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on April 26, 2013
The last installment in Armstrong's Darkest Powers series was an emotional roller coaster for me - as I'm sure was intended. I found myself beyond angry with the adults in the book who refused to even listen to the teenagers - something that occurs far too often in real life. I found myself pained and saddened as relationships between the kids changed, sometimes for better sometimes for worse. Armstrong also continues her no-holds-barred approach to YA, assuming her audience really can handle dark developments. Kudos to her and heartbreaking to watch the choices these kids must make.

I wound up with mixed feelings about Derek and Chloe. I continue to like how Chloe calls out the overused stereotypical plots of romance scripts, using those as a basis for making healthier choices. However, as a reader, and as much as I like tortured souls, Derek's fine line between angsty and verbally abusive sometimes slipped a little too much to the wrong side. I read this simultaneously with my 11yr daughter, and she said, "I like Derek, but I don't think I could be his girlfriend. He's too mean, even if he is screwed up in the head."

Some reviewers have said the book ends a little too unresolved. I felt the opposite - everything's all wrapped up in a neat little package with a very safe ending. With the overall darkness of the series, I might have liked an even darker ending. But I know I might be in the minority in that - especially in YA lit.

When everything is said and done, this series makes the reader think. My daughter and I had lots of "spin off" discussions about hard choices, growing up, how perceptions of parents change, rights that teenagers have (like the right to be taken seriously), how to handle jerky adults, boys and relationships, etc. We still talk about bits and pieces that happened in these books, and I love Armstrong for creating a book that provides opportunities for my daughter and I to come together.

And finally - I rarely read a book twice, but this is one of them. Totally worth it, and I would read the whole series again in the future.
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on May 15, 2015
When I began this trilogy I thought this would be the end. It gives you a non-ending but doesn’t leave you gasping WTH! while fuming at the author. It was left open for future interactions so this is not the last of the characters we will see so don’t panic. This book contained more action then the previous two combined in my opinion. We meet new people and see a whole new side of this supernatural world I felt that I was beginning to know. This author has repeatedly won me over with this trilogy. The plot and characters are unforgettable. I have read it multiple times now and want nothing more than to go back and start over. If you haven’t picked up this trilogy please do so. You will not be disappointed! If you are leery of The Reckoning due to the non-ending, don't be. This trilogy is more than worth the read. This author has impressed me beyond anything I have previously read.

*Sort of Spoiler*
P.S. The Darkness Rising Trilogy ties into this world so I "highly" recommend reading those afterwards for an ending like you are wanting.
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on April 15, 2012

Chloe and her friends may have found Andrew but they're not out of danger just yet. When they meet the group that Andrew works with, they begin to wonder if they've found safety or another prison. With a new demon spirit whispering about previous Edison Group Experiments and while threatening Chloe at the same time, they know it's time to start looking for answers that the adults who are supposed to be protecting them won't provide. Will they discover Andrew's secrets before it's too late for them all?

This is by far the best novel in the series. The first person narrative told again from Chloe's point of view is filled with action from beginning to end. While the other books definitely offered a great deal of action in this novel it's twice as intense and definitely twice as thrilling. I liked how Armstrong dissolved or resolved rather the developing love triangle in this choice as I loved how Chloe just didn't run off with the cute popular guy but instead chose the guy with more emotional depth. Derek's change was one of my favorite scenes in the novel, it was not only intense but it was emotional. And well the ending, though slightly open ended was excellent. Armstrong has already promised that we haven't seen the last of Chloe and Derek so I guess I'm okay with the novel being slightly open ended. It was a good enough resolution for now and the last scene leaves you with bubbly happy thoughts. Personally I'm hoping to come back to these character's from Chloe's point of view but with the new trilogy I'm kind of thinking we'll probably see Chloe again from Maya's perspective. But who knows, at least the author has assured us that we'll get more of Chloe in the future. I'm not really sure what to say about the novel because I can't really think of anything I didn't like and I'm better at talking about things I didn't like than about things I did. There's a lot of action and secrecy that keeps you turning pages. The story is emotionally intense and fast paced. Armstrong did start a bunch of things leaving me with questions about the future like Chloe's interactions with the demons, but knowing that she's eventually planning to come back to their characters and has given them a slightly fulfilling ending for the time being I can't really complain about the loose ends.

My favorite part of this novel was really the character development. Chloe continues to be a well developed character who continues to experience major character growth. Derek is more fully developed in this novel with the same intensity as Chloe even though it's not told from his point of view. You watch his character grow and flesh out just as much as her. Tori and Simon gain a lot more flesh in this novel in terms of character development. The remaining secondary characters gain some development as well and the new character introductions are fairly well developed and definitely distinctive. You can't help becoming attached to these characters and wanting to learn more about them by the time this story ends.

Overall I know this review is one of my shorter ones but it's kind of a choice between going into massive spoiler detail and telling you all of my favorite scenes and what was great about them which most people don't quite appreciate as much I love talking about it or being a little more vague and telling you I really loved this novel. As a standalone title without the previous titles in the book it wouldn't be as good. I wouldn't recommend it to readers who haven't read The Summoning or The Awakening first. But as the finale to her opening Darkest Powers Trilogy it's a phenomenal book not to be missed. Highly recommended.
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on April 1, 2013
I am I huge fan of Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series and when she came out with an Y.A. series set in the same world I was completely psyched and I am happy to say that I wasn't disappointed!

For Chloe growing up means more than what it would for any other teenager. Strange things are happening and she finds herself sent to a private institution where she doesn't feels safe, at all and where she finally finds out secrets from her past that she'd rather hadn't come to surface.

The Darkest Powers trilogy is a perfect example of how awesome the Paranormal Y.A. genre can be. Great heroine, interesting side characters, heinous villains and a love triangle that makes you want to pull your hair out but that also makes your heart bleed and beat faster, all at the same time.

If you love Paranormal Y.A. novels this is definitely a series that you should check it out! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Originally Posted at Welcome to Larissa's Bookish Life
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on January 15, 2013
Actual rating: 3.5

So, I'm just never going to find out why Chloe's amulet changes color? No? We're just gonna leave that hanging, huh? Guess so. Guess we're also not delve into the werevolf pack, the other supernatural groups, and a bunch of other story arcs which were introduced and never touched on again. But, I'll reiterate, this series for me was about the characters. I loved them. I really did. And where they were concerned, this final installment did not disappoint. All I can say is: YAY DEREK!
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on January 4, 2013
I loved this book. Have read it twice because it was that good. To me it really is the best of the Darkness Rising and the Darkest Powers series.
A lot of people have commented on their reviews how they didn't like the fact that the book has such an open ending and it doesn't close out all the plot lines. But as someone who has read every single one of Kelley Armstrong books, including the last book of the Otherworld series,I can tell you that she likes to end things like that. In a way that she can return to the books and write short stories or even maybe (as many fans hope for) one day return to the series and write another book. Life goes on, nothing can be wrapped up with a pretty little bow, if you follow the Otherworld series, which is the same world as these books, you know that there really is no escape for the world Derek, Tori, Simon and Chloe have found themselves in. It would be a disservice if they are suddenly living happily ever after in a house with a white picket fence.
Additionally, the gang is said to return in the last book of the Darkness Rising theology this April.
As to the plot, without giving too much away, the main plot lines close out nicely. With many twists and turns, some that as an avid fiction love I could see coming a mile away and others that caught me completely by surprise. I wish we ha seen more or Kit but all the main characters were nicely developed. The worse being Tori, it seemed like she was just a filler in some parts of the book, a way to get the characters to discover thing or do things. But that may be because the book is completely told from Chloe's perspective because in the Bonus pack, you get to see her a little bit better, learn more about her.
I is truly Kelley's true magnificence as a writer shining through and proving why she is one of my favorite authors.
I just hope one day she will do a crossover between the Otherworld series and this one. It would be amazing to see Derek meet the Pack, Tori meet Savannah and Chloe meet Jamie. A girl can hope!
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on December 9, 2012
This is the third and, I believe, last installment in the Darkest Powers series. Chloe, a necromancer who can summon and raise the dead, Tori, an extremely powerful witch, Simon, a sorcerer and Derek, a werewolf with amazing strength, find themselves on the run after escaping a supposed group home for children with mental illnesses. Once they realized they were actually being held by supernatural scientists who had a part in manipulating their DNA while conducting experiments on supernatural children, making these children' powers extremely dangerous and sometimes out of control, they made a plan and escaped during the night. Chloe and and another subject, Rae, ended up being captured again due to Rae's unknowingly betraying Chloe after being brainwashed and believing she was doing it for the best reasons. Once again they needed to escape but, this time, it was going to be much harder because they were now locked in an institution that was well guarded by humans and supernaturals alike. When Chloe did manage a second escape, she had ended up with an unlikely ally, Tori. From then on the race was on, the fear and desperation palpable. Unlikely friendships and relationships come out of their common goal, to live in peace and prove they weren't dangerous. The future was unknown to all of these innocent teenagers that were used for experimentation and never asked for the power they obtained through manipulation, but they did know one thing, they weren't going down without a fight.

Most of the background I gave was from the first two books of this series, The awakening and The summoning. Both of those books were just as good as this one, The Reckoning. I am an avid reader and I usually choose books in a series due to the fact that I read so fast and it gets tiresome changing characters every few days. I prefer to stick with a group of characters and get to know them. Because I read so fast and so often, I end up reading hundreds of series, most good or okay. Once in a while I will find a series of books that are so good I literally lose sleep because I can't put it down at night. This is one of those series. Sometimes I don't even read the background of the book before I get them, as in this case, so when I started reading and realized the main character was a 15 year old supernatural, I was admittedly a little disappointed. Luckily, I am also the type of person that rarely closes a book without finishing it, even when it's not that great. I am so glad I gave this series a chance. It was so refreshing to read a book this good after so many disappointments. The author is incredible, she built this 15 yr old, plain Jane nobody into an amazing character, one I will miss now that I have finished the book. After awhile you forget she's only 15, she's smart, cunning, brave, and good to the core without being nauseatingly goody goody. Every book, for the most part, has some romance going on. Even through this action packed series, The author managed to integrate a budding relationship in without making it seem so ridiculous due to the constant dangers and traps looming over these kids at all times. It took the entirety of the series for the relationship to grow, rather than an unlikely, overnight romance that seems to be the thing these days in books like these. Not to mention the fact that this character chose the least likely of characters, based on her heart and not on how handsome or popular the person was. I loved everything about this book and the ones before it. It is a young adult series but not constricted to that label, I'm in my 20's and still enjoyed it immensely. I'm highly recommending these books, especially if you are looking for something with a lot of action and constant twisting and turning of the plot lines. You literally never know who you can trust in this book and unlike most stories, in which you can pretty much outline the entire thing before you've even gotten halfway through due to its predictability, you will never figure this one out without second guessing yourself. One of the best series I've read in a long while! Good luck!
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on February 24, 2013
*falls over dead* It's official, this series can hold its own during a reread. I'm loving on it so hard. I want to go back and reread the entire Women of the Otherworld series RIGHT NOW. This is one series where I'm both thrilled with how it ended and so sad to let it go. One bright spot is that we should be catching up with Chloe and the gang in the 3rd part of the overall trilogy. That makes it a trilogy of trilogies, doesn't it. IT'S THE CIRCLE OF LIFE! WITH TRILOGIES!

Honest to gosh, I adore how this book ends. We get a clear resolution to the immediate danger that Chloe, Derek, Simon, and Tori are in while setting up for future shenanigans. I can only imagine that those are going to be BIG shenanigans - with sparks and fur and dead things!

Chloe's romantic life gets sorted out nicely (*thumbs up* to that!), the boundaries of the powers that were tweaked by the genetic modifications are explored, and dastardly deeds are committed. THINGS HAPPEN in this book. Alliances are forged, friendships are shattered, and people are getting knocked off left and right. Which, apparently, is a normal day in the life of Edison Group rejects.

I seriously loved going back and revisiting these characters. They leave me wanting more (in a good way) and I am SO looking forward to seeing them again in the future.

-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal
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on August 3, 2012
Wow is all I have to say. It's been awhile since I've been this into a series. I literally went from one book to the next and finished the trilogy within a few days. I really loved the storyline and Chloe Saunders and Derek Souza are officially on my list for all-time favorite book characters.

The Reckoning brought everything together that's been building in the previous two Darkest Powers books. The big showdown with the Edison Group takes place, but not before several betrayals and attacks on the lives of our beloved supernaturals. Several scenes were so chilling that I felt myself getting freaked out as I read late at night. Royce especially scared me and my skin crawled every time he showed up.

(Spoiler Alert) A resolution was finally reached between the triangle of Simon, Derek and Chloe. I think werewolf romance stories can be a hard sell. Who could really be attracted to basically an overgrown dog? But for some crazy reason, it works in this series. Derek has so many swoon-worthy moments when it comes to his relationship with Chloe. One of my favorite scenes is when he made her go into the overgrowth to protect her from the other werewolves. And their almost kiss moments made the final scenes all the more amazing. ***

There were a couple of unanswered questions at the end, but it looks like some of the Darkest Powers characters are supposed to pop up in the Darkness Rising series. I've added the first book to my TBR pile and I hope it's as good as this series!
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VINE VOICEon June 17, 2011
This was a nice conclusion to an exciting young adult paranormal. Our heroes - Chloe, Tori, Derek and Simon - manage to catch up with Andrew but an attack forces them to move to another "safe house." Only this house isn't very safe for Chloe. There are a number of spirits there who want something from her including one poltergeist who was insane and evil before he died and who hasn't been improved by the afterlife.

The kids are not at all sure who to believe or trust. It seems that everyone has an agenda that requires using the kids as bait or putting them in danger in other ways. Dr. Davidoff and Tori's mother are determined to recapture the kids to eliminate them as failed experiments. Andrew and his group want to use the kids to bring down the Edison Group.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Derek are working on their relationship. Derek is trying to be unselfish because he knows his brother Simon likes her. Chloe just isn't sure. She knows that Simon would be the easier first boyfriend but there are no sparks between them. Chloe wants Derek to treat her as a partner; he seems to see her as someone he has to protect.

This was a great conclusion to the story arc. However, it leaves a lot of questions to be answered in later books. It was nice getting to know Chloe, Derek, Simon and Tori. But I want to know what happens next for them all. I recommend reading this trilogy for the great characters and interesting world.
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