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on October 18, 2010
I started reading this book at bedtime and found myself closing the cover well into the wee hours of the morning, unable to put it down. The story of Noah and Allie is a testament to love. Spanning a decades long relationship, The Notebook is about a love affair which has stood the test of time and is as deeply seated in love at the end of this couple's journey as it was in the beginning. As Alzheimer's exacts its toll on Allie's mind, wiping away the memories of love and family and joy, she is left with the story of her love affair with Noah, as described in his notebook. Through the story's telling by Noah, as he reads the notebook to Allie, we learn of the stormy beginning and the relationship that almost wasn't. We feel the passion and fire of first love and the trials and tribulations they endure when it comes to an end. But though having spent years apart, neither are able to forget the other and when good fortune tosses these two back together, the chemistry between these characters is as alive and vibrant as in the beginning.

Allie and Noah's love endures and they live their happily ever after. But the true gift of this story is that the reader gets to move beyond the fairytale end experience the peaks and valleys of "ever after". Heart-wrenching and hopeful, this book has earned a permanent place on my bookshelf. Sparks clearly is a wonderful storyteller with a tremendous grasp on the complex nature of love and human nature.
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on June 10, 2015
Ok, the reading list I am using this year listed one of the books that had to be read as "your mother's favorite book." So I asked my mom, she said this one, so I read it. That's what you do when your mom tells you to read a book, right? And yes it was sweet and enjoyable the whole time. My interest in it started to wane after it switched from them being young to them being old, but it was still entertaining enough the whole way through, just not as much a page turner after that. The biggest thing that bugged me (and bugs me a lot in this genre) is the whole love story being about someone cheating on their significant other takes away the sweetness of the love story. Just call the other person and say we are on a break (because as Ross taught us it doesn't count when you are on a break) so it actually can be a sweet love story and not a story about someone cheating!

Oh! I did want to say! I love how this book was realistic enough to realize people needed showers. Wasn't it gross in Harry Potter how you followed them all day for months and they never bathed? Both characters bathed a reasonable amount of times, and it just made the book that much more enjoyable.
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on August 23, 2017
Actually a pretty gripping story, given the way Noah and Allie end wind up their lives together dealing with Alzheimer's disease. Although I felt their kids lost both parents since Noah refused to leave Allie. So I didn't like the ending. Fiction Buff
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on February 13, 2009
The Notebook, a "tragic" love story by Nicholas Sparks may tug at the heartstrings of some, but I frankly believe it left much to be desired. The tale begins at a nursing home, where readers are introduced to elderly, rheumy-fingered Noah who reads aloud a story from his "notebook," to another occupant of the hospital, a girl he cares deeply for... (it can be gathered that he does this quite often) As the story unfolds, it is clear that the notebook is more of a diary than anything, giving insight into Noah's background and flashbacks to life as a younger man, most notably his relationship with Allie, and the sentiments that followed her absence. Shortly after, the novel flips perspectives to Allie, as she decides to pay a spur of the moment visit to Noah, her first real (not to mention "forbidden") love, hoping it will give her more confidence that she is making the right decision in marrying her fiance Lon, the wedding of which will take place in a matter of days. However, seeing Noah brings back many unresolved feelings, and the two quickly realize that they are falling for each other all over again. Things become even more suspenseful when Lon catches on... Will Allie stay true to her heart or remain faithful to the man she is engaged to marry? C'mon it's Nicholas Sparks, you tell me.
The Notebook deserves three stars because honestly, I expected more. It was the most contrived piece of literature I've ever laid eyes upon and as idealistic as can bee, but it possessed this strange addictive quality that sucked you in regardless of your intentions. The fairytale vibe was reminiscent of Taylor Swift, and I can definitely see the appeal it has for the people who half-believe this could actually happen, but man could it get anymore sugar-coated? Depsite all of this, the uncanny desire to keep you reading in addition to my curiosity behind all of the hype is really what made The Notebook worthwhile.
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on August 17, 2017
Will Never grow tired of authors such as Nicholas Sparks, let alone The Notebook! I love how different it is from the movie, and how even for a man, you can finish the book in two days!
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on January 21, 2017
I chose my rating because i had of course seen the movie first and knew after watching it that i had to read it! I was so happy I did! The Notebook has made my top 10 fav movies list! I love a lot of movies that Nicholas Sparks has made a good read for. Of course this would be the first book by Nicholas Sparks, that i have read! But I now intend to read more, since I have enjoyed this book & enjoyed more of his movies!
If your in need of a good romance & a good read this would be one of the books recommend!
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on January 3, 2016
This book was marvelous. I was really touched by it.

I first read a Nicholas Sparks book I found by chance at a bookstore (The Choice). I enjoyed it so much I decided to read his earlier books. Although I knew this one had been made into a movie, I had never seen it.

I don't generally go for romance, but he has such a way of drawing you in and making it real. I felt Noah's profound love for Allie, and I hurt for his heartache. I cried so many times during the book!

Sometimes it gets a little sappy, but I wanted so badly for things to work out and for everyone to live happily ever after, that I didn't mind a little sappiness.

At the end of the book there were pictures from the movie, but I didn't look through them. Of course, by the time I knew what they were, I couldn't unsee what I had already seen, but I didn't look further and tried to forget them. I had my own visions of Noah and Allie, and I wanted to keep them in my mind. I didn't want them replaced by actors.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon April 8, 2013
In his first published novel Nicholas Sparks shows us his understanding about love and relationships and how they can endure across the years. It is a very emotional and touching book. Some of us are lucky enough to have a perfect soul-mate - Noah found his early on just before WWII and she walked out of his life.

One fateful summer two teenagers, Noah and Allie, find that they share the same world and fall in love. Noah's father has given him a life-long love of poetry which he shares with her. Allie has artistic skills and she shares her ambition with him that she wants to follow these skills wherever they take her.

Allie's parents don't approve of her relationship with Noah as he doesn't have the education, money or social position to be suitable for their daughter. They move away and there are no replies to Noah's many letters.

Roll forward 14 years and Noah has returned home after a gruelling war. He has never forgotten his first love and loses himself in poetry and the physical task of restoring a lovely antebellum mansion in New Bern. One of Allie's paintings has pride of place in the restored home but otherwise the beautifully restored house seems empty.

Allie's life seems perfect - she has followed her parents' wishes, given up her art and is now about to make a perfect marriage to a kind, hard-working, rich and ambitious man. Her world changes when she learns about Noah's restoration work in a newspaper. Three weeks before her society wedding she finds herself driving to New Bern to find Noah for reasons she herself does not fully understand. The unexpected reunion is very emotional and shows the writing skills that have made Sparks a best-selling author in this genre.

The closing chapters skip to a geriatric nursing home. They are well written but left me emotionally disturbed as I am already over my allotted time of "three score years and ten".
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on January 20, 2014
I LOVED THE NOTEBOOK! I thought it was beautiful! Being the first book I've read by Nicholas Sparks I will definitely read more of his books. What captured my attention most was Noah's amazing love for Allie. I also liked how the story was told by Noah's point of view. (Spoiler! : At the last chapter, Noah tells how his and Allie's life turned out to be. He is an 80 yr. old man living in a resident home with Allie who had Alzheimer's disease. I don't think that Noah's and Allie's love could be related or at all like a married couple's love on the Earth. It made me cry, smile and made me think of how love works. It's truly an incredible story. It has a sad, yet happy ending. Allie has Alzheimer's, and Noah reads to her everyday to help her remember him, who he is, and there incredible life together. And yet, there are those miraculous moments in this story where Allie remembers there love once again, telling him she loves him. Noah of course holds on to everything in this moment, and it's just so beautiful. I love this book so much, and recommend to everyone just to read how incredible this love story is.
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on January 11, 2017
Having been in love with my wife for 25 years now, this story really pulled on my heart strings. I understand what Noah feels when he touches his wife and feels that spark.
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