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on August 24, 2011
Game has now stated on a few occasions - including within the lyrics of "The City", the opening track of 'The R.E.D. Album' - what an anguishing ordeal and process it has been for him to have his fourth studio album completed and released. Well, all I can say after having finally heard the finished product for myself is, hard work pays off.

'The R.E.D. Album' is, without a doubt, Game's best album to date. Every sigle song is hot. In my opinion, while his past two releases were good, that's all they were - "good". I honestly felt like Game was trying a bit too hard on 'LAX' to impress and/or to live up to his own hype. On this album, however, he seems completely authentic - he isn't trying to impress anybody anymore; he's just doing his own thing now. And he has finally shown his true talent. His flows over every single banging beat - which range from gritty and grimy to polished and smooth - are perfect and he has proven that he's evolved into a real lyricist, as Game spits some great metaphorical lines. Whether he's rapping about his California lifestyle or the birth of his new baby girl, Game is so on top of his own game that you will only be taken aback by the artist he's become.

Guest appearances include Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Rick Ross, Tyler the Creator and Bun B. among others. Honestly, none of these emcees hinder the track on which they spit. I was a bit "meh" when I first read that some of these names were associated with Game's album, but each and every one of them were on-point. They all nailed it.

What else can I say? Well, Game has heart. 'The R.E.D. Album' doesn't consist solely of gangsta ish. The emcee goes into more depth than ever before about his life growng up - namely about his parents and his brothers. Aside from that, he's got a beautiful song on which he raps about the birth of his newly-born daughter and the overwhelming joy which she brings her daddy. A perfect way with which to close this album.

'The R.E.D. Album' is structured perfectly; its blend from one song to the next is very appropriate. Once again, Game is on top of things like never before with this fourth effort and I believe he has just put forth his very best album to date, and one which will be discussed and remembered for some years to come. This feels like an album you would have heard in the mid-'90s. Emcees just don't make music like this anymore. It's just an awesome record, most definitely worth spending $9.99 on.

Graet job, Game. It is very evident that you poured your heart and soul into this one. Hard work pays off. Let me put it this way: a 21-track album with not one skip-worthy song? That's quite a nice feat. You've got something special here.
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on January 10, 2012
After over a DECADE of listening to rappers from"CANDYLANDS"like Atlanta and Memphis swear that they hail from"sho-nuff" killing fields(like"College Park"ROTFL!!)in an atempt to put a"stamp"of credibility on all that hollow"tough-talk"being put on their wack album,it felt GOOD to actually hear from a"TIGHT"lyricists from the(actually/truthfully)treacherous streets of South Central L.A!! "Game"straight up spits"FIRE"from the first track to the last!! One can just"feel"the RED-hot IRE in his voice,as he confidently lets his thoughts be known,about all these studio-gangstas who've essentially DESTROYED gangsta-raps very credibility!! He EMPHATICALLY conveys that reports of the West Coasts"death"in the rap game had been EXAGERRATED!! "Game"is the PERFECT example of the reality that the radio execs control WHO will be the"next big thing"moreso than talent and actual sales,as"Game"possesses the lyrical deftness of Nas and Em,with the GREAT"delivery"of Pac and"Young Noble"while he quote:"sold FIVE-mill out the gate,the"NUMBERS"do NOT lie!!"!! So since all that"silly"booty-shaking"HICK-hop"stooopid country-accent laced music from below the Ohio River is what the"radio"wishes TO"push"nowadays,there is/we have an ACME-level rapper like the"Game" being slept on,by the masses who don't realize that AUTHENTIC gangsterism can't be found in"bunk"regions like"Joe-Ja"!! This is THE tightest hardcore rap-album put out since Pac left us!!"Game" shows he is not a ONE-dimensional rapper who spends an entire album talking about how ruthless and invincible he is,but takes time out to acknowledge the plight of the black woman in the hoods of inner-city America with:"Good Girls Go Bad"and even further,he lays aside all the"machoism"of being from some of the hardest streets in America,by showing us how very excited/proud he was to become a loving father to his child with"California Dream" "Ricky"is a track which all rap-heads from towns like Detroit,Chicago and Los Angeles will readily/easily relate to,just as they did to:"Boyz In Tha Hood"....Even L.A. authentic street-LEGENDS like"Monster Cody"recieve honorable mention on this landmark album as he told"Game"in prison one time that wasting your life behind bars is NOT at ALL"gangsta",but that working a job,making money and taking care of your family and kids is as"gangsta"as it gets!! So MANY kids out here NEED to hear this kind of real"counsel"from a"real"/"certified"GANGSTA,about just WHAT is and what isn't"gangsta",since"pranksters"like T.I have been explaining the game all WRONG to impressionable ghetto youths,with lines like:"I'm a real"stand up"ATL"g",when 85% of the"men"in Atlanta aint standing UP,but are being"BENT OVER"by another(like"Eddie Long"who"Game"gives a"tip of the hat"to with:"Bishop Eddie caught me as I tried to escape;(with a)bag full of"DRAG"and a"Nikki Menaj"mixtape!!" R.O.T.F.L!!)dude!! This is as good as it gets without a doubt... THIS is what rap SHOULD sound like!!! And listen:"Before you ever put a RED rag in your pocket,you better have your RESUME'available for viewing!! That's "fa-sho"right there"RELATIVE"!!!
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on November 26, 2011
It's been almost 10 years since The Game first came into the rap scene, (I first heard him on Young Noble of the Outlawz "Noble Justice" album from May, 2002) as a basically unknown Cali rapper who did some work with Bay-Area Independent circuit big-name, JT the Bigga Figga {who turned some of Game's earliest recording into a few albums after The Game made it big time on Aftermath/G-Unit}. With this release, The Game comes back after a 3 year break since he dropped his last major-label solo, and again he releases a quality album that I'd give 4.5 stars. This is this 4th major-label solo, and the 10th album of his I have counting his mixtapes and albums he's been a part of. As far as comparison to his other albums, it's better than the majority of his mixtapes, but slightly under his other solos.

"Black Monday" -- (Fall, 2004) -- 4 stars (mixtape)
"Untold Story" -- (10/04) -- 4 stars (one of the albums JT the Bigga Figga released)
"Documentary" -- (1/05) -- borderline 4.5/5 stars
"Ghost Unit" -- (summer, 2005) -- 4 stars (mixtape)
"Doctor's Advocate" -- (11/06) -- borderline 4.5/5 stars
"Blood Dreams" -- (5/08) -- 4.5 stars (mixtape)
"LAX" -- (8/08) -- borderline 4.5/5 stars

He also is part of 2 other mixtapes that I own, where he's on at least half of the songs:
DJ Whoo Kid's "G-Unit Radio 8: The Fifth Element" (summer, 2004) -- 4/4.5 stars
DJ S-Class "F*** 50 Part 3" (summer, 2005) -- 4/4.5 stars

Like his 3 other major label albums, this one has a good number of songs, 17. Of the 17, you get: 1 classic, 2 almost classics, 11 good or real good songs, and 3 that are ok. None are skippable or filler material. Guests are a little heavier than he normally has and are on 12 of the 17 songs; rapping on 7 and doing the chorus on the other 5. As always: he gives you a good deal of gangsta tracks, makes many references to other rappers/albums trying to showcase his hip-hop knowledge (which he does A LOT and I'm not knocking at all, but he needs to get all the facts straight and make sure he's speaking the truth, as he makes a few incorrect statements), a few relaxing/feel good songs, and even some deeper and more personal songs. Production is nice as well. 1500 or Nothin' do 4 songs, Cool & Dre do 3, DJ Khalil does 2, DJ Premier, Boi 1da, Futuristics, Street Runner, Maestro, Don Cannon, Neptunes, Hit-Boy all do 1 song. A highly recommended album from a consistent rapper who's becoming a solid veteran in the rap game.

#2 - 8.5 (f/ Kendrick Lamar)
#3 - 6.5 (f/ Sly Boogie & Snoop Dogg)
#4 - 8.5 (f/ Tyler the Creator & Lil Wayne -- nice beat)
#5 - 9.5 (f/ Lil Wayne - tight, upbeat track)
#7 - 8 (f/ Drake)
#8 - 10 (CLASSIC -- has a min. intro sampling Boyz N Tha Hood movie before the song starts -- great beat)
#9 - 8
#10 - 8 (f/ Rick Ross & Beanie Sigel)
#11 - 8.5 (f/ Young Jeezy)
#12 - 7.5 (f/ Big Boi (of Outkast) & E-40)
#13 - 7.5 (f/ Lloyd -- more of a song for the ladies)
#14 - 8 (f/ Wale & Mario -- another song made more for the ladies)
#15 - 9 (Chris Brown -- tight beat)
#17 - 9 (nice beat)
#18 - 9.5 (Great beat)
#19 - 9 (f/ Nelly Furtado -- nice beat)
#20 - 9 (deeper, personal song)

Jayceon Taylor --- b. 11/29/79 --- Compton, CA
Check all my reviews
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on January 3, 2012
What you guys waiting for? I think this is as good as its going to get from him, he may have one more to deliver from interscope but look how long it took him plus all those campy crapy singles before this. That's why I'm giving it a classic rating, the guest apperances were on their game so were the producers, I must say if ya loved his first this is as close he may get to how great it was. I too was doubtful and even said I wasn't going to buy this, but the critics and fans convince me other wise, glad to have game best effort in a long time.
TRACKS; (skipping dre intros)
the city- him and kendick go hard on the track repping their city, get section.80 (5/5)
drug test- well not the best club song him,dre and snoop had together but ok(3/5)
Martians Vs Goblins- him and tyler do who could spit the dirtiest verse on the track, (5/5)
Red Nation- of course the single is getting some play in stadiums (5/5)
Good Girls Gone Bad- should have been the one of the singles instead of pot of gold, it had a few dedications (5/5)
Ricky- game went hard on this (5/5)
Heavy Artillery- bunch of bragging going on bout their gangsta but still soild lyrics(5/5)
Paramedics- seem more a Jeezy song than game, they too done a well job (5/5)
Speakers On Blast- surpise this wasn't a single either considering how club it is and having big boi and E-40 spitting some wild lyrics.
Hello- another rap rnb song featuring Lloyd (3/5)
All The Way Gone- same as the last one but better and have wale (4/5)
Pot Of Gold- well one of those radio songs that's light and somewhat inspirational (3.5/5)
All I Know- is about his hood life (4/5)
Born In The Trap- also one that should have been a single, him and primeo did great (5/5)
Mama Knows- tells of what he did and what she told him (5/5)
California Dream- the tail of the birth of his new born daughter with an real audio of it at the end(5/5)

So get this and section.80 or one of the other.
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on September 7, 2011
I was very skeptical about buying this album as I am with any music purchase these days if I can't at least listen to a few tracks or some samples before it's release I either don't buy the album or I just wait to read or hear reviews on it after it comes out. I actually got a chance to listen to samples on here and youtube before I bought RED and I have to say that even though I'm not a die hard fan of Game he is talented and I learned that when I bought Doc's Advocate which was a very good album as well. Now LAX on the other hand, I didn't find to good at all and refused to spend my money on. After listening to this album all the way through a couple of times, this was an great album and big improvement from LAX.

Favorite Tracks

The City
Born In The Trap
Heavy Artillery
Martians vs Goblins
Mama Knows
All I Know
Drug Test

I really don't like throwing this word around a lot but this album could have been another classic from Game just critics say for The Documentary. I think the weak parts of the album is Paramedics with Jeezy where he tries to tailor his style like Jeezy and really that track is more design for Jeezy's flow. I didn't care for Red Nation w/Lil Wayne at all and Game got to carried away with the R&B filler tracks on RED 2 should be enough. Other then that Game put serious effort into this album this go around.
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on April 17, 2017
Sorry, No thanks. Enough
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on October 6, 2011
Though I've enjoyed all the mix tapes Game released prior to his actual R.E.D. album, I am ecstatic to finally listen to the real deal.

I am definitely biased to listening to Game since I am from California, but this album and the last one have a feeling that embraces both East and West coast styles. I like the first 10 tracks on the album, they're great to listen to while weight lifting. I am not a big fan of Game's 'love' songs but the hooks on these tracks are pretty tight.

The Documentary will always be my favorite Game album, I still listen to it to this day. It'd be sick if he can do an entire album with the great West coast rappers, Ice Cube, Snoop, Ren, Dr. Dre, Too Short, etc. I am sure that'll take A LOT of work and money, but you never know. He did a pretty good job coming close with The Doctor's Advocate. And, I am keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't sign with YMCMB and stays on the West Side!
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on September 20, 2011
This album is in my top 5 of the year. I am a longtime Game fan & this album is his best work since his debut. It comes with alot of what Game is known for on his albums: alot of features, a R&B influence & his "name dropping" style of rap. If you are a Game fan this is a no brainer, the production is on point with alot of big names in the credits (DJ Premier, Cool & Dre and 1500 or Nothin to name a few). The feature list is also filled with alot of big names (ranging from Lil Wayne & Drake to Dr. Dre & Tyler, The Creator) all of which are well chosen for there parts in the album. The R&B tracks really seem out of place here however and the album goes a little to long but that cannot drag this release down. If you never liked Game, this probably wont cause a revelation but to everybody else this album is definitley worth the price of admission.
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on August 11, 2015
Speakers On Blast, Ricky, Good Girls Go Bad, Hello, The City, Drug Test and Mama Knows are the best tracks on this album. R.E.D. is Game's second worst effort with Blood Moon being his first worst. This album is still worth a purchase though because the production is great.
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on December 2, 2012
i love the red album. i have always been a fan of the game and this album has not changed that. this album is just good music. you get everything from the gansta rap you expect from the game and also get the other side you expect if you've ever bought a game album. i think the song about his daughter's birth was beautiful and love how he let us in on such a intimate moment of his life.
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