Customer Reviews: The Perfect Gene Diet
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on November 22, 2010
I read this last night in one sitting. There is nothing really that "new" about this book in the health and wellness field though. I would have given it a 3.5 stars if I could, but opted instead for 4 stars as it is really good book and so comprehensive, especially suited for someone just learning how to eat right and how the mind/body connection really works.

What I found disconcerting (and why I would have given it 3.5 stars) is the fact that there are some holes in her theory. While the APO E gene I'm absolutely sure is a definitive factor in how we process foods I did not see a lot of evidence that this is so all-important to someone who already has a great eating habits and utilizes exercise, meditation, etc. to maintain a healthy body. As I observed the differences in diet for each type (i,e., 2/2, 3/2, 3/3, 4/2, 4/3 and 4/4) what I noticed was that the eating patterns were not all that different for each type. In fact most of the recommendations were the same for each sub-type. Protein/fats/carbohydrate ratios were a bit different varying by about 5% in ratios. The foods were essentially the same across the board. Again, the exercise suggestions were not all that different either. (i.e., 50% vs. 45% cardio). While a remarkable effort, the information is not conclusive and I found it lacking in rigor. Simply stated, more research needs to be done. Perhaps, if I saw that certain types could not handle some types of food, then I would have understood her hypothosis more. But, what I saw here is a healthy eating plan that is suited for every type, some get more fat, some less, some more carbs, some less (very hard to do in the real world unless your life is on the line). It's essentially the same diet and varied a bit for each type.

With this information in mind what we have here is an incredibly organized and meticulous book on eating in a sane, healthful way that will help your body maintain its vitality and strength for many, many years. AND, if someone is truly in dire condition with their health, I think applying this diet and its mind/body/spirit recommendations will benefit them tenfold. This is an excellent book for beginners; for those already in the groove, there is some helpful information, but mostly it is the same type of stuff that is already out there. If you are already healthy and eating properly more than likely you will not have to utilize this kind of diet. Intuitively I think if your "aging" genes get turned on by abusing your body this is an incredible diet to get you back to healthy. If you are already healthy, this diet is far too difficult to implement in the "real" world. But, some good ideas and suggestions are there nonetheless to incorporate into your plan for healthy living. Looks like some of the recipies are yummy too.
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on October 21, 2010
Inspired to read the APO E Gene Diet book based on its mind/body/spirit approach and knowing my own genes (My father had Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease. My mom had cancer and currently has heart disease and many other ailments), I had already adopted an organic, healthy way of eating several years ago. The Perfect Gene Diet is an updated version with a moving foreword by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

This book/program has helped me to take my health to a new level. I did have my APO E gene tested and learned how to individualize my diet to prevent the chronic diseases my parents experience(d). Diet is only one part of the book; exercise is also another key aspect along with the mind/body/spirit connection.

The book outlines the ratios of fats/proteins/carbs per gene type. It also focuses on the type of fats & proteins each gene type should consume based on the gene type's ability to clear them.

I have the pleasure of being a patient of Pam McDonald, FNP, and am blessed my path led me to her. Meeting her has helped me increase my own physical health, and her guidance on the mind/body/spirit connection has brought a new level of peace in my life. Integrative medicine is what our future is all about.

The book addresses a customized lifestyle plan for each gene type desperately needed in our fast-food, convenience driven, and couch potato culture. Read the book, find out your APO E gene type and make these lifestyle changes so you, too, can live a long, healthy life!
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on October 31, 2010
This is definitely NOT a fad diet. This book emphasizes lifestyle change (nutrition, exercise, diet, stress) and scientifically backs up why these changes are necessary and beneficial. It's a great, easy read. The information is so skillfully laid out, all that is left to do is for the reader to be ready to make some changes. If you have any chronic disease that has affected either you or someone else in your family, you have the power to change your health outcome.
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on July 8, 2013
Stephanie Seneff has a different view on the causes of Alzheimer's. Pamela McDonald may be wrong in her recommendations of a low fat diet for APOE-4 carriers. In fact Seneff contends that it may increase the probability of contracting Alzheimer's. [...] They cannot both be right. Seneff is an Principle Investigator at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. [...] Also consider The Brain Trust Program by Larry McCleary, M.D., who has a different conclusion and would contradict McDonald's recommendations.
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on August 27, 2011
I read this book and also got my apoe tested as well and my child's apoe tested! I'm so greatful for all of Pam's knowledge because now I know exactly how to eat to keep my family healthy. Another reviewer said that this book doesn't benefit people that eat healthy already but unless you know what gene type you are you can't know if you need a low fat diet, a moderate fat diet or a higher fat diet. Eat person is different and now I know how to eat to keep myself healthy. I would recommend this book and would also recommend getting your gene tested!
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on September 5, 2013
My doctor brought this book to my attention and it has saved my life. In all honesty, its less of a diet book and more of an awareness of what your particular body can take and can't take. It helps personalize your plan based on your genetics and not a fad diet. I eat plenty but lost 15lbs in the last 3 weeks because I now know that my body has a hard time processing certain foods. I feel this is something everyone e should be informed of
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on April 11, 2011
I am a certified personal trainer and nutritional consultant. I have studied every diet out there and became very disheartened with the current trends in the fitness world. I was in New Leaf market and picked up Well Being Journal with Right Food for Your Genotype on the cover. It was an article by Pamela McDonald, N.P... Great article and I think what I was looking for. I went to Pam's website and found she was doing a seminar close to me. I went, got tested and found what I had been searching for, for years! There is not one health and fitness program that fits everyone, we are unique and have one of 6 different APO E Genes. This made sense, this is healthy, and this changes lives! The book is wonderful, gives a whole life approach to health and fitness!
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on August 5, 2013
This book might be on target. I don't honestly know. What I do know is that after reading it, my husband and I both deemed it nearly impossible to follow. Yeah, if you want to eat every meal at home, cook everything, read every label, measure everything you eat and track every bite of food, you can probably follow this diet and have it work for you. It just seems so complicated. For instance, it isn't obvious what a portion size is supposed to be. And strenuous exercise is a component. Yeah, some people will do that but let's be realistic, how many are doing to do that long-term?

If you have an APOe gene defect you may want to consider trying this diet to spare yourself of developing Alzheimer's as you age. The author is pretty convinced this is the cause. But after additional research and hearing stories on things like Dr. Oz, it seems like the APOe gene defect may impact the body's ability to detox and that might be what causes Alzheimer's. So, if you can detox once in a while (especially heavy metals), try to eat a cleaner diet, and exercise moderately, etc. you may not need to resort to this strict of a lifestyle.

I should also note that the author offers consultation services in conjunction with this book. It is a money maker for her. You can either do phone support or attend weekend seminars in posh locations. For some people, it will be totally worth it and totally workable. I just think that for the average American, it won't be. I don't know as we didn't do either.
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on April 4, 2011
What an amazing book! I have finally found a long term/life long solution to eating the best food for my body and the science proves it! My father passed away of Alzheimer's disease and I always wondered if I would be a carrier of the Alzheimer's gene. Through the testing with Pam McDonald, I was able to discover that I am not a carrier for the Alzheimer's gene. Excellent news. Additionally, I have implememted the APO E 3/3 food plan and also increased my exercise regimine that Pam recommended. For me, I feel tremendously comforted to know that what I am doing today is a proven path for a disease free future. I higly recommend the APO E Gene diet to anyone interested in optimal health and a disease free life. Who would not want that?! No more fad diets to worry about for the rest of your life! THANK GOODNESS :)
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on July 22, 2014
This book is so nearly worthless in my opinion, that I cannot recommend it. The recipies may indeed work, but each one costs a signifficant amount of money to put together. Eating for a month like this is out of reach right now for me, financially. And the time cost for these meals is immense. You will spend your day cooking and eating, as far as I can discern. Unless you have the means to hire a cook, not only to cook, but to shop for you as well, This is a tough nut to crack. I cannot say that the diet works or it doesn't. I suspect it does, and I suspect the recipes to be excellent. I just don't have time or money for this. There are easier ways.
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