Customer Reviews: The Science of Getting Rich
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on May 22, 2000
Ladies and Gentlemen, this book will without any doubt change your life, by changing your mind about the concept of "money". So many of us were brought up with the idea of money as a finite resource, which you had to compete for. This book is desgined to release every preconcieved idea that is holding us all back from wealth.
The basic premise of this book is that becoming wealthy is a science, that once understood, and replicated will create wealth in everyone's life. Wealth is as infinite as the creative mind. Create ideas, take action and abundance will flow.
I have read over 200 books on success and wealth, before I read this book. Nothing I had read upto this point had such an incrediblely profound effect on my wealth, because it changed my misconceptions on what it took to become wealthy. Within ten months of applying these principles and concepts, I had expedentially increased my income to levels that would had been unthinkable 12 months earlier.
I would reccomend that every student of this book, also read, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Money is Easy by Larry Winget, The Einstien Factor Wenger & Poe, Psyco Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz & Born Rich by Bob Proctor. All these books will enhance your understanding of this incredible book.
The ideas and concepts, once studied and applied will transform your mental approach to money. This is a book that will take you a day to read, but a life-time to understand fully. Give it serious study, and I guarantee you success
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on January 31, 2002
This new release is a reprint of the original 1910 edition of Wallace Wattles' guide to financial success and personal growth. Make sure that you get the new 2002 Iceni Books edition, and not some of the other versions that are around, which have been made unusable by editing. Wattles' book is a true classic in the genre, and it has been mentioned along with such other classics like George Clason's "The Richest Man In Babylon" and Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich." It was always a surprise to me, that this book, in full original title "The Science of Getting Rich or Financial Success Through Creative Thought," is less well-known than the titles mentioned above. While Clason's book, in the essence, is a tale about the workings of exponential growth, and Hill's book is little more than the repetition of the formula, "whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve," in Wattles' book there is much more to be found.
Wattles, like Hill, also emphasizes the importance of using one's power of thought, and one's willpower, as an indispensable ingredient on the way to get rich. But Wattles with his suggestions is way ahead of Hill, because he does not think exclusively along egoistical lines, as does Hill. Throughout the book he warns the reader of acquiring riches in a competitive way, and strongly advises to do any business in a creative way instead. He asserts that the reader should never compete for what is already there, but should instead create something of value, be it a product, or a service. This thought alone is a revelation. Wattles makes unmistakably clear that only in that way it is possible for everyone to get rich. Instead of keeping others down by competition, if you strive to get rich in a creative way, you inspire other people to do so as well, and open up a way for others to follow.
Besides this thought, which is original in how to get rich, and self-help literature, Wattles has much other original, yet always practical, advice for his readers, like how to best get into the right business, how to direct thoughts and actions purposefully, how to convey the impression of personal growth, and much more. I am issuing here, however, some kind of a warning to you: Wattles grounds his science on the ideas of oriental philosophies, which state that there exists one original substance in the universe, where all things originate from. To back up that notion, he mentions that this idea was also held by many western philosophers, like Hegel, and Emerson, and requires the reader to accept the truth of this notion by faith. I cannot say that I am a believer in the one substance, and still, I have learned some of my most important lessons from Wattles. So do not be put off by that esoteric concept, but concentrate instead on the solid foundations of financial and personal success that Wattles hands over to you. I am convinced that Wattles in this book says all that you need for success.
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on April 22, 2007
I watched the first twenty minutes of the DVD of "The Secret" (it's offered free on their website), and thought it was really hokey. It felt like they were trying to make a "Da Vinci Code" production out of it. To my knowledge, no "authorities throughout history" have ever tried to keep "the Secret" (i.e., the Law of Attraction) from humanity.

But I was curious about the book that inspired "The Secret's" creator, so I checked out Wallace Wattles' "The Science of Getting Rich."

Wow! And Super-Wow! Wattles has nailed all the self-help books (all the great ones anyway) that I've ever read and put it all in one slim volume. And I can state confidently, "This is the foundational book for fulfilling your life. You'll never need to read another one about 'getting the life you want.'"

For those of you who doubt, or just plain ridicule, the idea that you can get what you want by simply focusing on it and ceasing to focus on what you DON'T want, I recommend this experiment:

For one week, carry two little notepads with you, everywhere you go. Each notepad should have a different colored cover so they're easily identifiable. Label one "Positive" and the other "Negative."

As you go through your week, every time you hear, see or feel something positive in your surroundings, put a check mark in the "Positive" notepad. Every time you hear, see or feel something negative in your surroundings, put a checkmark in the "Negative" notepad. Do this for EVERYTHING you take in, whether it involves you personally or not--chats with friends, news reports, conversations you overhear on the bus, etc. If you're taking it in, put a checkmark in the appropriate notepad.

Be sure, especially, to include all the entertainment you see or hear. Be conscious of the story, the lyrics, etc. Is the message negative about life no matter how hilarious or thought-provoking it is? (A great example would be "Borat.") If so, put a checkmark in the "Negative" notepad.

At the end of the week, total the checkmarks in each notepad. If you have more negative checkmarks than positive ones (and I suspect you'll have many more), ask yourself how you can possibly get ANYTHING you want from life when you're taking in all that negativity, day after day? The answer is, you can't--because you don't have the Life Energy for it. All that negativity is draining it out of you.

By focusing only on what your heart desires, and believing unconditionally that those things are yours to have, you connect to the Universe which gave you those desires in the first place, and intends for you to fulfill them, in the name of Creation. As Wattles says again and again, the Universe wants you to have these things even more than you do. But you can't connect to the Universe as long as you're filling your head with the noise and negativity of the outside world.

"The Science of Getting Rich" will show you exactly how to "tune out and tune in," so you can have the wonderful life you were created for.

Give it a try. The only thing you've got to lose is a life you never wanted in the first place.
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on July 15, 2001
Dr. Powell has butchered this classic to the point that this copy is not useable. Instead of the clear, simple prose W.D. Wattles wrote, you are left with the mindless drivel that Dr. Powell uses as examples to illustrate Wattles' points. Wattles expressly left out examples, and it was very effective. If you want to read what Wattles wrote, your only choice at this time is to find it elsewhere on the net, as the original version is no longer in print. There are a number of versions of this book floating around, but this one has the least in common with the original.
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on June 24, 2002
A crystal clear look at truth. I would compare this gem to The Game of Life and How to Play It, by Scovel-Shinn (except that it's even better). It is a master piece written by someone who clearly understood (he passed away long ago) the reality behind the illusions of time and space. It could also be categorized as a "New Thought" book.
WARNING... I understand that this title's copyright has expired, therefore there are others who have reprinted this book, making slight modifications that entitle them to add their name as a co-author. Don't go there. Don't let anyone else tell you what Mr. Wattles had to say, because he says it all so well himself in this true reprint!!!
This is a MUST HAVE book!
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on July 4, 1999
This is a wonderful expression of the prosperity consciousness that blossumed at the dawn of the 20th century. The principles set out in the text are universal and timeless. Wattles has synthesized the essence of personal manifestation of wealth in a clear and readable explaination. Wattles instructs the reader how to rise out of a competitive state of mind into a creative allignment with the abundance flowing to us according to universal law. He sets out a simple method of how to adjust our minds to cultivate real financial wealth into our lives. Wattles clarifies the purpose of money and makes a clear case that it is our duty to get rich if we are to more fully express the divine potential in our lives as physical, mental and spiritual beings. The contents of this book inspired me in the short space of six months to first believe that I could, and then go out and create a fortune greater than all my earnings over the past 20 years. For me, the greatest lesson presented in the book is the wisdom with which Wattles clears away the heavy baggage of disempowering ideas associated with spiritually rightous poverty. Wattles teaches that if you wish to make a difference in this world then get rich first! READ THIS BOOK over and over again until its contents soak into your deepest heart of hearts and then with the fortunes you create go out and share your blessings!
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on February 23, 2005
I've often wondered what writers/thinkers influenced Napoleon Hill. I knew he had interviewed/studied successful people, but he never really indicated what authors influenced him. I think I have found one of them. While I haven't come across a definite connection with Napoleon Hill, the similarities in their ideas are unmistakable. What Wattles clearly explains are some very simple but profound principles of how you can use your thought power to create wealth.

It all starts with being definite in your thoughts--clearly and specifically identifying what you want so that your thoughts create those circumstances. Thought is creative. God simply spoke the universe into being. We are created in the image of God. And it is through our thoughts that we create our world. One of the best ways to be definite is to put exactly what you want in writing and review it daily so as to create a clear picture in your mind.

As a Christian, I do not agree entirely with Wattles' theology. But I do firmly believe in the creative power that God placed within our control. And I do believe that it is through following the principles that Wattles outlines in his book (and other similar princples) that you can create real wealth in your life. Not just figuratively, but in reality--as in real dollars, positive cash flow, assets, etc.

Read the book, act, and decide for yourself.
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on May 15, 2007
If you are going to buy Wallace Wattles, you may as well get the three books in one anthology. It is only two dollars extra.

It (SGR)is an easy read, and it's highly useful. You can get rich by acting in a certain way, and having certain beliefs. I believe this already. The one concept that was new to to me the importance of gratitude, which activates the higher vibrations of your mind, and assists mightily in manifesting what you desire.

Currently, I am reading the science of being great. It is a very simple straightforward book that anyone can follow.

Is this the foremost book on Law of Attraction? No. Yet it is still worth a read, and highly recommended. For other recommendations, check my other recent reviews. Hope this was useful.
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on May 26, 2007
Wattles died in 1911, yet he writes about space travel, electric cars, energy from wind and sun,and microwave technology. Hygenic health practices and organic farming are also mentioned. I want to know more about this guy! He writes with a good sense of humor and his ideas work. Now I know what I was doing wrong and the changes he suggests made the difference--my bank account is growing and I'm buying a vacation home!
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on March 17, 2010
This book gives great insight to the laws of attraction, and how to attract money. It was written 100 years or so ago and the rules remain the same! You will enjoy it on your path of wisdom.
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