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on October 13, 2014
It's difficult to give a fair rating on this series. On the one hand, I love the concept and the whole series while on the other hand - as one other commentator notes here - the author's writing style drives me nuts at times. I am not American and there are numerous occasions when the street-speak or very American terminology throws me altogether. (For instance: "bangs" - I had to look that one up!) This leads me to comment that all the Garde speak in this style - even Marina and Ella who did not grow up in the USA. Teenagers don't lose their style of talking overnight when moving country - I know, I did this myself. In fact, they may never stop being more Spanish then American (as in the case of Marina and Ella.)
Having said all this, the series is enjoyable but again, there needs to be a clearly defined pathway through the five novels and nine novellas. Knowing the correct reading order is essential to understanding the back stories of characters and how they fit with the main novels - particularly when it comes to Adam and Five. Trying to read "The Revenge of Seven" without having first read "The Lost Files: Hidden Enemy" will lead to confusion for the reader. Reading the five main novels alone, is certainly not the path to take. In fact, Adam's appearance in the previous book "The Fall of Five" will seem mysterious without having read the first Lost Files novellas which tell of his relationship with Number One. It would be most helpful if Amazon or the publisher of the series could print the suggested reading order online so as to help newcomers to the series.
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on May 28, 2016
The 5th book in the Main series sees the Garde in two groups, one in Chicago that includes John, Sam, Adam, Malcolm, Sarah and the Chimeri, and the others, Nine, Six and Marina in Florida.
John’s group have just fled the John Hancock building, after losing Ella, and are now deciding what to do.
Six’s group are in shock over losing Eight, and Marina is determined to get his body back.
And this is a large part of the start of the book, Six’s group going to a base in the swamp to get Eight’s body back. Whilst John’s group split. Sarah makes contact with Mark James (set up now from the ‘Return to Paradise’ short story) and decides to join him and his cyber fight. Adam comes up with a plan that is against what the Garde normally do, using his Mog tactics to assist them, and although this does cause some friction, the group realises how useful he is going to be.
The remainder of the book runs as two main stories with some extras. The first of the stories follows John (4) Sam, Nine and Agent Walker (who has realised that Mogs are bad) head to New York to try and thwart the Mogadorian plans for Invasion. The second follows Six, Marina and Adam as they head to a ‘Special’ location that is going to change the world forever.
The sub-stories involve Sarah ducking off to meet up with Mark James and the mysterious ‘Guard’ from the ‘Lost Files’, possibly allowing for additional material there. They don’t get their own story lines as such, but periodically check into the story. Ella also gets to check in every now and then via her telekinesis to add extra plot twists.
This leads to a fairly in-depth plot twist, with a really fast moving story.
The characters have each started to get their defined roles now, and the author has obviously decided to angle towards this. John (4) has clearly stepped out as the leader of the group, and everyone, although eager to criticise when things go wrong, happily defer to him when it's decision time. Nine is the brute force of the group, but also the ‘Military’ arm of their group – always seeking to solve things through force. Six has leadership qualities as well, often becoming the second in charge as needed when the group splits. Marina has become the moral compass for the group, as well as their mobile medical unit. Sam is the plucky side kick, but he also provides John with the strength to continue fighting at times, as well as a sounding board. Sarah is John’s reason for living, and gives him a reason for fighting, she is the heart and soul of the group. Eight represents all that they have lost. Ella is all that they are fighting for. Ella is also something that holds the group together. Through her innocence, she brings the group together.
Adam gives us an understanding of the enemy, and also how things are also not so black and white.
It's very cleverly written as the characters interact with each other.
This series has slowly worked its way to this point giving us background story, building the characters, and it's in this part that you get an understanding of what it has all been about, and the start of the end game.
And there is a surprise at the end that is just awesome!
Revenge of the Seven is one of the best of the series so far.
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on October 27, 2014
I have loved this series since the get go. The whole "Piticus Lore" ghost writer thing, and the "WE ARE NOT ALONE!" secretive undertone, is a really cool twist. The whole book being presented as a "They are among us" underground novel was a brilliant idea. But I ALMOST gave this book only four stars. I was a bit disappointed in the ending and the huge secret of the Loriens was ....well, you decide for yourself...Review time:

Giant Mogadorian ships hover over all major cities. Their fighters flitting about. The Mogs and the mysterious men in black are working together. The people of earth are enthralled! Loriens are scattered again! After just finally finding one another. Everything is falling apart. ..WTH!?

Well, it seems with the gathering of the Loriens in the earlier books is all for naught. Setrakis Ra takes on human form (a beautiful human form at that) and is wooing the Earth's upper government into an alignment. And has been for some time!!

Sam's father was right, but he had no idea the depth of the insidious rot!

Promises of medical miracles, and advanced weaponry are just too persuasive...The reason for his desire to own all of the Lorien's legacy pendants becomes clear. He can assimilate their legacies. But that's not all they can do.

A mysterious place surfaces..."The Sanctuary"..A mysterious pyramid, somewhere in the center of a steamy jungle in southern Mexico protected by Lorien magic, perhaps holds the key to everything....The Mogs have it surrounded, but for a Mog to touch it's Lorien shield is instant ash time for Them.

The children of Loric fight on...(or flee on) after the traitorous number five nearly successfully engineers a trap that would have killed or captured most of the Loriens left,. He is at odds with himself now, when he realizes that Setrakis has lied to him as well... Ella is held captive by Setrakis Ra . He tells her of her lineage. Could it be true? The tall dark and cruel Mogadorian soldiers are just "Lab rats!" Born in a test tube with no souls, but Setrakis Ra is not one of them. He is something else entirely!! (No spoilers please) She refuses to believe or become part of what he insists is her destiny. Her legacy tells her that he might be right! But in her heart she is bound and determined to change the visions that haunts her; even as she watches helplessly as events unfold towards that exact end.

After Nines giant pent house goes up in flames; their hideout, their only place of respite...John does something that he thought he would never do: he sends Sarah away to be with her X boyfriend Mark! No way, right!? Well, It seems Mark is now the leader of the "They Walk Among Us" group. The once corny, and dubious alien conspiracy magazine is now an actual movement. Their secret is out after all. AND, also to get her to safety. He must find Six, Sam and the rest. He has to stop all this! There is going to be a Grand entrance held to welcome the new visitors to Earth. John is determined to be there to stop it! Ella's vision seems to be coming true right before our eyes folks!!
******Warning! The last bit HINTS at things to come*******

When five decides to try to make amends for his traitorous actions that caused the death of (?******?)'s almost too late. But his actions do help John and Ella reveal the true Setrakis to the misguided earthlings! Revealed at last ...will the bombs begin to fall?
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on April 25, 2015
Ever since the first book, I've been hooked on the "I Am Number Four" series. As a lover of sci-fi, I've constantly enjoyed the complex characters, the intricate plot, and the many twists, turns, and surprises along the course of the adventures. With each book, I wonder how the new twists can possibly top the previous book, and this time around, everything the characters have worked for finally hits the fan (but in an exciting way).

Picking up directly from the previous book, Four/John makes an unlikely ally in Adam, a Mogadorian who gained the Legacy of One and turned traitor to his people (you can read more about this in the mini novels). He quickly joins the team and uses his inside information to help the Garde make a full throttle assault on the Mogadorian command base near Washington, DC. Little do they know they're plans might be too little too late...Meanwhile, Ella has been kidnapped by the Mogadorian leader, and while he tries to turn her to his side, she discovers a shocking truth about her true origins. Finally, Six, Nine, and Marina make their way through the Everglades, trying to track down Five, who turned traitorous. Eventually, all our parties will come together, and end the book on the most shocking, nail-biting cliffhanger of all.

At this point, the characters are pretty much fully developed, so there's not much to say about them. From this time onward, it's really the plot that's constantly throwing new info and surprises at us; making the threat of invasion bigger and more wide spread. And just when you think the situation can't get any worse, it does. One thing I would highly recommend is to also read the mini novels that've been released alongside the main novels. More and more, the main story is starting to reference events that happened in the side stories, and this book especially is full of them. So if you find yourself confused at times while reading this, or wonder "well this kind of came out of nowhere", now would probably be a good time to speed read through the mini books. They're not very long and can clear up a lot of confusion and/or unanswered questions.

Bottom line, I can't wait for the final book to see how this exciting storyline will all come to an end.
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on September 15, 2014
I absolutely loved the first 4 books in this series, but got disappointed with this one. I won't write any content-spoilers, only my opinion about this book.

First, the book contains a few elements which, for me, are very illogical and do not go well with the spirit of this series. Second, there's hardly any relation between the name of the book and its contents (in contrast with the first 4 books). And finally, the book seems to end "in the middle" - it doesn't look anything like an end (again, in contrast with the first 4 books). I turned the page, expecting to read the next chapter, only to find out that there are no more chapters - the next page was actually an appendix...

All that said, there is some big surprise in this book, which fits very well.
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on November 4, 2014
I couldn,t wait for this book to come out. Up until the point each book was exciting and unpredictable and fun to read, this installment was not. I'm not sure if an understudy. Also with this collection just as the Percy Jackson line I don,t see an end to them not because the sagas don't have an end I do believe both readers are concerned about the money to be made (which is no problem when each is installment is better than the last) they may want to concern themselves with the fan base loosing favor with them. Keep in mind seven is not located as of yet and the war is starting...sigh. When the next book come out I think I'll wait a year or so when it be found on paperback or on sale for the iPad.
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on April 12, 2015
It's a massive improvement from the fourth book. For starters, the writing is leagues better than the last one, and even slightly better than the third book. Same goes for the characters, and I liked seeing some characters come back

It's story is great, despite a few minor plot holes. While were on that subject, the book actually does an ok job clearing up past plot holes.

Only two problems with it: 1. I wish Adam and Marina got more attention, especially when Marina was actually barely in the book, and Adam got a lot less respect than he deserved. But really, that's a nitpick.
2. Five's defecting of the Mogadorians, though interesting, is a tad rushed. and for that matter, how the flying heck did he survive a fall from the higher atmosphere? I know he was in steel form, but I still think Five should be dead! oh well.

Cliffhanger? What can I say, it frustrates me, but at the same timeI think it is one of the most well executed cliff hanger endings I have ever seen. Would most definitely teach Veronica Roth how to write one *coughcough*
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on February 13, 2015
I have enjoyed the other books in the series, so I was really waiting for this amazing addition to this amazing series . This is probably the best one yet because you discover more about characters that really had no introduction in the first place. There is also a substantial amount of action than normal which for a series that has not had much action, is good for the fans. You see a side of Ella that was not shown in the previous books.

After, Five betrayed the others in in Fall of Five, the group searches for the aircraft that he left on. What they later find changes what they think and surprises them. Four, John , and NIne team up with the government to kill a politician helping Setrakus Ra by giving him place to be greeted. Six, Marina, and Adam, the Mogadorian who is helping them fight their enemy, go to a Mayan temple to find a secret that they think can help them.Nine and John gets to him and chases him back into his ship. While there they find out that Setrakus has captured Ella.While they think they have lost something occurs that can just save them. Written by Victor, 7th grade
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on August 26, 2014
First off I absolutely love this series. I won't give any plot spoilers. This book really opens up some more character development especially in characters you've wanted to know about. You get more insight to Setrakus Ra and what his whole deal is. And you get to see a different side to Ella. Definitely pick this up if you are a fan to the series or if you just enjoy an incredible sci fi voyage!
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VINE VOICEon September 26, 2014
With an unlikely new ally, John and his crew may have a fighting chance against the invading force of aliens, despite their recent betrayal. And while the previous book’s title was a huge spoiler, the title of this is fairly misleading, as there is no spirit of revenge by Seven or any other character. At least not after they see how Five has been affected by the death at his hands.

Since readers have to wait a year in between each installment and several characters only go by numbers instead of names (making it confusing to keep track of to begin with), I always have to read a recap of what happened before. Thankfully, as I begin reading, most of what happened in the previous novels comes back to me. And these last two installments are easily the best so far.

The Revenge of Seven is the fifth book in the Lorien Legacies. The sixth is rumored to be the last, but there could still be more story left to tell. Each installment uncovers more of the intriguing backstory of the Loriens and the characters become more fleshed out as well. Fast-paced and full of suspense and drama – the intensity grew to another exciting, climactic ending. The next book can’t come soon enough.

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