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on November 29, 2016
Bought this book 25 years ago, and it changed my outlook on life at that time. Bought 5 extra copies for friends to give away I was so impressed. Most did not read it then when I would inquire.
Life goes on raising family and working, but tried to incorporate the things I learned in this book in tack.
Life goes south, divorce at 50, change of lifestyle immediately, and lost searching for a path back. Read this book again to gain balance and accept the circumstances I was dealt.
Life goes on some more. Met a couple people who were interested in the book so I bought them each this book. It seems when you get older you have time to delve into your soul issues. Then the worst time of my life hit me at 67---my son died in a car accident. Was completely devastated for three months, looking for any reason to stick around. I wanted to go with him. One day I looked through the bookshelf, pulled out this book for the 3rd time, and it helped save my life, even though I still grieve.
Now the people I had bought this book for 20 some years ago have read it and told me they wished they had read it years ago.
So do yourself a good service and buy this book.---it could save your life and help you understand why "stuff" happens in our lives we can't seem to grasp.
I am now ordering more of this book for gifts again.
I have now bought all of Zukav's books and all are wonderful and insightful. Read this one first.
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on January 8, 2017
The Seat of the Soul, is the first spiritualty book I read and it fundamentally changed the way I view everything. I first read it in 1998 when I was nineteen and it ignited something inside me that was so profound... it is difficult to articulate. The lessons I found among its pages inspired me to embark on a personal journey to become the best version of myself by living a more fulfilled conscious life full of intention. It sparked my thirst for more knowledge.

The book is broken into the following chapters: Evolution, Karma, Reverence, Heart, Intuition, Light, Intention, Choice, Addiction, Relationships, Souls, Psychology, Illusion, Power and Trust.

The most enduring lesson I received from this book is that my intention creates my reality and that I can manifest anything in my life through conscious intention. I always knew that my thoughts were powerful, but everything seemed to click inside me when I read Gary Zukav's explanation on how intention creates karmic energy that ultimately comes back.

"Every action, thought, and feeling is motivated by an intention, and that intention is a cause that exists as one with an effect. If we participate in the cause, it is not possible for us not to participate in the effect. In the most profound way, we are held responsible for our every action, thought and feeling, which is to say, for our every intention."

I related to the concept that every energy I release ultimately comes back to me and have witnessed this play out hundreds of times in my life. Sometimes I have found myself not wanting to accept the fact that I have indeed created a particular outcome but when I examined my motives and my intentions I always found my part and thus the truth of a particular situation.

After reading this book, I questioned my motivation and intention of everything I did and looked at my behavior in a new way. I tried to minimize complaining and started asking myself inquisitive questions such as: What is my intention with sharing this? Am I looking for a particular response? What do I hope to get out of this?

After reading the book, I tried to make more responsible choices and take into account the consequences of my choices by asking: do I really want what this choice will produce? Am I ready to accept all of the consequences of this choice?

Here's a few of my favorite lessons from the book:

"Forgiveness means that you do not hold others responsible for your experiences."

"An intention is not only a desire. It is the use of your will."

"Only by feeling compassion for yourself can you feel compassion for others."

"The Universe backs the part of you that is of clearest intention."

"Temptation is a dress rehearsal for a karmic experience of negativity."

I wasn't able to relate to everything Gary Zukav talks about in this book. The concept that my soul is part of a huge mother ship was a bit too much for me to grasp or understand, so the parts I didn't like I ignored. Instead, I chose to focus on the lessons that spoke to me and I dismissed the rest which is my philosophy for any non-fiction book. There are so many amazing concepts I would highly recommend reading this book.

My advice would be to read it with an open mind, take what you want and leave the rest.
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on May 24, 2016
Great book to read for self-help. It's nicely divided into short, manageable chapters, with questions at the end of the book for each chapter. There's also an online expanded study guide that you can access for more information and a meditation specific to each chapter. It's fun to work through the book with a friend or a book group to gain more insight and feedback on the various topics. Great book!
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on January 31, 2017
This offers a fantastic overview of our human condition and how and why we affect each other for better or for worse. It also gives very practical suggestions for accepting our inner potential for spiritual transformation - it's a long-time path, and yet one can slowly come to sense the light that underlies our lives on the planet together. It is a very practical and inspiring work that will help people to see themselves and others in a more kindly light.
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on December 31, 2016
I decided to revisit this book after having read it years ago. This time it had more meaning. It's as if Zukav was speaking to who I am now and the higher self I am evolving to be. It is true that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
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on June 6, 2017
I am a avid reader of various topics and subjects and, I would have to say that this is one of the best books that I have ever read. It is quite thought provoking and makes you expand your thinking.
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on March 12, 2017
The most spiritual book I have ever read. If you're looking for more out of life, then you might start here. Everything you do, act on or think has an "intention". This book will offer you an opportunity to change your life and your thinking. A must read. I am on my third time reading the Seat of the Soul.
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In my first review, I focused more on Gary Zukav's interviews on Oprah and how his words caused me to react. Now I would like to dive into his book and explain what he believes and give a summary so you can decide if this is a book you want to read for yourself. There are places in this book where you will completely understand the value of truth and will comprehend Gary Zukav's words. There are other times when you feel you mind spiraling out to a place you have never been, because these are the areas you may be unfamiliar with or they may go against your own religious beliefs.

There are two view points. We are either created by God and he gives us a soul and then allows us to make our own decisions, or as Gary seems to believe, we came from an evolutionary process somewhere in the universe. Whatever your belief system, you will agree that we have five senses: touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight. He explains how these senses make us a "five-sensory" individual. Those who have learned there is more to life than physical sensations have become a "multisensory" human.

These Multisensory individuals are those who have realized that our souls are on an eternal journey and speak to our own souls by awakening within us a recognition of the truth. He believes it is time for us to answer the question: "Is there a God or a Divine Intelligence?" His book is about "authentic empowerment" and he explains this as a person who is strong enough not to even want to use force against another person. Could this be another way of saying "peace in the world?" He discusses Karma, evolution, reincarnation, evil, joy, intuition, thought, choice, addiction, relationships, psychology, illusion, power and trust.

I agree that an angry person will respond to his life with anger and cause more problems than a reverent person who deals with his problems by showing love and understanding. To learn lessons in life and move from one stage of existence to the other seems to me to be his message.

This is a deep, thought-provoking book, and like a scientific formula, it is hard to understand at first. My basic disagreements would be that I don't believe we evolved, but were created...I don't believe we come back to life as souls to live again in human form and I don't believe that we can at all times fight evil with only our minds because there are others who will not or cannot control their own evil impulses. He uses the word evolving throughout the book. This to me is "learning." I do believe we create our own situations to a point. His deep concepts are explained with enjoyable stories one can relate to.

To me this is a book that shows us where we are as a human race and gives a sense of hope by saying: "We can all make the world a better place by making a conscious choice to make it that way, so let's try." If we could all learn to love and as he says: "choose the most positive behavior for each moment," we may just be able to gain the authentic power he talks about. To me, we can obtain this power through God because God is love.

~The Rebecca Review
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on December 6, 2016
Referred to read by a person of interest. I have read lots of Dr. Wayne Dyer's books and this one supports his teachings on intentional living and the power of the intent for all of our existents.
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on April 22, 2017
I heard Oprah Winfrey, talking about this book on 3 different occasions. I knew it should be my next read. I'm not done reading it as yet, but I must say it's just what my soul needed. I believe to connect to yourself, it's start at your soul.
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