Customer Reviews: The Shadowhunter's Codex (The Mortal Instruments)
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on November 1, 2013
The hardcover is a work of art, with beautiful illustrations and lot of laughs provided by the notes of Clary and co. But the e-book is a badly formatted mess. The notes especially were handled terribly; as an amateur e-book maker I know full well the notes could have been made and arranged much better re fonts, sizes, and placements. Not to mention the number of times no attempt is made at all to differentiate notes from the Codex-text, with both being in the same paragraph and font and impossible to tell apart.

So DEFINITELY buy the hardcover or paperback edition, which is beautiful. Steer well clear of the e-book!

:edit: I must retract everything I said about the e-book edition being poorly formatted. It isn't; I was just a twit and didn't realise I ought to turn on the Publisher Fonts. Once I did, it's as beautiful as the hardcover. Apologies, and thumb's up for the Codex!
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on November 1, 2013
I was so pleased when I got my book in the mail today. I was expecting a shorter book with more pictures and less detail but this surpassed what I was expecting. When I took the book out of the package the cover was absolutely stunning, and the pages were filled with the same amount of words as a regular book in the series. When you take the cover off, the material of the book feels like an actual manual and has a neat, simple design. On the inside of the two hardcover sides of the book are lovely illustrations of the characters of TMI and TID. The codex is written like you are a shadowhunter and is very detailed. The details range from the origin of vampires to the height of a goblin. Ever since the movie came out, many books and merchandise that has been released is really just a trick to get fans to buy all they can get their hands on, and most of the time, the merchandise isn't very great. This book isn't just a scheme to get money, but a real treat for Cassandra Clare fans. With how busy Cassandra Clare is I was pleasantly surprised to have the codex be so detailed and beautiful. There is just so much more to learn about the shadowhunter world that I didn't realize I didn't know. This book helps paint the shadowhunter world much clearer. There are many sketches throughout the book that are gorgeous also. The comments are also very funny and really portray the characters of Jace, Simon, and Clary well. Just by skimming the book I have already discovered the main runes, Clary's training schedule, details of Praetor Lupus, and a bunch of fun facts on the history of vampires. This book is definitely worth the $12. Not sure about the Kindle version, it seems like it was a disappointment, but this physical version is very entertaining.
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on January 8, 2014
I started to read the ebook....and became totally confused by the "handwritten" notes from Clary, Simon and Jace. You can't tell in the e-version where in the margin their text is written. The e-version only changes to GIANT font for Simon, but Jace and Clary comments are difficult to know whether it's a comment or part of the Codex text.

I got 60 pages in before I realized what was happening....when a couple of snarky comments finally struck me. I was in the store today and coincidentally saw the physical book and picked it up to see what the printed page actually looked like. Didn't think twice .... purchased it!

It's unfortunate that the e-version has no means of providing a better copy because reading the character comments in the margin and who "wrote" them,adds to the humor of the Codex (in fact it adds quite a bit of hilarity). So if you are deciding on reading this book - do yourself a favor and get the PHYSICAL book it will add immensely to your reading experience. There's also nice illustrations throughout.

As stated, I have only gotten part way through the book. This book is exactly what it states it is - the Codex is a guide for Shadowhunters so don't expect there to be a story, in fact it can be a bit dry as you'd expect a textbook to be. Where it's funny is the comments written in the margin by the characters and being able to discern by "handwriting" who wrote them. These character comments reflect Clary, Simon and Jace quite well, and that's exactly why you need a physical book.

** See images I've added showing an example of the e-version, and its corresponding physical page in the book.

Giving book 4 stars, but the e-version gets 0 stars
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on November 3, 2013
Content is wonderful, on par w/ Ms. Clare's other works. However, the format is incompatible with Kindle. The book is supposed to contain notes and sketches by Clary, Simon, and Jace, but the comments are shoved in the midst of Codex text with different sizing but no change of typeface. Also some content, such as the list of runes, is incomplete. Partial runes are visible with no way to access the complete image or title. In my opinion, Amazon (or Simon & Schuster) should immediately cease offering this book in eReader format and offer all previous purchasers the option to put the Kindle purchase price toward purchase of the print book, as well as waiving shipping for said book.
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on March 29, 2016
First, I want to start out with saying if you don't get a hardcopy of the book and get the Kindle edition you're going to be disappointed. Much of why we love the Shadowhunter's world and Cassandra's writing is because of the small details and touches that she puts into her work. I had read the series when it first came out between my middle school and high school years and, to be in college now it was great to see the TV series on Freeform. Though I had a bit of early confusion, as I remembered the characters and storyline but the details of her mythological world had been faded to me. The codex serves as a great reference and collectable to those who adore the series and the hardcopy is beautifully crafted. The hardcover copy has an embellished cover that has 3D detailing and a very unique look to it. The inside is neatly broken down and holds the same terminology and even images for some of the content to really showcase the fantasy world even more. There are some little 'notes' that look handwritten as if done by Jace and Clary and are a great touch to the overall book. If you get a Kindle edition instead of a hardcopy, you miss out on the effects of the notes and the overall craftsmanship that makes it such a neat book as it all becomes the same format text and lacks in many of the details.
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on October 29, 2013
The book is amazing but...i dont like the kindlr version because its impossible to see the hand write comentaries all is the same and thats a deception sorry but i hope more maybe it would be better whit scan images of the print book and the images doesnt have color what happen i see previous in color..
I buy the hardcover version too (i hope that it have colorfull and better presentation) , and i am glad of that because the kindle version dont cover my expectations.
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on January 30, 2016
I love this book! It is an excellent companion to the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices books.
I particularly like that this is supposed to be Clary's personal Codex. To demonstrate this, there are lots of drawings that Clary is supposed to have drawn and comments in the margins from Clary and friends. The side comments are often quite funny and they are my favorite part of the book. This can be read either from cover-to-cover or by flipping open to random sections of interest. I personally love the added information and details about everything from this world! Excellent book!
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Shadowhunter fans will definitely want to add this book to their collection. With it's rich history on the Shadowhunter world, fans will enjoy learning even more about the world we've all come to love. Fans will also enjoy the illustrations that are found through out the entire book. My favorite part of this book are the comments written in the margins by some of our favorite characters like Jace, Clary, Simon, Magnus and others.
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VINE VOICEon January 26, 2014
"Welcome and Congratulations. You have been chosen to become one of the Nephilim."

The Shadowhunter's Codex is a manual for new Shadowhunters. It is meant to guide them into their new, dangerous, usually short life. The life of a Shadowhunter is violent and often brief, but their role in containing rogue Downworlders and preventing harm upon mundanes by demons and the like is an important one. While most Shadowhunters are born into the life, some mundanes can ascend to become Raziel's soldiers. For those who have not been raised as a Shadowhunter, there is a lot to learn. The Codex is meant to guide those young, new Shadowhunters to prevent their even more untimely deaths.

This is a brief little book that is mostly unnecessary if you have followed along with the series up to its most recent book. It details everything from the Mortal Instruments to a Shadowhunter's weapons to the different kinds of Downworlders. While I didn't mind all this information, and enjoyed this little manual, it is pretty repetitive and would make only the most die-hard fans happy. The most important information you get is the history in the last part of the book. The history of the Shadowhunters has been touched on in bits and pieces throughout the series, but it was good to have it all together in one place.

The most entertaining part of this book wasn't the actual book itself, but the "notations" made by Clary, Jace, and Simon. They were funny little quips, especially about the parts where the Codex is lacking due to plot events from previous books. If I hadn't read the series, though, these little smart-guy comments wouldn't make much sense. I would use this book for a student who is going through the series but reads slow and might lose track of different names that are complex and unfamiliar. Using this as a dictionary/reference of sorts for those oddball items and names would help them keep up with the series at their own pace. It was a cute companion to the story, but if you read pretty steadily with the series, it isn't entirely necessary for your Mortal Instruments enjoyment!
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on July 9, 2015
This book was great. It's similar to one of the Harry Potter textbooks where in this case Jace, Simon, and Clary right in it but it's based on each person lending it out to a different person. So, I think Jace had it, then lent it to Clary, then Simon had it so each person responds to each person's comments about different sections of the book. The book is very informative but I thought the comments were amusing the most. There is a special edition in hardcover of this book, but it costs more. I believe in the special edition the angel on the front is all gold as well as the cup.
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