: A Thirty Day Program of Insight and Awareness for People with Back Pain and Other Disorders
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on January 22, 2014
Chronic pain has been something I have been working to relieve most of my adult life……over half of my life now. Most of my life work has been working with business owners that are in the health and wellness field because this has been something that has plagued me so much personally. I’ve been to dozens (if not hundreds – who’s counting at this point) of allopathic, complementary and alternative practitioners to deal with this pain.

I’ve tried things as aggressive and invasive as radio frequency ablation, cortisone shots, many rounds of Physical Therapy, consults with top surgeons, acupuncture, massage, somatic body therapist, people waving crystals over my head and lots of yoga, stretching and myofascial release.

Sometimes I feel like a part-time patient with all the doctor visits I have. I know my health card ID by heart. I have Aetna on speed dial. I have lots of blank insurance forms. I can’t stand filling out forms and having to tell my story to yet another person who probably won’t be able to help me.

I started to research more and more different methods to deal with pain. What causes pain? So many theories and mysterious reasons. lack of vitamins, water, ergonomics, structural anatomical differences, faulty movement patterns, negative beliefs, bad posture when sitting and standing, old injuries that never healed properly.

I watched lots of videos on youtube about ways to deal with pain with non-surgical methods. I started to learn the language of anatomy and dysfunction. When I go to my doctor I can describe anatomically the exact areas of my pain just like a doctor.

Where is my pain? Depending on what year you ask me it has been in different body parts -my tailbone, me knees, my low back, my shoulders, my hands and wrists and the last decade mostly in my forehead and neck.

My biggest friend in my right against debilitating and excruciating pain – Google. I realized that if I wanted to get rid of my pain I was going to have to become my own doctor and not rely on a health professional to heal me. I started to wonder what all this pain and constriction in my head and neck was. What was causing it and how could I deal with it more powerfully.
I don't even know how I found Dr Sarno.... I think it was just suggested to me by Amazon... so not having any faith that this would help me I bought his book.

After I read the book, I wondered if retraining my brain via's Sarno's suggestions would work for me. So I committed myself to retraining my brain.... I bought two of his books and the The MindBody Workbook: A Thirty Day Program of Insight and Awareness by David Schechter M.D.. I bought these over a month ago. I also started to meditate almost daily.
Relief From Chronic Pain... finally
Today I am pain-free!

Having chronic pain for 2 decades is like being in a prison. You want to run away from your body but you can't. Life is miserable.

Today I feel like I finally have the keys to unlock myself and stay free.

I am forever grateful to Dr Sarno.
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on March 25, 2007
I found this workbook very helpful. I was in extreme pain from my back. By following the excercises and keeping a journal like format, I was able to shift the focus from the physical to the psychological. Not easy at all, but once you realize the pain is a cover up for what your not dealing with, the realization helps gradually ease the pain.

Dr. Schecter is very inciteful and provides a methodical approach to dealing with the elimination of pain. You must be patient. The MindBody connection is very strong and this book helps you uncover alot of what your mind masks.

After working with this workbook, I was pain free in about 6 weeks.

I highly recommend it as a tool to help refocus your thought patterns and eliminate your pain.
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on April 10, 2001
"I'm a chiropractor and interested in the totality of healing--mechanical, chemical, and psychological. I find that Dr. Schechter's 'MindBody Workbook' is unique in that in provides a simple, easy to follow, format for my patients to focus their energies on healing emotionally. The workbook is concise and to the point. The questions provide a starting point for journalling and gently guide the patient to deeper levels of emotional insight.
In my experience, and the research supports this, the emotional healing greatly enhances the structural and chemical healing. It all works together. This helps my treatments be more effective.
Compared to even a single psychotherapy session, the price is a bargain. I highly recommend the book for psychological insight and emotional healing."
Gerald Edwards, D.C., Q.M.E. Los Angeles
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on April 15, 2000
I am inspired by Dr. Schechter's devotion to helping those who suffer from chronic physical discomfort.
Dr. Schechter has taken the Mindbody wisdom we are all getting familiar with and developed a step by step approach to assist anyone wanting to increase their physical and emotional sense of well being. The workbook is wonderful, full of information and great advice! It is essentially a guided journal and done in such a way that I often felt, in reading it, that Dr. Schechter was sitting and talking directly with me. His conversational style is personable, supportive, constructive and well paced.
The importance of developing ways to work with our growing knowledge of the mindbody connection cannot be underestimated. Dr. Schechter has made an invaluable contribution by writing The Mindbody Workbook.
I recommend this book for anyone who tends to experience physical symtoms in reaction to life stressors. I also recommend this book to therapists who might want to recommend journaling to clients, as a way of helping them track and respond to their own emotions.
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on February 9, 2000
Having read David Schechter's book, The MindBody Workbook, I can say that Dr. Schechter has developed a novel and low risk approach to the treatment of a problem that has confounded modern medicine.
The Western approach to medicine and healing is based in science and hard evidence. In essence: what we cannot measure, we do not accept. Dr. Schechter's approach is more integrative in its approach to pain and the fact that pain is perceived in the mind.
A person's perception of pain is not readily measureable. The mind has many secrets yet to be revealed. By putting the reader into a higher state of awareness with their own feelings and emotions, Dr. Schechter has hit on a novel treatment that has zero side effects and could be revolutionary in its simplicity and elegance to the treatment of chronic pain.
I highly recommned this workbook to all those in pain who have not found relief from their physicians. You have nothing to lose but your pain.
L. Mason Shih, MD Family Practice Los Angeles, CA.
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on April 30, 2009
If you stick it through the 30 days you'll break through something for sure. I had a noticable improvement by the end. This workbook is good for keeping you focused on journaling and developing the skills of asking yourself the right questions.
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on February 5, 2000
I can highly recommend Dr. David Schechter's MindBody Workbook. A number of my psychotherapy patients who have been diagnosed with TMS have found the Workbook a useful tool. It has helped them in their efforts to become more aware of the feelings which are fueling their pain by providing them with a structure for paying attention to their inner states and their reactions to past and present events in their lives. This increased ability to be aware has been accompanied by relief of pain.
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on February 14, 2014
I bought this workbook after having read Dr. John Sarno's Healing Back Pain. What was absolutely invaluable was Dr. Schechter's methodical approach in which he helps the reader separate the wheat from the chaff by showing how the mind tyrannizes the body by using thoughts to create stress which is manifested through pain. The labyrinthe and insidious paths that the mind uses in order to control the body are step-by-step illuminated so that the reader can learn how to separate the terror and fear that the mind uses to keep the body in its control. It's a wonderful piece of work, and helped me to understand exactly how the mind needs to be told to leave the body alone.
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on September 18, 2001
If you suffer from chronic back pain, give this a go, what do you have to lose. It worked for me after a year of hell and near immobility.
This is a structured approach to figuring out the psychological causes for your pain. It really works.
What more can I say, I have resumed all activities and new ones to boot. I never consider my back before trying something anymore. This has been a complete about turn.
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on February 4, 2000
Dr. Schechter's workbook is an excellent way to learn about your chronic pain or illness and get in touch with the emotions that might be causing the problem. Effective 30-day program with room for reflection and writing. A great way to get to know your mind and its influence on your body! A must-use tool for anyone who has not found relief for their pain or illness through treatment by conventional medical practices. I will recommend it to all of my clients.
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