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on May 25, 2011
as a person who does not have cable, i had watched the live broadcast on abc with little complaint other than the early hour. that being said, the bbc coverage is far preferable!

this dvd may not be presented in hd, however the quality is top drawer. it begins minutes before princes william and harry depart for the ceremony, and concludes with the balcony kiss (kisses). one of the best features of the complete coverage is the sparing use of commentary. it was a perfect amount of information without being bothersome.

for some reason watching the dvd made me more choked up than watching it live did! ah, the human brain. or my human brain.

the other great part about this dvd is the extra feature on william and catherine's courtship. as with all other things bbc, it is a solid piece and a welcome addition to the already affordable dvd.

i am certain i will purchase not only an extra copy for myself, but a couple extras to send to relatives.

i can not recommend this highly enough!
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on August 9, 2012
I purchased this DVD largely because the wedding ceremony was beautifully executed, and the music was chosen and performed brilliantly. Additional narration would have made viewing the ceremony more enjoyable.

Another disappointment I had with this version of the wedding cerermony itself is that many human interest "touches," noticeable when this ceremony was available for viewing on the Royal Channel, had been edited out.

My most important problem with this DVD is as follows: the DVD I received was flawed. It contains a program about the wedding ceremony and a program about the development of the relationship between Prince William and Miss Middleton.

During my playing of this latter program, the playback simply stops at a certain point, and I can not make it go forward.

I called Customer Service at and requested a replacement copy. When the replacement copy arrived, I played it. I found exactly the same flaw.

I contacted Customer Service a second time to resolve this issue.

My experience with this DVD persuades me to believe that other flawed copies are probably in circulation. In other words, I ask that whatever company produced these DVDs be asked to check its stock and discard other flawed copies of this DVD.

When a perfectly manufactured copy of this DVD becomes available for sale, I would like to purchase a copy of it. has an e-mail address for me on file. I ask that, when Amazon has a flawless copy available for sale, Amazon send me a message to that effect.

In its advertising, proclaims that it is striving to provide excellent customer service. In what I have written above, I am offering an opportunity to prove that its advertising means what it says.

My thanks to anyone who reads thhis review.

The Royal Wedding: William & Catherine
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on June 22, 2011
Great dvd - HOWEVER, there was no footage of the bride and groom driving off to Clarence House in the Aston Martin car - SO DISAPPOINTING!!!!!! It was one of the loveliest parts of the day. Also, given that this is the BBC, there should have been some news footage of the two princes greeting the crowds the night before the wedding and there are bits missing from the ceremony,such as when the father of the bride lifted her veil, lovely moment, again, not on the dvd. WHY NOT?????? They could have made this a 2 disc dvd and had the BBC news footage from the day before, day of the wedding and also the day after when the newlyweds got in a helicopter to fly off for a private weekend. It is a nice dvd but could have been so much better!!!!!!!
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on July 17, 2011
I love watching the wedding of William and Kate again...and again...and again. I enjoyed the BBC's coverage of the wedding on this DVD, they did very well. I live in the U.S., California to be exact, and I watched the wedding coverage on ABC. ABC showed Kate's mother and brother arrive at Westminster, this DVD does not, and that angered me a bit. When you watch the wedding many times you are able to see small things that are a bit funny, they are listed below.

1. Prince William seems a bit impatient, or concerned about the time schedule, when he tells his brother as they begin walking to the abbey, "Come on Harry." I guess Prince Harry was taking too long talking to the guy who greeted them when they got out of the car.
2. As the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and Camilla line up before walking down the aisle to their seats, Camila takes a while to figure out where to stand. She begins by standing way ahead of Prince Charles and then she backs up to stand near him, all the while Prince Charles seems puzzled as he notices how far away she is standing.
3. Once Kate arrives to stand by William, Prince Harry is staring at her like he wants to eat her.
4. As William is saying his vows, you can see his cousin, Peter Philips, in the background smirking a bit.
5. When Kate's sister, Pippa, walks away with the bouquet you can see the Queen staring at her intently, why, I don't know.
6. While The Address is being read and William and Kate are sitting down after their vows, you can see Kate stare aimlessly a couple times, its like smile girl you just married a prince!
7. William, in my opinion, was supposed to put on his hat and gloves before walking out the doors of Westminster, not at the carriage, that angered me. Prince Charles put on his hat and gloves before he walked out the door when he got married.
8. When William got into the carriage, he sat on the opposite side, his poor nerves. You can see two of the guys standing near the carriage smiling at the fact that he sat on the wrong side in the carriage.
9. Once William and Kate arrive at Buckingham Palace you can see William do a really deep sigh just before the carriage stops, watch closely.

I really didn't have to purchase this DVD online, I saw it at a Best Buy while it was being shipped to me, darn. I hope some of you also notice the small things during the wedding that I found funny. I give the DVD 5 stars because BBC does well with the coverage, I didn't need any extras or pop up bubbles with information, I already know a lot about the couple, family, and guests.
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on September 17, 2015
The Best DVD of the Royal Wedding BBC Coverage is the Best 😀 & u also recieve the Extra Engagement Will & Cath but Is so Much More ! How they met about Cate family I also have the Collector Book The same Picture Front as the DVD I Highly Recomend it also . the Beautiful Images of the Abbey & seeing Will Harry leaving for the Abbey I never saw on US coverage a Must Buy for any Royal Collector 😀
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on September 22, 2011
I think the reason they may not have shown Michael lifting her veil may have been because they wanted to give him the very last oppertunity to do something for his daughter before she officially entered the public eye. Any channel that records programmes & releases DVDs / videotapes on Diana or Prince William should be given credit

Guys they may have cut the DVD short but if all the companies who released wedding DVDs like these had more then one disc in the pack & released more than one multiple disc pack (such as Lifetime who released a 3 disc pack & another 2 disc pack) they'd all be very expensive and they wouldnt be unique and only one would actually be purchased from one company only.

Therefore if someone doesnt have a TV box (such as Starhub)to record it or forgets to record it they're the ones that lose out. OK let me put it this way to yeh. LIVE AID released a single 52 minute DVD & a 4 DVD boxset. Not ALL of the concert was recorded between those 5 discs Why? Well as regards it people wouldnt have bought them because they would have been too expensive & the purpose of these DVDs would have been lost because no money would have been made for the poor people in Africa

If somebody is in a situation where they dont have a TV box like Star Hub ask your friends or family to burn what's on their TV box from the wedding onto DVDs for you
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on December 12, 2014
The Royal Wedding DVD that I received yesterday December 11th (of William and Catherine) did not have
its original wrapping! The DVD was wiped clean but to no avail the DVD was having a hard time as Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Phillip road in their Rolls Royce to the wedding at Westminster Abbey, No sound and the DVD creeped along trying to read the picture. Fast forward did not work! The Wedding is good color but too much creeping and not sound! I was not able to finish this spectacular event!! Cannot return it because I opened the cover!!! The money was not well spent AT ALL!
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on March 31, 2012
This must be the official version approved by the Royal Family. It is an excellent keepsake. It starts at the right point, with coverage of Prince William & Kate's wedding from the Hotel where Kate & her father are preparing to leave while the Rolls Royce waits outside. Then it switches scenes to Prince Willaim and the royals leaving the palace headed for Westminister Abbey. Covers all of them in the procession through the streets of London heading to Westminister Abbey to the entrance of the church. It covers the wedding procession inside the chruch, and then the street procession back to Buckingham Palace, and ends at the right point where Kate & William exchange the long-awaited kiss on the balcony, while the Royal Air Force fly overhead in salute. Some quiet narration here and there, but not disruptive. I say "Buy it".
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on June 1, 2016
This is a wonderful BBC complete ceremony of William and Catherine. However, when it was televised live, this video does not show when Catherine's Father lifted her veil and some of the commentary leading up to their marriage. However, besides these little details it is fantastic and I have re-watched it several times and continue to enjoy each time.
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on December 17, 2014
If you're a big royals fan, you'll want this. I tend to like the BBC News much more than the news we have here in America, so I was excited to see what the commentary had been like in the UK on that day. I got this as a stocking stuffer for my royals-loving roommate, and we had a blast reliving the day together!
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