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on October 24, 2012
I'm a woman gamer and sought a gaming glove that would be a size to fit my small hands (size 6 glove). Unfortunately, this glove was still too large (designed more for a boy's hand).

The glove is also designed for Western European hands, and doesn't factor in the pinkie being shorter for Asians. The pinkie size for this glove was so large, I had almost an 3/4" of cloth above my finger tip (making it useless).

Other issue is the pure abrasiveness of the unlined glove and it's seams. It was scratchy and felt terrible (like rocks in a sock deal). I guess to keep some ventilation they parted with lining, but there needs to be something done about the seams that will rub against your fingers and not cause blisters. A gaming glove has to be comfortable to wear for hours at a time, even if this glove was broken in, the seams would still literally rub the wrong way.

It's a novel concept and a much needed one, but the application of this glove for it purpose still needs some QC. Not every gamer now is a guy, and gloves have to factor in anthropological differences.

Major suggestion: use more elastic open weave cloth and/or a sweat liner so the seams can't cause blisters (the glove out of the box is so stiff it's like it was starched, breaking it in can cause was that stiff and the seams that abrasive).
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on April 24, 2015
First off, I am enjoying my glove immensely! However, there are a couple of sick jokes that need to be gotten out of the way:
1) I can play with my hand in my lap... <drumroll, please> (my sister almost bust a gut when I said this!)
2) It's remarkable how hard it is to re-train your hand to touch yourself... <drumroll, please> (instead of pushing buttons, you touch various parts of your hand)

With that out of the way, do you need this glove?
As with most computer stuff: that is a definite possible maybe. Let me 'splain.

Does this replace a keyboard for typing? No. However, you can type while wearing it.
Does it replace a mouse? No.

What it does replace is the "speedpad" or "gamepad" that you may use. Gamers and many software people use a limited number of keys on their keyboard to perform specialized functions. Gamers will use the WASD keys for movement (among others) while a graphic designer will use modifier keys as they draw. For instance this could be used by Photoshop or Autocad professionals. Especially if they suffer from carpel tunnel or other repetitive action ailments <note that this is a personal opinion, not a professional one). While using this, my hand is either resting on my desk or in my lap in a "natural" position (thumb towards top angled slightly towards my body) allowing me to perform functions without moving or twisting my wrist. Repetitive movement is confined to finger and thumb twitching. If I could get the glove on, I could use this while wearing a cast for a broken arm/wrist, not that a doctor would want me to.

In theory, this is an awesome idea. In practice, this is an awesome idea that is harder to get used to than you'd think! If you play piano or guitar you will probably pick it up fairly fast but for me, it's a chore to retrain myself. It is further compounded by a flaw that is fatal to gamers: it will only send one keystroke at a time. In other words, you will NOT be sending that fireball while backpedaling! You must stop moving to send that fireball. It is quick, which makes it semi usable, but it is a fatal flaw (pun intended) to anybody who kites. They do promise software updates but I'm unsure, at this time, whether the product is still in active development. I'll be sending them an email to find out. They state, on their faq page, that it is usable in games like WoW (specifically mentioned) but, without being able to move AND perform functions, its use is limited, imho. For instance you cannot jump in a direction: jump OR move, not both. I am using it with limited success so far (I'm old and hard to retrain), but the experience would be vastly improved by being able to send more than one keystroke at a time. It also has a limitation with modifier keys like alt, control and shift. While the palm rest can be configured as such, I expect to make use of a free software product called "autohotkey" <recommended by them>. The glove can hold up to 5 keysets and you can make multiple profiles (each has 5 keysets) so my desire for multiple games/uses is satisfied as well.

On to the hardware. The glove is a very nice, very thin glove with plenty of vent panels sewn in. It's comfortable and seems well constructed. Yes, I will have to replace it: it's a glove. They seem to understand this as the glove is available as a replacement item without the pod. The removable pod is a very nice touch as you can connect and disconnect without giving your computer the hickups. The cable connection to the pod is a bit flimsy with a thin cord coming out. I expect problems there, but not deal breaker problems. The configuration software is great: you can set the position and size of the contact pads to your hearts content. I had to calibrate a couple of pads due to the position that I rest my hand in but they were minor and easy to accomplish. The one problem that I've had with the hardware is that the pod mounted to the glove is uncushioned. I have average (medium) American hands, slightly on the bony side and I found that the pad caused weird sensations in my hand. So I inserted a thin piece of cushioning (piece of an ace bandage wrap) and the problem is gone even after hours (most of the weekend) of gaming. If I was going to recommend any other modifications it would be to extend the contact point on the back of the thumb so that I could "swipe n touch" while "pressing" and making the contact point on the front of the thumb a little narrower for more accurate presses. These are just minor things tho.

Overall, I absolutely LOVE my new glove! If they come out with an update that allows multiple keystrokes without ghosting (like my Orbweaver) then this will be a staple part of my life. As it is, it will be heavily used even if I have to use my Orbweaver for some bosses. It's taking me forever to retrain myself but this has some serious possibilities! I suspect that I may be able to overcome the "one keystroke at a time" problem with practice. It's that good!

If you decide to purchase one, only the small size glove was available from Amazon. Make sure that you use the sizing chart: a properly fitting glove is a requirement here. I purchased mine from the developer website because I needed a medium. It was backordered a couple of weeks for unknown reasons, but it was worth the wait. You might want to pm me about layouts. You can configure any of the pads for movement but only a couple of patterns actually work and I've spent hours figuring out something that works for me. Now I just have to learn it, lol! Atm, I'm the toon who's standing there twitching while I'm getting killed! Which one was BACKWARDS, galdangit!?? I'm getting there, tho, and I'm loving it!

<Edit> It can use the modifier "control" and possibly the "alt" (not shift) to a limited degree:
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on April 19, 2011
The ability to access a ton of hot-keys very quickly with only the tips of your fingers is a definite plus.

I would recommend first breaking in the glove. Wear it around the house, or on a jog, and do little finger exercises while you have it on so you can get a better feel for the strings that run down the length of your fingers (they feel like guitar strings) and familiarize yourself with the hot points. One recommendation I would have for the design of the glove would be to place cushioned bubbles over the hot points on the strings, sometimes you will hit the wrong area and having a better feel of where the connection is would be great.

The setup was easy and painless, and the ability to add hot-keys was easy too. I didn't even have to watch the tutorial to get it running correctly. Using the glove is also good for posture and kinetics, if you have problems with carpal this is a great option as not only does it free your wrist it exercises your fingers.

Once you have gone through the learning curve of re-memorizing what keys are linked to particular actions, gameplay is smooth. I am now able to do everything in LOTRO with the glove except loot the dead corpses, as soon as I figure that out I could play LOTRO with JUST THE GLOVE, no mouse or keyboard.

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on April 19, 2011
Box contained the actual gaming glove in a transport bag and a short manual for installation and driver setup.
Cable length is sufficient. The glove fits perfectly on my hand. Temperature was not an issue, the ventilation works pretty well. Worksmanship seems very good, no loose threads or other parts. USB-connector locks firmly in place by using a magnet.
Driver installation and calibration was without problems (Win7 64-bit) and took about 5 minutes to complete.
5 keybind setups allow having profiles for 5 games simultaneously.
Using the glove will take some practice.
Playing immediately feels more immersive than when playing with a keyboard. Once I got some practice with it, using the glove became much easier and the finger movements felt more naturally.

I recommend this product for games that do not require 20+ keys and normally use mouse input combined with a keyboard. The Peregrine works great with any game that doesn't require excessive spamming of several buttons at once. I use it for Dragon Age 2, RTS games like Starcraft 2, and games like Magicka or even WoW when I don't feel like using the keyboard.

In sum, if you look for a new and different kind of input device that will perform well and allow you to add another level of immersion into a game, give this one a try!
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