Customer Reviews: The Shield: Complete Series
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on March 3, 2010
I recently finished all 7 seasons of The Shield. This series has to be in my top 5 TV series of all time.

The show is very character driven. Each one usually has a typical "cop show" subplot, but the broad arcs are about the characters. Make no mistake, this is a very dark show. I would find my moods affected by watching it often times. I like how "real" the characters are. Even the moral centers of the show do bad things and have human failings. In my view a large part of the series is a meditation on morality. Vic Mackey does some horrible things but is also in many ways a good and sometimes even heroic character. It embraces the shades of gray that real people are made up of.

If you have any attraction to action dramas then watch this show. After the first episode you will know if you like it or not. As a testament to how much I liked the series, after I finished it I went online and watched the videos F/X hosted of conversations with the cast and creator. That's not something I ever do.

It's also very unusual for a series to remain strong over such a long run. That's especially the case when it is a coherent story and not an episodic show like a comedy. Five out of five stars. I would give six if I could.
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on June 21, 2010
Before I review the Shiled itself, I want to let everyone interested in the show know that the packaging issues involving scratched discs has been addressed. The book like format is the same, but the packaging now contains slip covers for each disc of the show. This prevents the discs from getting scratched, and provides further and better cover to each disc. Be warned though, if not careful in pulling out the discs with the slip, scratching may still occur. Otherwise, the pacackaging is pretty cool, with pictures, and references to the entirety of the show. For those a fan of the show, its a pretty nice rememberance, for those new, it provides several clues with relatively minor spoilers.

As to the show, to call it one of the finest cop dramas is a bit limiting. It is just one of the finest shows. The acting is top notch, with you often losing the feeling your watching actors, and truly feeling like your watching a documentary. The writing is just as good. In fact, the use of the book style in packaging is the perfect example of the show: its like a novel. Each season bleeds into the next, with story elements of the first season being relevant all the way until the final season, with many story lines in between crossing between seasons. The show packs an intensity as well as emotional punch that is simply superb, with the right amount of humor and angst anyone could require of any show.

The show is violent and foul, so those looking for a sitcom probably won't find a lot to like. But the use of violence and foul language helps the realism of the show, and necessary as judging Vic Mackey as a good guy or bad guy wouldn't be so morally grey without both. This of course goes to the heart of the show: is Vic Mackey a good person doing bad things, a bad person doing good things in a bad way, or somewhere in between. The show leaves it up to you to decide. There aren't too many shows of this caliber to come along, so cherish it when you have it. Highly recomended!
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on November 3, 2009
I am a fan of The Shield and I am guessing that you are at least familiar with it or you wouldn't be looking at the box set. Since you are here to decide to buy the box set or not, I want to warn you that they have created something that looks like a picture book which has the discs squeezed between the pages. The problem is that every time you take a disc out or put it in, the disc is scraping across the surface of the cardboard pages in which it is sandwiched. The book is nice looking so I did give it 3 stars for that reason and of course the series itself is as the other reviewers have mentioned well worth your time if you like the cop genre. If this is the only DVD series you own, it would look nice on your coffee table, but if you have a DVD case it is awkward because of the shape and size of the box. I suppose they create these cardboard box set holders to save money or to get you to buy the series in the boxes that you get with individual seasons. I had the same problem with the complete series of the Wire. I will probably have to take the DVD's out of the box set sleeves and put them in conventional plastic DVD cases to protect the DVD's which is an additional expense to consider if you are buying this set to save money. It would be nice if the manufacturers offered alternative (conventional) packaging as an option without forcing you to buy the series one season at at time for double the price of the box set.
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on September 10, 2010
Just wanted to make a quick video to show what it looks like.

Rated it 4 stars because of the way the discs are a little difficult to remove in the dvd book, but the series is 5 stars and the best show I've ever watched.

All episodes are widescreen which is different than if you bought them separately which has it in full screen, which will take me getting used to.

Although a little tricky to remove from the sleeve, each disc is protected by the white insert, so its not as prone to scratching as the other reviews said when there was no protection for the disc.

If you don't mind every episode in widescreen then it is worth it to buy this complete series booklet since they fixed the disc scratching problem for the most part.
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on January 18, 2010
I really wanted to order this set but held off when I read all the reviews talking about the packaging problem. When the product went on backorder, I hoped Sony was fixing the problem and placed my order. The set arrived with paper inserts protecting each disc. No scratches on any disc. I have only played the first disc in its entirety (it was the only one that was slightly difficult to remove from its slot in the package) and it was flawless. This is a great series---don't miss it!
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on November 13, 2012
I have not seen any of these and I have wanted to watch The Shield for the longest time. The problem was there was not a complete set before this and to buy the seasons individually would have been at a great expense. So First I would like to say thank you for putting this together and at a reasonable price. I was a little hesitant to buy this because I read about glue and scratches on the discs on arrival. I then read about sleeves that they included to fix the problem. Then in the middle was reviews talking about sleeves did not work. My desire to watch this series made me want to roll the dice and take my chances. I got the package and there is a plastic sleeve that holds the box and it is slightly damaged. It's not a major deal its probably just from being moved around and what not. The box is set up like a book. It has the cover as it is displayed with a cool looking badge on the front you open it up and it has artwork which I will include pictures at a later time. I was like where are the discs? I noticed they are in the pages with cut outs. I pulled out the first disc and it came out with a white sleeve on it which I guess was the protective sleeve people were talking about in other reviews. It is a white plastic / paper material that kind of static clings to the disc. Awesome for protection, however I am afraid I might lose it while the disc is in the DVD player. I inspected the disc and it appeared to have some stuff on it. I think its fuzz or something because I easily removed it, after that the disc looked flawless. I inspected the discs up to about season 3 and they all appeared to be in pristine condition. I decided to stop. I have yet to watch any of them at this time and will update this review if I encounter any problems. This is a pretty cool thing for a collector. I have it displayed in a DVD case but it is wide and takes up a whole shelf for itself. If I had to say something negative about it, it would be that I do not like how the discs are housed. But there is no major problems with it that would constitute a deal breaker for me.
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on January 8, 2015
Bought this Item new, Sold by Amazon. Came sealed looking like it was good shape on the outside, but either it had been manhandled enough for the glue to pop off or the glue they used to hold together the DVD storage bays on the inside of the box was garbage since they were no longer attached to the cardboard and just float around loose. Disks all look fine and in good shape, just looks like I'll have to use a big CD booklet or something to store all the DVDs.
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on October 1, 2013
First of all, this reissue is not in a collectible book. I assume that summary was merely cut and pasted from the original complete series set.

The episodes are in widescreen - don't remember if this is mentioned in the specs. I haven't gone through all of the discs, but it appears as though most of the extras from the original sets (deleted scenes, commentaries) have been ported over.

The problem with the packaging is that the discs are housed on 2 spindles built into the packaging. There may be grooves there intended to keep the discs from touching, but you know how that goes. The outer packaging is book-style, similar to Fox's DVD version of the Alien Quadrilogy. This one isn't as bad as that one, in terms of the number of folds, but it is still too thick for the flimsy packaging. In all, the show is still one of the best shows ever but if, like me, you didn't buy the original series set after reading about the problematic packaging, don't bother with this one either.
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on January 21, 2013
I'm not sure why these DVDs are in such poor condition, but of the four DVDs from the set I've tried to play, three of them are so badly scratched that the disc skips and I miss portions of the episodes. I don't have any reason to think this isn't brand new, but the discs themselves have adhesive on them and appear to have been rubbed with a nail file. Very disappointed. Unfortunately I didn't discover this until the return window had passed so I'm stuck with a very expensive set of coasters.
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on November 5, 2013
A quick, easy, bullet-point review for people wondering what this set actually is:

*29 discs (ie all 88 episodes/7 seasons) housed in a "double-spindle" set (this is the set's biggest flaw, but considering the price point it's certainly not a deal-breaker)
*Plastic spindles are fairly sturdy
*Nice, solid cardboard box that shouldn't fall apart on you
*Cardboard inserts kept the discs from shuffling around during transport, no scratches at all (and yes I checked them all)
*As far as I can tell thus far, all the extras from the previous set
*One of the greatest TV shows ever
*Amazon was selling it for less than $40 at the time I bought it (November '13)

So there, I hope that helps anyone on the fence about this.
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