Customer Reviews: The Shadow Effect: Illuminating the Hidden Power of Your True Self
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on July 21, 2009
I found this movie, while enlightening and thought provoking on several points, to be somewhat unsettling after thinking about it for a while. It is in essence, an infomercial, containing only about 15 minutes worth of meaningful insight. It explains the shadow concept, but leaves you hanging, wanting to know more about how to tap into and learn from it. This of course can be done by visiting the website and buying the interactive dvd, courses, etc.

What I found more disturbing was the political slant that it took. It made sure to chastise certain public figures and celebrate others, which I found tasteless and unnecessary. Even more dangerous, and yes I say dangerous, is the underlying denotation that if someone is against something, deep inside they are guilty of said thing.

The implications of the above are quite contradictory to the lesson which I believe the teachers wish to convey, yet the messages are clear. These themes in the movie could definitely be taken in several different ways.

Overall the movie has left me perplexed, and somewhat disappointed in the spiritual leaders that I have looked to for so many years. Perhaps someone has sold out.
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on December 28, 2009
As you might guess from my title, the message is important and true while you don't get much from the movie. I was so expectantly waiting to see the movie to the point I wanted to purchase it. Fortunately I waited and got it from the library. The whole message is expressed in the trailer and for the rest is infomercial for Debbie Ford's courses. You would be better off buying any of her books.
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on September 16, 2009
...but where's the meat?

I was more than a little disappointed to see that after you spend the $25 on the movie you are offered (what appears to be) another DVD with the practical application of the work for another $25 - and you get another copy of the movie that you can "gift" to a friend.
Why couldn't I get the complete package to begin with?
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on October 24, 2009
So disappointing....nothing new or different...a few friends and people who work for her telling sad stories and telling you to forgive. UUmmm we already knew that Debbie....There are so many really good movies and really good techniques out there..Maybe she should have been honest about what she was selling..
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on June 28, 2011
I bought this as a gift for a close friend that I thought could use it based on all the great reviews. Three of us friends got together to watch it and all of us were disappointed and I felt bad for giving a crappy Christmas gift. It doesn't have any meat to it. It's really just a commercial and leaves you hanging and wanting more, which I'm sure is the point so you'll buy the course.
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on June 17, 2011
Debbie Ford

p.128 self-neglect is a pattern of behavior you must confront. You show up for others, but have no idea how to show up for yourself. Your dreams have been put on hold... you ask, "What kind of person would go after her dreams and not be there for other people?" The answer you hear is "A selfish person." ...religion...bad to be you made what you believed to be the right decision- that you would never be that... with that internal commitment, people pleasing became your pattern.

Open your heart to the selfish part of you. Freedom is being able to choose whoever+ whatever we want to be at any moment in our life. If we have to act in a particular way to avoid being something we don't like, we're trapped. We've limited our freedom + robbed ourselves of wholeness. If we can't be lazy or angry, we can't be free when we are reclaiming these parts of our selves... for our own magnificence.

Jung said, "I'd rather be whole than good."

p.130 give up illusion of safety net (of repetitive self sabotaging behavior) for a moment and be willing to feel what's underneath... by becoming intimate with the cast of characters that make up our own internal drama... make peace... if we fail to acknowledge the opposing forces that give rise to these characters... we lose sight of amazing opportunity.

p.131 your job is to bring its complex characters out from the shadow, use their power + potency as sacred fuel to become who you were meant to be in this lifetime. If the villain inside you is angry... exactly what you need to fight against... get back on track to creating an amazing life.

p.106 when we break out of the trance and are no longer preoccupied with fitting in, with what other people think of us or what we think about ourselves, we can open up and take advantage of opportunities that might just pass us by when we are trapped inside our story line or behind the mask we wear (repetitive archetypal expressions).


p.58 Wholeness is always a gain, never a loss.

p.67 you will feel safe when you discover that you have a core self. It is stable + permanent therefore it has nothing to fear from change. The unknown is necessary for change. When you make peace with that fact, the world will transform itself from a place of constant risk to the playground of the unexpected. Once you feel safe, you know that you have a right to be here.

p.71 choiceless awareness: don't make a choice, give up taking sides. Shift allegiance away from ego to what Universe wants.
The Shadow Effect: Illuminating the Hidden Power of Your True Self
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on August 5, 2009
The dvd is mostly repeat information from the great book by Debbie Ford "The dark side of the light chasers".
I found the dvd very monotonous and boring. Stick to the book.
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on August 18, 2010
There is a helpful survey at the END of the book that helps you determine to what degree your "shadow" may be interferring with your life in a negative way. I think it should have been at the beginning. When I did the survey (at the end), it turns out that my shadow is either A. not repressed to any great degree or B. repressed, but not interferring with my life in a negative way.

This would have been good to know when before I started reading. Especially since all the way through the book I was trying desperately to relate. Desperately... I wanted to buy into it.

I think this is a great intro book for someone who's life is going terribly wrong and for someone who hasn't done much "self-help" or work on themselves. I think this would have been a great book for me in my early 20's.

I don't believe it's a great book for someone who has done a lot of work on themselves and their lives already, and who is really just looking for a way to further expand their already pretty great (and easy-going) life.

I was looking to take it up a notch, but didn't find anything new here.

It is good material, though. Although I think the presentation is a little confusing. Like 3 mini-books in one. But, all 3 authors have a thoughtful perspective and write well.

There are other books out on this exact subject which are equal (that are perhaps less well-marketed than this one).
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on June 21, 2011
The Shadow Effect is a work that promotes and encourages a person to acknowledge and then embrace those areas within themselves that for various reasons they have attempted to keep hidden about themselves. The principle that to become whole, one should not deny those parts of themselves they may not be proud of or feel in some way uneasy about. Social pressures often are factors in this.

Our egos are behind our need to keep hidden what can be thought of as our darker side. Image to the ego is very important. It is understood by many that a failure or purposeful denial to acknowledge any part of ourselves gives it additional power. It is also understood to change anything you must be aware of its existence, so denial will not aid a person if they seek personal growth. Denial of any part of ourselves serves to keep a person to some degree personally static.

When we label and define anything, if we do so seriously, we are allowing for a life of limitations. Many label things good or bad. Our shadow side we usually label as being bad. Here again our egos are showing up for it is the ego which relies on and uses duality almost exclusively. A dualistic understanding of anything, including ourselves, never permits wholeness.

This is what the authors are considering. If one wishes to return to their natural state of wholeness take a closer look at what you may be hiding or denying about yourself. Embrace it instead of denying it. It is only then a person can release it consciously if it no longer serves the person.
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on July 16, 2011
I got a lot out of Deepak's section at the beginning, but what really drew me in and taught me the most was Debbie Ford's section in the middle. Debbie Ford is funny, insightful, and right-on about human nature. There is a sense of freedom you get, recognizing that when you own your dark side, instead of repressing it and projecting it onto others, not only do you become more self-realized, but you see more inherent goodness outside yourself, in the world. This helps us re-connect with others, especially if you're the type who can sometimes feel righteous indignation or moral superiority.

I used to be a self-righteous activist, who was constantly projecting my own negativity on others. Using the insights in this book, I've been able to evolve into a more conscious, compassionate person. I'm still a force for change in the world, without all the struggle, overwhelm and negativity. Very highly recommended!
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