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on April 2, 2017
Ouch..ouch ouch ouch. Neil is a frikken genius, I saw this when it was released and lo these many years, it still makes me chuckle. I think you need to be in the early to mid 50s to get this,or just really, really , really cool. Know what I mean. know what I mean,nudge nudge , wink , wink.
Do you have any cheese? This Parrot........
Its 10 05 and time for the penguin on top of your television to did he know that was gonna happen? ..lucky guess...ooooh
I know these were not Neil quotes, but I am not right in the head, and I lost track of my review of this movie, which is great, I was just thinking of stuff and writing a review of a movie I really like and,.. and , well I wasn't expecting a sort of Spanish inquisition..
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on February 21, 2011
OK, just think of the "mathematical possibilties" here: this was produced by Lorne Michaels, the guy who produced (well...still does, actually) "Saturday Night Live" while it was still genuinely funny; it was written by Eric Idle, probably Monty Python's brightest light, who also "co"-co-starred as the narrator and as (giggle) "Dirk McQuickly," obvciously patterned after...well, I have to tell you "who," you're beyond hope; Neil Innes, late of the brilliant "Bonzo Doo Dah Dog Band" played the Lennon character, & was also responsible for the DIRECT HIT-SPOT ON musical score, which serves both as a parody and a genuine memorial to the Beatles' music; former Beach Boy Rikki Fataar did the Harrison character & played his parts, musical and satirical, brilliantly and correctly; and actor/musician John Halsey was the "Ringo,"perfect in size and talent. And George Harrison gave "the Rutles" both his blessing, and he played a small cameo as an interviewer in the movie
To say that the music is satirical is to completely miss the point. Innes, along with his own band, had served as the "music director" for Monty Python (that's him singing "the mighty brave Sir Robin ran away/when danger reared its ugly head, he turned and tucked his tail and fled" in "Holy Grail," too), and his absorption of all FOUR Beatles musical talent & tastes made the music for the Rutles sound frightenly like an "undiscovered Beatles album." My personal favorites are "Good Times Roll" with the lyirc, "like ice in a drink/invisible ink/or dreams in the cold light of day/the children of rock and roll never grow old, they just fade away," "Get Up and Go" which, according to legend, kind of "bugged" John Lennon, due to its near direct "reflection" of "Get Back." And the best song on the record/tape/cd, your call, is "Piggy In The Middle." If you are making a "personal tape" or cd or something, and you sequence "Piggy In The Middle" immediately after "I Am The Walrus," honestly, it sounds like the Beatles "paused briefly," dropped the key of the song down two steps, and continued with a fourth & fifth verse. Brilliant. I had the opportunity to view this on/in its inital incarnation as a TV special with a Beatles fanatic. My buddy had warned me that he'd "86 th' TV if it got too stupid." Evidentally, it didn' the end of the viewing, we both had our acoustic guitars, and were madly trying to learn/remember the material.
Again, this isn't satire: it's more of a reverential "thank you" letter... I gave it "5 Stars" because "500 Stars" wasn't an option.
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on September 23, 2013
What do you get when you combine Beatlemania, with Monte Python and the 1970's cast of Saturday Night Live? Pure comic genius. I remember watching this on TV in the 1970's with my brother and we laughed so hard we were crying. I have watched this many, many, times since then and I always enjoy introducing it to people who have never seen it. This movie deserves cult status. I love that George Harrison participates in the satire--a wonderful illustration of his sense of humor! I owned this in VHS and was thrilled to be able to buy the DVD version. Don't miss this masterful spoof of Beatlemania. The music is so good, you'd swear it was the Beatles. Clever, clever, clever!
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on August 7, 2014
Only the crustiest Beatles fans will take offense to this film. Even George Harrison got in on the joke (he makes a cameo appearance along with Paul Simon, Mick Jagger, and a host of others). Expect Monty Pythoneque humor (this was an Eric Idle project that started out as a Saturday Night Live skit; it proved so popular that the hobby horse ran off with its rider). Fun and silly. The music would not survive the test of time if it weren't for the Beatles songs it parodies; that said, the songs created for this send-up were well played and produced... and they are funny... not always intrinsically so, but in the context of the film.
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on February 26, 2006
When I saw this movie on public television in 1978, I knew even then that this was the quintessential rock and roll parody. It was released five years before "This is Spinal Tap." If you follow along carefully, the historical (hysterical) references in this movie are dead-on accurate, although convuluted in the extreme of parody. For example, the Beatles mystical trek to India was parodied as a Rutles trip to a small town in England by train, where they became involved with a mystic that looked like an undersized and undersexed accountant. Brian Epstein's death was parodied as Leggy Mountbatten's (charmed by their trousers) tragic decision to move to Australia where he accepted a teaching position. One would think that the Beatles documentary movie entitled "The Compleat [sic!] Beatles," which almost mirrors "The Rutles" change by change, chronologically preceded The Rutles...but NO. "The Compleat Beatles followed "The Rutles" by several years, suggesting that "The Rutles," despite its parody, actually served as an accurate chronogram of The Beatles. Besides the dry and silly wit, the parody, and the ostensible historical accuracy, the music was spectacular!! Neil Innes (aka Ron Nasty in the movie) created a CD worth of music in two weeks for that film...and it was, in my opinion, absolute genius. Besides the steely integrity and high quality of the soundtrack, the music harked strongly back to the Beatles--but not so much via copying lyrics and riffs, but by melding styles and lyrical constructs that suggested rather than copied different Beatles songs to make unique music that stands on its own merit as Rutles music (although a precious few songs did sound very much like one particular Beatles song). The lyrics to each song tended to parody a corresponding Beatles song, or even a set of several Beatles songs--lyrically and conceptually. One has to be a Beatles freak to really understand that, but if one is, then one will get it. The follow up CD was equally TWO great CDs worth of music to go along with the classic 1978 movie. The fact that an array of stars were in this movie, to include original SNL greats, members of the Beatles and Rolling Stones, and more than one Monty Python member, was secondary to the parody itself. The concepts tended to eccentricity and were oft times abstract, as exemplified by the parody of George Harrison's character being a super-reticent Indian fellow. This was also noted by the Yoko Ono parody. Her character was not Japanese, but instead--German, i.e., from another "axis" country, wearing a Gestapo uniform and being characterized as the daughter of the " who invented World War II..." All in all, "The Rutles--All You Need is Cash" is not the BEST move ever made, but it is up there and it is my FAVORITE movie due to the extreme parody, my appreciation of the Beatles, the superb cast, and the great accompanying music. Although "This is Spinal Tap" is extraordinarily great in its own right--both the movie and the music...Rob Reiner, the creator of Spinal Tap, still should pay Eric Idle and Neil Innes royalties for peeling the crux of the ideas for "Tap" from The Rutles concept. For major fans of the Rutles, there is the 25th anniversary follow-up to "All You Need Is Cash," a re-hash of the original with a few new wrinkles, to include an array of new interviews with an eclectic array of star entertainers that bolster the parody concept. However, for the less enthusiastic fan of The Rutles, the follow-up movie would be nearly useless. It really is difficult for me to stop gushing over the greatness of The Rutles, but I guess this apotheosis for "The Rutles-All You Need is Cash," has to end some time, and will do so right here, but not before I admit to the world that I, indeed, have participated in the ritual drinking of tea--and lots of it.
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on April 15, 2013
I would have to say, this film is nothing short of absolute hilarity with tons of dark humor and slapstick comedy that was brilliantly constructed by some of the Saturday Night Live crew, a few of the Monty Python troupe and features cameos from Paul Simon, Mick Jagger, Ron Wood, Bianca Jagger and even George Harrison. Based loosely around a paradic take on the Beatles, the Rutles story is full on satire at its finest, and I would say this film formed the basis of Christopher Guest, Rob Reiner and Michael McKean's project Spinal Tap(another hilarious send up about washed up rock stars). For fans of campy, goofy and nonsensical humor, All You Need is Cash is highly entertaining and I would dare say is a lost gem that begs to be rediscovered. Check it out!
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on August 31, 2013
I hadn't seen this movie in decades and didn't remember it being as funny as it is. Of course, in those intervening years, I have learned a lot more about the Beatles and those years that this film spoofs, so perhaps I've picked up on a lot of the subtle humour that I didn't understand when I initially saw the film. It's a very short movie but I think that's to its advantage, in that there is never a lull in the gags. Other reviewers have given clues to the details so I won't rehash those here--I just want to say that I am very pleased with this movie.
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on April 7, 2015
Like "Spinal Tap", this is a very funny send-up/mockumentary of the rock music business. The humor is not laugh-out-loud funny for the most part, but is subtlely hilarious. The music is exceedingly well done by Neil Innes and Eric Idle wrote a great script. The cameos by Mick Jagger and MANY other "real celebritys" also spice up the film about the "Pre-Fab Four" mightily. If you are aware of the Beatles history, you will enjoy this film a lot.
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on August 9, 2014
All I can say is this movie is fantastically funny! Even though this is supposed to be a parody, the songs are so good they can stand alone as it's own album. I haven't seen this movie since I was a kid, and I can still remember most of the songs, so I am tickled pink to be able to have this movie on DVD. Of course the price was fantastic, and the seller got it delivered with a quickness. I'm VERY happy with the seller, and would definitely recommend them, I'm also really happy with Amazon because this movie is just great!
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on May 19, 2015
Great movie about a parody of The Beatles. Even the songs are great mock up Beatle songs.
Eric Idle is great as the guy telling the story of The Rutles and also plays Paul McCartney.
Almost all of the original cast of Saturday Night Live in it. Also Mick Jagger, Paul Simon. Even George Harrison and the future MN U.S. Senator Al Franken has a cameo. If you like the songs you can get the soundtrack.
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