Customer Reviews: The Power to Get In: Using The Circle Of Leverage System To Get In Anyone's Door Faster, More Effectively & With Less Exp
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This book was written for those who have serious problems with gaining access to others of special importance to them. Boylan offers a cohesive and comprehensive system to overcome all manner of barriers. He calls it The Circle of Leverage™ and explains it within six different sections entitled:
What's Been Keeping You Out
The Circle of Leverage™ System: What It Is, What's Behind It, and How It Works
The Circle of of Leverage™ System: The Ten Preparation Steps
Making Your Move: The Five Execution Steps of the Circle of Leverage™ System
Advanced Moves
Mastering the Circle of Leverage™ System
Obviously, this book can be very helpful to those in sales but if we expand our perspective to include other forms of persuasion, this book offers even greater value. For example, consider the potential relevance of the Circle of Leverage™ System to recruiting and hiring, M&A initiatives, competing with others in the same organization for its resources, use of customers as an extended sales force, use of "alumni" to locate talent, etc.
The Circle of Leverage™ System is sound. Boylan's explanation of it is thorough and lucid. I recommend this book highly to anyone who is both willing and able to make a sustained commitment to applying these principles. What else will you need? Tenacity and patience.
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on December 7, 2000
This book has changed my sales career. The ease and common sense, which is supplied, has provided me with an almost flawless method to getting into today's largest corporations. My success rate with the power letter is 95% Plus. I get calls back from SVP's who ask me when the best time for me to meet with them. I amaze my boss. He calls me and says, get us an appointment with XYZ company, and in a matter of days I have the appointment. This book is a must for any sales person that needs to gain access to key decision makers in today's e-mail and phone mail business environment. I will be presenting this selling style to over 600 sales people at our national sales meeting this January. If you want to see dramatic success in gaining access to the key decision-makers in today's largest organizations get this book.
Buy Michael Boyland's Power to get in. And make it your new secret weapon.
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on October 6, 2011
I must first confess that I'm not sure if the author invented his own system or cobbled it from earlier experts. But who cares? After 25 years in selling to end users (and managing a few companies), I needed to prospect larger companies with staff, internal politics, layers of management and more that I wasn't used to.

So I did what 99.9% of entrepreneurs do, I cold called until my fingers bled. I tried tactics that served me well selling lower ticket items (less than $5,000) and was making sales, but at a great effort.

I saw this book as I did a search for a related subject. Well, $10 isn't much to gamble, so Amazon got the order. The book sat at the bottom of my book pile for a few months. And then I started reading.

I know this is sounding like a staged testimonial, but it isn't. I have no interest in meeting the author, and I don't know him.
But this book mapped out a complete method to get in front of the BUYER. I was sold.

Reviews say the book is padded. So? They say the author has an inflated ego. So what? So do most Entrepreneurs.
The author takes the time to not only give you every step (in complete detail) you need to get in front of the buyer, he explains the reasons the method works. He also explains in great detail why you should use this idea. He NEEDS to sell us on the reasons for using these methods. Otherwise, they would never be attempted.

I used the system to attempt to see 10 CEOs in a 30 day period. I got in to see 4 within the first 30 days (of the start of the attempt), and closed 3 high end sales worth a few hundred thousand dollars over the next year. One company VP said "No" before I got very far, and the other names are still in the loop for additional effort. I'm pretty good, but I NEVER would have made at least 2 of those sales without using this "attack from all sides" method.

You also need to do every step. At first, I tried cutting a few corners with poor results. Do the whole thing. Invest the time, it works.

Anyway, I saw that the author has a 6 CD set for $59 or so. Not enough. If he doesn't sell personal coaching in workshops for $5,000 a pop, he's a fool.

Complaining about the book being padded is like complaining that the map to the goldmine has spelling errors. Dated material? Maybe a little, but it was written in 1997, so it can't be the author's fault. And if you double your sales...don't complain because you need a bigger wallet.

By the way (sorry for the length, I'm used to writing sales letters), You can use the "influence from all sides" idea in getting in to seeing referrals too. I actually used this method for over a decade and the last few years needed no other prospecting.
But using this to essentially cold call? Brilliant, and something that never occured to me. Live and learn.
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on March 25, 2002
I've read "Visionary Selling" and "Selling to VITO" and while they're good books, they fail to provide what "The Power to Get In" offers: a systematic, methodical and proven approach to get in front of key executives within any organization. For years, we've been struggling with getting to the key stakeholder, often getting punted down the organizational chart. "The Power to Get In" changed all that by giving a detailed roadmap to get the attention - and interest - of A+++ prospects. If getting in at the top is crucial to your success, get this book.
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on May 7, 2007
Let's cut to the chase...

Get this book for only ONE reason -- the method WORKS because of the way executives THINK + ACT.

They only do that which is most likely to SAVE THEIR OWN SKIN.

They don't care about being right -- but they are PETRIFIED of being wrong.

It is much safer for them to say NO to incoming new ideas (read: YOU).

They can never be wrong if they simply zap all incoming new ideas (you).

This method turns all that around!!!

The so-called Circle of Leverage involves letting SEVERAL execs (in the company you are targeting) know that you have an incoming new idea.

AND letting each of those execs know that you have also notified the OTHER execs (in that same company).

AND telling all of them about all the OTHER companies you are ALSO notifying.

Now you are playing on each exec's FEARS about being WRONG.

Now each exec CANNOT ignore you, because, if they do, and they are WRONG for ignoring you (your incoming new idea is a winner), they KNOW that every OTHER exec will ALSO know about their MISTAKE.

Also, what if ANOTHER company grabs your new incoming idea? -- That also could make them WRONG for ignoring you.

This method changes their response from "I must NOT respond" to "I MUST respond!"

I used it recently to send a proposal to all the big pharma companies. I did get turned down -- but.... here's the thing -- the rejections all came 6 weeks later. Not immediate, form-letter rejections (as would normally be the case).

I'm convinced that, by using this method, the execs HAD to take the time to seriously consider my proposal before responding.

They could not RISK just ignoring my proposal!

Again, execs are not concerned with being right -- they only act out of FEAR of being WRONG.


-- TW
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on December 24, 2003
I am a VP Sales for a technology firm and I only recently read this book. I was so impressed with the innovative material I flew to MN to meet the author! Despite what the negative reviewers have said, this book is NOT a sales manual. It IS a manual for obtaining access. It is an excellent precursor to an existing sales process, but the sales process already needs to be in place. The author uses the term "bolt-on" addition which is a very good visual depiction of how this tool should be used.
Any good executive can tell you how difficult it is to be seen at the appropriate levels. More and more, callers and visitors are sloughed off to the next lower level, and if the caller doesn't have a compelling reason to stay at the executive level, they will invariably continue to be pushed down lower and lower until they are speaking with the lowliest of the non-decision makers, a "recommender." Horrors!
Don't sell this book short. "Getting In" is a master treatise on how to develop and keep access at the C-level. I highly recommend it.
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on September 15, 1999
As a sales trainer, I am always looking for "books of substance" which explain in detail, how to work a sales cycle and how to sell and influence others. Michael Boylan's book is one of the best I've read over the last 15 years. Many people I've trained have used some of his techniques and suggestions that I've mentioned from the book. Bottom line is great instruction from the book, and we have had great results.
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on October 13, 1999
Michael Boylan takes tried and true methods and molds them into a valid system that helps you create leverage not be at the mercy of leverage. He not only tells you the whys but how to "get in front of the right people" that are in power to make or break your sale.
The Circle of Leverage relies on ten preparation steps and five execution steps that leave nothing to chance. Whether used internally or externally, Boylan's system has helped me plan and execute fail-safe sales strategies.
This is a must read for anyone serious about discovering the decision-making power base in organizations and how to knock on the door and be invited in. Once in the door, it's up to you to deliver.
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on July 2, 2013
Although this book is a bit dated, the methodology plays on the various/specific human emotions which we all exhibit during our interactions with people. This is key which is why this book is timeless in its approach. It's a complete A-Z handbook on getting to meet with the business person you would want access to. The book must be read from start to finish since it builds on the previous chapters. I for one enjoy this method of study. Basically you are provided the means to put together a systematic battle plan to get access to whom you target in your sales or consulting endeavors or job search. As the author puts it: "it's a game" you're playing to get access to specific business people. I like to think of it as a Chess Game where you make several moves to gain access, plus you have contingency moves to counter sometimes expected and unexpected moves from your targeted contacts (i.e. the people you want access to). Best book I've read on this subject. Highly recommend.
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VINE VOICEon June 13, 2010
This book gives a useable, practical, step-by-step approach to getting into a prospect for a meeting. Unlike many sales books, this one doesn't focus on closing the sale or the presentation - it is all about getting in the door.

Boylan uses a concept called the Circle of Leverage - utilizing key influencers and legitimate techniques to get the appointment and the in-person presentation. The book is full of extremely practical - if somewhat dated - information. The biggest challenge the reader will have in implementing the system is that it relies heavily on the administrative assistant - which is a role that is diminishing with the advent of voicemail, email and computers.

Having said that, the book will give you great tips and techniques and is very insightful into the psychology of getting in the door.
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