Customer Reviews: The Name Game
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on December 13, 2012
Season two of the American Horror story anthology is shaping up to be a "wtf" thrill ride. Well, not an edge of your seat roller coaster ride where you pee your pants or barf in your own face, but more like a nervous passenger in the car while your recently immigrated relative drives on 405 with their new license. You might be thinking, well...that doesn't sound pleasant, but to people like me who like this crap, it is very enjoyable. It is nice for once to not know what the hell is going on in advance, what to expect from the characters, to rely on the same song sung by a different singer over and over and over again in television and movies gets old quick. It's usually always the same damn drivel recycled, and thankfully that is not the case with this show.

Having a show where boy meets girl is not the center of the plot is nice as well. I can't recall a series where there is more than one "bad guy" and added to that developed characters you get sympathy for, save for maybe Dexter. Also a new thing is having different "bad guy" types/categories. For example you'll never see a show with zombies AND Psycho serial killers, especially not with Nazi evil scientists and slutty nuns. I mean call me crazy but even Dexter has drawn it's line of bridges it won't cross. This show doesn't care, it walks in the room and lays it's gigantic balls on the table and say's "See this, I'm doing it, because **** You, that's why"

I liked season one, it was completely different from this one, and that is something I also really like a lot. The anthological nature of the series is pretty cool, because honestly with that much chaos you can't keep it up without the show turning to poo. Also, The opening credits nerps me out, I feel like I am watching old scare tv from the early 90's late 80's, in the dark as a fragile minded preteen. Remember Elvira? Freakshow? Tales from the crypt? We've needed something new that follows those footsteps, the bastard child of the creepshow. Watch a few episodes, you might really like it.
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on November 30, 2012
AHS is, by far, the most disturbing show that has ever been aired on cable and the only show I watch religiously. Even though I spend half the time watching through my hands, I absolutely love it and can't get enough! Wickedly AMAZING!
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on February 27, 2013
One of the best shows I've ever seen! Not for the faint-of-heart but soooo addictive. Once you start watching, you will consume the whole series like popcorn. Great acting, great story, don't miss it!
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on March 20, 2015
... yet on the whole much more entertaining than the abject cliché that was 'American Horror Story' season one. Not that 'AHS: Asylum' isn't itself criss-crossed by many of the scare genre's well traveled roads-- serial slashers, skin collectors, deranged Nazi doctors, possessed nuns, deadly Santas, alien abductions, MacGyvered abortions, forced lobotomies, etc.-- or doesn't indulge in the kinds of carnal and theistic perversions only my 14-year-old paperboy could dream up (no, I don't have a paperboy; just making a point), but this time around the writers at least seem to know how ridiculous the material is, as evidenced by their ratcheting the tongue-in-cheek-humor and gratuitous-gore factors through the roof, and the director for the most part succeeds in visually stitching together all the blood-soaked parts. If the second season is lacking in anything, in fact, it's narrative discipline. With no fewer than a half-dozen plots and counterplots whirling around at any given time, long before the season is over you get that woozy, something-less-than-satisfied feeling of having hit the buffet table hard when you're too hungry to make intelligent menu choices (yes, your favorite foods are going in you, but at what cost to your GIT and, frankly, your sense of self-worth?). All that prologue notwithstanding, if you're in the mood for a profane and pustulant, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-style kinkfest, you could do worse than 'AHS: Asylum.' 3 stars... and on to 'Coven'!
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on October 19, 2012
I was so disappointed to learn that season 2 would not be continuing the Harmon family saga. As such, I came into this episode looking to find fault because surely you can't top what season 1 brought can you?

The fact is that this first episode has curbed some of my reservations, perhaps by bringing back a handful of the beloved first season cast, or maybe because it was a really well written and intriguing story in its own right.

The highlight for me this episode was most certainly Jessica Lange's performance. She seemed to help bridge the gap from old to new by providing a familiar air and a concrete performance, just as worthy of the praise which she received for last season's work.

All in all, out with the old, in with the new.
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on November 12, 2013
I am in a quandary about season two. Season one was an addictively awesome trainwreck. In fact, season one is HAPPY compared to this season. Season Two will mess up your head for a while after you have finished watching it. This might be different if you watched one episode per week but I watched this in two days -- the last episode before I went to bed. Today I am depressed, my stomach hurts and exhausted from poor sleep. Maybe this is what the day after a drug binge would feel like because watching the entire season back to back is definitely an AHS binge which I now know should be watched in good measure. My concern also lies with the writers who are so out there that as a mother, I am worried for them. BUT they are so creatively out there, how can I criticize? This is supposed to be horror, after all.

The acting is superb and sucks you in, although I have to say I kept referring to Kit as "Tate" (from season one). And even though I had to keep saying out loud, "THEY ARE ONLY ACTORS. THEY ARE ONLY ACTORS" my mind would not wrap around that fact. Ug. I am a basket-case about this. I still don't think I liked it but it certainly grabbed me somehow. Maybe that was the plan all along? (Oh, if you think you will watch something happy to fix the damage in your, not gonna work. We put on "50 First Dates" afterwards and nope. Didn't help. Just FYI. Watch this early in the day. You will know what I mean after you see a few episodes.)
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on June 9, 2015
The other 3 seasons of American Horror Story were good, but Asylum blows them away. I would recommend watching the other 3 seasons first if you can, because you'll just be disappointed with them after watching Asylum. Its so good because its so bad. While Coven, Freak Show and Murder House were all good and different, they just pale in comparison. Asylum has about every bad thing you can imagine in a mid 60's Asylum where there was little oversight and few rules on how they operated. You have the sadist medical doctor, the secretive psychiatrist, the mean, stern warden and the possessed nun and thats not even including the inmates!
Jessica Lange is great in all 4 seasons, but Sarah Paulson is the real star of seasons 2-4, her role in season 1 was limited.
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on February 16, 2013

Though I kept watching until the end, after about three episodes, I got tired of Season 2: it's too dark--literally--I had trouble seeing the action; too much gore (a self-inflicted, coat-hanger abortion, REALLY??); too much weird sci-fi; too much sadism (mommy rape? Yuck.); no real depth to the characters; and it lacked the sense of humor/quirkiness of the first season. I felt like I needed a shower after each episode.

The more I think about Season 2 of AHS, the more I think I'll be skipping Season 3. Life is too short, and it's grim enough already.
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on April 23, 2016
AHS returns for the second season in 2012 and I was a fan of Murder House as well but it was very different in tone. Was a bit skeptical about the show but decided to give Murder House a try being a fan of horror as far back as the early silent films and Universal Monsters to modern American horror (Psycho, The Exorcist, The Shining, Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and finally understood the hype. Didn't know much about the show to be honest until Coven aired on TV and saw parts thinking it looked interesting but I'm glad I gave it chance as each season is good in it's own way. Murder House had some shocking moments but seeing all the classics as well as some newer horror classics, it didn't quite shock me like everyone else I knew that saw it. Murder House was a well crafted series with superb writing but wasn't nearly as terrifying as I expected. As I moved onto Asylum on Netflix it was everything I expected Murder House would be. Asylum is far scarier and darker then Murder House with some truly terrifying moments. James Cromwell as Dr. Arthur Arden who's an ex-Nazi is one of the most evil characters in the series that only Kathy Bates in Coven might surpass. The part where one of the patients recognizes him as he claims he's an American citizen reminds me a lot of a part in The Twilight Zone episode "Death's Head Revisited", could be an influence for Ryan Murphy although probably a coincidence. Asylum is centered around an asylum (really?) where each patient has a backstory of being there including Evan Peters returning as Kit Walker who thought he had been abducted by aliens and Lana Winters committing herself for homosexuality (takes place in 1964) who's also a writer for an opportunity to get a good story which the 2 characters stand out the most. Zachary Quinto is probably the most memorable as psychiatrist Oliver Thredson who won an award as well. His character is likeable but his true self is revealed soon (still not as horrible as Arthur Arden though). Joseph Fines plays Timothy Howard well and Jessica Lange of course returns here as Sister Jude. Asylum has a truly outstanding cast and Lange plays a main character here which Murder House was mostly focused on the Harmons. Lange's character here is very different from her first as her character is very strict and stubborn to even hating her at times yet has a good side to her as well and is in a more vulnerable state after getting committed herself and taken care of by Kit after the shock of it all after the asylum is shut down. Lange played her best character in AHS who was also the most challenging and complex of her characters. Evan Peters also played a very different character than Tate which is the only time he really played a good character opposite of Tate.
Asylum was better than the first season and almost perfect except for one small flaw, the aliens which aliens in horror is fine and sci-fi horror is one of my favorite subgenres but it doesn't blend with demons and ghosts. It's not revealed until the end however and isn't the main focus which I can get over as the horror aspect is being committed and not being able to escape the asylum. The writing is truly outstanding as well as some truly terrifying moments, it isn't the supernatural elements here but the disturbing experiments/mutilations of Arthur Arden that aren't just buckets of blood and guts in a slasher but are realistic, terrifying and nightmare inducing. Asylum doesn't only live up to the first season but surpasses it and is some of the best horror/suspense ever played on TV. I'm a diehard fan of horror and suspense TV from classic shows including Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Thriller but AHS is up there as well as one of the best shows in years. Asylum is well written, disturbing and tense that keeps you on the edge of your seat and never lets up.
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on January 25, 2013
Just finished watching the finale of Season 2, and all I could say was, "Really?!" I started the season hooked because the storyline seemed to draw me in. The weekly opening credits are the scariest thing of the whole season, and I thought the Asylum theme would be scarier based on that alone. What started out as exactly that, slowly turned into a version of SAW, with aliens. The first few episodes were great, but subsequent ones started to dissolve into unexplained ridiculous nonsense. The acting is superb, but some of the secondary storylines are so far fetched and unrelated (i.e. aliens) I started to get bored of the whole thing. I reserved judgement until the final episode of the season, and sadly, the finale was rushed with tidy little vignettes of what happened to each main character that was 'still standing' through the majority of the season. I will wait for Season 3, but what began as a compelling setting, storyline,characters, etc simply just got smashed together with little to no sense. I know these writers can do better, and I hope the next season will flow a bit better instead of seeming like they are trying to cram every imaginable scary scenario into the script whether it fits or not.
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