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on January 7, 2014
I got the CD and listened to it with my spouse, who grumped about having to listen to a self-help tape on a long trip. But it was spouse who kept saying, "Wow!"

We both laughed at the way Dr. Brown delivered her information, and her humor, and illustrations of what she was talking about. She was easy to understand and gave a lot of "ah HA!" moments as you listened to what the research was showing.

A few of the ideas she put out were:
>We can only love someone else to the degree we love ourselves (then she goes on to show you how this is probably so, showing parents that the things that they are negative to in their children are actually things that they find hard to accept in themselves.
>She illustrate that many of us have gotten to the point where we do not want to be hurt so badly, that we decide not to embrace the joy that we could in our lives; because we might hurt to lose it...and so live un-actualized lives.
> She shows how we numb ourselves, using food, TV, internet, social networking and other ways; just as addicts use drugs or alcohol and is so frank and honest and blunt in all of her insight that you just feel washed of your own irritation at the idiots that confound our lives.
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on August 30, 2013
Brene Brown does a masterful job of telling her personal stories to add color to the research data that is presented in this delightful audiobook. One very important feature that is often overlooked in a review of audiobooks, is the quality of the recording and the quality of the narrator's delivery. In this case, both are top-notch. I often can only listen to a few minutes of gravely or nasal voices on a recording before I rip it out of the player and toss it in the circular file or send it back for a refund. This author is a pleasure to listen to. The producers have taken the time to balance the audio tracks so that the listener does not need to adjust the volume to accomodate for the roars of laughter from the live audience or the poignant whispers from the depths of the author's soul.
The live audience is totally engaged with the author and she does a good job of letting the listener know what is happening in the room visually. She engages just as her message advocates.... she lays it out there. No glossing over uncomfortable statistics or topics and no whitewashing of our behavioral miscues are employed. The ability to encourage people to absorb this attitude of vulnerability without sounding preachy or judgmental is truly a gift possessed by Ms. Brown.
To my total delight, the presentation of the audiobook was equally engaging to my 14 year old daughter who was often listening when she was a passenger in my car. That's right.... 14, the most critical age for all things audio.
We were ready to order more by this same author and were slightly disappointed to find that her previous audiobooks had professional narrators. We were sad that this audiobook had to end and are eagerly awaiting the next body of work by this author.
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on December 9, 2012
Thank you, Dr. Brown for presenting your research and teachings on "The Power of Vulnerability". I am deeply grateful. I write this review after only listening to five of the six CD's contained in the audio learning course! For those of you not familiar with Dr. Brown's research, I would strongly encourage you to watch her 'Ted talk' on "The Power of Vulnerability" AND "Listening to Shame."

In this voluminous audio learning six CD course, Dr. Brown (yes, it is actually Dr. Brown speaking), effectively and humorously weaves personal real life story into her research findings/teachings. Each CD takes on a subject, with eight to eleven sub topics under each subject. CD running times range each from 58 to 73 minutes.

The "Power of Vulnerability" will require deep introspect of oneself. It will make you examine your present known vulnerabilities, and for me, uncover one's I was not aware of. Are you ready for that? Are you looking to improve your emotional health? If yes, consider Dr. Brown's audio learning course a life-saving-altering-for-the-good investment.

Make no mistake; putting Dr. Brown's teachings into 'play' requires tremendous effort and self-discipline. It requires personal PRACTICE, practice that we can apply to our everyday lives. For me, it may require a life time of practice. But that's okay, because the "Power of Vulnerability" gave me hope that I can re-introduce joy into my life. For those of you under professional counseling, like me, this audio learning course may even move you further along with your cognitive based therapy. I know for me it will. Personally, I feel "The Power of Vulnerability" will give me a set of keys that will unlock those previously closed emotional doors of "authenticity," "connection," and "courage."
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on February 14, 2013
First, I am so thankful Bren'e was willing to sit through hours and hours of recording sessions so that we the listener can hear her work in her voice. This collection of work captures so much of what Bren'e has worked on in her study of Shame and vulnerability. I will listen to these 6 CDs over and over again. As a marriage and family therapist I have incorporated what I have learned from this work into every hour of my professional life. It has radically improved the way I live and love.
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on June 9, 2015
Brene is changing the game. The life game. Its no longer about being the strongest and most successful, its about being real and letting your genuine self shine. This audio set changed my life and I am so grateful to Brene for her important work on shame and vulnerability.
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on January 9, 2016
LOVE THIS CD!! Brene Brown hit a home-run on this CD. She is entertaining and informative. My husband - who doesn't buy into all the self help stuff- stated that he enjoyed it and that he did learn about himself and his perfectionism. This 6 hour CD Brene Brown takes the information from Daring Greatly and Gifts on Imperfection and presents it in a very entertaining and educational format.
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on October 1, 2013
Brene Brown I have followed you since before you became a sensation on TED. Not only do you talk about the subjects that need to be addressed, i.e. shame, guilt, numbing, foreboding joy, you are excellent at personalizing it so that we can all relate. When your first video on TED came out I made guy I had just met watch it, and I told him if he couldn't handle things like that then we couldn't date. Well we're now married and now can better address issues and have great communication skills. I would buy every single one of Brene's books and audio tapes because they are a great resource for personal development, no matter what you are going through. Don't let the title scare you away, because vulnerability = power over your life.
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on May 1, 2017
Recommend this program to everyone I meet. A wonderful meeting place of published works "I Thought It Was Just Me," "The Gifts of Imperfection," and "Daring Greatly." She is a tremendous speaker and delivers her message in an entertaining, yet educational way!
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on March 27, 2014
Qualitative researchers, which this author is, are people who take a subject and get tried and tested (and real life examples) data; how the author puts it, Stories are data with a soul. This is what Dr Brene Brown has done. She has started a conversation about the topics of shame, vulnerability, authenticity and courage, which I think are missing in this world.

This audio book talks about struggles. It outlines with a list of things where we as a world typically have shortcomings and how we use that emotional state to view the world and ourselves. The author lists them out so we can see what happens when we go through tough times and what we can do to overcome the resultant damage.

I would like to say, don't look at the rating here. This audio book has some guidelines to cope with the vast intricate world that we live in. I recommend those messages to you.

Hopefully, after listening to this, you are enlightened and you view the world differently to what us as humans have defined the world to be; from the bad things and the good things that happen in this world, from point of views of us as individuals, as a community, and as a world.
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on January 3, 2015
Life shifting experience. I love her wisdom, her vulnerability, her research based information and most of all her sense of humor. I gifted these CD's to my team and it helped us work through sticky situations because it gave us common language (example: over functioning/ under functioning) and it depersonalized many of our human qualities while also allowing for more compassion. Her guideposts are worth paying attention to and cultivating to have a wholehearted lifestyle.
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