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on July 18, 2016
This is a wonderful, well-written book that uses plain language and clear logic to explain libertarian ideas and real world economics to ordinary people who may have never had exposure to the philosophy that was the basis for America's founding documents, or ever read anything by John Locke, Alexis de Tocqueville, Henry Hazlitt, or Murray Rothbard.

Dr. Paul wrote the book during his 2007-2008 campaign for the Republican nomination. As usual, it was designed to educate rather than get him elected and put forth some ideas that would clearly be rejected by many on both the right and left. Dr. Paul explains why the average voter must care about liberty and why the debate is not simply economic.

There are seven chapters plus a reading list that individuals who care about liberty can use as a reference that will lead them to further reading that will expand Dr. Paul's ideas and introduce new ones as well as more layers that may be useful to the skeptics.

Early in the book, in his first chapter, titled, "The False Choices of American Politics", he quotes Robert Taft:

"And when I say liberty I do not simply mean what is referred to as "free enterprise." I mean liberty of the individual to think his own thoughts and live his own life as he desires to think and to live; the liberty of the family to decide how they wish to live, what they want to eat for breakfast and for dinner, and how they wish to spend their time; liberty of a man to develop his ideas and get other people to teach those ideas, if he can convince them that they have some value to the world; liberty of every local community to decide how its children shall be educated, how its local services shall be run, and who its local leaders shall be; liberty of a man to choose his own occupation; and liberty of a man to run his own business as he thinks it ought to be run, as long as he does not interfere with the right of other people to do the same thing."

In the same chapter, he points out that it is considered revolutionary to question the accumulation of power in Washington has been good for Americans or to ask basic questions about privacy, police-state actions, social liberty, taxation, etc. Each of these is tied to the original intent and arguments made by America's Founding Fathers. He also points out that people like him are criticized for saying exactly the same things that the Founding Fathers said.

The second chapter is titled, "The Foreign Policy of the Founding Fathers." Dr. Paul begins with Jefferson's first inaugural address, where President Jefferson called for, "Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none," and reminds us that George Washington had said essentially the same thing.

George Washington's Farewell Address

Ironically, he cites George Bush, who ran against Gore on the idea of a modest foreign policy that the Founding Fathers would have approved of and called for avoiding the nation building that was favoured by progressives. It was Bush, not Gore, who had said, "And let us have an American foreign policy that reflects American character. The modesty of true strength. The humility of real greatness." Of course, Bush rejected his own advice after 9/11 and Americans are still living with the consequences. I was particularly pleased with the emphasis that he gave to John Quincy Adams when he went beyond his often cited quote that America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. Add to that the Henry Clay quote, which I did not expect given Dr. Paul's problem with Clay on other issues and the reference to Richard Cobden, and the second chapter is worth the price of the Kindle version on its own.

Dr. Paul makes it clear that the critics of noninterventionism are hypocrites because they do not extend their argument against the policies recommended and followed by America's Founding Fathers. He also deals a fatal blow to the neocons by pointing out that 9/11 and other events have been caused by blowback from policies that they have not just supported but in many cases created.

 Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism
Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire (American Empire Project)

I think that many readers who are not familiar with the concept may benefit from the discussion on the just-war tradition. Conservative Christians may particularly be interested in understanding why their position is in conflict with a Christian tradition that has been around since the fourth century.

I will not cover the other five chapters other than to say that all are worth reading very carefully. I would also take a close look at Dr. Paul's reading list because there are a number of great books on it that I have found very useful.
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on March 1, 2017
I started with End the Fed, but I think this was probably a better place to start.

As with End the Fed, Ron Paul is very clear when some things could have been too hard to understand without prior information about the subject (The Constitution, economics & the Federal Reserve).

Before reading Ron Paul & reading & watching other sources, I was a cookie-cutter feminist liberal, pro-choice even though my own beliefs made me uncomfortable, but I was told it was a woman's right, & just because I did not want that right I did not feel I could take it away from someone else. I did not know what went into abortions, particularly stillbirth & DnE abortions; & I never realized the cognitive dissonance I was experiencing. But what right do I have to take another life? What right does anyone have to take the life of a being capable of suffering? Babies have been documented of feeling pain starting at 3 months.

I felt like 2 chapters of the book (Money: The Forbidden Issue in American Politics & The Chickens Come Home to Roost) were quite similar, but I guess I understand why he did that.

Some of his quotes in this book are brilliant, I love "Truth is treason in the empire of lies." -RP

Anyway, I regret not reading of Ron Paul sooner, he is an absolutely brilliant man, and my deepest regret is not voting for him. I looked into it when I was younger, but I was so blinded by what I was told through the education system. I wish I had read his books sooner.
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on January 15, 2017
This is an excellent introductory look at the platform of Libertarianism. Ron Paul has put forth a concise wealth of political insight.

A deep understanding of our current state of affairs and the Libertarian platform requires much further reading on natural law, economics, and morality; but, as I said, this is the perfect introductory work, which should spur you to seek out knowledge from more sources. (See Dr. Paul's reading list at the end of this book).

Offer this to your unabashedly Liberal or Conservative friends. I can't imagine how someone could read this book (with an open mind) and NOT be even slightly persuaded toward Libertarianism.

Note: this book was written circa 2008. Obviously, a lot has changed in America and in the world. Keep this in mind while reading, as certain aspects now seem dated. (In particular, I think his reference to Islamic terrorism, its nature and its causation, falls into this category. With the rise of ISIS and the now-insignificance of al-Qaeda since 2008, there is more to be considered.)
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on April 7, 2017
I have purchased and read The Revolution: A Manifesto before and highly recommend it to anyone interested in government, politics or history. I have actually given away my a couple of copies years ago and decided it was time to order a new one for my collection. As a huge fan of Dr. Ron Paul, I thought it would be nice to own a signed copy of this great book but upon searching, saw they were all quite expensive. I wished and prayed that I could own a signed copy of The Revolution but ultimately, decided that I could not afford the expense at this moment and opted instead to order a random used copy from Amazon.

Imagine my surprise when I went to the mailbox, opened up my package, cracked open my new copy of The Revolution and discovered that IT WAS SIGNED BY DR. RON PAUL!!!!!!!! It turns out the well, read and used copy of the book I ordered was part of a Borders signed book promotion! I can't believe how blessed I am to have received this signed copy of this book, it's just so crazy that I can't help but to shake my head in disbelief!

I am EXTREMELY satisfied with my purchase and this book is now safe with me forever and a shining source of pride in my library.
review image review image
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on January 11, 2017
One of the first books I ever read when I get involved in the studies of political science and the government, and another huge subject I had to reteach myself, which was American history. That subject was taught one-sided to my generation in particular. I am now 31 and I read this around 6 years ago and still remember how much this changed my attitude towards the status-quo. Thank you Ron Paul for yet another great book. I recommend this to any new fan of Ron Paul easily and if you do not know much about him and you are someone that was Democrat but now turned Independent or just plain open minded, this is where you learn something, in this book and his other great reads like "End The Fed" and "Liberty Defined." Both of those are 5 star books as well.
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on June 8, 2008
Ron Paul has written this book as more than a "campaign" book.
It's a warning detailing just how far we have strayed as a nation founded on the Constitution.

He exposes the lunacy of calling that all important document a "living Constitution". The only reason anyone calls it that is to avoid the amendment process in favor of judicial interpretation.

Here are some of the topics Dr. Paul addresses in "The Revolution - A Manifesto".
The military draft-abortion-racism-the death penalty-transfer of wealth-free trade-the war on drugs-health care-foreign aid.
All these topics are addressed from a Constitutional view point.

Ron Paul also gives some brief history lessons on foreign policy errors and the consequences attached to them.

I suggest buying the book,reading it and passing it around as much as possible! I bought the book in part because the waiting list at the library is too long, it's that popular of a book!
Another bonus is the reading list of books at the end of the book.
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on May 23, 2012
As an alien I have always viewed the electoral process and candidates with distrust. At 65, I am at last hopeful for a government by the people, that is for the people.
Ron Paul spells his plan out. He doesn't talk down but talks in a matter of fact manner, explaining topics that have bored most of us until now. He urges us to learn as much as we can so that we may continue his non-violent revolution. (There is a reading list at the end of the book). His book clarifies points made in his speeches and thereby refutes accusations that his ideas are "dangerous". He shares a concern for the poor, even those we have viewed as enemies. His care for American soldiers has been reciprocated by them, so that most election donations from active and retired military go to him. He tells the truth about our economy and warns that if we don't act now, America is a goner, since much of our debt is foreign owned and we borrow $2 billion a day from China and Japan. He would treat drug users as patients, not criminals, reminding us that Prohibition did not work. He would begin to resolve our national debt, by bringing soldiers back from 130 foreign countries. (he wonders why American soldiers are still in Germany after 70 years). He believes that America was attacked on 9/11 because we were occupying the countries of the Middle East not because of religious idealogy.
'The Revolution: A Manifesto' is a tiny but meaty book. Paul has garnered the most unexpected fans from the extreme left to the extreme right. The largest group of them are the young, who will perpetuate his revolution. If only I could have obtained 20 of the books at the price of $3.95, I would be distributing them and then purchasing more.
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on April 18, 2014
Ron Paul could not made more sense than how sad of shape this country really is in! From the arrogance of the 2 Party's (Liberals/Conservatives) to the condition and status of our currency... And how much more Police & Goverment does the American
tax payer need, and the federal reserve, printing more money out of thin air. Brace yourself America!!! After the Global Currency Reset
H.R.2847, July1st 2014...Can you Say Hyperinflation! And get ready for the Renembi to be the next world currency. China is now the worlds
largest reserve.
Bush debt, 4-9 trillion Obama debt. 9-17 trillion. Carl Sagan refers to this as a "googolplex" when the number of zero's becomes in comprehensible to understand or control. The American standard of living as you know today is going to change... and not for the good.
Hold on, the ride is going to get rough.
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on December 16, 2014
Explains the current problems with government, law, and the monetary system in the United States. It provides a libertarians view on how things should be in order to sustain a peaceful world all while respecting the rights of everyone around the world. Our governments leaders have been leading us in the wrong direction for decades and things need to change for the better. The lack of a real education in our schooling system is a real problem we face that affects our decisions we make as a Republic. My kids will be reading this book when they are old enough and hopefully they will understand the effects of war and unfair policies we force on other countries. I pray that Americans open their eyes and listen more closely and read this book as well as other books out there that follow the same peaceful message that Ron Paul shares.
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on August 16, 2014
We have been saying it for many years now.
Back in the 90's it was Randy Weaver and Ruby Ridge, then David Koresh and Waco.
Then came Rodney King.
And now Ferguson.
It is sad, America IS a police state.
Back then they called us extreme and paranoid.
I think America is waking up, but as usual it's too late.
We need someone like Ron Paul to be president.
Unfortunately, no matter how likeable Obama is, we have just been rationalizing his actions for the last 6 years, nothing more.
If a black president can't bring justice to the people, who can?
Is he proof of the invisible government behind the Ostensible government that even Teddy Roosevelt talked about?
I don't know, but America has become a police state -- full stop.
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