Customer Reviews: The Preacher's Wife
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on October 11, 2005
As a rule I dont tend to warm to remakes of classic films however the Penny Marshall directed Christmas story "The Preacher's Wife", is a definite exception and has become one of my favourite festive season viewing experiences. Based on the classic Samuel Goldwyn film "The Bishop's Wife", which starred legends Cary Grant, Loretta Young and David Niven, this 1996 effort has a charm and slant on the essentially same story all its own. Denzel Washington in the role of an angel sent down to earth to sort out the life of a preacher who has lost sight of what really is important, is a most worthy successor to Cary Grant in the original film and Whitney Houston in the female lead displays a warm screen presense and great musical talent that couldn't be bettered in this type of story. Amazingly I only saw this film for the first time 3 years ago but it has become a firm favourite of mine ever since. Combining a traditional and much loved Christmas tale with some truly wonderful gospel singing gives this effort a really upbeat feel which however never sacrifices for one minute the more touching aspects of the story.

"The Preacher's Wife", focuses on the parish of St. Matthews run by Rev. Henry Biggs (Courtney B. Vance), a well meaning and dedicated preacher who has been trying to be all things to all people in his needy area. Along the way through court cases for wrongly convicted minors, leaking furnaces, and offers by local big wig Joe Hamilton (Gregory Hines), to "upgrade", to a new flashy parish of the future, Henry has lost sight of his wife Julia (Whitney Houston), and their small son Jeremiah (Justin Pierre Edmund). Just when things look the blackest and Henry feels he is acheiving nothing an unexpected answer to his prayers for help comes in the form of debonair stranger Dudley (Denzel Washington), who has a hard time convincing the embattled preacher that he has been sent down to earth by "the big guy", to help him with his problems. Dudley has his work cut out for him as Christmas approaches and Henry gets more and more ground down by his duties in the parish. Dudley begins to provide the warm understanding companionship that Julia craves much to the growing alwarm of her well meaning mother Beverly (Loretta Devine). The pair go skating, and even go out at night to the jazz club where Julia used to perform and where Henry proposed to her. Warned off by Beverly, Dudley begins to see that he is falling in love with Julia and that that was not why he was sent back to Earth. Some well timed intervention in Joe Hamilton's crass plans for Henry makes the preacher begin to see where his real value is and what is important to him, first and foremost his family. All things come together for the Christmas pageant and service where Henry reaffirms his faith in God and his family and his place in the world. Dudley realises his work is done on earth and in a poignant finale blesses the family with a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree after which they will not recall his presense in their lives at all. Dudley attends the Christmas service at St. Matthews but the adults have no memory of him, however Jeremiah still so young at heart does still know him and wishes Dudley a Happy Christmas before he returns to Heaven with his task successfuly completed.

A truly inspirational and touching story filled with some beautiful music and comic pieces is the best way to describe this beautiful little movie. I love all three lead performances here and it's a joy to see Denzel Washington, normally the star of some intensely dramatic films, in such a charming and light hearted role as Dudley. He displays a fine comic talent and teams especially well with the other two leads. If ever there was a proper successor to Cary Grant in this role then Denzel Washington is it. Whitney Houston does very well in the role of Julia and she displays a nicely touching persona especially in her scenes with her screen son. She of course comes alive in the musical numbers many of which she produced herself. I've become a big fan of gospel music after her terrific rendition of such numbers as,"Step by Step", and especially the show stopping "I believe in you and me". Courtney Vance playing the earlier David Niven role of Henry is also excellent and his performance contains alot of the dramatic meat of the story as the essentially kind hearted preacher who is torn too many ways and sees himself loosing his family. His work with Denzel Washington in particular is note worthy especially in the scenes when he can't seem to understand just "where", this mysterious helper has suddenly come from. Other standouts in the cast are Jenifer Lewis as Julia's mother in a very funny performance full of great lines and wry observations about what is happening in the Biggs household, and Gregory Hines as sharp business man Joe Hamilton who in turn is also affected by Dudley's presense in his previously rather shallow life. The look and feel of "The Preacher's Wife", makes it a wonderful newer Christmas viewing experience and much of the credit goes to the church scenes with the St. Matthew's choir taking centre stage. Their singing and expert handling of all the gospel music is perfect and really gets you into the feel of the season.

As a "modern", Christmas story I personally feel "The Preacher's Wife", is a most worthy successor to the well known and greatly loved earlier classics like "White Christmas", and "Miracle on 34th Street". Taking a very different slant on the story than the earlier 'The Bishop's Wife", it manages to be wholly original in its own way and makes delightful seasonal viewing. Try and see this touching film next Christmas and I'm sure it will become a treasured part of your holiday viewing like it is in my home.
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on January 3, 2010
The Reverend Henry Biggs is a good man who's doubtful about his ability to make a difference in his troubled community and home. Help is on the way in the form of an angel named Dudley who soon becomes the source of and solution to their problems. This movie is wholesome, great family entertainment with a good message. I absolutely loved it.
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on February 29, 2004
Fine and uplifting remake has everything going for it. A great leading man (Denzel Washington) and a great cast of characters that will lift your sprits when you are down. Great support is giving by Courtney B. Vance and Whitney Houston, and the soundtrack by Miss Houston is simply amazing. See it, and let a smile come a cross your face.
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on December 29, 2011
I'm fond of the original of this film; "The Bishop's Wife". But, contrary to your own reviewer, I think this film is just as good, and an excellent update with lively gospel/jazz musical score. Ok, it may be too sweet for some people. But the cast does a great job with the material, which is clean, non-violent comedy focused on family values and which sends you out with your feet tapping to a great jazz rendition of "Joy to the World".
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on December 29, 2011
A few years ago I picked this up at a record (OK-movie, CD, DVD) store when the sales were good because the business was collapsing about their ears. Hadn't seen it until this (2011) Christmas season when I reached it in the unwatched section of the movie shelf. Naturally, I learned what I presumed many already knew. It was intended to be, and it is, a welcome addition to the regular movie fare for Christmas. Can't imagine why we should try to compare it with the Cary Grant-Loretta Young version. Different generations, unique performers, quite different socio-cultural reference and quite similar warmth. Denzil Washington is not Cary Grant; Cary Grant was not Denzel Washington (in white face). There was no Whitney Houston in the older film, there is no Loretta Young in the new one. Enjoy each when you are in the mood for one or the other.
No doubt the star of the film is the music. Whitney Houston leading a church choir or Whitney Houston in a Jazz club makes no difference. She IS ONE CLASSY SINGER. The singing with and without Ms. Houston is stimulating and satisfying. Nothing in the film can beat it; but, it makes everything else in the film better than it might otherwise be. Perhaps surprisingly, despite the number of singer/actors we have had, she also does a fine job as the Preachers Wife, who is getting a bit tired of the lack of a private life with the minister (although, with a father in the same profession, one would have thought she would have expected i)t. Denzel Washington is charming as the Angel; no room here for his normal intensity, but he fills the role well. The Preacher's role is competently handled as is the mother's; they both make solid contributions. Those handling the two little boys are to be congratulated. The boys are cute without being cloying or annoying. Hard to achieve. Gregory Hines gets to play the, was it Henry Travers', role in a Father O'Malley film, requiring nasty turned saintly (more or less). There is no way to be more than OK in such a role
All in all, therefore, this is a family picture, so-called, well worth a family viewing around the Christmas holiday (or any other time, for that matter). Don't expect a film for the Hall of Fame equal to Citizen Kane; do expect a light, good-spirited, musically satisfying, little film worth watching when in the mood.
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on March 9, 2015
This is a remake of the 1940s movie "The Bishop's Wife," but it becomes a glorious celebration of Christmas and the African American culture featuring the immortal talent of Whitney Houston, Lionel Richey, Gregory Hines, and of course Denzel Washington. I was a little disappointed that there was no commentary, but this is a classic that should be up with WHITE CHRISTMAS, and It's a WONDERFUL LIFE!
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on February 25, 2012
We Love this movie! Watched this movie years ago, and had to have it as one of our holiday or anytime movies to watch as a family movie! This movie is great at any time, but brings so much energy around the holidays!

We also on several of the soundtrack for this movie, reason being we had the sound track years ago and some how the sound track cd was broken.. So we made sure to replace the sound track and have a extra on hand just in case.

The movie is full of warmth and joy.. The actors are great and perform with excellence! This movie is great clean family fun and entertainment for the whole family!

If you want to laugh, be inspired, send your spirit flying, bond with your family, uplift spirits, wholesome movie, a good message, and just clean fun, then this movie is for you!

We loved viewing this movie years and go and years later it is still a hit! This is one movie you must add to your collection! This is good for churches to have as a movie night, or family night movie night etc.

Makes a great gift!

Back to the movie!
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on August 1, 2016
This is one of those feel Great movies. From the absolutely beautiful cast to the "reason for the season" story line, this movie is a must for your collection of holiday favorites.

The movie shows that even the most faithful can be tested, tried and tempted but through GOD all things are possible. Jenifer Lewis playing as the mother in-law was the cherry on top of the perfectly cast cake.
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on December 13, 2005
Ever since I saw this film in theaters with my family in 1996, I knew this film would become an annual holiday tradition and it has. It's amazing to think how far Whitney has fallen since her role as the singing Preacher's wife, but I do consider this to be the best role she has played on screen (surpassing "The Bodyguard", "Waiting to Exhale", and "Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella"). It was a role tailor made for her, as she did start her singing career in church and always wanted to make a Gospel album.

The cast is also magnificent, as I love the lady who plays Whitney's mother with her sassy comments ("don't talk about your behind, I gave you that behind!"; "I'm not one to pry..."), the Preacher's somewhat flustered secretary ("first he took the picture, then he took the car and moved to Cleveland", "Please Santa, put that man under my tree...if he can fit!"), Courtney Vance as the Preacher who's lost his spark, the boy who plays the son and narrates the film, and of course Denzel Washington as the angel who comes to offer help. Gregory Hines plays the villain role, and Lionel Ritchie has a cameo as Whitney's old flame. And cameo of cameos, Whitney's own mother Cissy plays a member of the choir.

My favorite scene coincides with my favorite song on the film's soundtrack: "My Heart is Calling" when Whitney and Denzel go ice skating while Courtney is stuck in traffic and growing frustrated. That song should've been a single, but whatever genius decided to release the melancholy "I Believe In You and Me" probably killed a great opportunity to ignite Whitney's career at the time. As I remember, this film didn't do well at the box office and the soundtrack didn't fly off shelves. Had they chosen "My Heart is Calling" (one of Whitney's best songs ever), it might have had a different outcome. Oh well...the film remains as a must see holiday classic that I never get tired of.

A year ago, I finally watched the original "The Bishop's Wife" and I must say that they definitely improved upon the original. To call "The Preacher's Wife" a remake is somehow missing the picture. They are completely different in style and I prefer the musical and modern "Preacher's Wife" over the 1950s/1960s film. "The Preacher's Wife" just makes you feel good when its all over, it's a rare family film that doesn't have any embarassing moments and one that the whole family can watch and enjoy together. Don't miss it!
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on April 18, 2014
This movie is a holiday classic and one the entire family will enjoy. It has such heart and warmth. The very lovely screen presence of Ms. Houston and her irreplaceable singing voice plus the great talents of Denzel Washington, Courtney Vance, Loretta Devine and appealing cast make this movie one of my favorites. An engaging remake ( rethink ) of the perfect Gary Grant/David Niven/Loretta Young classic movie, lovingly directed by Penny Marshall. Add this one to your Christmas list.
( And hold on to your hats and hearts when Whitney sings I Believe In You And Me. )
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