Customer Reviews: The Secret of Excalibur: A Novel (Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase series Book 3)
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on June 8, 2011
<Spoiler Alert> Plot elements may be discussed. At the risk of being repetitious, I must repeat here what I said about the second book in the series: stop with the bickering couple routine already! A book of this type should be about the adventures and daring escapes and world-threatening villians, not some dysfunctional, immature and squabbling couple. I was sorely tempted to put the book down about halfway through, since I had ordered some additional books that I knew I would like better; but in the interest of fairness, I finished it because I was curious to see if the protagonist couple either got professional help or broke up. I will say that I will not rush anytime soon to read the fourth book in the series. And that is unfortunate, because Mr McDermott spins a darn good tale. I really like the fresh take on the legends and the action sequences are truly amazing. There are times when Mr McDermott's action scenes are reminiscent of Matthew Reilly, very high praise indeed. I really want to like this series, but just can't get past the squabbling, bickering protagonist couple. They are just not likeable characters.
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on October 20, 2009
The author's writing style is very reminiscent of that of Matthew Reilly. The type of action is also very very similar to Reilly's. The author makes use of short sentences, short paragraphs, and dashes to try and introduce suspense into the plot. However, I find this style of writing frustrating to read and very disjointed. That being said, the plot was interesting. Both authors utilize Indiana Jones type adventure storylines with non-stop hard-to-believe action. As one other review states, at times this gets very old and tends to drag the story out.

As a rip-roaring romping story, the book is recommended. Don't expect any deep plots or truly believable storylines, but the book is indeed a fun read.
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VINE VOICEon July 9, 2016
The plot is well laid out. The characters are well defined...if you have read at least one or more in this series. Even if this is your first novel in the group, you can get a quick grasp on the temperament of the character. The writer loves taking legends and adding a twist that can be joined with the present time. Lay lines and super conductors in the form of Excalibur...and you can reference the novel for further details.
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on April 7, 2013
This book is in the Atlantis series with Eddie and Nina. I find that I just can't turn the pages fast enough. These two go from one adventure packed mishap to another. If Eddie isn't being shot at, beat up, or engaged in some mayhem, he's trying to rescue Nina. McDermott keeps you on the edge of your chair. The characters are likeable and you want them to survive and triumph. The villians are diabolical, sinster and down right mean. The adventure is somewhat believable but this is fiction after all. These books make you anxious for the next in the series or anything for that matter by Andy McDermott.
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on June 1, 2015
As good as the rest of the series with these characters involved - the plots are somewhat similar but you go into the beginning of the book knowing about what you are going to get and I am alright with that. I like the characters and the stories.
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on May 22, 2012
1) Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

2) Genre: Adventure

3) Synopsis: Excalibur used to be the most powerful weapon of its time and can help create the most powerful weapon of today. Nina and Eddie race to find it to stop it from being used for bad.

4) Feelings: This is the third book in the Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase series. All these books have a bit of the unbelievable in them. It is sort of like watching a James Bond movie. You just go in expecting action and adventure and try not to worry about believability. Still I love the ideas and items that Nina and Eddie need to find.

5) Final recommendation: I have liked all three of these books. If you liked the first to pick this book right up. It is fun and entertaining. Eddie was a little whiney in it but I forgave him in the end.

Ryan James Burt
Husband, Father, and Writer
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VINE VOICEon March 26, 2010
After reading review after review here regarding Andy McDermott's stuff, I decided to go out and find one of his books locally...only to discover none of his books were (as yet anyway) printed in the States. This was a bit disappointing, but thankfully I didn't have to wait long, as the Hunt For Atlantis was coming soon, with the Tomb of Hercules followed close behind. What I found with Andy McDermott's writing was very akin to Matthew Reilly's. To be entirely honest, neither author will probably win any literary awards...however, what BOTH writers lack in that category, they more than make up in sheer creativity and literally TONS of action and plenty of adventure.

While I still put Reilly in a class by himself, because while Andy writes way more than the average amount of action, Reilly would best be described as McDermott on a MOUNTAIN of steroids. Both authors write with cinematic style, and once again, lets be honest: you either like that kind of writing, or you just don't. While some may fall in between, the vast majority are not sitting on the post wondering which side they are on. Personally I love a good novel that allows me to escape my life and gives me the opportunity to have fun journey's within my minds eye...and THIS is the kind of fun I truly love to indulge in now and again. Granted, I rarely read too many books like this in-a-row, but when I have a taste for sheer adrenaline-pumpin' action, I KNOW where to turn.

Let me say that one major advantage McDermott has over Reilly is definitely a much more seasoned sense of humor. Sure, Reilly has it, but definitely not to the degree Nina and Eddie expose us to (specifically Eddie) on a fairly regular basis. I must admit, I really like Eddie's sense of humor...especially in the face of (nearly) certain death--which seems to happen on (nearly) every-other-page. Sure, the action borders on the cartoonish at times, but I seriously doubt that Mr. McDermott honestly feels that what he is writing even remotely comes close to what could happen in real life. I believe he has fun typing up scenarios that are purposely difficult to normally conjure up and seeing just how much fun he can have writing his characters out of each increasingly difficult situation.

While I really liked Atlantis, and felt that Hercules was good-but not quite AS good, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Excalibur had exceeded both, by a comfortable margin, too. Now without going into details which would spoil anything--which I just don't understand why some reviewers feel the need to do--allow me the opportunity to be very clear here: This is fine brain candy, no more, no less. If you like your stories to be plot-driven and much less character-driven...toss in a creative storyline featuring the Sword of Excalibur and action sequences that would put the majority of all Bond films to shame--than boy do you have a treat waiting for you here. If you are looking for more than that, I assure you, more than likely you are going to probably feel ripped off. For THIS reviewer, I dearly love my brain candy, and Mr. McDermott writes it with style. Can hardly wait for the next adventure, and thankfully that is hitting the shelves soon as well.
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on March 12, 2014
Love this series of books! Andy McDermott knows how to write action packed books with great characters, and I don't mean just the people as the places become so vivid. Each book is a roller coaster ride of events that always keep me glued to the page anticipating the next move for Nina & Eddie. Plus, the rapport of these two is so entertaining! I own the paperback copies and I'm looking forward to adding the ebooks to my mobile library. Yes! I'm one of those who will reread several times if the book(s) is worthy and trust me…this series is worthy! Be ready to be enthralled, intrigued, and thoroughly entertained! Happy Reading!
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on January 20, 2015
Like every McDermott book, it is an action-movie script in waiting. The author's little joke is to have the main characters names describe all his stories: "wild chase." This is my fourth novel read. Mindless pleasure at its best!
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on January 12, 2015
First things first---this book was much better than book 2, which was very disappointing, yet creative enough to keep me interested in the series. Book 3 had all the action and adventure of the first book. I think I read somewhere that the author was a screen writer or similar? If so that makes sense because his writing style reads like an Indiana Jones script with unrealistic leaps, dives, and a hero that is just about indestructible. And he makes it work. This story was exciting and you just cannot go wrong with a variety of Monty Python and even a Jaws reference thrown in for good measure! I only wish that the author would include more historical background--real or imagined--in his stories. I would have liked to have known more about the concept behind King Arthur's sword and perhaps some flashbacks etc a la Clive Cussler. But overall I like the characters and the fact that there's a consistent story line that connects all the books together that is slowly being revealed. I'm looking at Book 4 sitting next to me now and I can't wait to dive in!
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