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on August 30, 2016
This is a great book for any mother who wants to nurse. Nursing is not easy for everyone. Well, of course it is easy when you are still in the hospital and there are nurses everywhere and your baby acts like an angel. But a few weeks into it, nursing can get to be very difficult. It's great to have this book on hand because it has real information that you need, like low milk supply (pump to increase it), too much milk (wait a little before pumping), milk storage, latching on issues, and what agencies can help if you are still having issues. I got free help from the agency they listed (yes, a woman actually came to my house and helped me). I was not able to go to the hospital and meet with someone, so this was ideal. I nursed both of my kids for a year and without this book and support from my family, I would not have been able to do it. So many people gave me bad advice (with good intentions, just bad advice). I referenced this book and it got me through difficult times (mastitis, sleep deprivation and trying to nurse). I would recommend this book to any new mom or anyone who wants to help a new mom through nursing challenges. Very well written and so easy to read.
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on July 26, 2007
This book contains comprehensive, solid information to help you become a successful nursing mother. I recommend buying this while you are pregnant to read up on what to expect and plan for those early weeks and beyond. I still use it for reference if I have a question.
We are still nursing at 11months and plan to continue for a little while longer.
So That's What They're For is also a great nursing book if you are looking for something that is a little more casual in tone.
Above all, I think a determination to succeed and confidence that you are giving your baby the best start in life are what helps the most.
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on April 29, 2010
As the mother of seven breastfed babies, I received very little support for specific hurdles I encountered through my first five babies. I read every book imaginable on the subject and actively sought help, but was never able to get specific solutions to my specific needs. While expecting my 6th child, I received a brief excerpt of this book in one of those gift packs you receive at the doctor's office. I was elated to find answers in this little excerpt that I had been unable to find over the course of many years of searching. Needless to say, I quickly obtained the full version and have since made sure my daughters,daughters-in-law, nieces, and friends had access to this book.

As satisfying as nursing a baby can be, every mother/baby pair has some learning to do to make it a successful experience. While it is a "natural" experience, this resource is A MUST to help guide you through the specifics that apply to your own situation. HAVE IT ON HAND before the baby comes. Read what you need to know before delivery. Then continue reading as you need it, using the "Survival Guide for the First Week", "Survival Guide for the First Two Months" etc... You'll find yourself referring to it for questions throughout your breastfeeding experience right through weaning to solid foods. Once you've nearly worn it out, tell everyone who wants to breastfeed about this book!
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on January 1, 2015
As a new mother this was an invaluable resource. I was the first of my friends to have a baby and I didn't know anyone who was experienced in nursing. I ordered this book before my son was born and it helped me feel much more prepared. Once my son was born I used it as a reference anytime I had a problem or question. It has great diagrams which helped me solve a bad latch that was causing a lot of pain. I now recommend this book to anyone who plans to nurse. I am currently nursing my 3rd child and was able to successfully nurse all 3 of my kids for 18-24 months each.
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on August 19, 2011
I am a first-time mom with a 5-month old daughter. I've been reading this book since I first had my baby and a lot of the information has been very helpful. There are a lot of things about the science of nursing that will never change. But there is a lot that is out-dated. The book also tends more toward the touchy-feely, all-you-can-eat buffet/on demand, toddler/young child nursing-type style. I am a working mother and was more looking for something with good informtion about general nursing but also guidance on feeding schedules, weaning at a normal age (around 1 yr), etc. When you start talking about coming up with a nickname for nursing that your young child can use in public that won't offend other people, I start wishing I had found another resource. (The author suggests the term "Numnums" - gross!) So, if you are a working mother who is looking for a modern-day, practical resource, I would keep looking.
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on December 19, 2009
I used this book as a reference while breastfeeding my two children and found it very helpful both for problem solving and for understanding what the range of "normal" was in breastfeeding infants. It had a very helpful level of detail without being overwhelming. I think the sections were well-labeled, so that you can find what is relevant to you and your baby without having to read the entire book. I had two vaginal births with no medication, both children were eager to eat from the moment they were born and breastfed to 13 months and 17 months respectively. However, the oldest had a very small mouth and a terrible latch. In her case, the additional assistance of a lactation consultant was invaluable- and I was able to get help right away since after browsing this book while pregnant, I had found the lactation consultant before the baby was born. I have given this book to several friends and relatives each of whom had very different birth and breastfeeding experiences. Even the friend who weaned her babies at 2 months and 7 months loved this book and handed it on or bought it for several friends and family. This book helped my sister-in-law figure out that her baby was tongue tied- he wasn't getting enough hind milk and thus was constantly hungry. I agree that it offered little advice on weaning, but that doesn't change my recommendation of this book.
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on March 22, 2014
This book was so important for me with my first child. I was thinking that I must be doing something wrong because it wasn't working out the way I had read in other books. It hurt, it was difficult, I wanted to cry sometimes when baby cried because it hurt so bad but I knew he wanted to nurse. This book gave such practical tips. Things got easier, and now with our second child I feel like such a pro. Raising babies isn't easy, but it's worth it. Give your child the best start at life and really connect with them by nursing - and this book helps to unlock some of the mysteries.
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on June 1, 2006
I am a nurse practitioner, but I admit I didn't know much about breastfeeding prior to my son's birth. I bought this book a few months before my due date and would flip through it periodically when I had a topic or question I wanted more information on...and this book always had an answer.

When my son was born via C-section, the book had tips on positioning for successful breastfeeding. He was also born "tongue-tied"...again the book addressed this issue. There is a section on breastfeeding an adopted baby or baby born to a surrogate which would be informative to women who this applies to. The book is well organized in a chronological order from the prenatal period to nursing an older child and eventual weaning. There is an in depth section on medications and herbal drugs and their safety during lactation. This book is just so helpful to me, and I can't imagine a better book on this topic out there.. I agree with the previous posters that this is the Nursing Mother's Bible.
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on March 27, 2010
I purchased this book after researching many other books on breastfeeding both online and in book stores. The book is very informative, the sections are easy to read and helpful (i.e. breastfeeding the first 2 months, survival guide for the first 2 months, etc). There are excellent photos of the different breastfeeding positions and lots of tips. The book also covers many of the problems that can occur during breastfeeding and offers excellent advice to overcome the problems. I recently ended up getting mastitis and this book helped me identify the symptoms before the infection became really serious. I didn't find the book to be overly preachy about breastfeeding as so many other books are. This is the only breastfeeding book you need and I would recommended it to every woman that plans on breastfeeding.
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on February 9, 2010
This book was such a lifesaver when I was nursing my babies. I found out about it from the lactation consultant at the hospital and it literally saved me many times when issues came up. I worked full time while still breast feeding (yes it is possible to do that!) and I am so glad that I could. This book answers all the possible questions you might have and all the issues (breast infections, plugged milk ducts, etc.) you might encounter. It is like having a lactation consultant with you whenever you need one! I just bought a copy for my cousin who is having a baby in the hopes that it will help her too. The chapters are easy to read with illustrations, and fast for those emergency moments (like breast infections when you don't know what to do but may be in pain!) so you can get the information quickly and act! Highly recommended.
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