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on March 18, 2013
I had high hopes for this cookbook as I'd been waiting for it to be released and suffered through the many delays. I assumed that those extra 5 months would yield and flawless cookbook full of gorgeous food photography and delicious food. Unfortunately, only the delicious food was found.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have prepared several recipes from the cookbook. We have yet to be disappointed by the finished product, but the recipe directions and lack of photographs leave much to be desired. Here are examples of the lack of clarity in the directions:

-No note on when to add ingredients - Pear Ginger Pork Chops - no note to add cinnamon and allspice
-Vague instructions - Paleo Chicken Adobo - "Put the chicken and all the other ingredients into a bowl", but really means all except the ghee. It made for an interesting marinade when my husband prepared it with the ghee included
-No information on how to prepare a given ingredient - Paleo Beef Casserole - garlic sliced, crushed, smashed, minced? Chicken with Butternut Squash and Figs - leave chicken breasts whole? Cube? If whole, shred at the end?

We have found flaws in all but one recipe we have prepared thus far. I would definitely not recommend this for a novice or beginner cook because of the room for interpretation left by the lack of explicit instruction. One would think that the delays in publishing would have afforded ample time for recipe editing and testing.

Here's the rub. I can't quit this cookbook because the food is delicious. I find myself reaching for it as I make my weekly meal plan and including at least 2-3 meals from it. As someone following an Autoimmune Protocol, I was pleasantly surprised to find at least a few recipes in each section that do not include nightshades. We have thoroughly enjoyed each dish we have prepared, and my husband has requested the Beef Roast with Beets and Tarragon enter the regular rotation. I do think most of the chicken recipes would benefit from a 4-5 hour cooking time, rather than 6 hours, but that's an easy adjustment to make personally.

Overall, if you can get past the editing and lack of food photography, the food is good. I almost wish I had held out for a reprint with edits in place, though.
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on April 21, 2013
I just purchased this book hoping to make my life easier, sigh, too much cut and paste has screwed up the recipes. The first recipe had partial instructions from some other recipe, and my second attempt has differing amounts in instructions than in the ingredients list in addition to some of the worst writing I've ever seen to the extent of gibberish. I have a feeling the editors and publisher are to blame and have put a black eye on this book for me. I won't order any books from this publisher again rest assured.
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on August 18, 2013
As others have said, this cookbook is confusing, and it all stems from extremely poor editing. Let me give you an example. This is the first step in a recipe that appears fairly early in the book:
"> Sauté onion in a 2 lb lean ground beef 1/2 cup sliced pimento stuffed green olive heavy pan over medium high for 5 minutes until translucent."
This is an example of the simple, but unfortunately common, errors that permeate the book. For those who are curious, it should read:
"> Sauté onion in a heavy pan over medium high [heat] for 5 minutes, until translucent."

By the way, ground beef and green olives both appear in this recipe, but in different quantities, and the olives aren't stuffed.

Virtually every recipe has some sort of typo, or the ingredients list is organized horribly, or a step is missing. In most paleo cookbooks, the oil or type of fat is specific, since some have strong flavors. In this recipe, no fat or oil is listed at all, while In another recipe, the first instruction simply says sauté the vegetables, and butter is listed last in the ingredients list. That was annoying, as I just reached for olive oil and was cooking, before I realized I was supposed to sauté in butter. It changes the flavor of the dish, and anyone who knows how to cook or write recipes knows that you list ingredients in the order that you use them.

Another minus is that the author loves to sauté things prior to putting them in the slow cooker. The buyer should be aware that many of these dishes require 20-30 minutes of prep and pre-cooking before letting the slow cooker finish. ALSO, and this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine, the author wants you to brown most of the meat. Unfortunately, many of the chicken dishes use breast or boneless thigh meat, and the chicken comes out dry and mealy (horribly overcooked). I understand that she's trying to develop flavor, but many of these dishes really only need to cook 4 hours on low, not 6, as specified, so if you have a digitally-controlled slow cooker that kicks down to warm, keep that in mind.

HOWEVER, once you fight your way through the directions, the recipes I have tried are quite good. Ingredients are typical of a paleo kitchen/house, and there is a wide variety of dishes from many cuisines, which I VERY much prefer. Keep in mind that there is no apparent effort to divide them into seasonal dishes, so you may not find things like dried figs, leeks, fennel, or fresh okra year-round. If you are looking for flavorful paleo dishes, and you are ready to make some adjustments on the fly, many of these recipes are quite good.

As an experienced restaurant and home cook, this cookbook is incredibly annoying. The flavors are very good, but you will likely run into one or more issues, including cooking time/temp, in most recipes. I've found nothing better, though, and it is a useful starting point, if you have enough experience to modify your cooking methods, as needed.
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on April 13, 2016
My family has tried many of these recipes. One thing to note is that many of the recipes require about an hours worth of prep before adding anything to the slow cooker. This doesn't work great because we need to prep and prepare slow cooker meals in a short time frame before work and getting the kids to school in the morning. We found that you can do some prep in advance (washing, chopping, etc.), but a lot of the browning and searing of meat is necessary or good flavor and shouldn't be skimped on.

In addition to the time that doesn't work well for my family, sometimes the instructions don't align to the ingredients list or the instructions forget items in the ingredients list. None of these issues have significantly affected the recipe.

We enjoyed the pork carnitas, cabbage soup, and chicken cacciatore. I liked that there are a lot of recipes in this book and it is well organized. We will continue to try new recipes in this book and hope to find one or two that will make it into our regular rotation.
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on March 12, 2013
I received this book a week ago as I was planning to change to a Paleo diet. Today is only day two and I am making the Pork Ribs in Mango BBQ Sauce. Step one is to mix all ingredients except the pork ribs and mangos. Then it never says what to do with the mangos, so I added them to the sauce before pouring it over the ribs. There are several other recipes from this book we have on our menu for this week, so I'll come back and leave a better review of the book once we try some recipes. The book is beautiful and the pictures are mouth watering, I hope they taste as good!
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on December 27, 2013
Whenever my husband and I cook, it always seems like we spend more time cleaning than prepping food or eating. It had gotten to the point that we were just eating out several nights a weeks, even though we knew it wasn't healthy. Then along came this cook book. We can pick out two weeks worth of recipes and spend one day (entire day) prepping them. We store them all in the freezer move one to the fridge each day to begin thawing. Most recipes we cut in half and they take about 2 days to thaw in the fridge. In the morning I dump one of the bags into the crock pot and go about my day. Absolutely perfect! Pair it with a programmable crock pot, and you can have a hot meal waiting for you when you get home for work/running errands/whatever. Just set it to cook for the number of hours the recipe says and then switch over to warm until you get home. Tada! (I also gave my mom this book along with a new programmable crock pot for Christmas.)

I would give the recipes in the book 3-5 stars. Some are absolutely delicious (Slightly Spicy Carnitas, Lamb Meatballs, etc) and others are kind of so-so (Korean Beef, Pork Chops with Fig Sauce, etc). Still, definitely a good book to work with if you are wanting to simplify your shopping/cooking setup.
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on July 14, 2013
This is one of those cookbooks where I wish I had spent more time reading all of the reviews on Amazon rather than making an impulse purchase based on trusting the reviews of various Paleo bloggers I follow. Sadly, with a few exceptions, I think most of the bloggers -- no matter how good their individual blogs and/or cookbooks may be -- engage in a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" practice of posting uncritical reviews of each other's books to promote sales rather than engage in genuine reviews that highlight both the good and the bad.

In this case, this cookbook is so poorly written and the recipes so poorly edited that I wonder whether an editor was even hired. I have cooked one or two recipes, which have turned out OK but not great. But in reading through the book to try to determine which recipes to try, it's beyond frustrating to find recipe after recipe where a) ingredients are not listed in order of use, b) ingredients mentioned in the directions are omitted from the list of ingredients, and/or c) ingredients listed in the recipe are omitted from the directions. There's simply no excuse in a professionally published cookbook for these types of glaring errors. I will probably return the first edition and I doubt very much I will bother with the second.

This goes to personal taste/dietary preference on my part, but I am also not happy with how many recipes have fruit and added sweeteners. Although I understand that Paleo does not equal low carb, so many of the main-dish recipes have way too much sugar in them, whether in the form of honey or very sweet fruits such as pineapple.

Overall a big disappointment and not one to keep on my shelf of cookbooks in daily rotations.
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on June 8, 2014
I gave this book to my wife for Christmas 2013. Since then we have made 5-10 recipes from the book and have LOVED all of them! Most of the recipes are easy to make, and although she recommends searing meat before slow cooking, if you read her introduction she does say it's ok to skip this step (and we always do). Some of the reviews here mention poor editing, but we haven't run into any issues with that -- maybe they've cleaned up the mistakes?

In general, there are beautiful pictures and delicious recipes, highly recommend! I can't wait to make the next recipe!
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on January 18, 2016
Although I do not follow a Paleo diet, I do love cookbooks that offer clean and healthy dinner options. Because this is a slow cooker cookbook, it was particularly appealing to me. Unfortunately, I have been disappointed with all of the recipes I have tried, thus far. I've prepared about six recipes from this book so far, but none have been recipes that I'd want to make a second time. In some instances, I was even unwilling to reheat the leftovers, because they are so lacking in flavor!

In some of the Asian-inspired dishes, where she has you reaching for you kaffir leaves, lemongrass, and fish sauce, you cook expecting big flavors, but none are ever really delivered. Because there is so much talk about typos in the book, it does make me wonder if the ingredient lists and measurements are also wrong; this would explain why the results are so bland.

These are some of the recipes I've tried and my general impression:
Beef Casserole--too greasy, even with pastured beef. The directions really should have called for straining the beef after cooking it in the skillet, something I wanted to do, but opted not to since the directions did not call for it (I'll often cook new recipes exactly as directed and make my alterations the second time around). Also, it pretty much tasted like a poorly seasoned tomato sauce--nothing special here. These leftovers sat around in the fridge for quite a while before ending up in the trash!
Spicy Thai Beef--this had almost no flavor and absolutely ZERO spice!
Herb Chicken--this dish is bland. Needs some lemon zest and fresh herbs, rather than dried!
Korean Beef--again, not enough flavor. A little Tamari and sesame oil is not enough to bring any real authenticity to the dish.
Coconut Pumpkin Soup--very strange texture. This would have been better as a creamy soup, minus the shrimp. The broth needs some flavor boosts, however.
Mango Pork Ribs--probably the only dish I liked from this cookbook, but I made some major changes to the recipe before cooking it the first time since I had completely lost my faith in this book by then. I added the zest of the juiced orange, as well as the juice and zest of a lime. I increased mango to 2 1/2 cup and pureed mango in my food processor before putting in the slow cooker. I added about a teaspoon of dried ginger, in addition to the fresh ginger, and threw a few whole cloves into the crockpot. Also, I omitted the tomato paste and tomato sauce from the recipe entirely.

I think that there are some much better books out there. I recently purchased "Nourish" by Rachel Bryant, which I can't keep my hands off of! I'd rather spend an hour cooking in the kitchen each night and have a good meal, than to pop these recipes in the slow cooker in the morning, and be forced to swallow them come dinnertime!
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on March 4, 2017
I love this cookbook and have shared recipes and even the book with many other folks who were interested in Paleo. The food is outstanding, I don't think I've made a bad dish yet. The Turkey Chili always gets rave reviews and the lemongrass cashew beef is my husband's favorite. Because it's a slow cooker book, you can't really go wrong by putting everything in the cooker at once and just cook as directed. I saw some reviews saying that the directions weren't super detailed - but my experience has been that everything turns out great! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to simplify their diet in a tasty way!
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