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on February 16, 2013
I was surprised. This turned out to be a very good read. Great plot, the characters were well thought out. I wanted to take a Xanax too when they were in the tunnels. I can't wait to read the sequel. A big thumbs up.
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on August 20, 2012
Loved this book! At first I didn't like Jack at all, he was too arrogant and condensending to his partner [calling him Junior] but I got passed that and really enjoyed the interaction with the characters. Didn't get his wife, Julie, though. She leaves him [a trial separation] because he is too wrapped up in his work, but she was such a bitch that I couldn't see why he would even want to try to work it out with her. I also didn't understand the two caskets [don't want to spoil the story] but suffice it to say, it was not ever explained. If it was a baby, there was no need for a separate casket as it would have been in her womb, no mention of her even looking pregnant. If she had a child, how did it die at the same time as her? Anyway, that aside, I really enjoyed the style written so you got to see the story from the FBI agent, Jack's perspective as well as the bad guy's perspective. What a great read, trying to figure out how the heist was going to play out and if the FBI and local authorities would solve it in time.
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on March 11, 2012
The writing was adequate and the character development was adequate as well but there more unresolved issues at the end than at the beginning and since this book may be one of a series, then one issue may be resolved in the future but elements essential to this story are left unanswered. We never get a true explanation of the bad guy's motive and one major question as to why someone is murdered is just left as question mark. Although I think I figured it out, this is a story, I don't want to guess about motives, that a story's purpose.

I was able to obtain this as a free download so I'm not out any money but if I had paid for the book I would not have been pleased. On an up-note, formatting was good, no obvious typos.
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on November 23, 2011
A great thriller in a unique landscape. Not a cookie cutter action yarn by any standard, this is fresh and inventive, with just the right mix of brains and kinetics.
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on February 27, 2013
I'll come back for more! Easy to read and follow, good storyline and flow. If John Sandford has a nephew, he might well be Douglas Dorow...writing reminds me of Sandford and not just because the novel is set in MN. I liked the charachter development and interaction. Story moves quickly and you want to keep going. A few areas revealed the experience of a first time writer...a little clumsy and hurried in parts, and I think the ending just ended too soon and left some questions to resolve, but overall a winner. I liked this and will definitely look to more books from Dorow.
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on August 27, 2012
I love a thriller that starts off right in the action. And it is non-stop to the end. I would read this book again. I can understand the end with the bad guy. I thought leaving one character (Jimmy) not knowing what happened, just hanging out in the wind, somewhat disappointing. Did he live, did he die, did they they find him even, or was there a page left out of the kindle edition?

Still in my book, this is a 5 star book.
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on February 4, 2012
When a series of bank robberies result in the murder of a pregnant woman, Jack Miller, a seasoned FBI agent and Ross Fruen, "Junior", are assigned to the case. The robber has never killed before, so why did he start now? This is just one question they need to uncover in order to find their guy.

The gunman wore a mask, and due to its appearance was quickly assigned the nickname of "the Governor". As they follow the clues, and the case threatens the agents' lives, they only become more determined to find their guy.

When it becomes clear the ultimate target is the Federal Reserve, "which has never been robbed before", they believe they know what "the Governor's" next step is.

Dorow has written a well-paced thriller, which sweeps the reader along through the use of multiple points of view. His characters were well-written and had me invested in the story until its exciting conclusion.
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on November 19, 2011
The Ninth District by mystery/thriller author Doug Dorow is one heck of a good debut novel. In fact, it's so good, it was hard to believe it was his first novel!

The basics of the story involve a veteran FBI agent Jack Miller who's teaming with a new agent trying to find a serial bank robber. The robber has taken his campaign to the next deadly level by killing a woman. The search kicks into high gear when the demented robber launches attacks on Miller and his fellow agent. The title comes from the twist that the ultimate target of the bank robber, a sadistic braniac loser with good taste and a pretty girlfriend, is the Ninth District Federal Reserve of Minneapolis.

The pacing, the character development and, especially, the dialog complement a well-developed plot with more twists and turns than the underground sewer and tunnel system in Minneapolis. That city serves as the backdrop for the novel and bank robber's operation---and it was refreshing to learn something about that interesting town.

FBI Agent Jack Miller is a likable guy torn between his dedication to his pursuit of the bad guys and his love for his wife and family. Miller's basic ethos is that if he helps to rid the world of the bad guys, he'll have done the right thing by his family. His wife, however, looks at it through a different set of sunglasses. Against this backdrop of personal tensions and issues, Jack has to teach the new guys some tricks of the trade, dodge bureaucratic and media intrusions and, oh yeah, catch the bank robber before his foray into the Federal Reserve sends the international monetary markets reeling in freefall.

The Ninth District is an Indie eBook, and I compliment Dorow on the uber-clean formatting that makes for a smooth easy read. The author's conscientious editing made the well-told story flow effortlessly into a page-turner that somehow manages to combine thrill with a steady, logical, well-plotted story.

I'm giving this a five-star review because 4.95 isn't available, and if I had to make one observation, I'd say putting just a bit more action on the page (instead of in the minds of the characters) and a bit more edginess to his flawed good guys, will only increase the "thrill" factor of this otherwise excellent novel. Having said that, I'd also add that the current trend in thriller novels, and one that we're seeing far too much of, lately, is of the mindless, non-stop, kick ass, thrill-foolery variety. Joe Konrath and Blake Crouch do that kind of thriller fabulously but it's never mindless; some of the copycats, not so fabulous, and far too mindless. It's as if someone told all thriller writers that if one wants to write a thriller, one has to be thrilling, and the definition of thrilling is blood and guts. Hogwash. Dorow hasn't fallen for that tired formula, and he did an excellent job of keeping a goodly amount of tension and intrigue in the plot, while keeping his characters, their dialog and the actions intelligent. It's what I would call a quiet thriller. Because of that, Dorow has earned his five stars, and if his next book in the Jack Miller series continues the trend begun with The Ninth District, Amazon is going to have to come up with Six Stars.
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on March 2, 2017
This story had lots of twists and turns with well developed characters. I enjoyed the relationship between Jack, an experienced FBI agent, and the new agent, whom he called Junior. I got a kick out of that. We also see Jack dealing with his family. This story kept my interest. I am looking forward to his next book.
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on November 21, 2011
Doug Dorow has created an exceptional story in The Ninth District. I was glued to the book and wished I didn't even have to put it down for sleep. It had a wonderful balance between crime, drama, suspense and even the peace which comes when enjoying a few moments in nature. If you want a page turner, you can't go wrong with spending time in The Ninth District.
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