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on January 15, 2014
I received a Kitchen Aid food processor and it came without a recipe book. I checked this book out of my local library and was so impressed that I had to purchase it. It was so incredibly helpful. Ms. Gilletz gives step by step instructions for working the new food processors. She starts out with very helpful tips and each section has more tips. She has a section on baby food. She has information on why one should use organic food and she has lots of suggestions for healthy eating. She suggests uses for the food processor that I never would have thought of. She tells how to use it for baking. It is far less time consuming to mix cookies and brownies in the food processor than in my stand mixer. Ms. Gilletz has a section for Passover cooking and information on Kosher recipes. All of her recipes are simple and easy to understand. I have saved a lot of time in my kitchen and I have streamlined my use of the food processor saving lots of clean-up. This book is a must have.
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on August 20, 2017
I tried another recipe last night, and as I have time, I read the techniques section to improve my usage. I ordered this with my third Cuisinart, First two died natural deaths from being used for bread making and chopping vegetables all the time. I have switched from my adaptation of the Jewish Catalog recipe for challah to the recipe in this "bible". I highly recommend this modern, tasty but much lighter version, which tastes almost like brioche, but is made with very little oil and only 2 eggs. I am turning to this cookbook more and more often. Last night's recipe was turkey cutlets with peppers and mushrooms, very fast, but elegant-looking. The recipes are exact and clear, the technique and explanations are excellent. I would recommend anyone trying to use a food processor, check out the suggestions in this book, from keeping splashes down to adapting recipes to make in the food processor. It is a well-organized, clear explanation of how tos, and good food recipes.
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on March 13, 2014
The "Food Processor Bible" by Norene Gilletz is a wonderfully informative cookbook for the beginning food processor user. It has a lot of detailed explanations about how to use the processor, the uses for the different blades, and how to insert and cut different types of food. The recipes are pretty darn good, though. There's something for everybody in the book. I was really disappointed in the lack of photos or illustrations - there aren't any! I feel that the book would be amazing if some photos were included, especially in the first sections that describe the processor and it's parts and how to use them. All in all, I can recommend this cookbook for the food processor enthusiast, but if you require photos, I'd pass on this one!
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on May 14, 2012
This is another recipe book I recently purchased and am truly amazed with all the recipes, some of which I have already tried. I do especially like the nutritional values with each recipe. It was interesting how the author begins her introduction to the book with the history of the food processor, to "Using Your Food Processor", the "Smart Chart" listing fruits, vegetables, cheezes, etc., the use of large and small steel blades, dough blade, the slicing and shredding discs. My food processor did come with its own manual, which I read immediately after unpacking my unit and refer to it as well. I found this book to be quite interesting in how the author presents each chapter which begins with a recipe list of what is included in each respective chapter. After the recipe list, she also adds lots of information about the recipes before getting started, the do's and dont's, lots of good explanations, etc. Also, not being Jewish, I found the recipes in the Passover Section to be quite interesting. I did grind my own meat for hamburger which surprisingly turned out well. I also own a meat grinder, but with the use of the food processor, it was much easier and faster. I hope this information will be helpful to those considering the purchase of this book. I don't think you'll be sorry.
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on June 17, 2015
First tip I read made me glad I bought it! Can't wait to read more [been so busy being out of town & traveling]. It would have changed the few bad reviews of my food processor to great reviews, with the tips in this book! [Some people don't even read their manuals thoroughly! ]
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on September 11, 2017
Purchased this book after getting a food processor for Christmas a few years ago. Except for 2 baking recipes, I never use this cookbook. Unless you're feeding a large family, which I'm not, none of the dinner recipes are usable (feed 8+ people). I was really disappointed as I was hoping this would give me loads of recipes to make, specially for dinner.
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on December 7, 2013
The only reason I'm detracting a star is that the cookbook didn't have one single picture. The recipes sound scrumptious and I certainly have no regrets with the purchase of the book. If I had flipped through this book at the bookstore I still would have made the purchase. That being said, I do like to see what the finished product should look like and often chose which recipes I want to try first based on the photographs presented in a cookbook.
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on September 6, 2003
I love this book. I love just reading it. It inspires me to use my food processor. Not only are there excellent tips, but terrific recipes I would use daily. When purchasing this book, I wasn't sure if it would be a flop and I was pleasantly surprised. One reviewer referred to the quantity of Jewish recipes. First, I didn't feel this was true and second, our family all kinds of foods: Mexican, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Russian AND Jewish. I am sure they are referring to the passover section at the end. But a lot of these recipes look very good, I would give them a try. The majority of the recipes (and there are many) are cookies, cheesecake, biscuits, marinades, appetizers, dressings, soups, etc. All from various backgrounds, that I would serve to my family DAILY. A lot of common ingredients are used and some not-so-common (but not out this world either). I was more than happy this book and would recommend it to anyone with a food processor.

August 2007 Update:
I still use this book all the time and from it's dog-eared pages and coffee stains you can see it's a favorite on my kitchen counter. One of our favorites is the egg salad recipe. I love using my food processor and I feel it was a good investment. There are so many great recipes in here that have enabled me to learn to use my food processors in so many ways and adapt old favorites of my own. A family favorite I have adapted to food processor friendly is: Chicken Enchiladas - I chop the chicken and onions for the filling and the without even needing to rinse the bowl I process the creamy sauce which is sour cream and cream of chicken soup. This is a great recipe. You can look it up at the Campbell's soup site:)

Update January 2009:
Over the past several months we remodeled our home and included my 'dream kitchen' into the project. I had to pack everything from the main level of our house into boxes and move it all into the garage. During this 'move', sadly, my copy of this book was lost. I have searched and searched but have not run across it yet. This book was a staple in my kitchen and miss it terribly. Today I am ordering another copy. Again, I say, "Money well spent!"

Update: June 2009

Again my favorite cookbook didn't let me down. I was looking for a Pizza recipe to make with the kids and this cookbook had it all starting with the recipe for the crust! We were so pleased, and it turned out fabulous!
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on November 3, 2006
I'm not a big cookbook fan, but I do have a bit of a shelfload of them in a kitchen cabinet and I use most of them. This is the one I use most. When I first got a food processor sometime during the Pleistocene Era I latched onto Ms Gilletz' book, a predecessor edition that was spiral-bound and which fell apart for overuse and the passage of the ages. For awhile during the dissolution I scanned recipes of hers that I used a lot into my computer, but after some time the book just disintegrated and eventually vanished. I was delighted to find this successor volume -- properly bound and containing many of the same recipes the original had. I highly recommend the barbecue sauce and the challah formula -- though she forgets the quasi-pagan ritual of tossing an olive-sized chunk of dough into the oven as it pre-heats to assuage the Lords of Carbohydrates. I recommend the book highly, and the food processor is optional.
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on May 7, 2015
This is an excellent resources for utilizing your food processor the maximum capacity. Typically you have 3 blades and a chopper with the food processor. The blades are for different levels of shreading and the chopper chops up nuts, onions etc. This book gives detailed receipes with the ingredient list and directions on how to make fantastic receipes in short order. GREAT BUY! * I purchased the book from* This was not a paid review, nor did I receive the product free for my review.
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