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on June 1, 2010
Having so little time for reading, I'm amazed at myself for reading this book from cover to cover. I've been reading it each night before going to sleep, often with a flashlight under the covers so as not to keep my husband from sleeping. That should be enough to tell you that I find this a thoroughly fascinating book. I only hope Dr. Hamilton will write another one for us.

Now, about the critics of this book, here are my comments:

One has simply to go to the University of Arizona website to find a Dr. Allan J Hamilton,brain surgeon. The information given regarding his education matches that stated in the book, "The Scalpel and the Soul". What doesn't match is his picture! At first I thought perhaps the writer of the book was an imposter stealing the identity of the doctor at U of A. But, when I went to the website Allan [...], there was a picture of Dr. Hamilton that looked very much like the one on the U of A site. So, the one on the U of A site is of Hamilton when he was quite young. Apparently, they are leaving it up, even though he is no longer at the University due to his own medical problem. The picture of Allan on his own website shows him a bit older, and the one in the book and also on the "A Second Chance" site has him with longer hair and whitish beard. But in all the pictures his hair is parted in the same manner. It is possible to see these are all the same person.

I'm convinced Dr. Hamilton is for real and I'm the wife of a retired U of Idaho professor whose brother spent his entire career teaching mathematics at the University of Arizona, which is neither here nor there except that I've probably taken on some of their natural skeptisism.

Another point regarding authenticity is Dr. Andrew Weil's endorsement. Could anyone believe that a guy would put a celebrity on the inside cover of his book without permission and then fake the endorsement? Really!

As for the matter of a Pam Reynolds being the real Miss Sarah Gideon, a woman who had an incredible experience while being, for all intents and purposes, dead during surgery to repair an anurism, one needs only to look up the near death experience of Pam Reynolds, online....oh, and read it. The experience of Pam Reynolds is totally different than that of Sarah Gidoen. Their ages are close, 35 and 34 and they both had anurisms in their brains. I believe these are two different and amazing cases.

But, if you who wrote the one star criticisms must be skeptical, then so be it. I feel, however, that your skepticism, this time, is misguided. Just remember, no matter how the universe and all that is in it, and all the other universes believed to exist, no matter how their existense is explained, the explanations are fantastic! Quite unbelievable, don't you think? How 'bout the big bang theory. If you're going to accept it, you have to accept the part about the thing that exploded and that it was the size of a pea, a very, very, very, very dense one!

All the explanations require us to take them on faith. They are all way out there! But.....there is an explanation that is correct. For me, this book is a big help in my search for proof of life after life since I find Dr. Hamilton to be credible given his career as a brain surgeon. And there's nothing like a credible witness.
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on July 15, 2011
WOW!!! I just finished Allen Hamilton's book, and I am absolutely blown away!!! As a physician, I am so grateful to have someone in my field discuss the issues he
addresses so beautifully in this book. As the mother of a child who was never expected to live (for many years of her life), he validates all of my experiences in watching her overcome overwhelming obstacle after overwhelming obstacle. And as one who has benefitted tremendously from my studies with a Sufi Master, and my marriage to a man who was a Tibetan Buddhist monk for 17 years, he echoes spiritual "truths" which I have experienced personally. This is as good as it gets!!!
I lack words to recommend this book as highly as it deserves!
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on February 19, 2016
One of the finest books I have read. This is a very in depth well written book that I have loaned to several members of my book club. Everyone liked this book! I have also given this as a Christmas Gift.
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on April 19, 2017
Fantastically readable, repurchased due to lost to friend. 2009 Book, Fantastic read that will touch your soul. Writer is MD Neurosurgeon. Great condition from letter, celephane wrap. Pristine, giftable condition.
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on February 27, 2013
Dr. Hamilton writes this book as a series of interesting short stories about unusual and sometimes spiritual encounters he has had related to his work with patients. It is often spiritual but not religious. Dr Hamilton wrestles with the questions of the supernatural or unusual encounters with out declaring answers other than his own personal opinion. However, he does explain the medical issues of every story with some detail and in a way that is easily understood by the rest of us. The last chapter of the book is like an addendum called "Rules to live by." It is an excellent list of helpful rules to consider for anyone facing medical issues of their own.

To Dr. Hamilton's surprise this book has been very useful to many chaplains working in hospital settings, oncology centers and hospice. At my invitation, he came to Univ. of Washington Medical Center to speak about this book. His audience included medical personnel, some families of cancer pts, and a contingency of medical chaplains. He was most helpful in answering our questions, and inspiring us to notice our own supernatural or mysterious encounters in life. I use this often in my work as a hospice chaplain, not because it tells anyone what to believe (since it doesn't) but because it invites the exploration of mystery when there is an absence of belief. It is a book of hope.
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on April 15, 2017
Fascinating and compelling book. The author's honest recount of his life experiences is refreshing and thought provoking.
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on March 31, 2011
Dr. Hamilton,

I heard your interview on NPR a while back and immediately ordered your book. Life got in the way for a while, but I picked up your book on Sunday night and I have read it non stop. It is my favorite book of 2011. I just posted comments on my FB account to make sure my circle of friends know about the book and will hopefully read.

Roughly a year and a half ago, I left my 20 years technology sales job because I was continued to called to my passion for the mixture of medicine and alternative medicine. I am not a doctor nor will I ever be, but something has been pulling me to find my place in this space. I pursued a masters degree in organizational development and coaching, but my real interest was to be a health coach. I am now pursuing additional certification to be a health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. The program has far exceeded my wildest expectations. I have followed and known of Dr. Weil's program for years and have made friends with the Doctors in town that have been through his program. So I have been circling around this space for years.

I also recently started to audit seminary class that is reading the Bible from beginning to end. Having been raised Catholic, this is new ground for me to be covering In the 6 months and 2/3rds the way through the Old Testament I am having daily occurrences of miracles. My understanding and faith of God's role in my life and spirituality continues to reveal itself to me. This has been a very wild and unexpected journey.

So your book is in absolute alignment with what my world is becoming. Most of all thank you for your last chapter of your book where you describe the patience it takes to transform your life from what you know to something new and unknown. I am in the mist of that transformation. Your book rekindled the fire in my belly to know I am on the right path albeit the path is a bit murky somedays. Thank you for being brave enough to write this book and share your stories with the world. I am hoping your medical community is more supportive than critical of you and this book. My wish is for ever medical person to read this book, it would certainly change the face of medicine.

Thank you again for writing this book and best wishes to you and your new adventure.
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on July 27, 2017
Interesting. Keeps one gripped by the narrative, but leaves one increasingly dubious as his tale unfolds.
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on March 20, 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed this book on many levels. The individual stories were interesting, even though some were a little hard to read at times. But that very fact gave me a whole new respect for Dr.s..... I had never really thought about what their day to day life might be like, especially those doing trauma medicine or constant high risk surgeries...... and how they have to learn to deal with it on a personal level.

Then this book appealed to me on a spiritual level also (the real reason I downloaded it)..... real life encounters with other than physical realities is always fascinating for me.

This book was very well, written and a great read.
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on March 4, 2017
Superb collection of near spiritual works. Well written and inspirational. Wish all physicians would practice in this fashion.
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