Customer Reviews: The Other Woman
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on April 26, 2014
At first blush this movie appears to be a jilted wife/ mistress triangle movie which has been explored many times in the movies, and on the Lifetime Channel, or as I like to call it, the 'I hate Men' channel, so I was not overly enthused with the premise, and plunked down some money while scanning to see what movies might be starting slightly later, just in case.

Directed by Nick Cassavetes The Notebook (2004), and Alpha Dog (which he also wrote), son of actor and director John Cassavetes this movie has quite a pedigree. Screenwriter Melissa Stack has crafted a brilliant comedy.

Leslie Mann has gotten better every time I have seen her. When she starred in the Change Up with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman, I thought she was the saving grace in a somewhat obnoxious comedy, and I thought her performance was brave, daring and endearing, and pushed boundaries.

Here her performance is off the charts brilliant, and I do not think it unreasonable to say no actress on the planet could have played the part better, and she is the single most compelling reason to see this movie.

She manages to be all things, funny, emotional, endearing, charming, sympathetic, easily matching the more experienced A list actress Cameron Diaz, comedically brilliant, and possessed of a marvellous feminity.

The Other Woman is a much better than expected comedy which worked on every level for me. Cameron Diaz plays an unmarried lawyer who has fished extensively in the dating pool, and been disappointed with her catches. Her secretary played by Nicki Minaj offers very dubious dating advice. Her new love turns out to be an already taken man, Leslie Mann his wife.

Wife and alleged mistress after initial awkwardness form an unlikely alliance to seek a witty revenge on a cheating husband. The movie produces a serious of scenes, some based on witty humor, much based on physical comedy. I found myself so wrapped up in the moment that I rarely thought ahead, and loved every moment, as did the audience around me many of whom were women. Kate Upton plays another...let's just say that this husband gets around, and this small but determined group seeks a means of justice.

I enjoyed Kate Upton. I don't know if acting is something she wishes to pursue as a career, but one had the sense of her authentic nature coming through, and she seems to be a sweet girl, who fit in easily and comfortably with her more accomplished acting colleagues.

There were a number of scenes where I had to cover my eyes, and the absurdity of the nature of revenge was absolutely delightful.

Though female energy drives the movie most men who see it will also enjoy and not simply dismiss as a 'chick flick.'
The Other woman gave me a much better than expected experience.

If you like this movie you will also probably like The First Wives Club with Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn.

I think most people will enjoy this movie and I hope this was helpful.
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on May 3, 2014
Kate (Leslie Mann) discovers her husband Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) has been cheating on him with Carly (Cameron Diaz) and Amber (Kate Upton). The three women form a sisterhood making me feel like I was watching a "Sex in the City" episode. Together they conspire to "hurt" Mark.

The movie is a chick flick. Cameron Diaz is not the spry Charlies' Angel anymore. Leslie Mann plays an unrealistic character that was fun to watch. And Kate Upton ran in slow motion in a white bikini. This was a fun formulaic film that is not deep. Good sound track helped in the enjoyment.

Parental Guide: No nudity. 2 mouthed f-bombs. Sex talk
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on May 8, 2014
My mom said she would like to see this. Once again, we saw a movie that neither of us knew anything about.

I know who Diaz and Mann are, two great actresses. Kate Upton was one whom I’ve never seen. She did a good job for her part.

The movie is really about three women, who learn to be strong and stand up for them selves for the fact that they are all important and deserve to be treated like people instead of objects.

There may be spoilers below.

Mann’s character is married. At first, her husband seems like a nice guy. But, he is cheating on her. Over the first part of the movie, you really get to see how bad of a guy he is. He does not think he is doing anything wrong. His marriage does not mean a thing to him. He is also seeing Diaz’s character. He treats her like she is the only woman in his life. One day, Mann’s Character sees Diaz’s characters number and calls her. They realize what is happening. First, they do not really seem to get along. Diaz’s character is a bit heartless. She is a busy lady who has little time for friends, while Mann’s character is the exact opposite. She has that grandmother thing. Super nice, loving and wants to have fun and be kiddy. They do a good job of expressing the characters personalities. Thing happen and they start talking. Slowly, they realize that they only really have each other. That is until they both realize that the man is cheating again. This time of both of them! Then they meet the third lady. They start hanging out. Mann’s character learns that though she is a nice person, there is a time when you have to forget about being kind and take up for yourself. Diaz’s character learns to open up a little and be friendly and trustworthy. The third girl, well, hey, she is beautiful. Haha You’ll see. The movie is all about them finding strength in and from one another. Though I am a 29 year old guy, I like this movie. It just leaves you with a happy feeling. I laughed so hard at many parts of this movie. I will pre order the blu-ray as soon as it is available. I look forward to seeing outtakes. So, check it out.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 1, 2016
Sooooo, yeah... I laughed way more than I should have, and then was angry because honestly... HOW can a woman NOT annihilate her husband knowing he was having an affair? It took a while, but I did love the revenge...
Much of the early humor comes from Kate being a pest to become friends with Carly, when all Carly wants to do is distance herself from the whole thing. Then later there is a great scene of bathroom humor after Mark gets slipped some strong laxative in a restaurant. Then later when he is confronted by the three women in a conference room of the law offices. He plays the physical comedy very well.
And I AM also glad to say that I AM SO GLAD DON JOHNSON ISN'T DEAD! I dunno why I thought he was, but I laughed as soon as I saw him...It was nice seeing Don Johnson with a small part as Carly's 5-time divorced dad, who incidentally at the end ends up with Amber. And a curiosity is Nicki Minaj as Lydia, Carly's law office assistant. Minaj seems like a natural actress and did her part very well, but that nasal vocal delivery of hers is very, very annoying. And man does she have a big butt for a small girl! Hahahahaaaa
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on August 17, 2014
I always love a movie where he done her wrong and she got even big time. With 3 women he did wrong it's 3 times the fun. I've never particularly cared for Cameron Diaz. She always seems to play the same sort of role and she just isn't a pretty woman. Huge nose. Pretty eyes though and apparently she never takes her eye makeup off even to go to bed. I didn't expect an awful lot from this movie as so many fairly new movies are just not very well done. But, this was clever and in some places it was laugh out loud funny. And, in the end, he got exactly what he deserved. Great ending. If you just want to have fun, watch this movie.
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on August 9, 2014
I love all the actresses in this movie, which is why it has two stars. But the more appropriate name for movie would be Dumb Women because intelligence wasn't written into any women's role. The writer insults what the viewer is supposed to believe: For example, The role of wife goes from telling her husband she needs "Brain Camp" because she doesn't doesn't remember anything even though she supposedly helped him start a successful start-up; no kids but she stays at home and is not involved in their company. The women drink too much, have to ask men for all the "big" questions even though Cameron Diaz's character is a lawyer, and generally act like idiots. There are one or two funny lines in the movie but I would wait until it is free on cable if you want to see these usually terrific women in more fitting roles.
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on January 16, 2016
This movies is about as stupid as you'd expect. The plot is essentially that three women discover they're being played by the same man and they work together to get revenge on him. Very simple, very predictable.

All that said, it's still a stupid, fun movie. The three women develop an unlikely friendship out of a terrible situation and it's fun to watch it develop. There are a lot of cheap laughs and silly fun that keep you entertained the whole time. And the end, which I won't spoil, is everything one would hope for. If you're having a bad day and need a pick-me-up or going through a tough breakup, you'll enjoy this movie a lot. Now sit down, relax, and click watch!
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on March 28, 2015
I watched this on TV at least 6 times before I decided to buy it - only after I said to myself over and over again "I will NOT buy this DVD," "I WILL not buy this DVD," I will NOT BUY this DVD." Obviously I bought it anyway! Why? Well, because it's just plain fun and it's great to see a cheating jerk of a guy get exactly what he deserves. Cameron Diaz plays Carly, a woman who finds out the guy she's dating is married - when she goes to his house to "help" with a plumbing problem and the woman who answers the door is not the guy's housekeeper, but his wife, Kate. Oh, oh! Anyway, Kate isn't stupid and figures things out, so kind of stalks Carly, and the end up bonding. Carly promised not to see him again but Kate hears him on the phone making lovey dovey comments to someone so she thinks Carly lied. She confronts Carly and they figure out that there must be someone else - that he's cheating on both of them! Well, they tail him and find Amber. Ultimately Amber bonds with Kate and Carly, and they decide to really get him! And boy, do they! This movie shows a perfect example of what to do about a cheating husband - don't get mad, get even!
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on June 15, 2016
I REALLY liked this movie. Though I would call it a guilty pleasure because it was also pretty trashy, considering the entire plot revolved around a bunch of women having sex with the same man. BUT... what else do you expect from the title and description? The reason I enjoyed the movie was to see the sweet friendship between the women. I like the idea that friendship can grow in the most unlikely circumstances. Unfortunately, while I enjoyed the movie, I decided not to purchase it because I wouldn't feel comfortable letting my children watch it.
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on October 10, 2014
Come on Hollywood, women are so 'not cute' when they're stupid...blondeness aside. Watched this out of desperation, hoping for a laugh or two. Sob! Amazing to me anyone even picked up on the premise—come on—jilted wife and jilted girlfriend get chummy and cozy up to the newest hottie their cheating man is screwing? Seriously??? What a sad waste of money.
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