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on November 15, 2012
This latest and last book in the Inn Boonsboro trilogy is so slow and boring that, for probably the first time ever, I don't expect to finish a Nora Roberts book (under any nom de plume).

The story is slow, there is absolutely no tension between Hope and Ryder, the dialogue is terse, short and cartoon-y (are they all speaking in Tweets?), the trilogy setting of one building site after another has become stunningly repetitive and pedantic, Ryder is a throwback (in the guise of a 'regular guy'?) and Hope is just flat and uninteresting. Even the 'ghost story' of Lizzy / Eliza is dull.

I've really enjoyed NR's writing for a long time, but if this is the future, I'm opting out.

I can't even be bothered to write more of a review. Lola Jane has said most of what I would have said, but probably better, so I won't take time to repeat her views - I'll merely direct you to read her review.
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on November 26, 2012
I enjoyed this, the last book in the Boonsboro Trilogy. We finally get the opportunity to see all of the Montgomery boys coupled and happy.

Ryder has been fighting his attraction to their dedicated innkeeper Hope since she arrived at the Inn. Initially Hope viewed him as surly and unkind, but the more she gets to know him, the more she is convinced that there is more than meets the eye. Not to mention she thinks that they can have a physical relationship without all the nasty entanglements (I guess she didn't learn anything from Avery and Owen) and both come out unscathed. But you have to remember that Hope came to Boonsboro (Maryland's Blue Ridge Mountains) to lick her wounds and mend her broken-heart from her last love Jonathan, who committed the ultimate betrayal. And the last thing anyone expects from Ryder, who has been known to "love `em and leave `em", is to fall for someone like Hope and consider settling down. While the two come together as only Nora can have them, we see a mired of other storylines evolving or concluding. The mystery of who Billy (the ghost's lover) really is and why Lizzie hasn't transcended (for lack of a better word) but instead haunts the Inn leaving a smell of honeysuckle in her wake, is FINALLY revealed.

What I always enjoy when reading a Nora Robert's novel is her ability to weave an entertaining tale with just the right amount of romance and suspense. Once you finish one, you find yourself smiling because you can imagine the characters happily ever-after. At the end of The Perfect Hope, I could see Clara and Beckett with their ever growing family (tons of kids and pups) thriving....Clara running her bookstore, with Beckett being her rock. You know Avery and Owen will be married...she running her successful business while he keeps spreadsheets and lists; AND then there is the very poised and extremely organized Hope with grumpy and devilishly-sly Ryder starting a family and having years of happiness (even though he gives her a list of things he isn't going to do)......while the Inn blooms and grows. And we mustn't forget Justine and Avery's father who proved you are never too old to find love and companionship.

Overall, while this is a typical and not too original book by Nora, it was a pleasure to read. I recommend it to Nora lovers. I can't wait to read the next one.
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on August 16, 2013
I just finished re-reading this trilogy and I liked it as much as I did the first time I read it. I loved the entire family. Each of the six main characters had issues but were able to resolve them together. I would have loved to be part of a family like this one. The ghost was a unexpected twist but it was also great. If you like romance and close friends and families you will love this series. Clair is a widow with three small boys. These kids are so great and funny. The mom and aunt are also wonderful. I wish the aunt's daughter was in the story. Ms Roberts could have written a fourth book about the cousin. There were mentions of her a couple of times, but with a family this tight, I would have thought their only cousin would have been more involved in the family dynamics. It could still make a great fourth book. Maybe Ms Roberts would have already thought about it. Wonder how she would be able to introduce her into the story since the cousin didn't get mentioned more than a couple of times. I guess I am looking for more.
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on February 7, 2013
If you like Nora Roberts, and you like a love story, then you'll probably like this conclusion to her Inn BoonsBoro trilogy. That said, this wasn't my favorite of her trilogies, and it wasn't may favorite book of this trilogy - especially for the 3rd and final book. I was a little disappointed in the lack of suspense in Hope's story (it could have been so much more tense and juicy); at some points, it didn't even seem to be much about Hope & Ryder with all the other sub-plots going on. I was also disappointed with the conclusion of Lizzy (the Inn's resident ghost) & Billy's love story. It just felt like the book was too safe and lacked the element of surprise - I'm not sure there was anything in the plot that we all couldn't have guessed back when we were reading book one. I just wish that Hope & Ryder's story had had a little more meat to it. I still enjoyed these characters, and was glad to know their happy-ever-after endings. But I hope her next book, and next trilogy, hold a little more depth and originality.
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on April 30, 2017
Enjoyed the final story. Could have used less of the fword. I'm a little old fashioned about swear words both out loud and written. Happy the way it ended with Lizzy and Billy together. Lizzy sure made all three books interesting. Is there maybe a 4th book coming?
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on December 17, 2013
Full disclosure-- I am a Nora Roberts fan and particularly love her trilogies. The Perfect Hope was the ending I was waiting for. Since book 1, Hope and Ryder had great chemistry and it was fun to read each book knowing that their story was on its way. Their personalities were so opposite that they clashed on their way to falling in love.

Ryder is the oldest of the 3 Montgomery boys and in charge of the construction on their projects. As manager and innkeeper of the Inn, Hope has to deal with him a lot and they are constantly thrown together. Add in her ex-boyfriend, their meddling friends, his mother and brothers and its a perfect mix. I liked how the Inn's ghost, Lizzie, finally had her happy ending as well. She was such a big part of all 3 books.

I've read each book over and I have to say that this one was my favorite. Hope its yours too!
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on May 12, 2014
All three of the Inn Boonsboro books were wonderful. They took you through the day to day lives of some marvelously written characters. Add to that the well written explanation of the workings of renovating an old building to better than it's previous life's grandeur, and then the workings of it as a Bed and Breakfast with it's colorful characters and the Inn's resident ghost...and you have the makings of a great series. I fully recommend this trilogy. Nora Roberts writes in a way that draws you into her stories, making you want to b a part of them.
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on March 19, 2017
Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, what a wonderful story. Love every moment of this trilogy still wanting more. So easy to get lost in the lives of the characters. Nora Roberts does a great job of detailing everyone's life, including the ghost. If you read the first two books you will really enjoy this one as well.
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on June 13, 2017
I love Nora Roberts. She is the best of the best. A sweet story times 3! Makes me wish I could spend a weekend with Hope, Avery and Clare at the Inn Boonesboro.
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on March 17, 2014
Hope came to be the 'Innkeeper' because she made a change from a very upscale hotel after being mislead by the son and family of that hotel. She came to be with her two friends Claire and Avery. She also fell in love with the Inn.
I enjoyed the friendship between the girls. Also enjoyed the romance between her and Ryder, the last available Montgomery boy. Lots more info on the remodeling of Boonsboro. Not something I am overly interested in. Loved the ending of the spiritual haunting. Lizzy was fun. I am glad this series is done.
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