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on November 11, 2012
What a fun movie! Thirty years have passed since The Muppet Show aired its last episode. Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and the rest of the cast have all scattered to individual pursuits. Their old television studio sits in ruins. A young fan named Walter (actually a muppet himself) visits the studio with his brother Gary (Jason Segel) and Gary's longtime girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams), to fulfill a lifetime dream. While there, he overhears the evil plot of oil baron Tex Richman (Chris Cooper), who is planning to take over the studio and destroy it for the oil that lies underneath. The only way out is to raise $10 million . . . and soon. Walter purposes to reunite the Muppets for a fund-raising telethon to save the studio and thereby the Muppet legacy. Can they raise the money in time? Or does no one care anymore about the Muppets?

This movie has it all--sympathetic characters, action, comedy, romance and musical numbers. And it all works. Particularly hilarious are the multiple times that the actors "break the fourth wall" and speak directly to the audience about the movie. An extensive number of cameos by well-known actors round out the fun.

Critics were pleased as well. Rotten Tomatoes gives it an impressive 96% rating. With this film, Segel has successfully reinvigorated the Muppet franchise. A sequel has already been announced.

The blu-ray transfer is top-notch. Audio and visual are both strong. Colors are vibrant, and the sound is clear. The disc contains a number of special features, which are all listed in the product description above.

I highly recommend The Muppets for all ages. It is a "must see." More movies like this, please.
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on September 7, 2017
gotta love the muppets!the movie series have been enjoyable since i was a kid but this movie is what brings the muppets back into the american culture again and proves its validity! with jason segal who helped make this film and also star in it really makes this movie a nostalgic time with your family especially with the kids. very fun to watch which captures the essence of the old films but with plenty of musical moments.
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on May 12, 2016
You know how when you have a happy experience while listening to some fun happy piece of music and how whenever you play the music again it reminds you of the happy experience? Well we were on the beautiful island of Hawaii a while back and I took the soundtrack from this movie with me and played it through the bluetooth of the rental car. So there we were enjoying the beautiful Hawaiian scenery listening to Mickey Rooney and Amy Adams and Kermit and Jason Segal sing "Life's a Happy Song" and "Rainbow Connection" and singing along in sheer Paradise-induced happiness! And like other that time we flew over another part of Hawaii many years ago in a helicopter listening to "Over The Rainbow" by the late great Israel Kamakawiwo'ole over the headphones...a song and a scene so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes. Doggone, it was all just so doggone BEAUTIFUL... all of it, the music, the scenery, the company of my beloved Wifey! Hawaii is truly The Reward one gets for working and struggling and putting up with crime and traffic and taxes and politics...even if only for a short while before you have to go back home for a year or so. But now, now that we're back in The Mainland, with work and crime and traffic and taxes and politics, all I have to do is put in The Muppets or Kamakawiwo'ole in my ear (or the bluetooth in my car), and my mind and soul are instantly transported back to the Paradise that is Hawaii...or anywhere there is beautiful music and scenery and happy experiences with people you love, and like the song says, "...I can't seem to wipe this smile off my face!" Life's a Happy Song. It really is.

P.S. This was supposed to be a movie review so here it is: It was a great movie!
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on May 31, 2014
Without a doubt, the Muppets still got it. I wonder how much research Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller had to do to write this definitely paid off big time and they must have fulfilled ten of their lifelong dreams. This film brought back the Muppets we know and love while properly setting them in our modern society. Moopet also stepped into the "leading man's" shoes alongside a brand-new Muppet named Walter, the two of them believable playing loving'd have been more believable if they feuded now and again, but it's a Muppet movie. A movie can never go wrong with casting Amy Adams, especially if there's singing involved, and this leading lady did not disappoint. I did find her introduction scene a bit weird. Yes, having her play a shop teacher made perfect sense down the line, but the students being disappointed about going on spring break was definitely far-fetched, even by the Muppets' standards. Then again, if Amy Adams was my teacher...okay, I'll just keep it PG...let's move on. Chris Cooper and his Muppet/Moopet minions were perfectly slimy and villainy and you'll love what happens with all of them in the end. Like its predecessors, this film restricted using CGI effects as much as possible and instead gave us our beloved Muppets live and in color...and fur. And you could never fault them for that, mainly because it worked just as well as it always has. Whether this is your first Muppet movie or you're a long-time fan, this film will undoubtedly prove that the Muppets still got it...and let's take a moment and welcome Walter (applause.) Enjoy.
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As a child of the Muppets generation, I was quite pleased with the latest movie. It's not as good as Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island or the original Muppet Movie, but it is still very, very good. The Muppets dealing with their place in the modern world was fun to watch, thought I did on multiple times argue back that they never left.

More Pepe for the next movie! Best Muppet in the last 15 years.

Amy Adams was revelation. She was wonderful in this movie.

Some of the other original songs didn't work as well for me, but The Rainbow Connection brought it home.

Uncle Deadly - he scared the you know what out of me as a kid in The Phantom of the Muppet Theater, but he's wonderful in this one.

Easy to recommend to any Muppet fan.
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on August 3, 2017
What an amazing Muppets movie!

Seriously, it's been a long time since a good Muppets film came out. Muppets Wizard of Oz and Muppets from Space weren't TERRIBLE, they just weren't that great. And a good return to form on the Muppets with their unique and hilarious brand of comedy.

My son and I watched this every day for six months when he was 2. I can still hear the songs, four years later. Jason Segel proves he's a master of his craft, and the Muppets themselves prove once again how perfect they are for the family.
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on October 9, 2014
my Godson saw Muppets Most Wanted in the movie theatre, so when his birthday rolled around, His dad suggested that movie on blue ray...i got him that, but also go him THIS was a few dollars cheaper, and had good reviews,..i'm so glad i did. after watching both, He prefers this one (and so do his parents, who have now had to sit through both..more than'm thinking of getting him a drum set too.
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on August 5, 2017
Cuter movie than I expected. Worth a watch of you loved the Muppets growing up.
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on September 6, 2015
The Muppets was a revival movie of sorts. After a bit of a hiatus Jason Segul wrote a new movie and got many of his celebrity friends he help him make it. There are many cameos and even Amy Adams as a co-staring role. The movie has a large focus on comedy and sees itself as for what it is. Often times they make jokes about it's own past. It does a good job of being accessible for both an adult audience and a younger one. The comedy can go from just absurdity, to straight up jokes, to recalling the earlier movies. There are several songs which are also funny but well written too. The disc has an out take reel which is surprisingly funny and a few other extras to add onto the movie. If you were ever a fan of the muppets this movie is worth watching.
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Top Contributor: Makeupon December 19, 2016
I love the Muppets, and this is a particularly good, funny Muppet movie. I would definitely recommend this for Muppet lovers, but also for casual fans. It is a great family-friendly movie that has humor for all ages.
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